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Course Name: Planning and Assessment in Early Course Code: ECE 3503
Childhood Education

Instructor Name: Garnel Desravins

Task Title: Coursework - Essay

Due Date: Week 4 Date Submitted:

Student Name: Maitha Ali Alblooshi

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Comparing and Contrasting Planning Essay

ECE 3503 - Planning and Assessment Early Education

Garnel Disravins

Maitha Alblooshi

There are many points that indicate to the significance of planning to

kindergarten tutors and children they are the main ones who will be benefited from

this planning. For example it will lead to more unified lessons and gives time to

choose several objectives by choosing activities that are deeply related to lesson and

how long each activity will take and the sequence of the activity. In addition tutors

can reflect on one activity and the next, all of this means the teacher is making a

clear connection to learners and that makes it more meaningful to the students

because it will save time and give the teacher confidence that will make her class

more respectful and discipline. As it is showing, planning is the core of being

effective teacher and there are three types of planning, long term planning (LTP),

medium term planning (MTP) and short term planning (STP) in more details about

these essay and the three types of planning, how and when would they be used

attached with clear description of each type and the advantage with the difference

between them?

Here is a brief description about the long term planning is when the teacher

individually plan an implementation of the curriculum in the classroom in term of

matching the needs of the students’ needs and interest. The goal of this term that

teacher must achieve is having a clear idea about what she wants for this year and

she must document her planning to insure continues support for her teaching. Long

term planning can be documented in grid format or continues text to be evaluated

from the teacher. As a recommendation for the newly teachers the best way is to set

a plan for each period such as from September until December. While the medium

term plan can be set for half term, whole term or even few weeks or hours. This term

would be used to insure the progress of achieving learning objectives from the

beginning until the end, it will be used when other teachers has to take the unit

during the year. Although the short term planning is what students should learn in

each lesson over a day or week and it allows the teacher to restructure

methodologies used to be appropriate to her style of teaching. Teachers can include

significant questions that could be asked during the class to their pupils in this term

teachers can also include differentiations that matches student needs and

assessments. If the medium term plan is detailed enough short term plan should not

be detailed as well because most of the outcomes and objectives will be described in

the medium term plan, short term plan should be more focused on specific teaching

group than planning the lesson from the beginning. The short term plan can be a link

between both of medium and long terms because this term will relate the experience

that happen previously and what will happen in the future this is the bond between

these three terms. (Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), n.d)

In generally, the advantage of planning is to encourage the cooperation

between employees, unit action and choosing ideal objectives for better future plan.

Short term plan advantage is that it can be easily adjusted and not too many

resources are required. Although, long term planning advantage is that it can be

controlled because of the sufficient time takes to plan and gradually can be adjusted,

the evaluation is possible, in addition weakness can be defined and corrected. On the

other hand, the medium term planning has similar characterize as short and long

terms planning for example, the advantage is, providing teachers opportunity to

choose the right material for the activities and effective lesson can be adjusted by

organizing knowledge and push student towards excellent academic achievement,

medium term planning can be so effective on students motivation toward learning,

teachers can determine the purpose and type of assessment that matches student

ability both formative and summative assessment can be done in this term. All the

teachers can be benefited from planning for these three types such as she will have

the responsibility of choosing the right climate for her classroom .

Each type is important and has a great effect on students l earning in a positive

environment that encourage and enhance developing their skills by well planned

activities wither in short or medium planning is implemented. The good teacher

should know how to include the skills like reading, listening, speaking and writing

for example, according ministry of education in early childhood curriculum for long

term planning in speaking ‘’ K1.2.1 Discussions and Collaboration’’. In medium

term planning ‘’ K1.2.1.1 Engage in speaking activities with peers and adults in

small and larger groups to share ideas and feelings about pictures ،stories ،and

experiences’’ and in short term planning ‘’ K1. Introduce oneself using

simple words’’ and ‘’ K1. Listen to others and take turns talking ‘’ in a

discussion which also will teaches them manners. Teacher can done it through

collaborate in conversation during the class that will assist students to build their

self-steam by encourage others and everyone in the class to share their knowledge

that will allow student follow and relate the lesson in attractive way for the learner

to engage students in the daily lesson. (Medium term Planning), (Short term

planning), (Document of kindergarten standards)

In conclusion, the responsibility of planning should be aimed to enhance the

methodologies was used in previously years, months, or weeks and days because, all

of the terms can be adjusted to be more effective in appropriate way that matches

students’ needs and skills to be developed forward further stage of learning that long

term planning will be clarify this point because it will be for the entire year and will

be focused on areas of development and learning, and the medium will be for few

months to determine areas of development in more specific way with less materials,

and the short will be as a daily lesson plans that include learning objectives,

activities and assessments which means much more details and s teeps for one week

or class day, in general planning will assist teachers to be more effective and will

manage the classroom she also will be able to have students attention and respect

because she will be knowledgeable of what she is doing during daily classes. (Gabr)

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