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Criteria Excellent (3) Good (2) Satisfactory (1) Unsatisfactory (0)

Reflections Ability to proficiently demonstrate Showing satisfactory ability to relate Includes description of events; using Only includes mere descriptions of
(30%) reflection and deep thinking of acquired knowledge to previous a relatively descriptive style of theoretical knowledge; no reflection
acquired knowledge and concepts experiences. Demonstrating attempt language; no evidence of using is demonstrated beyond the
and integrate them into different to analyze the issues from a number multiple perspectives in analyzing descriptions.
issues from wide range of of different perspectives. the issues.
perspectives. Creative solutions and
critical thinking skills demonstrated
in the writing.
Relevance The learning experience being The learning experience being Author makes attempt to Most of the reflection is irrelevant.
(20%) reflected upon is significant and reflected is relevant but less demonstrate relevance but unclear.
meaningful meaningful.
Clarity The language is clear and The language is clear but not Minor, infrequent lapses in clarity. There are frequent lapses in clarity.
(20%) expressive. The reader can create a expressive. Abstract concepts are Abstract concepts are explained Concepts are either discussed
mental picture of the situation being explained fairly accurate. imprecise. incorrectly or are presented wrongly.
described. Abstract concepts are
explained accurately.
Self-Criticism The reflection demonstrates ability to The reflection demonstrates ability to The reflection demonstrates ability to There is attempt at self-criticism but
(20%) question own biases, stereotypes, question own biases, stereotypes, question own biases but new modes reflection fails to demonstrate a new
preconceptions, and/or assumptions preconceptions, and/or assumptions of thinking not evident. awareness of personal biases.
and define new modes of thinking as and fairly define new modes of
a result. thinking as a result.
Mechanic Written work is free from errors in Written work has minor errors in Written work has several major Written work has serious and
(10%) word selection and use, sentence word selection and use, sentence errors in word selection and use, persistent errors in word selection
structure, spelling, punctuation and structure, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure, spelling, and use, sentence structure,
capitalization. punctuation and capitalization. spelling, punctuation and

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