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Counter Strike Online Skull

Skull Series Weapon Description

Gen 1 Skull 1 SKULL-1 is a double-action revolver
chambered with 7 rounds of .50 Anti-
Zombie. It has two firing modes: semi-auto
and full-auto fire. Semi-auto fire mode deals
higher damage but has lower accuracy and
lower rate of fire while the full-auto fire
mode has higher rate of fire, higher
accuracy but does lower damage.

SKULL-1 is accurate in any fire mode and

very powerful against both zombies and
humans as a secondary weapon, its
performance can be maximized in middle to
close range combat. It can be very useful at
times if you have proper skills though it is a
bit inaccurate in long range combat.
Skull 3 SKULL-3 is an anti-zombie submachine
gun chambered with 35 rounds of .45 Anti-
Zombie cartridge and is capable of being
dual-wielded. When being dual-wielded, it
fires 70 rounds of .45 Anti-Zombie
cartridge. This weapon is also equipped with
a nondetachable suppressor, foregrip,
extended magazine (+10 magazine
capacity) and a usable scope single mode.
Skull 5 SKULL-5 is a remodel of M14 EBR
attached with a sniper scope. It holds 24
rounds of 5.56mm Anti-zombie for each
magazine. The specialized bullets created by
the government do critical damage to
zombies and have high penetration power.
Skull 7 SKULL-7 holds 120 rounds each round with
special 5.56mm Anti-zombie. To improve
its accuracy in mid-long range, it is
designed based on a structure that can
reduce recoil while firing. The chambered
bullets deal critical damage to zombies due
to its high penetration rate and firepower.
Skull 9 SKULL-9 is a large battle axe made from a
type of special alloy material developed by
the government and has murderous
destruction power, especially
towards zombies. It can kill multiple targets
in just one slash and has longer attack range
than normal melee weapons. However, it
has a very low slash rate and only sold for a
limited period of time.
Counter Strike Online Skull

Skull Series Weapon Description

Gen 1 Skull 11 SKULL-11 is the modified version of
Korean USAS-12 fed with 28 rounds of 12
Gauge Anti-Zombie. It carries a special
gauge that can deal critical damage to
zombies and equipped with a slug mode as
secondary fire. Slug mode concentrates the
gauges to be in narrow space, making
SKULL-11 ideal for long range engagement
Gen 2 Skull 2 SKULL-2 is a special 7-round revolver
loaded with .50 Anti-Zombie bullets each
pair. As aforementioned implied, it was
reorganized to enable dual wielding, giving
it a higher ammo count. Like its
predecessor, it boasts fatal damage and high
penetration power, in part due to its
illustrious Anti-Zombie-purposed bullets.
Skull 4 This is a special anti-zombie rifle that is
dual-wielded. It delivers a strong firepower
and holds 48 rounds. The special bullet
developed by the government will deliver
critical damage to zombie.
Skull 6 SKULL-6 is a belt-fed, anti-zombie
machine gun that fires 100 rounds of
5.56mm Anti-zombie and equipped with a
sniper scope for long range engagement.
The chambered bullets have superior
penetration towards Kevlar and do deadly
damage to zombies. When using the scope,
it is more accurate but the weapon's rate of
fire decreases.
Skull 8 SKULL-8 is a belt-fed, anti-zombie
machine gun that fires 120 rounds of
5.56mm Anti-zombie ammunition. It is
attached with a light axe bayonet under the
weapon's barrel to be used for emergency
melee combat situations. The weapon's
primary fire has superior penetration
towards Kevlar.

Its melee attack also inflict a small

knockback, which can be used for the user's