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Peer Observation

Please ensure that the observer /‘critical friend’ has a copy of the lesson plan.
Peer Observation Number: 1
Date/Time: Name of Student Teacher to be observed:
October 4, 2018. Hend Alyammahi.
From 8:00 to 9:20.
Setting: Grade:
RAK Academy PYP. 4
Topic for the lesson: Name of Observer/Critical Friend:
The connection between civil engineering and Maryam Alblooshi.
Learning Outcomes:
Identify some of the factors that make buildings Model an earthquake-proof structure using simple
earthquake-proof, including cross bracing, large materials (sticks and Marshmallow).
footprints, and tapered geometry.
Compare a model structure with what it represents. Understand why engineers need to learn about

PEER OBSERVATION: AREA OF FOCUS: The student teacher wants to focus in planning for learning.

Observed Strengths: Suggestions for further development:

Asking students questions from different levels of Give students a hint or example about the question so
blooms taxonomy to attract their attention to the they will write it in the board as a whole class.
She focusses on her plan about (planning for
learning) but it must be how to ask questions.
Motivate students by saying excellent and well done.
She has a weakness with groping, she must guide
Examine student’s prior knowledge. and direct each group to make sure that they are in
the right direction.
Use student’s imagination to let them feel as a real
life. Writing on the worksheet the instructions, so the
learners will follow what to you need that will save
Use different science process skills.
Say for the students the right independent and
Use different literacy skills. depended variable because that will avoid
Use (TPS) strategy for learners. misconception.

Give students interesting examples.

Good classroom management.

Reflection (to be completed after discussion of Peer Review with colleague): In my perspective I thought that
peer observation will be hard because I will not be able to share my ideas with the observer. When I did the
observation I felt that I’m smart because I was able to determine what are the main strengths and weakness.
Hend Feels comfortable and relax when I observed her lesson. After the lesson me and the observer set
together and we discussed about the lesson and I felt a beautiful feeling that I can share my ideas and these
ideas will have an impact. My colleague accepts my ideas and she keep them in mind. Also, she agrees with
my feedback because she said that we learn from each other’s. For the next lesson, I want from my colleague
to focus on independent and depended variables because that will avoid misconception or alternative
conception. Finally, my colleague feel that the peer observation is valuable because we understand each other
and these feedbacks will help us to improve.

Please tick the boxes using the scale with 5 indicating the best possible performance
Professionalism 1 2 3 4 5
 ☺
Displays a high standard of professional behavior, which includes punctuality ✓
and readiness for the session.
Shows initiative and enthusiasm during the session. ✓

Promotes a positive learning environment & builds good rapport with the ✓
Comments or reasons for scoring above: She was very professional because she understands children prior knowledge
and she used simple materials to engage students.

Planning for Learning 1 2 3 4 5

 ☺
Provides a lesson plan, which includes all the required information and has ✓
clear and explicit learning outcomes.
Shows a student-centered focus in the lesson plan. ✓

Incorporates differentiation through activities, questioning and/or learning ✓


Materials and resources for teaching are of high quality and appropriate to ✓
the level of the learner.
Formative and/or summative assessment activities are included in the plan. ✓

Comments or reasons for scoring above: She plans her lesson very well and have clear learning objectives. However, she
can use other appropriate martials such us Cork balls. Also, the assessment part we still doesn’t reach it during the

Implementing and Managing Learning 1 2 3 4 5

 ☺
Uses accurate and appropriate language. ✓

Maintaining engagement – independence ✓

Ensures instructions, questions & explanations are clear, accurate & ✓

Uses effective questioning & elicitation (probe, praise, rephrase, redirect) ✓

Establishes and maintains clear and consistent rules & routines. ✓

Maintains an appropriate pace to challenge and motivate the students. ✓

Uses a range of teaching strategies. ✓

Manages lesson time effectively. ✓

Comments or reasons for scoring above: She have a well classroom management because students are knowing her
routines and she use multiple strategies during the lesson. While, the instructions were unclear for some learners so the
get confused about what they should do and from that they waste time.

Monitoring and Assessment 1 2 3 4 5

 ☺
Monitors student progress effectively during the session. ✓

Provides ongoing feedback to students to enhance learning during the ✓


Uses formative and summative assessment instruments such as checklists, ✓

grading scales, rubrics, tests and projects etc. to evaluate students’

Comments or reasons for scoring above: She have difficulty with grouping because she wasn’t moving around the class
and she only put attention to two groups. Also, during the lesson we didn’t reach to the assessment part because she
was on the exploration stage.

Please add specific comments about the student teacher’s observed strengths relative to their area of focus
during this session and identify areas in which you feel further development is necessary.

Please share feedback immediately following the observation once the forms are completed.

Feedback meeting date: October 4, 2018 Time: 8:00 to 9:20

Observer signature:_______________ ____________ Date:__4/10/2018____________

Observee signature:___________________________ Date:_____4/10/2018_________