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• Efficient and proven track record with nearly 15 years experience in the administration, research, development,
purchasing, implementation, deployment, maintenance and management of networked information systems while
reducing costs and time spent; thus improving overall efficiency of technology & finances; while meeting deadlines
• Highly motivated team player with excellent problem-solving, multi-tasking and communication skills; keeping the
client/user more than satisfied with prompt response times and excellent customer service plus troubleshooting skills
• Client and server knowledge of Information Technology services including working with, training and management of
staff, purchasing/vendors, user maintenance and administration, hardware, software, multiple OS’s and apps, some
database work, virtualization production and development networks (VMware ESX w/utilities & Microsoft HyperVisor)
• Development and implementation of network infrastructure, and policies and procedures, as well as enforcement
• Dependable administration of establishing and maintaining; support and service relations, working within restraints of
budget, best practices of organization, SOP’s/CBA’s, project management, software licensing, assessment of
hardware, monitoring, statistical use of event logging, software/network needs for each user & organization as whole
• Client and Server: Efficiently and economically designing, customizing, purchasing, implementing, maintaining and
upgrading and Virtualized systems including VMWare and Microsoft Hypervisor for Windows as well as Macintosh and
Linux computer systems and applications within budget, best practices, policies and procedures of organization
• Management and Training: Trained and managed numerous information technology positions such as helpdesk, web
development, database, design/production, PC/Macintosh technicians as well as end-user higher tier level support
• Cost-benefit ratio analysis of desktops/servers, hardware/software & applications analysis for recommendations
• Project management and systems security including: network, client/server, inventory assessment, etc. As well as
single sign-on implementation with multiple platforms with Kerberos and single point of management such as SMS
Server & Infrastructure Experience (Design, Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting)
• Physical & Virtual networking of Microsoft Windows, Mac & UNIX (mostly VMWare, and Microsoft VM) Server’s
• Server software management, applications, utilities and including but not limited to VMware utilities, What’s Up Gold,
MOM apps & ISA, Event Sentry, VPN & Firewall settings, as well as experience with some ISO cert and ITIL standards
as well as HIPPA and SOX protocols and Symantec Enterprise Protection Package and management console of
servers/client; creating groups, also familiar with anti-spam and web filtering with clustered Barracuda’s
• Installation of hardware, racks, cabling and cabinets for maintenance of data centers and power management plus
cooling and ventilation and setup of small data centers to assisting in setup of large data centers (including co-lo’s)
Networking Knowledge (Design, Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting)
• Cross-platform and interoperability of networking protocols and clients such as: TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, WINS, IPX/SPX,
NetBEUI/BIOS, Client for MS Networks, Novell Netware, Internet Proxies, Apple Sharing, AFP/SMB, NFS, NAS/SAN,
JetDirect/LPR, File/Print Sharing with a variety of platform integration: Windows, Mac & Linux and other platforms
• Wired/wireless networking (Cisco, etc) experience w/routers, hub & access point systems including cards
(laptops/desktops), Airport stations/cards; web GUI’s small-large networks as well as CLI commands & break/fix
• Experience with modems, cable/DSL connections, data jacks, switches; network, large-scale & local printers
• BlackBox and other general server rack mount systems, Digital KVM switches and wiring kits of rack systems
Hardware Knowledge (Purchase, install, upgrade and maintain workstation/server hardware)
• Familiar w/most brand OEMS & custom builds from Dell, IBM, HP, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, etc., as well as printers
• Main Components: motherboards (bios/chipset), ram, cases, power supplies, fans and more; desktop and most laptops
• Internal Devices (iSSCI, SAS, SATA, IDE, SSCI, RAID, PCI, AGP, ISA): Graphic/Sound cards, network cards, modems,
zip drives, CD-RW’s, DVD-RW’s, floppy, SSCI & RAID Arrays, including SAS, SSCI and Fibre connections
• External & Peripheral Devices such as: USB, Firewire (4000/800), Bluetooth Devices, Palm pilots, hubs, scanners,
cameras, tablet laptops, monitors, mini-hard drives, thumb drives, wireless keyboards, mice, multi-function units, etc.
• Printing graphic solutions for SO/HO & full scale graphics companies via technologies such as: USB, network and
stand-alone laser and deskjet (color and b/w), high-end models including HP DesignJet, Tektronix & Pictrography for
pre-media, pre-press and publication solutions such as full large scale printers, primers and software color analysis
Software Knowledge (Purchase, implement, update, maintain and troubleshoot software)
• Microsoft Windows NT (Win3.x/Dos), 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista; NT/2000/2K3 Server, learning 2008 server
• Mac OS 7 to X Leopard: Client & Server; multiple apps (Email, Filemaker, etc) & virtualization of servers/clients
• IE, Firefox Mozilla, Safari, Netscape, AOL, Opera & other Internet browser & mail applications, including Outlook
• VMware Virtualization (P&G VIR Specialist) networking and migrating physical systems to virtual; as well as HA, DRP,
load balancing & Greens systems; x386, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris, etc. – Integrated platforms to attach to disk array
• HR, Recruiting, Payroll & Accounting systems such as: SAP (limited to install/maintenance), D-1 (HP-UX – limited some
verb creation), Ceridian, IDX, Telnet 3270 for Cuffs and HRMS, PVS P-Card Systems, PayET, QVT, Kronos Enterprise
Timekeeper as well as out of box applications that are customized
• Citrix and similar terminal servers, as well as familiar w/RDP and other applications for session 0 like Dameware
• Project management, assistance, maintenance and administration of: Windows 2000 Pro and 2003 Server (and
workstations versions up to Vista), Storage Server, Active Directory Services, SharePoint, IIS, Exchange, MOM, SMS,
WSUS, sFTP, SSH, SCP, Apache, SQL, mySQL, ODBC and previous experience w/Novell, Lotus Notes & GroupWise
• UNIX Knowledge (Not a UNIX Admin, but setup/maintained many physical & VIR systems) is working experience
• General knowledge and installation of Solaris and Linux: Redhat, Fedora, Mandrake, Ubuntu workstation and server,
including maintenance of applications such as Sendmail, Samba, Apache, MySQL, PHP and other Open Source Apps
• General knowledge and use of terminal commands including networking and setup commands, also some scripting
experience with some VB Scripts; and also automating task with auto scheduler with Windows to automate tasks
Microsoft Global Knowledge Training Certification Courses
• Microsoft Windows 2000 Pro Server 5-day course in San Francisco, CA July 2001
• Configuring/Admin Active Directory Services 5-day course in Silicon Valley, CA May 2002
Apple Certified Authorized Technician (ACAT) Training Course
• Completed 5-day Training Course at Apple Headquarters in Santa Monica, CA April 2002
• Course covered Client/ Server Apple OS X – Administration, troubleshooting, etc. and Tiger Follow-up Webinar
University of Cincinnati Technology Committees
University-wide Network Mangers, IT-Coordinators & Mission Continuity Planning Committee’s & Co-Chair of Depart IT
Committees such as Information Technology Committee, Future Technologies Committee, Web Site Committee, etc.


North American Sr. Systems Engineer Xomox / CraneChemPharma – Blue Ash, OH 2009 to Present
Employed directly at the Headquarters of a large (~10,000+) publicly traded company while maintaining a presence within
the top tier management level of a 100+ year old Global company. With the Infrastucture Manager we are responsible for
maintaining all internal and external IT services for an enterprise environment that supports a large in-house ERP Progress
based solution called QAD for Manufacturing; which we are rolling out worldwide as Cincinnati being the main hub. Most
work involves infrastructure, servers, migrations, virtualizations, new implementations, upgrades, budgets and project plans

Physical and Virtual (VMware ESX) Microsoft and Red Hat Linux servers (on-site, remote and global sites), Fibre MPLS
network connected to each site and outsourced solutions throughout globe. Data storage (EMC and Dell Raid Array‘s).
Multiple tape backups daily/weekly/monthly/etc sent off-site & off-site for DRP. Manage Helpdesk with SupportWorks
• Custom Infrastructure to meet many diverse needs of multiple types of clients from mostly a Microsoft Windows and
Red Hat Enterprise Server environment, some Solaris and CentOS servers as well many virtual servers and thin client
• Co-Project Manger of outsourced MS Exchange 2007 Cluster with Blackberry Enterprise Messaging Service hosted by
AT&T at USi Datacenter with DRP in 3 sites within North America via site connected MPLS Cisco Fibre Backbone
• Provide/Maintain 24x7x365 international enterprise service and support for all users and departments; on call rotation
24x7x365 and when to escalate Sev 0. Monthly maintenance weekend and responsible to manage outsourced support
• Client solutions such as International SupportWorks Helpdesk ticketing system for Infrastructure and Applications
teams, 4 Environments of Servers for ERP; code and testing promotions from Dev to Production. ERP manages entire
company from platform engineering, inventory management, logistics, product support, human resources, accounting,
sales, global site management; hence basically running entire company with over 20 3rd party customized add-ons
• Multiple AD Domains with a wide variety of trusts, group policy, security groups, VLANs and networks spanning the
globe with customized management of all systems through Nagios and Cacti; with Cincinnati location being the Global
Headquarters standards are set here and rolled out worldwide – responsible for documentation of servers and setup for
standardization across a wide variety of countries and cultures w/Infrastructure DRP and quarterly audits; as well as
working with executives, VP’s, accounting, human resources, and end-users; for custom solutions and secured data.
• Automation of tasks through batch scripts, cronjobs, scheduled tasks and backup with EMC Networker per site
• A/V and Spyware Protection managed by McAfee ePO, WSUS, Smoothwall Bandwidth management & proxy servers.
• Primary MPLS w/backup Anira AT&T managed site-to-site http compression software & hardware via Riverbed devices
Sr. Network and Systems Administrator II Pomeroy IT Solutions – Hebron, KY 2009
Employed directly at the Headquarters of a large (~8,000+) publicly traded company while maintaining a presence within
the top tier management level of a 20+ year old company. With the Team Lead we are responsible for maintaining all
internal and external IT services for an enterprise environment that supports large ERP businesses and solutions providers.
Most work involves infrastructure, servers, migrations, new implementations, upgrades and project plans

Mainly Microsoft servers (on-site and co-lo w/InfroCrossing), some UNIX, most connected via Cisco/Brocade 4GB
Truncated Fibre via network to server to data storage (EMC Raid Array‘s). Multiple tape backups daily/wkly/monthly/etc
sent to Iron Mountain & off-site DRP w/SunGuard.
• Custom Infrastructure to meet many diverse needs of multiple types of clients from mostly a Windows environment,
some UNIX including HP-UX, SUSE, Slackware, Red Hat Enterprise
• Microsoft Exchange 2007 Cluster (NLB), MS SQL & Oracle Servers, Cisco Fibre Backbone
• Cisco Network and VoIP - Provide/Maintain 24x7x365 international enterprise service and support for all users and
departments; on call rotation 24x7x365 and when to escalate Sev1
• Project management & ‘technologists’ responsibilities recommending new technologies
• Client solutions such as Unicenter CA Helpdesk, Citrix Farm Presentation Servers, Multiple AD Domains with a wide
variety of trusts, group policy, security groups, multiple VLANs and networks spanning three large buildings
w/Infrastructure DRP and quarterly tests; as well as managing Recruiting servers such as JobDiva and RecuritMax

I.T. Manager Phototype Engraving, In– Cincinnati, OH 2008 to 2009

Responsible for maintaining I.T. services and support for a large pre-press and pre-media Graphics Company that
spanned multiple locations throughout US; that makes package design, etc., for the likes of P&G, Pepsi, Church &
Dwight, CarFreshner, etc. Necessary to maintain 24x7x365 international enterprise Information Technology service
Microsoft, Apple and Sun Solaris Servers with Brocade 4GB Truncated Fibre datacenter and Gigabit client network
connected to 2x30TB EMC Clariion Raid Array(s) with a ADIC Scalar 100 Tape Library and an off-site DRP of similar
downsized equipment for quick failover/disaster
• Xserve and xRAID as well as Linux systems; all systems connect with ADIC and Brocade Fibre Channel SAN/NAS,
mostly EMC, Centera and other devices such as Hitachi Arrays’ and custom build RAID and Fabric RAIDED Arrarys
• Project management for large scale project implementations and managed several 3rd-party outsourced project
specialists & received training for Xinet DAM (Digital Asset Management), Attended VMware World and a variety of IT
and Graphics workshops, printer training for high-end printers in use for product jobs, forums and publications
• Custom back-end digital asset management system created and maintained for client art files tied into FileMaker Server
parsing metadata (SQL/XML) for all jobs & workflow management w/Integration of Xinet DAM via Solaris, Apple & MS
Global Network Virtualization Engineer Procter & Gable – Cincinnati, OH 2007 to 2008
Responsible for maintaining Server networking equipment, mostly remotely as our servers were housed at the HP Blue-Ash
Controlled Access Large Data Center & Internationally; including Production, Dev and QA servers, as well as local servers
(Windows, Linux & Virtualization) all around the globe for GPDF GDS Engineering Department; most on VMWare
• Server software: Win2k/3 Std., Adv, Storage versions) Server, Storage and SAN connections via SCIS and some Fibre
• Configure, setup & maintain 50+ virtualized servers & 25+ clients; working w/tight streamlined budget & time restraints
• Responsible for Virtualization: from VMware ESX, VMware Server, VMotion, Virtual Server & Infrastructure Client, etc.
• Work w/designers improving customer service initiatives & effectiveness of support by evaluating new hardware &
software needs of individual dept users, CAD designers; determining compatibility & performance verse old systems
• Administrate daily, monthly and annual data continuity data backups on workstations and servers globally, including
international disaster recovery planning and data replication. International/National backups and restores are performed
via customized scripts and applications such as Veritas NetBackup, various HP software & specialized apps; Robocopy
• Log daily AM server checks for pertinent information and logs of all production servers; with use of Ethereal & PStools
• Assist in & design back-end server solutions for usage and to monitor servers more efficiently
• Necessary events notify engineers via smtp via use of What’s UP Gold, custom scripts, scheduled tasks, etc.
• Maintain server appiications like; HP SIM & SmartStart, What’s Up Gold, Altiris and System Logging Servers
• Manage all HP Open View for Service tickets & liaison between HP and Pomeroy for warranty work; Santa Fe Servers
(Windows Server OS) and SEWP custom brewed code-base for WinXP desktop solutions; completely re-written code

I.T. Director (started as Sr. Sys Admin) University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati, OH 2000 to 2007
Responsible for all Information Technology related needs for three large science departments; one of the largest
departments at University, in size and earned grant funding by NIH, etc.
• Design, customize, purchase, implement, maintain and upgrade approximately 15 various servers, 250 workstations &
150 devices (laptops, peripherals) working within tight academic budget & time restraints while logging calls &
creating/managing documentation, creating backup strategies and DRP setup & heartbeat usage and clustering
• Train and work with multiple PC and Macintosh technicians, outsourced multi-person web site design, development and
database team; while working closely with several purchasing agents, buyers and six staff members; keeping logs for
all work done and technologies setup
• By evaluating effectiveness of support & staffing, developed & improved customer service
• Evaluate new hardware and software needs of users to determine compatibility and performance with existing & new
systems; to determine cost effectiveness of all new products/services versus old & trained users on new equipment
• Perform daily, monthly, quarterly and annual data continuity backup, restores; meeting NIH/HIPPA/SOX guidelines
• Administrate high-end graphics solutions & photo printing needs for grants, journals, publications, and more
• Platforms included: Microsoft Dos and Windows 3.x, to XP Pro Clients; MS Servers including NT 4 to Win2k3 Pro (AD),
Apache and IIS, mySQL/PHP. Macintosh & other systems include: Mac OS 6 to OS X 10-10.8; Tiger & Linux
• Securely integrated Win AD Managed Network with Apple OD/WGM & Kerberos Auth
• Managed increased systems security and vulnerabilities w/recent attacks; viruses, spy-ware/crime-ware and root-kits
• Created customized D2-D2-DT data backup & disaster recovery for multiple TB’s of data’; cross -platform backup
system working w/X386/Mac/Linux (Retrospect integrated with Veritas Net Backup & backed up w/Univ Tivoli system

Systems Administrator (started as Assistant S/A) PPSI, INC 1998 to 2000

Assist IT Director with all Information Technology related needs for largest dept within the University; responsibilities:
• Evaluate, design, order, install/maintain approximately 600 PC/Mac workstations (some Linux) all hardware, OS,
applications and peripheral needs; Assist in admin of NT Domain, Exchange 5.5-7-2K, SQL, IIS, ISA, & file sharing
• Train and manage PC and Mac technicians as well as computer end users (Desktop support) for medical users
• Design and maintain websites, and take care of all Apple and graphical multimedia needs, as well manage Helpdesk
Systems Support Specialists Bavarian Motor Services 1997 to 2005
• Purchase, setup & maintain workstations including peer-to-peer broadband file and print sharing plus photocopying
• Onsite, email and phone support for workstations and peripherals including maintenance of applications such as MS
Office/Open Office & specialized automobile and parts applications and mechanical database software
• Establish/maintain vendor relationships w /automobile service, sales & maintenance divisions
Computer Technician University of Cincinnati 1997 to 1998
• Purchase, build, install & maintain computer systems (desktop support via phone/email for approximately 250 users
• Webmaster for large medical dept & trained/assisted end-users in Win & Macintosh; Office, email and typical apps
Antonelli Art and Business College Adjunct Faculty Instructor 2007 to
Taught fully accredited evening (over 80 contact hours) courses with diverse student body
• Courses: Network Administration II, III, Office for Associate Degrees, Certifications, etc.
• Assisted w/local college computer support, network and workstation advice & consultation
Southwestern College Faculty Instructor 2006 to 2007
Lincoln Technical Institute Courses: Intro to PC’s, MS Office, Web, Multimedia, Network and Systems Administration, etc.
• Taught several fully accredited evening (80 contact hours) courses with wide variety of students, backgrounds, ages
and education – some had to start as if first time on a PC
University of Cincinnati Faculty Instructor for Dept Chair 2000 to 2007
Taught fully accredited PC Resource Applications course at the College of Medicine for UC
• Graduate Student required IT general and scientific software and hardware course: 2 Credit hours, generally Fall
Quarter; twice annually to Grad Students; in ‘07 turned course into online course on University mainframe server