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Batuhan Altundas

Key Terms Blake Ebling

Brandon Karczewski
M. Tullius Cicero Bennett Neuhoff
L. Sergius Catilina (Catiline) Brian Roche
P. Clodius Pulcher Bradley Sellers
M. Porcius Cato (Uticensis) (Cato the Younger) Braden Shanks
"The Three" : Pompey, Crassus, and Caesar Jami Bohrer
(formerly known as The First Triumvirate") Cade Bosch
Sean Collins
Ajit Gupta
Key Theme: Spheres of power Utku Gurkan
Jean Hue
Ryan Jenkins
John Letarte
John Luo
Jack Meiselman
Anna Morrison
Jose Penaloza
Evan Pickar
Noah Streng
Anthony Lewis
M . Licinius Crass us

10 years older than Pompey & Cicero, 16 years older than Caesar

Very wealthy family (father's agnomen was Dives= Rich Guy)

wealth lost in Marian persecutions

Loyal Sultan

Reputation for generosity, sort of

Consul (with Pompey) in 70 BCE

Censor in 65
C. Ju li us Caesar

Elected aedile in 65 (same year as Crassus's censorship)

borrows to pay for his games

Comes from an old patrician family

claims direct descent from Venus and Aeneas (through lulus)
uncle was consul of 90 BCE, but otherwise family is not active
aunt married to Marius

Maintains/ emphasizes Marian ties

Marries Cinna's daughter

Elected Pontifex Maximus in 63

Elections for the consulship of 63

Three candidates: C. Antonius Hybrida, Catiline, and Cicero

Expelled from Senate
Novus homo
In 70 BCE
Accused of seducing a Vestal
Prosecuted for extortion of province
Fought with Sulla against Cinna
Profited from proscriptions

Prosecutor= Clodius
Elections for 62

Cicero presides

Caesar elected praetor

Cato the Younger elected tribune of the plebs

Catiiline is a candidate for the consulship, but loses.

Catiline goes to Plan B

Plan B = The Catilinarian Conspiracy

4 speeches delivered by Cicero (you've read #1)
Sallust's monograph (which you've also read)
written 20 years later
has ties to one of the major figures of 63

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The Details

21 October: Cicero learns there will be an armed uprising in Etru ria .

Announces to Senate this will happen in 6 days.
Senate declares SCU.

27 October: Cicero was right.

1 November: Conspirators attempt to take Praeneste, but fail.

6-7 November: Attempt to assassinate Cicero fails.

8 November: Senate meets at temple of Jupiter Stator.

Cicero delivers 1 st Catilinarian Oration.
Catiline heads north.

9 November: Cicero delivers 2nd Cat.

to the people
The Details, Part Deux

15 November: Catiline declared a public enemy.

2-3 December: Allobrogian envoys intercepted.

3 December: Envoys testify to Senate

Cicero delivers 3 rd Catilinarian oration to the people
announces Cat's plan to burn the city
Senate votes to arrest conspirators in the city ➔
a sitting praetor, a senator, an equestrian, and 2 others

5 December: Senate debates punishment. Conspirators killed.

The Career Tullianum under the
Church of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami

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Bona Dea Scandal of December, 62 BCE

The Cast of Characters

Caesar & his wife, Pompeia (hosting the ceremony)

Clodius, the infiltrator

Cicero, witness for the prosecution

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The Three, formerly know as The First Triumvirate

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Pompey Crassus Caesar

Eastern settlement ratified Consulship

Veterans settled

Cheaper contract for collecting taxes in Asia

Consuls of 59: Caesar and M. Calpurnius Bibulus.

Also in 59: Clodius adopted in plebeian family

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