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( Concrete and RCC based)

Item Rate/Unit
Job Description Unit Amount (INR) Remarks
No. ( INR)
1 Earth work in excavation for M3
1a Soil of all types, sand gravel & soft murum M3
1b Hard murum & boulders M3
1c Rock & old cemented structures M3

Removing & transporting of all excavated

2 M3
materials beyond 50 mtrs.
2a Beyond 50 to 100 Mtrs M3
2b Beyond 100 to 500 Mtrs M3
2c Beyond 500 to 1000 Mtrs M3
2d Beyond 1000 to 2000 Mtrs M3

3 Murum soil back filling and ramming with water M3

Providing boulder soling ramming of zises

4 Sqr Mtr
between 8" to 10''

Providing and laying cast in situ/Ready Mix

5 M3
Cement concrete
5a For M-10 grade (Design mix/ Nominal mix) M3
5b For M-15 grade (Design mix/ Nominal mix) M3
5c For M-20 grade (Design mix/ Nominal mix) M3
5d For M-25 grade (Design mix/ Nominal mix) M3

Providing & fixing position TMT bar

reinforcement of various diameters for RCC
6 footings, slap, floors, beams & columns including MT
cutting, bending and binding with wires or tack
welding as per drawing.

Providing expansion joints with 25 mm thick

7 Sqr Mtr
bituminous pad as per detailed drawing.

Providing & fixing insert materials such insert

8 MT
plates and curb angles.

Providing and fixing of scaffolding, shuttering and

9 Sqr Mtr
centering works.
Providing and fixing of ready made precast
10 Sqr Mtr
cement concrete paving blocks.

Providing and fixing cement concrete pipes in

11 proper line, level & slope including providing &
fixing collars in cement mortar and curing etc.

Providing and laying of 150 micron Low Density

12 Polyethylene (LDPE) sheet below concrete Sqr Mtr

Coating of anticorrosive epoxy paint with

13 Sqr Mtr
minimum 50 micron DFT over two coat

14 Clay brick masonary work M3