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Help with Doepfer A-138m Matrix Mixer...... please.....
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Author Help with Doepfer A-138m Matrix Mixer...... please.....

RichyHo Hi

I've got an A-138m matrix mixer and I never use it. Never. I thought I would because of other people's
"it's great for feedback stuff" and "so useful - I use it in every patch", but I don't. And it's massive. And its
days are numbered unless I start using it so....

I'm clearly missing something here. Could someone please post a concise modularplanner pic/patch to get
me started on "feedback stuff". Or one to get it to do something else that sets it apart from other non-
matrix mixers.

Thank you very much

haven I use it for CV all the time. Patch four modulation sources into the inputs. Patch the outputs into four
things you want to modulate (filters, VCO FM, modulator VCOs etc) then use the matrix to mix the CV to
each destination as desired.
RichyHo OK, I'll give that a try. Thanks haven.

CursedFrogurt And for crazy feedback, plug four things outputs into the inputs of the mixer, and then plug the four outs
of the mixer into the audio/cv inputs of those same four modules. Tweak knobs to taste. Hide under your

I don't actually have a matrix mixer, but I often find myself air patching one of them
Monobass yeah I do what Haven describes a lot, I find things can get really organic.. especially when you take some
of those outputs back to the original CV sources, just modulate the pitch or envelope shape a little.

So say I want mainly the LFO on ch1 to modulate something.. I'll also just try mixing in a fraction of say
the envelope of ch 2.. or all the other channels, things just start to gel when you get into the swing of it..

I'm sure you could get some great effects with your dual Z-DSPs doing feedback matrix FX mixing also...
David Tudor style.
fonik i don't have a matrix mixer, but what about feeding it with GATES (i.e. from a divider) and send the
different mix outputs to different VCOs and/or VCFs (maybe via quantizer).
Kodama Input an OSC into channel 1, use column A as your output, so turn all the pots down & flip it to unipolar.

Put B/C/D in bipolar, put all of their knobs at center, and patch a processor of some sort (wavefolder, bit
crusher, filter, delay. pitch/freq shifter, etc..) into the other connections. To keep things easy, I generally
would patch like this:

Osc in to 1

Wavefolder out in to chan 2. B out into wavefolder in.

Filter out in to chan 3. C out into filter in.

Delay out in to chan 4. D out into delay in.

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MUFF WIGGLER :: View topic - Help with Doepfer A-138m Matrix...

(This gives me 1 to add harmonics, 1 to shape/remove them, 1 to mess with time - I've also done this
patch with just the TWF's 3 stages)

Adding and removing harmonics, changing pitch or time - all fed back on each other. Now slowly turn up
Column A's output levels and carefully adjust column B/C/D knobs, keeping them close to center to start.

Feedback loops are wonderful, a living being that needs special care and feeding. Too much feedback or
too many harmonics actually makes a patch dull and lifeless, so you have to listen to your pet, treat it well
and it will purr!

* Bonus points = Start multing the outputs of the matrix mixer to some CV inputs on various modules
that have a CV trim to enter the realm of CV/audio feedback
Kodama You can also make the 3 processor channels more complex chains of processors instead of a single
module. Like wavefolder+filter, plague bearer + filter, delay + pitch shifter, etc...
shamann Here's a diagram for a simple loop, with a single input signal fed back on itself:

That's just an external signal going to Input 1 and sent to Output A. Output A is sent to Input 2. Input 2 is
sent to both Output 1 and 2. Output 2 is the output you'll want to go elsewhere.

From there experiment routing Output 1 to other modules (for example a filter) before sending it to Input
dude use it as a sequencer with gates.

ersatzplanet I would use it as I would use the main outs and Aux sends on a mixer - to have different mixes of signals
to Fx modules (Z5000 and Sound of Shadows etc.) and also dry mixes to quad systems. Shooting a signal
to multiple destinations and taking those destination's outputs and shooting different mixes of those to
other destinations is where things get fun.
Think of it more like a pin-matrix patchboard but with pots instead of pins.
Umcorps And don't forget that, if you don't patch anything into the top line you can use those knobs to add a
voltage offset to the other three below.

Super useful.
Kodama dude wrote:
use it as a sequencer with gates.

Tru dat! Posted this a while back:
selfoscillate patch 4 sine vco's into the mixer inputs. mult at least one of the
sine vco's and use it as your audio output. now feed the four outputs
of the mixer back into the lin fm inputs of the vco's.

multi-feedback linear fm
can get messy quickly, but can also be freakin nice
when handled with care.

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MUFF WIGGLER :: View topic - Help with Doepfer A-138m Matrix...

asterisk stackables are a matrix mixer's friend!


i'm sure i have posted this before.

RichyHo Wow - not enough time to digest all this right now as I *should* be doing other things ;-) but thank you
so much - I will try all of this tonight.

I did previously try the sequencer trick using the A-160/161 combo and that worked well.

Thanks guys - she's got a reprieve

"for now...."
Tomek Mirt It's not common to have 3xa112, but with matrix mixer it is great lo-fi delay&pitch monster. You can
patch each of a112 in separate loop or chain them (you can add filter or phaser). If you'll use one as
pitchshifter second as delay and third as reverse it is crazy fx, grat for drones and pads.
joskery Necrobump!

Should this patch result in runaway feedback?

I get very tame results, no runaway squealing feedback.

onre Mine doesn't squal either, it sounds more like something's saturating.

Then again, this doesn't matter as I use it as an effects send/return thing.

mskala That kind of patch is likely only to give you a DC offset, because the things in the loop (mixer and cable)
have their strongest response and zero phase shift at zero frequency. If you want it to "squeal," you need
to create a slightly more complicated gain/phase response within the loop; for instance, by including a
joskery Thanks so much for the replies! This module reminds me of what a noob I am with a lot of modular, still
will experiment with more complex things ASAP.
Shledge I use it for anything from FX send/return to quad 4 step sequencers. Really versatile.

cptnal I'd like to add, for the sake of anyone interested in matrices but put off by the size of the Doepfer, that in
intervening years since the OP other options have become available. Rebel Technology's Mix range for

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MUFF WIGGLER :: View topic - Help with Doepfer A-138m Matrix...

instance is very tasty.

onre I should get into it better. I feel like I've only scratched the surface as I've only used it for mixing audio
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