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When technology was introduced to mankind, it changed the course of history, it

helped mankind from the smallest to the most complex problem man has encountered.

Technology has solved a lot of problems, but there is one that stood up the most, it was

communication. With the help of computer networking solving it hasn’t been a problem

for decades as we live the modern era where humans live in the world of technology

where innovations, progress and advancement keeps on taking place.

Nowadays, computer networking helps mankind understand the physical and

logical error of the network. It helps create new ways on how to connect the network in a

specific area. It has been easy to understand how computer networking works from the

help of the knowledge that has been collected for many years. High end technologies are

behind businesses’ success. It is now the new trend of surviving in the business industry.

This case study concerns with Third Generation Holdings Corporation Network

Infrastructure. In this case study we will discuss the network devices and end devices that

Third Generation Holdings Corporation use in their company. It includes the hardware

and the software of each device, the physical and logical design of their network, their

WAN applications, the services of their server, the different application that is used in their

network, and the best practices that they implement for their network management.


Third Generation Holdings Corporation is the daughter company of the Lopez

Group that is a business processing outsourcing company. They are focused on providing

services such as general accounting, payroll processing, billing, human resources,

administrative support, legal and information and communications technology. The

philosophy of their company is related to the Lopez Group which is “We, as employees

of the Lopez group of companies believe that our primary reason for being is to serve

God and the Filipino people. Thus, we shall always conduct ourselves in a manner that

is mindful of the long-term mutual benefit of the Lopez Group, and the various publics we

serve. We will be responsible stewards of all our resources, and conscious of our

obligation to present and future generations. Since 1928, and in the years and

generations to follow, our commitment to the distinctive Lopez values will not change as

we remain committed to serving our stakeholders. While their company values are called

the Lopez Values “In our service to the Filipino people, we will be guided by the following

distinct Lopez values: A pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, Business excellence, Unity,

Nationalism, Social justice, Integrity and Employee welfare and wellness. We know from

generations of experience that it is by living according to these values that a company

can be built to last. The objectives of their company are to provide complete, correct and

on time payroll and billing system to their employees and they said that it is a mortal sin

for them if the salary of their employees is delayed.



This is the organization structure of the Third Generation Holdings Corporation.

There are direct and outsourced employees. There are three main departments in the

company. These are the HR and Administration, General Accounting, Financial Controls

and Regulator, and Payroll, Billing and Collection. The outsourced employees in the HR

and Administration are the Utility/Janitor, Messenger and IT Support. Under the Payroll,

Billing and Collection, the encoders are the outsourced employees.




Brand Clone

Processor Intel Core i5

Memory 4GB

Storage 500GB

Operating System Windows 7


Printing Technology Laser-monochrome

Display 2 lines

Monthly Duty Cycle 8000 pages

Office Machine Scan to e-mail, scan to application, HP ePrint


Fax Type Plain paper

Manufacturer HP

Alcatel T22

Incoming call visual indicator ✓

Number of ringtone Display 1

Ringer volume control 3 (high / mid / low)

Last number redial ✓

Mute key ✓

Flash (R) key ✓

Wall-mountable ✓

Dialling type Tone / Pulse

Flashing duration 100, 300, 600 ms

Removable line connector cord RJ11/RJ11

Total weight 582 gr

Size : L x W x H (cm) 155 x 177 x 76

Number of piece / carton 8

Available in black and white color ✓


Network Devices Equipment


HPE OfficeConnect 1920 Switch Series

TGHC uses switch to connect their end computers to the network.

Operating humidity range 0 to 90% (noncondensing)

Input voltage 100 - 240 VAC; Maximum

Ports 48 10/100/1000 and 4 SFP 1000 Mbps ports; Maximum; PoE+

available, depending on model

Latency 100 Mb Latency: < 5 µs; 1000 Mb Latency: < 5 µs

Management features IMC - Intelligent Management Center; Limited command-line

interface; Web browser; SNMP manager; IEEE 802.3 Ethernet


Throughput 77.4 Mpps; Maximum, depending on model

PoE capability 370 W PoE+; Maximum, depending on model

Operating temperature 0 to 40°C


Routing/switching capacity 104 Gbps; Maximum, depending on model


Dell networking n3024

Standard Port Attributes: 24x 1GbE RJ45 auto-sensing (1Gb/100Mb/10Mb)

fixed ports

Integrated 10GbE SFP+ 2

dedicated ports (beyond

standard ports):

Integrated GbE SFP combo 2


Hot swappable expansion Rare

module bay:

Module support for 10GbE: Standard

Auto-negotiation for speed Standard

and flow control:

Switch Fabric Capacity (full 212Gbps


Forwarding Rate: 158Mpps

CPU Memory: 1GB

Flash Memory: 256MB

Packet Buffer Memory 4MB


Dimensions in inches (H x W 1.7126 x 17.0866 x 16.0236

x D):

Approximate Weight in 13.2277

pounds(without modules):

Max Thermal Output (BTU/hr) 151.40

Power Consumption Max 52.8



Copper GbE Ports 4

Console Ports (RJ45) 1

USB Ports 2

Hardware Bypass Segments# -

Configurable Internal/DMZ/WAN Ports Yes

Firewall Throughput (UDP) (Mbps) 1,800

Firewall Throughput (TCP) (Mbps) 1,200

New sessions/second 6,000

Concurrent sessions 500,000

IPSec VPN Throughput (Mbps) 210


No. of IPSec Tunnels 550

SSL VPN Throughput (Mbps) 75

SSL VPN Throughput (Mbps) 100

Anti-Virus Throughput (Mbps) 350

IPS Throughput (Mbps) 240

UTM Throughput (Mbps) 125

Third Generation Holdings Corporation’s network administrator configures the

firewall to restrict users to some websites.

D’Link Router (Inactive)

Frequency: 2.4 GHz - 2.4835

Wireless Speed 150 Mbps

LED Indicator: Power, Internet, WLAN, LAN, WPS

The D’Link Router is inactive because TGHC does not want the employees to

connect to the Wi-Fi. When the employees are connected through the Wi-Fi, the network

speed will slow down.



Bayantel and Globe Tatoo Modem

TGHC has two modem because they have two

service provider Bayantel and Globe. Globe is
for backup in case Bayantel is down.

EATON 5PX 3000

TGHC uses 2 UPS in case

there is power outage.

Power Rating 1000-3000

Voltage 100-127 Vac, 200-240 Vac

Frequency 50/60 Hz

Configuration Rack/Tower

PowerEdge R630 Rack Server

They use server as central
repository of data and various
programs that are shared by

Processor Intel® Xeon® processor E5 2600 v4 product family

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Chipset Intel C610 series chipset

Memory Up to 1.5TB (24 DIMM slots): 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB

DDR4 up to 2400MT/s

Storage HDD 1TB

Power 1100W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

1100W DC, 86 mm

750W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

750W AC, 86 mm (Titanium)

495W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

Processor Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family

Operating System Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

Chipset Intel C610 series chipset


Memory Up to 1.5TB (24 DIMM slots): 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB DDR4

up to 2400MT/s

Storage HDD 6TB

Power 1100W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

1100W DC, 86 mm (Gold)

750W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)

750W AC, 86 mm (Diamond)

495W AC, 86 mm (Platinum)


Windows Server 2012R2

Operating System used of Third Generation Holdings

Corporation in their server.

Windows 7

Third Generation Holdings Corporation is using

Windows as their Operating System. It was the

operating system that the Microsoft released in 2009.



This is the Logical network design of Third Generation Holdings Corporation using

Cisco Packet Tracer. There are 10 to 11 workstations connected to three switches. There

are two servers connected to the main switch so that the network will still be accessible

even if one of the servers go down. The switch is connected to the router which is

connected to two DSL modems. This DSL modems are Bayantel and Globe. These are

the Internet Service Provider of Third Generation Holdings Corporation. There are also

two DSL modems, the same reason with the servers. The network uses static IP

addresses for each workstation because there are some applications they use that

requires static IP addresses.


Star Topology

Third Generation Holdings Corporation implements Star Topology in their local

area network. The workstations are connected to a switch to connect to the network and



Workstation Server Room and Office of

Network Administrator

Workstation Workstation

Presidents’ Office Managers’ Office Room

This is the Physical layout and topology of the Third Generation Holdings

Company. There are 31 workstations in the company.

 Server Room and Office of Network Administrator – This is where the server and

network devices are. It is also the office of the company’s network administrator.

 Workstations – This is where the employees of Third Generation Holdings

Corporation work.

 President’s Office – This is where the Third Generation Holdings Corporation

president offices.

 Managers’ Office – This is where the managers of the employees’ offices and work.

 Conference Room – This is where the employees, managers and the president

meets or presents any reports in the company.



Service Name Display Name

MMCSS Multimedia Class Schedule

DPS Diagnostic Policy Service


WdiServiceHost Diagnostic Service Host

TapiSrv Telephony

lltdsvc Link-Layer Topology Discovery Mapper

UmRdpService Remote Desktop Services UserMode Post Redirector

WinRm Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)

Kdc Kerberos Key Distribution Policy

SCPolicySvc Smart Card Removal Policy

SystemEventBroker System Events Broker

ClusSvc Cluster Service

Eaphost Extensible Authentication Protocol

MpsSvc Windows Firewall

Vmicguestinterface Hyper-V Guest Service Interface

FontCache3.0.0.0 Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache

File Replication File Replication

upnphost UPnP Device Host

TrustedInstaller Windows Modules Installer

LanmanServer Server

CertPropSvc Certificate Propagation



Third Generation Holdings Corporation has a bandwidth of 5gbps in a special

bundle plan in both Bayantel and Globe internet service providers.


Accounting Software Microsoft

A software used by Third Generation Holdings Corporation to manage their accounts

such as Asset, Liability, Capital, and Income Statement.


Visita Solution HRI Payroll System

Third Generation Holdings Corporation uses Visita Solution Payroll System. It is used to

monitor the number of hours that the employee works in the company in order to compute

their salary including the taxes and other deduction. The said system will also recognize

if it is holiday or the employee he/she has leave of absence.


Third Generation Holdings Corporation is still a small company therefore does not

experience much problems regarding their networks that are usually caused by many

complex configurations. Their previous problem was that there was no server room and

servers. Only a powerful computer acted as their server. Fortunately, the company gave

what the network administrator requested: a server and a room for it. However, the room

is not a server-dedicated room as it is also the office of the network administrator. When

there are many workstations, some routers and switches malfunctions. The moment

those network devices break, they just change the devices and do not try to fix it.


When network administrators at Third Generation Holdings Corporation configures

the network, they use static IP addresses instead of DHCP because when the DCHP

configuration breaks or produces an error, the whole network connected to it will lose

access. There are also applications that they use that require static IP addresses. Another

practice that they do is that they always have a backup. They have a backup for their

internet. They both use Globe and Bayantel (Bayan Telecommunications) as their Internet

Service Provider. When one service goes down, the internet continues as there is another

one service provider. They also use two servers, two UPS and two storages for their

network. This is to make sure that they do not lose any data when a network problem



 The company should always check their network devices for any signs of any

problem to avoid malfunctions and will maintain the devices. In this way, they can

expect a longer time before they change the network devices.

 The server room does not have much external securities. Since they are a growing

company, we recommend that they have a CCTV camera installed in the server

room to monitor what happens around the server. It will also be beneficial if they

have sensors that can detect the temperature inside the server room.

 The server room is also the office of the network administrator. We recommend

that the server and the administrator’s office be separated.

 The switches where the workstations are connected to access the networks are

also in a different room. We recommend that they will be put inside server room

along with the server. In this way, the network will be more organized.


This case study helps us to learn about network setup in a company, Third

Generation Holdings Corporation. This case study is a good starting point to learn how

the network works in a company. Their practices, especially for backups, are a good

example that we can follow, not only in network designing but to other things too, to avoid

any loss of data in the future.

Computer networking is very important nowadays especially for companies.

Companies benefit from computer networks to store their data. Their employees can

share resources to each other through the network. With the network, it can make

communication within the workplace easier, and less time and energy waste. If a

company is big or has different sites, it is hard to have different sites for their data. But if

they have one centralized server for all of their data, wherever they may be, they are able

to access the company’s information and resources.