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Curriculum Vitae

Balaji Baburao Somwanshi Mobile: +91-+917397957764

SAPBW/HANA Consultant E-mail:

Professional Experience: Total 7 years of experience

 Currently: working as BW/HANA Programmer having 4+ years of experience from August 2013 to till date.
 Previously: 1) Worked as Assistant Professor in RIT, Islampur from July 2012 to June 2013
 2) Worked as Network Engineer in TVS ics, Banaglore from Nov 2010 to June 2012

Professional Summary

 Having 4+ Years’ Experience in SAP – R/3’s BW/HANA Programming experience in SAP SD, MM and FICO.
 Extensively built Info Objects, Cubes, DSOs, Info sets, Info Provider etc. (BI objects)

 Having precise expertise in understanding the R/3 System and using quality driven methodologies.
 Good at soft skills like interpersonal communication, analytical skills, documentation skills, general thinking
and team oriented and ability to work on multiple tasks concurrently.
 Generic & Standard Data Source Extraction

 BW Reporting using BEx Query Designer

 Proven team player in onsite and offshore model of working.
 Requirement Gathering, Layout Design, Universe Structure Design

 Good Understanding of both business processes and technical development.

Technical Skills

SAP Expertise: SAP R/3 4.7& ECC 6.0.And BW 7.0

SAP HANA: Modeling, Data provisioning, BW on HANA. Data provisioning using SLT, BODS and
SAP BW: Modeling, Data Extraction, Queries, Info Objects, Data targets (Info Cubes and ODS objects)
Roles, Process chains. Info-Providers.

SAP ABAP: ALV Reporting, Layouts (SAP Scripts, Smart forms), Classical and Interactive Reports, Function
Module Exits, Enhancements, Function Modules, Function Groups, BDC, LSMW, ALE, IDOC, Data Dictionary
(Tables, Data Elements, Domains, and Search Helps.
Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/NT/98/95
Database: MS SQL, MS Access
Tools: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power Point.
Languages: C, C++, Java.

M.Tech (Computer Network Engineering) from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum

Project #1
Bhilosa Industries Pvt Ltd (Oct 2015 to till date)
Role: SAP BW/HANA Consultant
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0
SAP BI 7.0


 Having Good Exposure in extracting the data from the sources and load the data into SAP HANA and developing
the Reports Using SAP HANA as Source. Creating Attribute view, Analytic view, Calculation view (script &
graphical), Analytical privileges and stored procedures.
 Worked with HANA-optimized DSO & Info Cubes
 Worked with Transient providers and virtual providers based on HANA specific model – Analytical view
 Developed & designed Attribute views, Analytic views and Calculation views.
 Mass Validation, Activation, Mass copy, Migrate, Auto-documentation, Manage preferences & Generate Time
 Overview working knowledge with SAP BO Data Services and SLT replication methods.
 Imported tables from ECC system using Business Object Data Services.

 Activated Standard Master data, Multi Providers, Info Cubes, DSO’s, Info Sources and Info Objects according
to Preconfigured scenarios
 Involved in creation of Transformations and Data transfer process to load data from PSA to data targets.
 Extensively worked in building Queries by using calculated and restricted key figures, Structures, Variables,
Exceptions, Conditions, Cell Restrictions, RRI, Formula builder and Web Templates.
 Involved in transporting the BW objects from development server to quality server.
 Creating new authorizations giving roles.
 Daily trouble shooting of Incidents, Implementing changes and requests.
 Transporting the requests from Development to Quality and then to Production.
 Actively and regularly involved in Load Monitoring of Daily, weekly, and Monthly, Data Loads using Process
 Involved in creating and maintaining Info Cubes, Operational Data Store, PSA, Info Objects, Info Areas, Multi
providers, Info Sources, Data Sources, and Info Packages.
 Data Source Extraction, 2LIS_02_ITM, 2LIS_12_VCITM, 2LIS_11_VAHDR, 2LIS_11_VAITM
 Actively handling all reports documents i.e. Report Layout Documents, Report Design Documents, and
Validation at different phase in systems.
Project #2
Harjai Computers Pvt Ltd
Client: Bhilosa Industries Pvt Ltd (Sept 2014 to August 2015)
Project: SAP ECC 6.0 Implementations
Role: SAP ABAP Consultant
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

Create the reports according to requirement of clients or in-house production. Co-ordination of customer requirement
between customer and developer and check the standard of development and delivered again to customer.
To handles client's day to day issue.
 To understand requirement of user and submit to developer.
 Once the programmer programs the requirement test it out and revert to user for deploying it.
 Provide explanation and get train user for ERP modules.
 Handles and execution of client complains and training related issues. Basically right from installations of Forum
package, implementation and training to END user at client end.
SAP script
 Vendor /customer debit note need to be printed.(f140_int_docu_01)
 Vendor /customer debit memo need to be printed.(mr_print)
 Modify standard script for subcontracting challan .(entry_57f4)
 Modify standard script for goods receipt.(wescheinvers3)
 Modify standard script for goods issue.
Smart Form
 Vendor /customer credit memo need to be printed. (bill_invoice.)
ALV Report
 To get printing requirement for NEFT/RTGS payment during Automatic payment program run.
 Requirement is to get agent wise commissionaccrued and TDS amount to deduction that agent.
 ALV report for Contract pending list.
 Enhancement to capture the custom exit fields for Export sale. The fields will be captured in custom fields and
will be saved in custom fields and will be saved in contract header table (VBAK).
 Custom fields can be added in 8309 screen of program SAPMV45A.
Project #3
Harjai Computers Pvt Ltd
Client:Mitashi Edutainment Pvt.Ltd(July 2013 to August 2014)
Project: SAP ECC 6.0 Implementation
Role: ABAP Consultant
Environment: SAP ECC 6.0

 Develop BDC Using call Transaction to Upload Customer Master Data (XD01) and Error Handling Using
 Develop BDC Using Session Method to Upload Material Master Data (MM01).
 Create an Extended IDoc to carry the Additional Customer Master Data along with Standard Customer Master
 Create Custom Idoc to transfer the sap and legacy customer details for the given customer no(s).
 Enhancement Done for Transaction XD01 While Creating /Changing the customer ,Display the Pop up Message
,to save the customer (Account No, Name , City ,Country) into a file and the File Name Should be Created with
Combination Of the Customer No ,Date ,Time.
 Enhancement Done for Adding Customer Fields i.e. Priority and Duration of the project Definition to transaction
CJ01 through Enhancement CNEX0006.
 Develop Smart forms for Purchase Order Form to display Purchase order Details, Vendor Details Delivery, and
Include Client Specific Details like Terms & Conditions and Company Address, Company logo .
 Developed ALV Report to Display the Serial Numbers Generated against the Purchase Order Number, Piece
Number, Spare part Number, Cross-Promotion Number, Master Number and Inner Number.
 ALV interactive Report to Display EAN-13 Masters Serials Numbers Generated for the Purchase Order Number
& Display Number of EAN-13 Inner Serials Numbers when user interacts with the Masters Number and also
Display Number of EAN-13 Pieces Serials Numbers when user interacts with Inner Number.
 Create DDIC objects (Database tables, Domain, data elements, Search help) for Ztables like zing_sales (Ingram
sales), zwh_details (Warehouse), Zdist (Distributors), Zsernr (EAN 13-digit Serials), ZL_MASINN (Last Master
and Inners), ZL_Po (Serials Created for Po).

Personal details

Name: Balaji Baburao Somwanshi

Father’s name: Baburao D. Somwanshi
Date of Birth: 17 July 1984
Marital Status: Married
Languages known: English, Marathi, Kananada and Hindi.
Nationality: Indian.
Address: At Post Algood Taluka: Basavakalyan District: Bidar State: Karnataka-585419

All the above-furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I will abide by the rules and
regulations of the organization.

(Balaji B. Somwanshi)