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We reflect under the patent of Tariela Kapanadze.

The patent, as well as all other, is written by more legal language, rather than technical. As a
matter of fact, it also is the legal document intended to put out to competitors and to constrain
development of technology, other purpose in the given kind of the property I do not see. Of
course we can say, that the inventor should be rewarded, but this reward often comes in such
perverted form, that the inventor dies in poverty or walks from14 floors … Who need such a

But in any case, under all this paper work the essence of the invention essence should be so the
rights for the invention could be presented. Lets dig into the essence.

Drawing 1 represents the scheme of the existing invention. The parts connected with the
invention are numbered and explained:

1- Power switch

2 - The Condenser

3- Points (as the engine distributor)

4- High-frequency generator

5- The First filter

6- Primary coil
7- Frequencies First a regulator

8- Second filter

9- Frequenciy Stabilizer (regulator)

10- Secondary coil

11- Second regulator of frequency

12- Exit (phase) (positive)

12a-positive cable

13- Exit (neutral)

13a - A negative cable

14- Neutral (grounding)

15- Initial power supplies

A- Cable of the first circuit

B- Cable of the second circuit


The existing invention - the device self-sufficient (self-powering) and making the electric energy
ready to use, started in work as the initial electric energy received from the accumulator or a
similar energy source, transferring (transmitting) a magnetic field made in the first coil to the
second coil through the stabilizer of frequency, after rhythmical stabilization of a magnetic field
arising between coils; transforms independent energy - received by the second coil from air - to
electric energy.

Here looks like everything is clear. There is only few questions:

1. How to transfer (transmit) a magnetic field from the first coil to the second, through the
frequency stabilizer? What is the stabilizer of frequency?

2. Rhythmical stabilization of a magnetic field. How?

The existing invention receives external energy only in the first starting phase. This mentioned
energy can be easily made from the small (little) accumulator or the battery or similar sources.
After 1-2 seconds after the device will be started, the switch on a device input(entrance)
disconnects(switches-off) the external electric A power (from the accumulator or a similar
energy source), making electric energy.

What occurs (happens) for us in these two seconds?

Very small part of this electrical made energy are used by the device to power itself, and its big
part is liberated for usage. Until the device is switched off, or some internal problem has not
occurred inside, the device makes energy permanently. There is no modern device similar to
the existing invention, making energy permanently, and powering itself.

This is because for device operation it is required much less energy, than it turns out on an
output(exit). Therefore, the device works as the valve, for the certain natural process existing
and proceeding irrespective of the device.

The first circuit is developed to make an electricity, transferring (transmitting) the magnetic
field made in the first coil from electrical energy, received from independent initial power
supplies, to the second coil.

The first circuit consists of a time relay, the capacitor, points, the high-frequency generator,
the first filter, the first coil, the first regulator of frequency (this circuit is shown by a line in a

So, under the statement of the author, this circuit produces an electricity, transferring
(transmitting) a magnetic field of the first coil to the second. The magnetic field here … well,
how tell it more softly? It seems to me – bulshit. Probably, such terminology is applied not to
stand out of the crowd. Say, all within the limits of the standard representation about an
induction. Let’s take a look at this circuit separately.
And let’s look what the Great Son of the Georgian People (in abbreviated - GSGP), is trying to
tell us.

1. It is the switch with the timer, having for an object to disable external power supply at
reaching the mode of self-powering. It is fulfilled quite straight forward, like the delay after
which, the device is guaranteed can to support itself. For understanding of a principle this
doesn’t play a bog role. Nothing new.

2. The capacitor. Well the capacitor in this part of a circuit for us asks to be called as
демпферная (limiting??) capacity. Other role for the given part of the circuit I’m not able to
find. However, the lines of connection divided in two, drop a doubt seed. But we will suppress it
for a while.

3. Points. The remarkable name. No way to identify them. But in the summary to a figure, the
author makes the stipulation 3- Points (as the engine distributor) Georgian slang on Turkish
manners. It is necessary to guess only that is hidden under this mysterious definition. The first
thought which comes to mind according definition «as the distributor», it is the commutator. As
"cylinders" for us there is only one the task of this commutator not to switch between, but to
switch on/off, connect or disconnect. For example Grey «in this place» had a multivibrator. And
the name "points", suggests that it is real it, and on an output(exit) for it - "dotted line". Let’s
assume this is true.
4. The high-frequency generator. Here like habitual the term and especially it is not necessary
to be soared. But however there are slippery places. Why "multivibrator" is shown separately?
But if you the usual person, instead of GSGP on the simple stupid direct logic it turns out that
this "Points" raise(excite) a with great dispatch certain outline of high frequency. Here though
kill, but other understanding for me while is not present.

5. The primary filter. A problem has put GSGP. What it is filtered? High frequency which is
produced in the high-frequency generator. What for?

And maybe this GSGP fools around? What is for us simplest filter for HF (high frequency)? Let’s
place capacitor for a while, just not to climb in to the higher (supreme) electronics(electronics

Through this condenser, of corresponding to a nominal becomes clear, that everything is put to
the coil 6. It is starting to appear the circuit. However, it is not visible from where “aic” (??)
comes. So now we have very common circuit, there is quite a lot of them. Well, let’s draw it
anyway to avoid future confusions. Thus the switch with the timer we will throw out so it
wouldn’t mess things up.

Well here is what we have for now. Let’s go further.

We look a circuit two (or secondary?) …

And the second circuit, thanks to the strong magnetic field accepted from the first coil, creates
a difference of magnetic fields between coils. The difference of a magnetic field arising
between the second coil and the first coil is stabilized by means of the stabilizer of frequency
within this circuit.

The second circuit consists of the second filter, the stabilizer of the frequency, the second coil,
the second regulator of frequency.

Well we will start from numbers.

8. The secondary filter. As we have made bold to substitute the primary filter condenser why us
to hesitate to make it again? Let’s to it.

9. The stabilizer frequencies (regulator). Bu-bu-bu … It hard to tell what this device is
represents by itself. But here something «sucks in the pit of the stomach» that it is that
discharger, which We observed during demonstration, like creation by these smart hands. Let it
be. (It not definitive opinion, I simply try to translate this the block the circuit(scheme) in
simple one. There are possible error). But let’s leave it as discharger for a while.

10. The coil secondary. Here without questions.

11. The second regulator of frequency. Here to call it discharger will not be enough. But on
other hand here still it is necessary to clarify what happens, that at such parameters of coils, we
on an output(exit) receive industrial frequency. Therefore we will hand this device in air with
the sign (?).

The stabilizer of a difference of a magnetic field by means of the frequency stabilizer, this
circuit also will transform energy which moves independently to air to the second coil
standing(costing) on reception(trick) of this electrical energy. This electrical energy generated
by the second coil, regulates necessary frequency of an output(exit) (220 V - 50 Hz or 110 V - 60
Hz) by means of the second regulator of frequency standing(costing) on an output(exit) of the

It seems that nevertheless it is necessary to recollect about a variant offered Zimney. It is

probable that energy fluctuates in primary and secondary circuits with a difference on frequency
in 50-60 Hz. And this is what frequencies support circuits are for. For two pendulums
(mechanical ones) suspended on one wall come after a while to synchronism. Means it is
necessary is artificial to support(maintain) mistuning.

The detected beat frequency guarantees to us absence of influence of an output(exit) on an

input(entrance). It is the positive moment. Negative that it is not completely clear how to
provide it. But I believe that joint efforts we should outdo it GSGP.

Let's try to finish principal circuit except for unclear moments.

Here is what we’ve got.

This made electrical energy is transferred(transmitted) to the set load through output outputs.
Through output cables the device feeds itself with the made electrical energy. The mentioned
process is ended after 1-2 seconds after the device will be started. After that the switch of a
time element standing(costing) on an input(entrance) of the device disables the accumulator.
And the device makes energy independently.

The kind and optimistic ending. ☺