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Chapter 36: Converting a Primary Line to a Heparin or Saline Lock

Check (9) Yes or No


1. Helps the client assume a comfortable position that
provides access to his IV site.
2. Places a linen-saver pad under the extremity with
the IV catheter.
3. Applies procedure gloves.
4. Removes the IV lock from the package and flushes
the adapter with the first syringe (of saline or dilute
heparin, according to unit policy); places the lock back
loosely inside the sterile package.
5. Carefully removes the IV dressing and the tape that
is securing the tubing.
6. Closes the roller clamp on the administration set.
7. With the nondominant hand applies pressure over
the vein just above the insertion site.
8. Gently disengages the old tubing from the IV
catheter. If it does not disengage easily, grips the
catheter hub with a hemostat (small “mosquito”
9. Quickly inserts the lock adapter into the IV
10. Cleanses the injection port of the adapter with an
alcohol pad.
11. Inserts a syringe containing saline or dilute heparin
into the injection port of the adapter. Flushes the
catheter gently with the solution.
12. Covers the insertion site with a sterile transparent
semipermeable dressing.
a. Opens the package containing the dressing.
Using aseptic technique, removes the protective
backing from the dressing making sure not to touch
the sterile surface.
b. Covers the insertion site and the hub or winged
portion of the catheter with the dressing. Does not
cover the tubing of the administration set.
c. Gently pinches the transparent dressing around
the catheter hub to secure the hub.
d. Smoothes the remainder of the dressing so that
it adheres to the skin.
13. Discards the administration set and linen-saver pad
in the appropriate receptacle, as designated by the

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14. Empties the IV solution container in the nearest
sink and then discards it appropriately.

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Copyright © 2007, F. A. Davis Company, Wilkinson & Van Leuven/Procedure Checklists for Fundamentals of Nursing