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The study wanted to assess the effect of motivation on the employees

commercial bank of keneya in Mongori county. It also focused on demotivating
factors like delay of promotion, no clear career progression, Unreasonable
work load, long working hours and lack of appreciation from managers .simple
random sampling was used & total sample population was forty five
employees. The study employed self administered questionnaire to collect the
required primarily data and its elaborated by using statistical analysis .the
study concluded that Managers should know that employees are motivated by
monetary rewards. The study recommended that commercial bank of Kenya
managers to have employees motivation package because it is a direct
relationship with workers output.

* on the abstract part the researcher missing to report the early

management scholar`s thought where non -monetary reward motivate
workers according to two factor theory.

2. Introduction

Motivation is finding a need inside the employees & help to achieve it in smooth

Each branch manager should have the responsibility to work with the staff to find
out their individual needs & put them side by side to the organization needs.

Dissatisfaction also might work as guidance for managers to explore the need of
the staff &with if to motivate them & attract them to do better performance.

Motivation drives the human beings to reach their goods & organization goals
though every challenge & constraint they face in their work place considering.

*the researcher point out that every employee inside need fulfillment will
motivate the work to achieve the organizational goal where the researcher
ignore external need .
*the researcher in his introduction part explained that employees
dissatisfaction will be motivated through extrinsic motivation like pay,
materials, possessions, prestige, and positive evaluations among others where
as ignoring intrinsic motivation.

3. Statement of the problem

Motivation is about giving your staff the right mixture of guidance, direction
resources & rewards so that they are inspired & keen to work in the way you
want them to.

Motivated employees are more likely to stay & help build your business.

The Kenya Commercial Bank faces the challenges of employee retention, high cost
of recruitment, training increased competition increased regulation by
government & high rate of technological growth especially the phones that now
offer banking services.

The Kenya Commercial Bank employees are also faced by problems of feeling
demotivated & overworked.

*the researcher tried to study the external and internal challenges that the
Kenya Commercial Bank faces where the researcher finalize such complex
factors with limited time and sample size under scrutiny based on the self
administered questionnaire as primary data.

Research questions

1. To what extent does a monetary reward affect the performance of KCB

employees in Mongori County.
2. To what extent does job enrichment effect the performance of KCB
employees in Mongori County.
3. To what extent does a training affect the performance of KCB employees in
Mongori County.
4. To what extent does team building affect the performance of KCB
employees in Mongori County.
*The researcher used very few questions to get the desired information
regarding to employees’ motivational effect on the KCB workers the
researcher focused on only the internal environment factors as a parameter
rather the study better to include external environment factors as research
question to gather the required data from the study.

4 .Methodology

For the purpose of this study which is to examine the effect of motivation on
employee performance of commercial bank in Kenya specifically Mingori County.

A structured questionnaire was the main instrument for carrying out the design
was that it helped the researcher to explore the existing status of motivation
KCB& establish the effective management of motivation systems between KCB
branches in Mingori county.

Questions were distributed to each of the 69 staff ,each selected 4 Branches

which includes Branch Manager ,Manager operation, Assistant Manager ,Rental
Banking ,Assistant Manager operation , Graduate clerks &sales executive.

69 staff comprises from 4 branches of 24 Mingori,15 Rango, 15 Isebania &15


*Alongside with the questionnaire, the researcher also conducted with

personal interviews with senor management about How to develop the need of
the staff & start with it to motivate them &attract them to do better

5 . Analysis , Presentation& interpretation of data

The researcher had wanted to first of all know about personal information
regarding the respondents as this would help in analysis of data.

From the respondents 56% are Female & 44% Male , which is the survey is more
respondents are female.
87% of the respondents were university graduates , 11% had attained post
graduate degrees &minimal ,2 % had done other course like CPA.

This list show more exaggerated reports that show 87% of the employees are
university graduate. If they are graduate of university I don’t think it
demotivating the employees because they are over qualified.

40% employees had worked for only 0-5 years while 8% had stayed for 16 years
of patriotism in the organization & the feeling of job security .

88.9 respondents felt that they were more motivated with monetary items than
non monetary items ,11% felt that they could be motivated by non-monetary
items .

The researcher used:- - extrinsic motivation

- Effect of job enrichment performance

- Effect of training performance
- Effect of Team building on performance.

the researcher give every techniques help the employees to motivate them on
their performance to the organization which they work with.

But this not good enough to evaluate the motivation of the specified organization
% why they do not work hard more.The Title of the article is appropriate & clear
to read & verify the case study of the specific organization.

The Abstract is specific, it latterly represent the article but it doesn’t show a
detailed information.

The introduction parts are made clear presentation on the case study & describe
the reason why researcher decides study on banking business.

The discussion is relevant & easy to understand to the readers & verify the case
to come to the solution easy to understand the researcher’s perspective.
The statement of the problem is clearly identifies where the problem is & why the
employees are not motivated to work & why the managerial staffs or the

The objective of the experiment or observation part was more important for the
field & the researcher discussed it briefly.

The research design is descriptive survey which helps the researcher to explore
the existing states of the organization.

Finally the research is helps them to understand why the employees are not
motivated to work duo to all reasons listed & come to the final decision.

*the researcher finding were compared with other commercial bank in the
world with the same essence of study effect of motivation on employee
performance These are:

1.the effect of employee motivation on job performance a case study of Ghana

commercial bank ,Kumasi zone by Thomas owusu .

Fromthe total sample population 153 respondents 90.5% were representing in

favor of bank benefit packages like enhancing salary would motivate employee
to achieve the organization goal and only 9.5% stand against the benefit

2. Another study reached the same conclusion, impact of employee motivation

on job performance Tanzania banking sector a case study of Tanzania postal
bank head office metropolitans branch.

From 100 sample respondents representing 75% of the respondent were

motivated by salary increments and 25% of the respondent were against the
salary increment.

Therefore, in our journal review most of employees of banking industry in

developing countries monetary reward effect has huge lion share in motivating
worker to achieve the organizational goals.