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Shagrin Leather is a novel written by French author O. Balzac.

The novel tells the tough life of Rafael de

Valentin, who was ready to quit his life, but with an event it is changing. These works fall under the
philosophical works that require a lot of thinking to be understood.

Raphael is a French boy who will lose all his money with his big misfortune. Because of this, he felt
depressed and unnecessary in the world. His life totally changed with finding the "scarlet skin". That skin
fulfilled all wishes, but at a great price. Every time he had a desire, his physical energy was slowly losing,
as did the shagrin skin. This Raphael took advantage of it, knowing the consequences. With this, Raphael
shows his greed and the claim of freedom to himself.

Rafael's static is seen from the use of Sagra's skin, ie obtaining the desired thing without using a gram
of labor or skill. Events in the novel occur upon the demands of Raphael, but under the action of the

The society in which Rafael lives is in the period of realism. The reality of society is very well presented.
In that society, Raphael fought for his freedom of humanity, which he received with his skin. Finding the
skin showed that it was happening for a reason. Life is a choice of options that are given to us daily, and
each chosen option leads to a change of the future.

Raphael sees others as a greedy man, a man without morals who takes advantage of all possible
events in his favor. Rafael does not trust his magical talents, but will begin his slow run-off.

Raphael found his freedom and tranquility in the "scarlet skin" that he used completely, which led to
his death. Rafael's great ego led to his disappearance and great regret for his close ones.