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“Management & Care of Intercepted Irregular Immigrants Project Phase 2”

Construction Coordination Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Date& Location of Meeting: 04 March 2013/ IOM office at Batam

1. Progress Report (General Progress)
2. Review update of Last Meeting
3. Safety issue
4. Contractual issue
5. Field/ Construction issue
6. Other issue


Contractor Consultant IOM

 Didik S ,Utomo ladju  Ries Munandar BITA  Bobby Rihiri Dara ,
 Johannes P ,Utomo ladju  B. Cahya Erwanto, BITA IOM
 Tri Aji S ,Utomo ladju
 Wijatno. D ,Utomo ladju

General Progress

General Progress
Date : March 04, 2013
Actual : 0,358 %
Plan : 0,820 %
0,462 % delay

Summary of Meeting Agreements & Discussions

Review status of Last Meeting issues
I. Field / Construction Issues
1 The land is ready for survey work (all Was finished on 2nd week PT. Utomo Ladju
clear include demolition) on 5/03/13

2 Joint survey must be start on 6/03/13 Joint survey will be start on

PT. Utomo Ladju
and finish on 7/03/13 4/03/13 (only boundary of
3 Relayout the existing office became Contractor was finished on PT. Utomo Ladju
temporary office for 2nd week,
IOM,Consultant,Contractor start on
4 Install the temporary fence and Contractor will be submit PT. Utomo Ladju
retaining wall start on 26/02/13, and the drawing for the
was be submit material for temporary temporary fence, and will be
fence to aprroval finish on 2nd week (include
toilet )
5 The contractor must be submit the Pile On 5/03/13, contractor will PT. Utomo Ladju
supplier on 4/03/13 be submit the company
Include : profile from supplier
- Identify concrete supplier (Batindo and Jutam).
- Identify laboratory On 6/03/13, contractor,
- Pile equipment consultant, and IOM, visit to
And contractor must be order the pile supplier pile
manufacture/supplier on 6/3/13

6 Steel reinforcement,sand,gravel,cement Before test, Contractor must PT. Utomo Ladju

and Concrete test and should be do on be submit specification
independent instantion (such as like PU material for approval
II. Other Issues
1 Names, photos, specimen signatures, On going, and nameplate PT BITA, and PT Utomo
email addresses, phones requested by “under construction” by Ladju
IOM to be submitted. contractor was ready
2 Documentation photos must be taken On going PT BITA and PT Utomo
everyday from the photos station Ladju
that’s has been agreed by owner
3 Summary of test material and On going PT Utomo Ladju
summary of inspection shall be
prepared by contractor and consultant
III. Next Meeting Agenda
Will be held on Monday
(March 11th, 2013)
at 10.00 am – finish
on IOM office, Sukajadi, Batam

Meeting Discussion
A. Safety Issue
1 Contractor committed to provide HSE Done, HSE supervisor stand PT Utomo Ladju
Supervisor on site by on site (done)
2 Contractor will be submit HSE report Not done PT Utomo Ladju
and daily report as attachment
3 safety talk should be done on once a PT Utomo Ladju
B. Contractual Issue
1 Contractor must be submit weekly On going PT Utomo Ladju
progress report (include S curve, daily
report, and summary of test material
as attachment)

2 contractor shall submit a weekly Requested by BITA. PT Utomo Ladju

progress report at the end of the week
(on Saturday)
3 employment contract with the Requested by PT Utomo IOM
contractor must be resolved, after Ladju
contract is completed,insurance
(Jamsostek) will be submitted by
C. Field / Construction Issues
1 Clarify Schedule ATB and PLN by On going IOM and BITA
owner and consultant
2 mock-up for connection and bending Not yet submit PT Utomo Ladju
reinforcement should be prepared by
3 benchmark on the site is incorrect, On going PT Utomo Ladju
should be coordinated with BITA
consultants and team
4 Nothing concrete slab notation on 2nd will be discused with PT Utomo Ladju
floor (construction drawing) contractor and consultant BITA

D. Other Issues
1 IOM and consultant should clarify to On going IOM and BITA
the immigration office, on the issue of
“RULI (rumah liar)”

Signed and agreed by

IOM – Employer PT.BITA Consultant PT. Utomo Ladju