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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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ht="1" border="0" width="30" alt="" src=""
<!--- blog subje
ct --->
<div class="blog
<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520424079">Mind over Matter Part 4</label>

<!--- blog body --->
<div id="pBl
ogBody_520424079" class="blogContent">Quantum Universe and the Ultimate Truth <b
r /><br />Even if you're not into computers, read through the following, I make
some <br />illustrative and cogent points at the end.<br /><br />Quantum compute
rs make use of quantum physics, the rules of subatomic particles <br />and light
, to create a computing system. Where a classical computers uses binary <br />va
lues of 0 and 1, a quantum system can be in a state that represents either 0 <br
/>or 1, or a probabilistic blend of both states, known as a "superposition," so
<br />that it has the potential to be either 0 or 1 with its value only be dete
rmined <br />at time of measurement. These quantum bits of information, or qubit
s, <br />essentially take on all possibilities until measured, when the state of
the <br />qubits collapse to an actual value.<br /><br />The science behind qua
ntum computing gets even weirder. Two particles that <br />represents qubits in
a quantum computer system--say two electrons with their up <br />and down spin r
epresenting 0 and 1, respectively--can be entangled. That is, the <br />states o
f the two particles rely on each other irrespective of the distance <br />betwee
n them. When one electron is measured and collapses to a value, its <br />entang
led partner--whether a meter away or a light year--reacts as well. Such <br />en
tanglement is a key factor in the computations that can be achieved with a <br /
>quantum system<br /><br />Finally, a quantum calculation done with a certain nu
mber of qubits in essence <br />performs the calculation on all combinations of
those bits, a property that, <br />some physicists have theorized, can only happ
en because the subatomic particles <br />exist in multiple dimensions. The abili
ty of quantum computing to attempt every <br />possibility to a solution at the
same time makes classically difficult problems, <br />such as factoring, a snap.
<br /><br />Today, quantum computers are essentially at the same stage as conven
tional <br />computers were at during the first half of the 20th century, with s
ome <br />theoretical foundations and rudimentary working hardware. <br /><br />
For a computer that exists in multiple dimensions and uses a form of <br />telep
ortation in its calculations, taking a hundred, or even a thousand, times <br />
longer means little.<br /><br />Fascinating stuff... and a glimpse into the futu
re!<br /><br /><br />This is one of the reasons why I feel, that on a higher lev
el science and <br />spirituality will combine one day and prove to both be comp
onents of something <br />much greater.<br /><br />It's not about computers to m
e... it's about the idea that certain things do not <br />exist til we see or me
asure them.<br /><br />For example, let's say I gave you a card, and I told you
the card had a number <br />on the other side... the number could be from 0-9. N
ow logically you'd think <br />that whatever number is on the other side is fixe
d. Not so! According to the <br />quantum universe, the number on the other side
is ALL the numbers from 0-9 til <br />we actually turn it over and then it "col
lapses" to just one number. It sounds <br />like it goes completely against logi
c, and in our little subset of reality it <br />does. BUT this is something that
's been proven and, to me, it shows that what we <br />see of the real world is
but a small fraction of what's truly out there. We see <br />what we chose to se
e. Out of this little example, one day we could build space <br />ships or time
travel machines, because if something can be ANYTHING at all until <br />it's me
asured... then we could go anywhere... do anything... even if it seems <br />IMP
OSSIBLE to us, given the proper "measuring" equipment!<br /><br />We only use a
small portion of our brains; anything is possible, it's us who <br />chose to pu
t limits on what we can do. There's so much inside of us that no one <br />could
even contemplate. The universe exists in a supersymmetry of repeating <br />lay
ers one on top of another. The atom is a microcosm of the molecule which is a <b
r />microcosm of a cell which is a microcosm of an organ which is a microcosm of
a <br />creature... and it's no coincidence that an atom looks like a solar sys
tem on a <br />much smaller scale just like a solar system looks like a miniatur
ized version of <br />the whole Galaxy. What we think of as inanimate objects; s
and, rocks, land and <br />sea masses, the earth, the moon, the planets, the sun
, the solar system, the <br />stars, even the whole galaxy itself (and other gal
axies, like our own cluster <br />and supercluster) might all contain their own
consciousness, something not <br />unlike our own... it's just that they exist o
n a scale that is beyond our own <br />comprehension, and that's why we dont thi
nk of them as being alive, much less <br />intelligent. But thought of as parts
of something greater, just like our own <br />cells and organs are a part of us.
.. then you begin to understand how EVERYTHING <br />might have its own, innate
soul and intelligence. As evidence of this, I submit <br />what's popularly call
ed "cellular consciousness," (which I've covered in a <br />different essay) the
idea that each of our organs, indeed our very own cells, <br />have a conscious
ness, individual and as part of the group. This is why sometimes <br />organ rec
ipients seem to remember (perhaps in dream form) the lives and families <br />of
the donors who gave them the organs even though they seem to have no apparent <
br />connection to them. And maybe what we call energy (light, in its many forms
... <br />for example, starlight) really is just a manifestation of the soul, bo
th <br />Universal (the light of whole galaxies) and Individual (the light of a
single <br />star). This could also be similarly analogued to the "death" throes
of a star; <br />when it explodes as a supernova, it burns up in a flash of lig
ht that, for a <br />brief moment, outshines the entire Galaxy. But it never rea
lly dies-- its matter <br />and energy is scattered throughout space and time an
d form the building blocks <br />for the next star, or solar system. (We, as a m
atter of fact, come from an <br />earlier generation star-- that's where all ele
ments above Hydrogen and Helium <br />originate from-- so we are, in all reality
, children of the stars.) This is much <br />like what happens when an organism
on Earth dies; it isn't lost forever, it <br />becomes part of the next generati
on (whether it's in physical form, or the <br />recycled soul-- aka reincarnatio
n.) And what we call "spirits" or "ghosts" are <br />just disembodied souls wait
ing to be reborn, with memories of their past life <br />intentionally buried by
our minds, to withold unnecessary trauma and confusion-- <br />until regression
that is-- as per my earlier essay. I believe these souls exist <br />partly in
our spatial dimensions and partly in the extra dimensions that <br />scientists
feel must exist for current theories of the Universe to be valid-- <br />this wo
uld explain why they can walk through solid matter-- they are here with <br />us
, but slightly out of phase, that is partly in our Universe and partly not. <br
/>These are the same dimensions that dark matter is supposed to exist in-- dark
<br />matter being the extra matter that has to exist to explain the amount of g
ravity <br />it takes to keep the universe together. It not being in our plane o
f existence <br />would explain why we haven't been able to detect it through no
rmal means-- just <br />like with spirits. <br /><br />The fact that we are all
made up of the same matter and come from the same <br />origins shows how we're
all connected: sand, dirt, rock, plants, plankton, <br />bacteria, worms, lizard
s, birds, dogs and even us (a similar relation probably <br />exists on all plan
ets that can support life)! And now, even the very stars <br />themselves! (And
whatever life once existed on planets that orbited them-- so we <br />might shar
e the same genetic makeup as some long extinct alien as well as being <br />rela
ted to some that currently exist!) As I mentioned in a previous essay, I <br />c
onsider psychic powers to be just another form of energy that connects us, like
<br />tendrils in a web; the closer we are connected to someone (relatives, frie
nds, <br />etc), the more we are able to use senses beyond the basic five, in or
der to tell <br />how they are feeling-- like ripples along the web; especially
if they are sad, <br />or in trouble, the ripples are much larger and affect us
to a much greater <br />degree. Perhaps this effect is greatest in twins: they s
eem to know when the <br />other is facing some sort of trouble or trauma, to an
almost uncanny degree. <br />Next closest would probably be mothers-- that "mot
herly" instinct that we so <br />cherish. Partners feel the connection too, and
not just through trauma. When you <br />feel that strong connection you can "com
plete each other's sentences" and know <br />what the other is going to say befo
re they ever say it. What do all of these <br />relationships have in common? We
ll, think about it. When you feel so close to <br />someone, you stop thinking o
f yourself as just one person, you think of yourself <br />and that other person
you are close to, sharing a special connection, being a <br />part of each othe
r; whether it's a twin, a best friend, a spouse or a parent/child <br />relation
ship. It feels so natural and makes us so happy! Why does it? Because it <br />I
S natural... it is the way the whole Universe works from the submicroscopic <br
/>atom up to the largest cluster of galaxies. This close connection, sense of <b
r />Wholeness and Completion-- this is what we call Love. It exists within each
of <br />us, within each of our cells, which work together to form the human org
anism, as <br />well as outside of us, when we show love for another, and even U
niversal Love, <br />which is the overall love and desire for existence that all
of creation shares, <br />animate and nonanimate (yes, even rocks can love!) Ev
en the earth and every <br />speck of dust, every star and whole galaxies can lo
ve in this sense-- because we <br />form a part of them and they of us, and sinc
e we can love, so can they; it's <br />just that their energies are diluted beca
use they are spread out across a <br />greater area. If you analyze the multiple
frequencies of light energy the <br />Universe emits and convert them to sound,
you'll realize that it is a wonderful <br />symphony of all creation great and
small, and what bonds all of together is <br />Universal Love, expressed through
that enigmatic force we call Gravity. There's <br />a great deal of evidence an
d research that shows that the power of prayer and <br />good thoughts can impro
ve the health of terminal patients too, even when the <br />well wishers and the
ones who prayed have seemingly no physical or emotional <br />connection to the
patients. This just shows that any of us can manipulate the <br />psychic energ
y that surrounds us, for good or for bad, when we tap into the <br />Universal C
onsciousness of which we all form a part. A similar explanation can <br />be pla
usibly postulated for any sixth sense property-- from remote viewing to <br />te
lekinesis, if we look at human beings (and indeed all of creation) to be a <br /
>small part of a larger whole, and the tapping into the energies of this greater
<br />whole gives us the power to cause these seemingly incredible feats. Think
of it <br />as individual cells inside a Universal Organism. Each cell by itsel
f is <br />functional, but in a group of cells (the organ) they become part of a
greater <br />Whole, and as part of an even larger group (the body), they becom
e part of <br />something even greater-- a creature that can manipulate its own
environment. And <br />each person is part of a community, so on and so forth. A
ll of Nature exists in <br />these overlapping structures and superstructures, l
iving and nonliving-- indeed <br />the word "nonliving" is a misnomer when we co
nsider that even those things we <br />consider to be nonliving contain the prop
erties of life-- for example, fire. It <br />breaths oxygen, consumes energy and
reproduces. In this view, there is no <br />distinction between living and nonl
iving, we all form part of that Universal <br />Whole. And of course, we consume
plants that take minerals from the earth, or <br />animals that consumed those
plants and, after we die, our once "living" body <br />becomes a physical part o
f our "nonliving" environment once again... so is there <br />really any distinc
tion between living and nonliving? No... we are a part of each <br />other! Anot
her way to look at the concept of Community is to think back to when <br />only
single celled creatures existed on the primordial earth (and where did <br />the
se single celled creatures come from? Yes, from our "nonliving" environment! <br
/>Yet another connection!)... the ancestors of bacteria and even of our own <br
/>mitochondria-- cellular organs that consume energy. These single celled <br /
>creatures started to combine billions of years ago, to form larger structures,
<br />realizing the greater powers and more abilities they had as part of a grea
ter <br />Whole. (More power to manipulate their environment and a greater likel
ihood of <br />survival in hostile environments.) We are the final result of tha
t natural <br />tendency. And yet, billions of years later, our cells still cont
ain the remnants <br />of those pioneers of evolution: the cellular mitochondria
, that even contain <br />their own, original, DNA! Our DNA might even contain t
races of alien chemistry <br />that existed before our solar system formed, as t
he higher elements were all <br />formed from the explosion of a dying star, a s
upernova. And whatever life might <br />have existed on its planets might concei
vably have contributed to our DNA-- and <br />to the DNA (or its equivalent) tha
t exists in life that evolved on planets <br />orbitting other stars. These are
just more indications of the greater <br />connections that exist between ALL of
us, once we stop being afraid and put our <br />walls down and realize that we
don't exist just within ourselves, but are part <br />of a greater whole. We all
make up part of a greater Universal Consciousness, <br />and like it or not, so
mething that happens to someone else (whether they are in <br />the same room wi
th us or half a universe away, living or nonliving), affects us <br />in some wa
y or other, to a greater or lesser degree, depending on how close our <br />conn
ection to them is. The closer the connection is, the larger the ripples are <br
/>that converge upon us across the Universal Web. Yes, our minds try to shield u
s <br />from trauma and confusion and the physical universe overwhelms our sense
s, but <br />the effect is still there and, in particularly sensitive people, to
a degree <br />that shows itself in ESP abilities.<br /><br />The Universal tru
ths we seek must lie somewhere in between science and <br />spirituality, incorp
orating the best ideas of both. This is where extra <br />dimensions and the pos
sibility of teleportation and/or time travel comes in (travel <br />between adjo
ining dimensions, of which time is one). The Universe and its <br />Creator are
poetic in their whimsies (maybe our own poetry is a sign of that <br />Creator w
ithin us... again on a different scale, in this case microscopic) and <br />seem
to build discrete structures that repeat the same patterns over and over <br />
again. Well to me this means that what we can do with small particles: <br />tel
eportation and multidimensional space and time travel (already done in the <br /
>lab on the subatomic level)-- will one day become possible with larger units as
<br />well-- including people-- provided we find a storehouse of energy large e
nough <br />to work with (perhaps the energy of stars-- like the sun-- when we'r
e <br />technologically ready.)<br /><br />I have a view of Gravity, too. It puz
zles people because it doesn't seem to <br />follow any of the "rules" concernin
g attraction-- it doesn't emit any energy nor <br />does it seem to exist in par
ticle form. But what if Gravity is simply matter/energy's <br />innate desire to
attract and love... what if it's simply akin to the attraction <br />between tw
o people, just on a much larger scale. Just because we think of the <br />Earth
and Sun as not being alive, much less intelligent, doesn't make them so. <br />I
t's entirely possible that Gravity is a delicate play of flirting (for lack of <
br />a better word) and attraction that leads them into an intricate dance betwe
en <br />one and the other (the orbit). (Lol, the sun is such a player; it has m
any <br />planets, comets and asteroids.) The reason I feel this way is because
this same <br />"dance" is repeated over and over again, from the level of the s
imple atom to <br />the huge superstructure of Galaxies, who attract each other
and cluster around, <br />much like people do on a social level, all because of
this mighty force that we <br />call Gravity.<br /><br />So energy in it's many
forms could be considered a manifestation of Soul-- in <br />which case the term
s "animate" and "inanimate" mean NOTHING since everything <br />emits energy in
one form or another. And gravity is the universal attractant, <br />the carrier
of Universal Love, that which draws all of us, "animate" or "inanimate," <br />b
ig and small, closer together. Science and Metaphysics uniting in an attempt to
<br />explain the many puzzles and riddles of the Universe! I have all these vis
ions <br />and ideas inside my head and it makes me sad to know I won't be alive
(in this <br />form, at any rate), when any of it is realized. But when we look
back at the <br />past and see where we have come from, we have to realize that
although these <br />futuristic ideas seem very farfetched, you and I communica
ting like this, over <br />the internet, on an electronic device-- instantaneous
ly-- would have been <br />equally, if not moreso, farfetched a hundred years ag
o. It just shows that <br />progress waits for no one and although the march of
time might seem slow to us, <br />it's inexorable and catches up to everything a
nd everyone.<br /><br />You can see a higher power in everything, no matter if i
t's so infinitesimal <br />that you can't even see it in a microscope or so huge
that it would fill up our <br />whole sky if it were closer to us. We're all co
nnected on such a deep level-- <br />and anything that happens anywhere in the u
niverse eventually, in some shape or <br />form, will affect US. This is how the
universe was designed to be-- it is just <br />one great superorganism and each
of us are but minute cells in that organism. <br />Yes we have our lives and ou
r independence, but only within the framework of <br />said organism-- just like
cells inside the organ of a sentient creature. There <br />is a "Master Plan" o
ut there, and I think it's our purpose in life to discover <br />what it is. We
have had genuises like Aristotle and Plato, Newton and Einstein <br />illuminate
parts of it (and in the process advance humanity greatly in science <br />and t
echnology), and it's our job to continue their work; for each generation to <br
/>get closer and closer to the Ultimate Truth.<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520423354">Enlightened Debate</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520423354" class="blogContent">Debate and Enlightenment ! <br /><br />My
original post:<br />Ok so this is a bit more serious... I wrote this as part of
a paper but it ended <br />up being put into a debate thing between me and anoth
er guy-- I'll keep updating <br />it as the "debate" continues.<br />I do firmly
believe in logic... but like everything else, logic is relative. If <br />you a
re really into astronomy I am sure that you know about the various theories <br
/>of origin and how they have been modified since the Big Bang theory first came
<br />out. I wont get technical here, but I find it very ironic and yet at the
same <br />time very fitting that the secrets of the origins of the universe mig
ht lie <br />inside the tiniest of subatomic particles. Ironic because of the va
st difference <br />in scale and yet fitting because the underlying structure of
the universe seems <br />to consist of patterns of varying sizes... of electron
s orbiting a nucleus, of <br />planets orbiting a sun, of suns revolving around
the nucleus of the galaxy etc. <br />And then quantum mechanics comes in and tal
ks about multiple dimensions, super <br />strings and multiple realities. You se
e, at some point we begin to realize is <br />logic is just our way of simplifyi
ng the universe to something our minds can <br />understand. But who is to say t
hat what we can comprehend is all there is? I had <br />earlier mentioned how Ne
wton's Laws were a subset of (the less logical) Einstein's <br />Laws, and in no
rmal everyday conditions Newton's Laws would hold up fine. It was <br />only at
very high energies and very high densities of matter that they began to <br />br
eak down and it was realized they only covered part of reality, not all of it. <
br />I submit that our logic also covers only part of reality, the part that we
<br />understand, and that it is only a subset of all that is truly out there. (
Or one <br />reality in multiple realities.) Structures and forms we are not equ
ipped to <br />explore today (for example, the interior of black holes where tim
e completely <br />stops). And yet one day we might be in the technological posi
tion to actually be <br />able to examine them (far into the future, when superl
uminal space travel <br />becomes possible-- something that is still but theorie
s in modern-day physics <br />journals, but inching ever closer to reality.)<br
/>Just as an aside here-- but did you know that our universe can be thought of a
s <br />a black hole? And us as being inside that black hole? Think of the defin
ition of <br />a black hole-- nothing can escape it, not even light, and it has
its own unique <br />physical laws. Our universe fulfills ALL those requirements
... So the black <br />holes we can detect are actually black holes within black
holes, like bubbles <br />within bubbles...<br />Besides poking through the spa
ce barrier, in recent years quantum physics has <br />also begun to poke through
the time barrier. Now this might seem the most "illogical" <br />statement of a
ll, but one day in the far flung future we might be able to travel <br />through
time as well. Time is not an absolute, Einstein proved that; and his <br />work
has been extended. It's just too bad they dont teach that in school... just <br
/>trying to keep things "simple." I wont go into technical details here, but <b
r />cutting edge physicists may have found a way around the classical time parad
ox <br />of "meeting yourself" in the past. So far only atoms and the tiniest of
<br />molecules have been sent back into the past... but it seems that time bra
nches <br />off into different streams, so if one day, it did become possible to
send people <br />into the past, they wouldnt meet the past self, but they woul
d create an <br />entirely new branch of reality that would exist concurrently w
ith the one that <br />person "left." That is, basically, there are many differe
nt "yous" that exist on <br />different branches of the "reality tree" and the p
osition of each is dependent <br />on the choices they have made... like, what c
olor clothes to wear on a <br />particular day, who they were polite to, etc. Th
ere are an infinite number of <br />branches and by going back in time, instead
of changing any of them, you just <br />create a new one, because going back in
time is a choice that was made.<br />Lol, I digressed a little but my basic poin
t is, that if we just stick to our <br />five senses and the part of reality the
y can detect and measure and delineate, <br />we would never have made these tec
hnological leaps-- the greatest scientific <br />progress has come through intui
tion, of deep thought processes that jumped <br />beyond the conventional wisdom
and helped humankind attain a new plateau of <br />development. Yes logic and s
teady progress are very important, but they have <br />their limits. They are li
ke the foot soldiers who win the little battles... it <br />is not the foot soli
der who will win the war, but the brilliant general who <br />thinks far ahead o
f his adversary, like the great Hannibal who brought Rome down <br />on her knee
s.<br />We see examples of unexplained phenomena even to this day. Yes 90% of it
is hoax <br />or snake oil, but there remains a 10% that is legitimate. Scores
of documented <br />cases of twins knowing the other was in trouble when there w
as no physical <br />connection between the two, dreams that someone had that a
loved one was about <br />to pass away completely unexpectedly (my sister and I
can affirm we had almost <br />the exact same dream about our mother having a re
ally bad wreck while she was <br />away on the west coast-- and by the time we t
ried to contact her, it was too <br />late), on a scientific level numerous stud
ies showing that people can <br />communicate to each other through their dreams
, or that the mere power of <br />concentrated thought can improve the condition
of terminal patients. All of this <br />is beyond the realm of classical, conve
ntional physics, the physics they teach <br />in the classroom. But you see, tha
t physics is hundreds of years old. If you <br />delve into modern day cutting-e
dge quantum physics, you find that some of what <br />you call "mysticism" actua
lly has a basis in scientific reality. Just consider <br />that alot of what we
do today would be considered "mysticism" a couple of <br />hundred years ago. Ju
st think of what a person from the 1800s would think of you <br />sitting there
typing in front of a monitor! You would be called a witch! My <br />point is we
are just beginning to poke holes in the reality around us-- the <br />reality be
yond the five senses. Just like the colors we see around us are but a <br />very
very small fragment of the electromagnetic spectrum, so the reality we can <br
/>detect is but a very tiny part of a much greater whole. Startlingly like Plato
's <br />many levels of existence or realities. (In quantum physics refered to a
s <br />multiple dimensions.) I hope I havent bored you with this, I just wanted
to give <br />you my thoughts.<br />BTW The conventionals will hold onto old id
eas even with their dying breath. It <br />is part of human nature to resist cha
nge, because people fear it. Just like when <br />Copernicus and Galileo removed
earth from being the center of the solar system. <br />But sooner or later the
truth does come out. It's a great quality of humanity <br />that we are always i
n search of the truth, even if that truth is multifaceted <br />and has many dif
ferent levels to it.<br />I added the next part when the debate thing started be
tween me and John...<br />Ok I hope that I didnt bore you with my little spout t
here... just trying to <br />organize some thoughts in my mind. I feel this info
rmation is cogent to the <br />topic of government concealment because, you see,
I believe influences inside <br />the government have knowledge that they have
with held from the general <br />scientific community. There has been ample evid
ence that space craft have landed <br />on earth in the past... and that the gov
ernment has actively concealed knowledge <br />of such... going back to the 1940
s. Presidents Carter and Clinton even tried to <br />have classified information
concerning govt investigations of such declassified <br />but they were blocked
by then chief of cia GEORGE BUSH SR. (it runs in the <br />family) and Clintons
efforts were likewise thwarted. The secret base established <br />in New Mexico
, known as Area 51 is shrouded in mystery... and not coincidentally, <br />it wa
s established soon after the Roswell Incident... and I firmly believe the <br />
Govt cannibalized space vehicles and used the knowledge to create such <br />fut
uristic crafts as the stealth bomber. The dept of defense is has successfully <b
r />been sued so that more information can become public on this matter... but a
s <br />you know, when something involves bureaucracy, it always takes alot of t
ime.<br />Meanwhile evidence has also been mounting in other countries, such as
France and <br />Russia (France even published a government level memorandum and
the old Russian <br />KGB have documented several cases of space craft around n
uclear bases.) I have <br />seen several reputed independ researchers piece toge
ther govt documents that <br />point towards a conspiracy in this area... not on
ly of crashed space craft but <br />also of bodies and remains being found and t
aken for analysis onto a military <br />base. If you want me to send you more in
formation just let me know and I will. <br />By the way much of this work has th
e backing of people in the scientific <br />community, who, while not sold on ex
traterrestrial visitors, do feel our <br />government is hiding something.<br />
I can understand, at some level, why the govt might want to hide knowledge for <
br />strategic reasons... reasons of national security, etc. But when other nati
ons <br />are benefiting from the same technology, then whats the point? To keep
the <br />general pubic from panicking, because we, as humans are socially iner
t and <br />resistant to change? They have no right to with hold knowledge from
us, govt is <br />there to serve us... not the other way around! But you are rig
ht, power corrupts, <br />and the American Govt is based on precepts going back
to the Roman Republic... <br />which also grew corrupt over time. Maybe it is ju
st our human nature that <br />anything we create, whether it be buildings, park
s, socieities, cultures... or <br />even babies... will be doomed to corruption
and death within a span of certain <br />time. Nothing humanitty has created has
ever lasted for a long time, by the <br />definition of natural time, not our o
wn limited lifespans. And I think it is <br />this myopic vision that our govt t
akes advantage of when making public policy... <br />we all have a certain innat
e natural selfishness that we must fight in order to <br />make the world a bett
er place, to curb the scourges of overpopulation, pollution, <br />greed and cor
ruption. Sad to say this but it is our own human nature and the <br />temptation
s therein we must fight . I sometimes wish I lived in the future, when <br />the
visions of science fiction might become reality and we could see the fruits <br
/>of our long labor. I know some of these views might seem farflung to you.. bu
t <br />think about it John... a hundred years ago... a miniscule amount of time
on <br />evolutionary scales... what would people have said if we described com
puters and <br />the internet to them. We would have been put into institutions.
.. Maybe thats <br />why the govt hides things from us, they dont think we are r
eady to know, so it <br />comes out very slowly, in drips and drabs. Reminds me
of some of the regrettable <br />acts done during World War 2, radiation experim
ents and such done on american <br />civilians and kept secret (not even going i
nto what they did to people of other <br />nationalities), not coming out til de
cades later, when "they" thought the anger <br />and disgust would not be as gre
at. Time does water things down, but it does not <br />take the deceit away. Ano
ther parallel can be drawn to the assassinations in the <br />60s (you know who
I am referring to)... when Congress even concluded there was a <br />conspiracy
and a coverup... 40 yrs later... but because of the passage of time <br />they "
regrettably" cant do anything, for most of the perpetrators are probably <br />d
ead.<br />So this is how the govt excuses itself from responsibilities... throug
h the <br />passage of time. They think that the horrendeous nature of the lies
they commit <br />grows less with time (because people tend to forget and forgiv
e), and yet it <br />grows greater. The thing that makes us human is our search
for knowledge, our <br />desire to learn. Whether its global warming, space visi
tation coverup, <br />assassinations or human experimentation, there is always s
ome rationalization <br />for their behavior. The truth is when we start to rati
onalize causing pain and <br />suffering to so many people, and keeping them hid
den from the truth, because "the <br />end justifies the means" we lose our own
humanity...<br />John's Comeback Part 1 <br /><br />This is John's response-- wh
ere he excerpted mine, it's in quotes:<br />"First of all John, I want to commen
d you on your very excellent and insightful <br />posts that go "above and beyon
d" the call of duty. They set a new mark for <br />others to strive for in terms
of lucidity, elegance and intelligence. I also <br />feel the same way about yo
ur recent posts concerning global warming and the <br />current administrations
ignorance or, more accurately, deceitful concealment. ..."<br />Thank you for ap
parently caring enough to really understand both the explicit, <br />but also th
e implicit aspects of my work..<br />".... But the administration takes advantag
e of social intertia and peoples lack <br />of desire to change... that resistan
ce to even a small amount of change, that <br />multiplied over a large populati
on can lead to a HUGE benefit...."<br />..I believe (personally, as I have not h
eard this formally studied) that this is <br />a tool. I believe the GOP is mast
erfully guiding the voting behavior based on an <br />apathetic, decaying civili
ty. What I describe is a society that has become fat, <br />self-absorbed, unabl
e to make that journey into "truly" acknowledging what a <br />toxic presence th
ey've become to this Planet. For their culturally relative <br />pascification,
they've also become prone to ideologue mentalities and <br />unfortunately, reli
gious predisposed belief systems.<br />In other words, easily soluble of their c
onvictions for having limited ability <br />for superior rational thought. There
is such lacking of a concrete basis for <br />which to develop a truly self-ide
ntifying state of mind, as individuals; thus, a <br />terrifying result when int
egrated into a peoples. <br />Why do you think so much of the last election was
one on the backs of morality <br />twisted in a Christian religious enigma?? And
it succeeded!! <br />True, Republicanism and religious conservatism are often e
ncapsulated in the <br />same ideology - given some some derivation.. But how mu
ch of that is defaulted, <br />and how much of that is by design?? I think it ha
s evolved over the years <br />because the GOP are parasitcally latched onto the
Church because they were <br />clever enough decades ago to realize that religi
on is the Opiat Of The Masses.<br />...Now, it may be by accident that the two h
ave evolved into the same political <br />"genome" if you will, but I tend to do
ubt that. Fact of the matter is, there is <br />a slippage away from the "unbias
ed", analytical voter in this socieaty, in lieu <br />of those who are easily gu
ided by the 3 headed puppetteer: Corporation, GOP and <br />Religion. <br />As t
o logic and philosophy question: I do not believe, personally, that logic is <br
/>relative. In its purest form it is the same everywhere. It is simply a matter
of <br />finding that purety - and that is key. In corrupted forms, everything
from <br />deception to general miss-interpretation can be born, and is. More ov
er, until <br />the purety is found, such as the beauty of E=MC^2, we of less sc
ope tend to look <br />on our surroundings with incredulity before tending to qu
estion our selves as <br />not being prepared to understand. Just another way in
which ego-centricities <br />clouds clad philosophy. <br />Humanity has a histo
ry of being resistence to change, no question about that. <br />What is a partic
ularly frustrating is when that resistence gets in the way of <br />progess - an
d I mean real progress; not the same thing as progressive thinking - <br />per s
e. Though, without the latter, descoveries are seldom made. I just don't <br />w
ant to get the two confused for will to have a specific meaning here. And, that
<br />is, part of the art of conservatism in politics is using this resistence t
o <br />garner support, by plying traditional views. That is the sinister key he
re: The <br />strategists of the current administration know how stupid the back
ground voice <br />of America has become and that is where they are defeating th
e thinking voters <br />in recent elections. <br />It is becoming increasingly o
bvious to me and colleagues that the power <br />apparatuses that have infultrat
ed the Goverment are actually exploiting these <br />principles in tactical mani
pulation of the masses. And, to what ends? <br />The purpose for doing that...?
Pick your cliche. There is no way to prove <br />anything. Though, my personal b
elief unfortunately diverges from yours at this <br />point. I do not really bel
ieve or sense there are aliens amongst us, or much <br />less, concealed discove
ries as to their presence amongst us, either. <br />Although, one of my favorite
movies of all time is <br />"Close Encounters Of The Third Kind" ...How I wish
that was real.<br />However, my belief at the end of the day is in a corruptive
apparatus, in <br />control of our Government, indeed. And, there from related c
onspiracies abound: <br />Big business' bleeding of evidences suggestive of moda
lities for warfair, ties <br />of our own Brass into 9/11, evidences that keep s
urfacing showing direct lying <br />and dishonesty by burying climate reports...
I believe much of that might be <br />real, but the buck likely stops there. <b
r />John.<br />My Comeback Part 1 <br />I can sense your frustration at the "mas
ses," even the intelligent masses, for <br />their ignorance and lack of underst
anding. I've had a similar frustration with <br />people not interested in thing
s outside selfish and shortsighted personal <br />pleasure. I do not drink, I do
not smoke I do not consume any kind of product <br />that is totally unnecessar
y for my wellbeing... and yet I see that so many are <br />addicted and spend so
much time and effort for a short amount of personal gain. <br />If they put thi
s much effort into improving themselves and their environment, <br />they would
be so much happier and the pleasure they would gain would be MUCH <br />loger la
sting than any of these so-called "high" that they obtain.<br />I am reading bet
ween the lines of what you've said concerning the decadence of <br />human socie
ty and I feel that this is where you are drawing a parallel with the <br />ancie
nt Roman Empire and how bloated and watered down it got through massive <br />ex
pansion and gradually suffocated under its own weight. I believe the same <br />
thing is happening to America. Unfortunately it is a part of human nature to <br
/>become satisfied following the same well-worn paths and innovation crawls to
a <br />stand-still when society loses its progressive nature, because people ar
e afraid <br />of change. The thing is, they forget that when America was at its
greatest, it <br />was at the forefront of change, and exploration... both in a
physical sense and <br />an intellectual sense. Our society is slowly rotting,
from the inside out . I <br />was hinting at this when I referred to all human c
reated structures and <br />institutions having a limited lifespan. I believe th
is also applies to America. <br />Just like the ancient Roman Empire was in its
day, we are in decay. How long <br />this once-great country will exist, I haven
t a clue, but I do feel it will not <br />take the rest of humanity down with it
, and in time, another great power will <br />arise from the ashes of demise. Th
e history of humanity is filled with bumbling <br />mistakes, sharp urgent crise
s and seemingly miraculous avoidance of extinction <br />by the barest of margin
s. I agree with you that this may be our steepest crisis <br />yet, but I someho
w feel that humanity will find a way to overcome, yet not <br />without great co
st, and there will be a huge cost, and our descendants will look <br />back upon
us with some animosity. "How could you not see this coming, you stupid, <br />b
umbling fools!" comes to mind.<br />I agree with you that conservatives take ful
l advantage of our short-term urges <br />over long term goals. Look at the flou
ndering space program... under JFK we went <br />to the moon, and not only have
we not progressed since, we have actually gone <br />backwards! For humanity to
have any hope in the future, there MUST be <br />colonization of Mars and explor
ation of the outer planets by manned missions. <br />There are probably great re
sources available to us in terms of fuel and such, on <br />the satellites of th
e outer planets of Jupiter and Saturn. And think of the <br />glorious opportuni
ties for pioneer-meterologists colonizing Mars! New geography, <br />new climate
patterns, a whole new world to map out, explore and learn! In the <br />end I f
eel we will learn much more about ourselves and our planet by exploration <br />
and research and we should focus our attention there instead of trying to be the
<br />world's bully and trying to push other nations around. We need to set an
example <br />to the rest of the world, not be the tyrant that tries to mold eve
ryone else's <br />way of life.<br />I agree with you that the marriage of conse
rvatism and corporation which was <br />presided over by the mantle of so-called
"religion" is an unholy alliance, a <br />sign of the times. I love engaging th
e religious conservatives in debate, using <br />their own spirituality as the w
eapon of choice. I personally believe in <br />spirituality, but not the way it
is handed out by the "church." They try to <br />dictate to us what to believe i
n. Where is their proof? I have my own beliefs... <br />and who is to say who is
right or wrong? The Church has a history of persecuting <br />others (celts, wi
ccans, gypsies, native american and druids among others) til <br />they were bra
inwashed... does that sound familiar to you? Sounds like the GOP, <br />with sli
ghtly less tact. "Believe our lies and you will find salvation, they say!" <br /
>The only difference is the Church's message has been modernized and the form of
<br />control is more subtle, yet just as pervasive. To me, religions are like
several <br />different languages all trying to communicate with a spiritually h
igher <br />existence. I firmy believe in his higher existence but not in religi
on itself. <br />Religion is just man's failed attempt to understand something b
eyond his <br />comprehension and the frustrated attempt at trying to control ho
w other people <br />think, feel and act. I believe in being a moral person, but
one should not have <br />to be threatened with punishment of hellfire in order
to be good. The goodness <br />should come from within. Religion's failure is t
hat it treats the symptoms not <br />the underlying cause of the disease, which
is degenerating society... something <br />which is beyond its grasp, something
which its simple reward-punishment model of <br />justice cannot comprehend.<br
/>As for corporation, it too has its failings, and these lie in the area of gree
d <br />and ignorance of what is really important. Unfortunately, one of our gre
at <br />conduits of information, the media, has fallen prey to this disease as
well. <br />After all media is part of corporate America, and it is its willing
voice to <br />spread its corrupt and biased philosophy. Too much desire for sho
rt term gain <br />and a devilmaycare atttitude about long term effects is what
has plagued <br />American society of late, and is just another symptom of its d
ecadence. This <br />greed is very contagious, as it spreads to all levels of Am
erican society, and <br />is pervasive in the business world, in the government
and also in religion. We <br />forget that we are caretakers of this planet and
we will be held accountable by <br />our descendants, OUR CHILDREN, for what we
do here. The desire to make the world <br />a better place has been replaced by
the desire for profit at any cost, even <br />should the cost be the detriment o
f human living conditions.<br />In this great chaos that we have created, govern
ment has played a key role of <br />instigator and manipulator. It has used the
tools of greed, selfishness and <br />religion perfectly in order to perpetuate
its existence. A philosophy of "succeed <br />at any cost" permeates its existen
ce, encapsulated perfectly in GWs ignorant and <br />delinquent attitude about g
lobal warming (George W and global warming even have <br />the same initials, hm
mm... there's a subtle message in there somewhere... ) and <br />its worldwide i
mplications. Yes, America does exist in the real world, we are <br />not immorta
l gods immune to the repercussions of our actions, and even if we (in <br />some
fantastical alternate reality) were, even so, what gives us the RIGHT to <br />
behave thusly toward our fellow humans??? Only our greed, pride and conceit. And
<br />you know what they say about pride... (Funny how hypocritical religon is
<br />concerning the seven deadly sins and the ten commandmens, it seems to brea
k <br />every one of them.)<br />I agree with you that "pure logic" is the key t
o scientific thought. But I do <br />not believe we have found it yet... at leas
t not as much as we think we have <br />found. I believe that what we have found
is a subset of a much greater entity, <br />just like Newton's logic was a subs
et of Einstein's And so it goes... Our pride <br />and ego makes us believe we k
now the answers to so many questions, and yet our "answers" <br />pale in compar
ision to how much more is out there that we don't know (sometimes <br />we don't
even know what the questions are let alone the answers.) But this is, <br />in
my belief, is the purpose of human existence. To find these answers, by <br />le
arning the right questions to ask, and to acquire a greater knowledge of the <br
/>amazing universe that surrounds us all. And conversely, to learn more about <
br />ourselves... for some of the greatest mysteries of existence reside within
our <br />own minds and bodies.<br />My belief in alien existence is something a
s basic as mere statistics. I dont <br />know how familiar you are with astronom
y, or astrophysics, but there are so many <br />sunlike stars just in our Galaxy
alone (the nearest turn being a nearly perfect <br />twin of our sun) and with
the large quantities of planetary systems already <br />detected, the odds are v
astly in favor of life, and yes intelligent life, <br />existing, even relativel
y close by (This does not even take into account life <br />existing under- to u
s- hostile environments.) Now the question becomes, can they <br />and have they
achieved the level of physics necessary for interstellar travel? <br />Conventi
onal physics says that it is not possible at superluminal speeds and yet <br />c
onventional science has been wrong many times in the past and for the same <br /
>reasons: we operate in a subset of reality, there is much that we do not know.
<br />This has becoming more and more obvious as quantum physics has found ways
that <br />we could exceed light speed, if we had the proper technological skill
s. Now we <br />might not have them yet, but who's to say that another species,
that has existed <br />for a longer time span (our sun is a third generation sta
r after all), might not <br />have reached that superior technological skill lev
el to do it? I would <br />personally say that odds are in favor of it having ha
ppened, somewhere in our <br />galaxy... and if so, then interstellar travel cou
ld become a trivial matter. The <br />same goes for time travel; quantum physics
has defeated conventional logic in <br />determining that this is indeed possib
le, just beyond our technological level <br />for now. The reason that conventio
nal logic keeps getting defeated is because in <br />our self centered egocentri
c human minds, we think we know almost all there is <br />to know, and yet there
is always much more out there to learn, and we gasp in <br />wonder when we loo
k back and see how far we come, what we dont realize is we <br />havent reached
the top of the staircase, not even close... and those in the far <br />distant f
uture will look back and think of us, just as we thought of the people <br />who
existed before the industrial revolution began, and indeed, go far enough <br /
>ahead in time and they might think of us as primitive cavemen! To be honest wit
h <br />you, I think we will achieve weather modification and control (something
I <br />shudder at, for all its implications... including lack of faith in huma
nity <br />achieving the same delicate balances that Nature has spent billions o
f years <br />perfecting) before we have either intersteller travel or time trav
el... but we <br />must begin somewhere, and use the resources at our disposal a
s stepping stones <br />to a far greater future for our descendants to inherit.
And even these people <br />from the future will be no closer to reaching Absolu
te Truth then we are today, <br />for no matter how much we learn, there is ALWA
YS so much more to learn, for <br />every answer, just leads to more questions..
.<br />I do believe that the Government has more knowledge in these areas than i
t lets <br />on, for fear of that knowledge and consequent technology falling in
to the "wrong" <br />hands (its self-imposed definition of "wrong" being open to my <br />opinion, they just dont want any competition.) I agree wit
h you that they also <br />use this social inertia, this resistance to change, t
his innate FEAR, as a <br />formidable weapon to coddle the masses... in their b
elief we are all the <br />equivalent of babies and they are our babysitters, or
in a more sinister, but <br />maybe just as accurate, metaphorical expression:
we are the druggies and they <br />the drug dealers... and so many of us (even t
he media, which, after all, is part <br />of big business) are HOOKED.<br />The
purpose of all this outright lying, manipulation and concealment? I think <br />
that it is just to keep itself in self-perpetuating existence, by putting us all
<br />into something akin to a drug-induced coma so we do not realize what is g
oing on. <br />They have slowly, subtly, taken away our democracy, John, just en
ough to leave <br />us with the illusion of it but not the real free-will that o
ur forefathers <br />envisioned. We have become another ***gasp*** Mother Englan
d... on a larger much <br />more monstrous scale... (Our founding forefathers mu
st be turning in their <br />graves!)<br />John's Comeback Part 2 "This will cha
p your asz" lol <br />Hi Alex,<br />Here is something that will chap your asz!<b
r />Excerpt:<br />"The Collider Calamity"<br />By The Editers of Scientific Amer
ican<br />"For decades, the big guns of American science have been the U.S. Depa
rtment of <br />Energy's particle colliders, which investigate the nature of mat
ter by <br />accelerating subatomic particles and smashing them together. Collid
ers at the <br />Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanfor Linear Accelerat
or Center and <br />Broookhaven National Laboratory have discove4red exotic part
icles such as the <br />top quark and revealed phenomena that hint at new laws o
f physics. But this <br />great American enterprise, like so many others, is now
moving over seas".<br />WHAT!! It's bad enough that we have to have capital int
erests doing this,...not <br />also our research...come on! It was the one aspec
t of us that we always took to <br />the bank, our enginuity and discovery. OMG
DUDE.<br />"...While the Europeans and Japanese build new particle accelerators,
the U.S. <br />is poised to shut down its premier colliders over the next few y
ears. And <br />funding for Borrkhaven's Relativisitic Heavy Ion Collider is so
tight that hte <br />lab could not have run its full slate of experiments this y
ear without 13 <br />million raised by a New York billionaire..."...<br />I'm te
lling you... America is being randsacked! Whether or not the next 100 <br />year
s proves our theories of conspiracies or not... fact of the matter is, there <br
/>is already evidence to prove/demonstrate that we are being eviscerated, while
<br />the rest of us ignoramous blithely know nothing, pacified by our way of l
ife. <br />Evidence mounds: we are being fed lies that everthing we see and do a
round us in <br />this civility is rooted in something more than mere delusion o
f prosperity and <br />security. It seems before long, with all research and ind
ustry completely <br />removed ....what is there?? <br />I'll tell you what ther
e is:<br />A small cadre of elite trillionaires that sold out our Country and it
s spirit to <br />the highest bidder. Having obsconded with the wealth they stol
e, through careful <br />and tactical manipulation of corporatation and corrupti
on of the Constitution, <br />they will be safe in the protected enclaves those
kinds of monies can afford. <br />Meanwhile, the 97.76352542f the remaining Glob
al Human population dies in the <br />Climate catastrophe meets nuclear holocaus
tic remains... The elite emerge 10 <br />years later, with the technological inf
rustructure still tenable, but having the <br />success of their grand plan: Pol
icy indirection to murdering 6.5 billion people <br />for their own soul ownersh
ip of the Worlds natural resources....Yep, the sky's <br />becomes the limit.<br
/>That's what is going to happen. And, the title of a book (creative work) I am
<br />writing follows: <br />"How The Rich Shall Inherit The Earth" <br />And b
y the way: There is no God; at least, there could not be by any logic-failing <b
r />scriptures by any sects of Man - so I agree there. <br />The elite classes g
reatest dupery over the masses is the corruptive <br />interpretation of the "or
iginal" Bible, and its use in stopping the commoner <br />from seeing the powers
of analytical truth and reason! You mentioned England; <br />the Midevil Church
invented purgatory to keep the masses in line under the <br />emerging Monarchy
power structure of the time...Perfect example, and one pointed <br />out for an
era when the Church was as powerful if not more so than state, and <br />how th
e masses were diluted. I see little difference in the GOP using the Church <br /
>to galvanize their own voting pools in recent elections and virtual destruction
<br />of bipartisan necessity of U.S. political "genome". <br />Scary dude..Tho
ugh much of that is written for frustration and should not be <br />taken too se
riousy...Fact of the matter is, the kind of obstinacy that is being <br />demons
trated by the those in power, who have the ability to change the <br />modalitie
s of natural resource consumption and penalties, and "survivability" <br />for a
ll, is so obtuse and ludicrous as to defy sound explaination at this point. <br
/>Their flappable logic deeply rooted in somantics that are just nauseatingly <b
r />transparent. So, in being a sentient being...grasping for those sounder <br
/>explanations how any Human could dare tell us the sky on Earth is really red,
we <br />tend to resort to conspiracy forms of thinking... In other words, maybe
it is by <br />design? Either that, or Nostradamus really was right and the Vil
lage Idiot did <br />rise to power. (sarcasm)<br /><br />You wrote:<br />The pur
pose of all this outright lying, manipulation and concealment? I think <br />tha
t it is just to keep itself in self-perpetuating existence, by putting us all <b
r />into something akin to a drug-induced coma so we do not realize what is goin
g on. <br />They have slowly, subtly, taken away our democracy, John, just enoug
h to leave <br />us with the illusion of it but not the real free-will that our
forefathers <br />envisioned. We have become another ***gasp*** Mother England..
. on a larger much <br />more monstrous scale... (Our founding forefathers must
be turning in their <br />graves!)<br />Among many other interesting topics you
touched on...This one is interesting <br />particularly for a philosophical juxt
aposition I like to make between advanced <br />Capitalism and the old system of
Monarchy. Actually, just pondering the <br />following question does all the di
scussing for me: When you are cow-tied to the <br />throws of your capital where
withall in a Capitalistic society, under an <br />aristocrasy, isn't that no dif
ferent than being hemmed into a station under a <br />King and his immediate app
aratus of despotic statesmen?? <br />As you come by the answer, you will have su
cceeded in writing that essary for me. <br />As to the Alien thing... I believe
life permeates the Galaxy (and others as well). <br />However, the immediate lim
itations imposed by Einsteiniam understanding are real, <br />and a huge herdle
must be overcome in getting intelligences to practically make <br />the trek acr
oss the kinds of distance of time and space we are really talking <br />about. T
he immensity simply cannot be comprehended for having magnitude in <br />unfatho
nable profundity as magnificent as the (Human as yet) descoveries needed <br />t
o overcome. Assuming electromagnetism forms of communication across the <br />va
stness of space and time; Human kind's first radio transmission have swept out <
br />across 1/millionth of the area of the Milkyway Galaxy. Think about that...
100 <br />years (being generous) of radio transmission emanating out in all dire
ctions, <br />traveling a 6 trillion miles a year, has only spread outwards by 1
00/100,000,000 <br />light years!! <br />Now, are there newer physical laws and
mathematical fronteirs yet descovered <br />that can circumvent these restrictio
ns - perhaps. But, one thing for sure, we <br />are no closer to discovering any
of those underpinning "accessibilities" to the <br />secrets and subsequent per
missabilities to exceed those limitations, when cuts <br />in research mean clos
ing all our particle sciences. Perhaps the Europeans and <br />Japanese will be
more successful than we are. At least someone is still up to <br />the task. As
long as we have our HD Television and American Idol episodes, sugar <br />coated
with Bill O'Reilies stellar trustworthy news source, we are not going to <br />
be the civility the makes the big leap I am afraid. <br />Be that as it may, I d
o not believe Aliens have visited our planet. This goes by <br />logical prerequ
isites... The "purer" forms as it were. I believe that closer to <br />purer for
ms of logic exists benevolences. This may just be my personal <br />conviction,
but the mastery over the vastness of Mathematics and Physics, and <br />the appl
ication, which we as a species have probably only scratched the surface <br />of
, would not require conquestial behaviors.... <br />On an entirely simplistic le
vel, why would it? You have everything you need - <br />probably for successfull
y manipulating energy and matter - and "need" in its "purest" <br />form is the
same necessity here as it is over there. If you have everything you <br />need t
o survive and discover (which such advanced civilizations would have <br />achie
ved) anything beyond that is no longer "need", and therefore, a waste of <br />e
xpenditure to procure. So, from that chain of reasoning, I think the <br />benev
olency increases with the procurement of wiles. Now, does that mean that <br />A
lien interlopers would not be hostile - no... Perhaps killing and marauding is <
br />as genetically builty into the Zigots as exploration is also hotwired into
<br />Humanity. But, speaking in terms of odds, most civilizations that have con
quered <br />the restrictions of the Cosmos would likely be too wise to bother.
<br />The reason why I've mapped that design out to you is because I do not beli
eve <br />that any civilization with the intelligence to succeed in this area wo
uld ever <br />stray within a light year of this planet.. Just not ready. I do t
hink that the <br />scientists of Governmental sectors holds back information fr
om science community <br />at large. But that is likely for other reasons... Suc
h as, contraband treaty <br />stuff and the U.S. breaking international laws in
experimentation and so forth... <br />The list goes on... Far more rationally ex
planed than a Alien spaceship crashing <br />at Roswell NM. <br />John.<br />My
Comeback Part 2 <br /><br />That does chap my a$$-- hard to believe that people
in power could be so STUPID <br />and ignorant about matters such as this and ye
t cunning and devious at the same <br />time regarding hiding the the truth from
the American people! How can they be so <br />idiotic as to shoot themselves in
the foot by dooming us as also-rans in the <br />race to the future? Something
less obvious and much more cleverly concealed is <br />happening here...<br />I
also believe there is some grand design at work here. These people are too <br /
>cunning and conniving to be so stupid to let the world (along with themselves)
<br />die at the hands of wasteful excess. When you mentioned the possibility of
them <br />insulating themselves against the impending world calamity so that t
hey could <br />emerge a decade later, with 6.5 billion less people to worry abo
ut, it was like <br />a light bulb went off in my head. AHA! It seems too sicken
ingly logical to just <br />dismiss out of hand. It's sad that its come to this,
that such possibilities <br />need to be entertained.<br />The ingenious and de
vious way in which they used the Bible to brainwash the <br />masses is a textbo
ok example in how to control a large population of supposedly <br />well-educate
d people, turning them into docile sheep. Another I would say, would <br />be tu
rning people against each other, by establishing a stratified class <br />struct
ure of have and have nots, and created sharp racial and gender barriers... <br /
>all of which go towards a grand scheme of divide and conquer... in other words,
<br />we are too busy disagreeing and fighting amongst ourselves to see whats R
EALLY <br />going on. I would also say that can be applied to international matt
ers as well... <br />focus the populace's attention elsewhere so they cant see w
hats going on at home.<br />I really loved the analogy you made between our capi
talist society and the old <br />system of monarchy. It made me think of how we
are slaves to our assets in the <br />same way that, in medieval times, serfs us
ed to be prisoners of the land in the <br />old feudal system. In the feudal sys
tem the lords held all the puppet strings <br />while the serfs served their eve
ry whim; in our case the money is the puppet <br />string and forces in the govt
are the puppeteers. The more things SEEM to change, <br />the more they REALLY
stay the same...<br />I forgot to include the medical establishment in my previo
us email about our <br />lively discussion, but they definitely belong in the CO
RPORATION section. It is <br />extremely sad to see how drug companies and HMOs
are running medicine... a <br />business should NOT be allowed to control scienc
e, for the simple reason that <br />business and science have vastly different p
hilosophies. It pains me to see how <br />so many doctors are becoming the puppe
ts of this vast network of corporations <br />that controls their strings, makin
g sure they do the most cost-effective <br />procedures, or dispense the least c
ostly drugs, regardless of the patient's <br />health and well being. And just l
ook how expensive these medications are in the <br />US compared to other countr
ies... when greed reigns over our own health, it is a <br />really sad state of
affairs. Our govt is in on this too, as the recent flap of <br />FDA approved me
dication (rushed because of the all powerful drug companies) <br />resulting in
patient deaths reveals. It is sad to see how this unholy triad of <br />governme
nt-corporation-church has infiltrated every avenue of our way of life.<br />Abou
t the ET thing, I actually agree with you that a race that has achieved the <br
/>level of technological superiority needed to traverse the vastness of <br />in
terstellar space would probably have to be benevolent because violence begets <b
r />violence, and not only that, violence is self destructive (take the simple c
ase <br />of humanity, for example.) Any species that is intelligent enough and
advanced <br />enough to conquer the enormous scientific obstacles needed to acc
omplish this <br />feat has probably conquered its innate tendencies towards vio
lence as well. (That <br />comes first I think.) I give humanity 500 years or so
to be able to do this... <br />if it doesnt extinguish itself first!<br />Now r
egarding alien visitation, I am still on the fence... for a few different <br />
reasons. I think it's possible for aliens to have visited Earth simply to <br />
satisfy their scientific curiosity... and we being the paranoid species that we
<br />are, shot down their craft and covered up the event, for fear of discovery
. <br />There's a few logical reasons for doing this... (1) the paranoia that ha
s <br />existed in this country since world war 2 and the ensuing cold war predi
cated <br />that any tactical advantage gained from such a capture should be kep
t under <br />wraps (2) the populace was uptight and antsy about a potential red
army invasion, <br />no need to drive them into mass hysteria and (3) in the un
likely event that an <br />alien invasion was being planned, it was better for t
he invaders not to know <br />that we had captured their technology. Now mind yo
u, I know this sounds very far-fetched, <br />but it is something that is still
possible, and not out of the capabilities of <br />our wonderful government to p
erpetrate. <br />Now John, you might ask, why are the (hypothesized) visitations
so few and far <br />between and why are they not occuring in more public place
s? I also feel that <br />any race that has the advanced technological capabilit
y to come here, also has <br />the capability to cloak itself from our sensors,
something which the stealth <br />bomber does (hmmm...), but this would be on a
much grander scale. It's possible <br />that nearby interstellar space is teemin
g with alien vehicles which we simply <br />would have no way of detecting becau
se of (1) vast distances between stars and (2) <br />the possible existence of s
uch cloaking devices. If we extend this analogy <br />outward, then we become li
ke the native americans, aborgines, or whatever you <br />want to call them, and
these other races are the ones who hold all the cards as <br />well as the answ
ers to some of our most asked questions regarding the nature of <br />the Univer
se and indeed the purpose of our existence. We would be no more than a <br />pas
sing curiosity to them, a celestial backwater as it were, a "hillbilly" world <b
r />among countless others...<br />In this theory, although the aliens have cloa
king sensors, once in a while, for <br />various reasons, their equipment might
fail (all technology, no matter how <br />advanced carries at least a slight ris
k of failure), and when such a failure <br />occurs, our ever vigilant governmen
t steps in to cover it all up. Farfetched? <br />Probably. Impossible? No... I'm
not going to go into all the eyewitness reports <br />of UFOs or the reported c
ases of abductions, psychological evaluations of <br />abductees, hypnotic and l
ie detector test verification that the abductees <br />actually BELIEVE they wer
e abducted, as well as the phenomenom of "missing time," <br />a time period var
ying from seconds to days to weeks to months, during which the <br />abductee do
esnt recall what happened, except under hypnosis, which in some cases <br />reve
als repressed memories of alien experimentation of various kinds. (Maybe <br />t
hey are so far beyond us that we are mere lab rats for their medical research!)
<br />I havent personally known of anyone to have this happen to them, but Ive h
eard <br />about it from various sources, even some in the scientific establishm
ent. I <br />think it's something that merits further investigation as an area o
f possible <br />coverup. An open mind is our greatest weapon against conservati
sm and societal <br />decay! John, it's wise to not leave any stone unturned, no
matter how unlikely <br />one might think the possibility is...<br />How do we
effect any sort of change in the vicious cycle of greed, deceit and <br />coveru
p that pollutes our way of life? Well, education for starters. Having gone <br /
>through the NY school system, I will tell you from experience, that education i
s <br />where it all begins. It seems to me that the brainwashing starts at a ve
ry young <br />age... schools just do not let our kids think for themselves. Eve
rything seems <br />to be about memorization and following the rules; individual
ity and innovative <br />thought get crushed in the process. Our school systems
actually DISCOURAGE <br />education by making it unimaginative, lackluster and b
oring. Our school systems <br />would be wonderful for educating robots, but we
are thinking feeling sentient <br />beings who need MUCH more than knowledge. We
need wisdom; wisdom to make the <br />right choices, wisdom to think independen
tly, creatively, outside the box. It <br />makes me sad to think that the educat
ion of our youngsters has turned into one <br />more assembly line, not very dif
ferent from the polluted factories that dot our <br />landscape like a malignant
cancer. In this case however, the ones being polluted <br />are the future hope
of this once-great land.<br />Of course, once in a while, someone slips through
the cracks of our flawed <br />society and becomes someone great, someone to ch
ange the system for the better... <br />only to be summarily quashed into silenc
e or even nonexistence. JFK, RFK, Martin <br />Luther King Jr are three prominen
t examples from the 60s... Im sure the "powers <br />that be" have grown MUCH mo
re subtle since then, both in our country and abroad, <br />to keep their assets
and asses from becoming endangered with much less media <br />attention. I have
no doubt that some of our modern-day "rabble rousers" are <br />actually people
who might effect change for the better, if they were allowed to. <br />But they
get branded the label of villain instead... (Gotta have a scapegoat, eh? <br />
Keep it simple to keep the masses happy and have the real villains go free to <b
r />keep on committing their crimes, while the ones who try to end the vicious c
ycle <br />get put away! The irony of it all would be funny if it wasnt so tragi
c. Reminds <br />me of some Shakespearian plays actually... I guess things haven
t changed much <br />since those days.)<br />Meanwhile our culture and environme
nt suffer the consequences of these flawed <br />actions, as we exist in "blissf
ul" ignorance while our atmosphere gets polluted, <br />our forests get chopped
down, and our minds get numbed to whats really going on. <br />In spite of all t
his I am still optimistic that, somehow, the human species will <br />pull throu
gh this, and reach a brighter tomorrow, but I am not so sure America <br />will
lead the way. Sadly it seems more likely that America will be a hinderance <br /
>to progress, because our overbearing bureaucracy will resist change no matter <
br />what the cost. It really pains me to say that because I really love my coun
try <br />and I hate to see what it has become. I really hope America pulls out
of its <br />collective funk, but just like our current winter of discontent, ti
me is short <br />and the endgame is nearing a final conclusion...<br />Alex<br
/>PS - I actually got into an argument last night with an engineer who works at
<br />one of the oil plants down in Texas, who said it is easy for me to say we
must <br />stop using fossil fuels when I have a car that runs on oil and a hous
e heated my <br />natural gas. They told me that the world is run by money so ju
st "go with it." <br />And that new oil was being found off the coasts of Austra
lia, South America etc <br />(obviously to the detriment of the environment and
the ecosystem -my answer), <br />when I told them to enjoy their fossil fuels wh
ile they last. My answer to them <br />was that I would easily go to solar power
for my heating and electric fuel for <br />my car if industry would show the wi
llingness to innovate and actually make a <br />concerted effort to make these t
echnologies viable and reproducible over a large <br />scale. We all know the ab
ility is there, it is just a question of motivation on <br />the part of those w
ho hold the cards.<br />I wonder why it is that in "modern" times, patching up t
he wound has become the <br />mode of action, instead of looking for a viable cu
re. It always seems to me that <br />if we actually spent the time looking for a
solution to our problems, rather <br />than covering up, MUCH more time, effort
and yes our GOD... money, would be <br />saved. But no one thinks of the long t
erm anymore... (Maybe because they dont <br />think there will be a long term...
hmmm!)<br />John, I really enjoy our conversations, it helps me to focus my own
thoughts <br />better and to concentrate on the big picture. Meteorology is onl
y a subset of <br />life, but you can see all the shortcomings (climate changes,
government coverups <br />of such, ignorance of whats happening right under our
noses) as well as the <br />advantages (this forum, active discussion of ideas
and the sharing of knowledge) <br />within this microcosm. It frustrates me when
people try to dismiss global <br />warming as another crackpot tableaux idea dr
eamed up by uneducated delusional <br />people. Well, it is the naysayers who ar
e delusional if they dont see the <br />evidence staring them right in the face:
the great arctic icemelt and the <br />alarmingly active hurricane seasons of t
he recent past (sorry this isnt a "cycle," <br />I dont seem to remember 26 name
d storms in any previous "cycle") with a <br />mindboggling amount of major hurr
icanes, the likes of which have never been <br />witnessed before, should have g
iven even the mentally challenged a clue about <br />what was going on. Maybe an
other Katrina will finally let them see the light... <br />oh wait, we are still
in the midst of that 20 yr "cycle"...<br />PPS- I think its highly ironic how t
hese GW induced storms (GW could stand for <br />Global Warning or GW Bush... ta
ke your pick :-P) are targetting oil-refinery <br />rich areas..... Mother Natur
e does have a wonderful sense of whimsy doesnt she... <br />(Now I know why Natu
re is considered female!)<br />Monday, June 05, 2006 <br />John's Comeback Part
3 <br />Did you catch the CBS evening news last evening...?<br />Well, the short
and skinny was this... <br />...Fascinating coincidence or merely an astute and
brilliant insight on our part? <br />Probably some of both, but an interesting
new phenomenon has just started <br />occurring in the last 2 weeks along the so
uthern flanks of the Greenland <br />Icesheet.<br />Before writing any further,
you should (and may already..) know that if all the <br />ice on Greenland were
to end up in the sea, Global sea-surface levels would rise <br />5+ meters all o
ver the world. If that were to happen in a single calamitous week <br />(or othe
r virtual instantaneity by geo-temporal standards) it would quite <br />intuitiv
ely destroy the entire World's economy...end of discussion.<br />The current par
adigm has too many huge finacial districts, controls and <br />ultimately depend
encies on these economic centroids located within reach of such <br />a watery w
recking-bal. Take a good look at those dimensions in that Natural <br />disaster
flick, "The Day After Tomorrow"...When the tsunamis come into NYC ...? <br />Th
ose dimensions are almost correct, if the majority of the Greenland Icecap <br /
>were to suddenly and cataclysmically disassociate its self from the land mass <
br />and glide seawards one sunny June afternoon..<br />Just as a perfunctory su
spicion...this would touch off so much pervasive panic <br />and Global social d
uress that warfair would likely erupt very quickly. It is a <br />scary vision,
but horrors from pandemia to geo-based destructive forces (or any <br />patterns
of warfair by lesser cooperates), all would likely contribute a pretty <br />im
pressive population adjustment..<br />Whether this is by some grand design as ei
ther a fictional work, reality could <br />ever prove, or just an unfortunate re
sult of a dim-witted species <br />anthropomorphizing a planet without extending
clad science before doing so... <br />the fact remains: evidence is mounting th
at a transition into a new pardigm of a <br />hot-house Earth will deeply not mo
lly-cottle us and the other species of life on <br />this Planet. The change wil
l likely happen in a series of cataclysms both subtle <br />and gross, and the s
urvivability of lesser advantaged will deeply lose impunity.<br />We've spoke of
this at length and description and how it may be plied into some <br />kind of
fictional/creative work, in the past, so I find it interesting if not <br />iron
ic what the CBS story told. So here goes...<br />Magnitude 5.0 "Icequakes" are s
huddering the land-scape of Greenland. Basically, <br />huge glacial masses the
size of Manhattan, as thick as the Empire State Building, <br />are bodily slipp
ing seawards at roughly 2 cab-lengths per lurch. Ice/land <br />temblors are not
that uncommon, but these magnitudes were not observed prior to <br />this last
year - as it was intimated. <br />In case you are not privy as to how this works
: Recent decade of accelerating <br />warming at that latitude is causing water
to accumulate at the interface between <br />the glaciers and the land. This ser
ves as a lubricant, which may sound silly but <br />is true. If you place a bric
k on a 45 degree angle (as an example) of a dry <br />surface, the large frictio
nal coeficient of the brick material with respect to <br />that surface would li
kely hold it suspended on the incline. Now...apply water to <br />the interface,
...down she goes. The macrocosm works the same way. <br />The weight of these p
arsels is absolutely gargantuan. As they melt the hydrosols <br />thus lower the
friction, slippage as opposed to the steady flow rate hypothesis <br />has been
materializing, literally just across recent times. Since we are <br />discussin
g such magnitudes it is quite obvious that a single season would only <br />have
negligible environmental register.. Still, that this is only March is a <br />n
ice homage to an interseasonal characteristic phenomenon, evidence of a <br />pr
ofound systemic change. Not only occurring, but doing so (as one noted <br />cli
matologist in the report pointed out) "...At a faster rate than we had <br />ori
ginally thought". So, these massive bodies literally rumble across the land <br
/>surface and cause these temblors. <br />I find this odd. I just wrote a rather
lengthy passage in a thread 2 weeks ago, <br />where I exemplified Greenland ic
e displacement...Then this news report surfaces. <br />I do this all the time, I
make whimsy supposition and then immediately the <br />variables begin to surfa
ce. <br />Anyway, also, arouses the notion that it may be possible to deposit hu
ge <br />fractions of the Greenland ice-mass seaward in a short order calamities
...<br /></div>
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520422952">Letter to LHC Director Part 1</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520422952" class="blogContent">When we discussed the possibility of "infi
nite dimensions," it<br />occured to me that it might be our own 4D universe tha
t is the<br />"bubble," ie, that space-time itself is what's coiled up/warped, a
nd<br />that the extra dimensions might be the "original" dimensions of the big<
br />bang. What if our 4D spacetime is merely a subset of the original<br />uni
verse, created during the inflationary period-- the same way<br />galaxies and c
lusters/superclusters are thought to be "clumps" of<br />unevenness created in t
he original expansion of the universe? So,<br />instead of there being a multit
ude of universes out there (which there<br />still can be, of course), what if t
here is just one universe, with lots<br />of these "bubbles" containing differen
t subsets of all the possible<br />dimensions and the multiverse is really just
the sum total of all the<br />dimensions? Food for thought.<br /><br /><br />I
read how recently the smallest black hole known to exist (3.5<br />solar masses)
was discovered. It occured to me that black holes, with<br />the way they conc
entrate gravity, could offer a unique gateway into the<br />study of higher dime
nsional space. What if black holes can tunnel<br />through these higher dimensi
ons and produce a worm hole "on the other<br />side" that leads back into our no
rmal space-time (as some solutions of<br />Relativity predict?) Since they woul
d be burrowing through higher<br />dimensional reality, the exit point of the wo
rm hole may be far away<br />from the entry point of the black hole. But this i
s mere conjecture on<br />my part at this point.<br /><br /><br /><br />Your ide
a that the dimensions are so warped that the number we<br />can detect depends o
ur own vantage point reminds me of a funhouse.<br /> What surrounding reality lo
oks like in such an environment depends on<br />our perspective; there is no one
right answer-- which is why Im<br />thinking that so many different theories of
multidimensional universes<br />all converge on similar solutions. The funhous
e analogy seems to work<br />also when discussing the appearance of objects gett
ing larger or<br />smaller when they get closer or further away from the brane..
. similar<br />in the way to the way the funhouse mirrors distort/warp space. <
br /><br /><br />What inspired me in this area is when you quipped that we might
<br />only be "living on the tail" of what is reality. I can draw an analog<br
/>to our own existence here on earth. Because of our limited<br />perspective,
the planet seems flat. There are certain clues showing us<br />the true nature
of our world, but to actually see for ourselves that<br />the world is round, th
at it curves in the third dimensions, we have to<br />fly high up into space. T
hat is what the LHC is going to do for us--<br />change our perspective and open
our eyes into a whole new arena of very<br />high energy physics.<br /><br /><b
r />I believe that a new era of physics is about to begin and we are<br />"just
on its tail," to borrow one of your analogues to use in a<br />different venue.
The marriage of physics and technology will hopefully<br />give birth to many a
fruit, and we are at the tip of the iceberg, with<br />the LHC poised to extend
the frontier of high energy physics many-fold.<br /> It will be wonderful to see
how everything plays out and to see which<br />theory (or theories!) end up bei
ng "correct."<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520422671">Letter to LHC Director Part 2</label>

<!--- blog body --->
<div id="pBl
ogBody_520422671" class="blogContent">I believe gravity is the glue that holds a
ll the different universes<br />together and the reason why none of our natural
laws explain it fully<br />is because it exists outside of our universe and we o
nly see the part<br />of it that our senses (and universe) can convey. Remember,
there are<br />many dimensions outside of the 3 spatial dimensions we are famil
iar<br />with, even though they are not fully expressed in our universe. (These<
br />extra dimensions are needed to explain how the Big Bang <br /><br />could h
ave expanded from a cosmic egg to something so huge so fast.)<br />Well, gravity
could possibly exist in those other dimensions and our<br />science isnt at the
level to explore those dimensions just yet--<br />therefore our understanding o
f it is incomplete. The same goes for dark<br />matter and dark energy-- the rea
son that we cant observe it is<br />because-- once again-- it is a fundamental p
roperty of the greater<br />multiverse and existed before our own universe was c
reated, so we cant<br />detect it with our senses directly, but need indirect me
ans like-- you<br />guessed it-- its gravitation effect on the normal matter aro
und it.<br /><br /><br /><br />Which<br />is paradoxical for me to say, since so
me of the articles Ive read,<br />point to time not existing at all, but just be
ing our brain's way of<br />comprehending changes in our environment-- and on th
e smallest level,<br />the Planck Scale, time completely stopping. This reinforc
es another of<br />my personal beliefs: that all our theories and everything tha
t we sense<br />as biological organisms, is just an approximation of the truth.
A<br />convenient approximation that helps us comprehend a nearly<br />incompreh
ensible universe. If we go down to scales smaller and smaller,<br />we find that
our natural laws keep changing and when we reach the<br />smallest of scales, t
hey break down completely. It seems to me our<br />natural laws are just an appr
oximation of reality, generalities that<br />are more than 99 pct accurate on ou
r scale of the universe, but if we<br />analyze our universe on the subatomic sc
ale, we see that the universe<br />is completely different. It's like looking at
your screen from far away<br />and seeing a crystal clear and crisp image, but
when you look at things<br />more closely you can see the graininess of individu
al pixels. Our brain<br />does a good approximation of what's out there, but rea
lity is far more<br />complex than what we can comprehend. BTW, the same decoupl
ing exists on<br />larger scales as well; the structure of star clusters, galaxi
es and<br />galactic clusters needs further refinement of our natural laws (like
<br />the addition of dark matter and dark energy and einstein's cosmological<br
/>constant-- things we cannot detect on our own scales-- even though we<br />ma
y be surrounded by the stuff). Our natural laws simply cover a very<br />small p
art of the total spectrum-- much like our vision comprises a<br />very small par
t of the total electromagnetic spectrum. If it werent for<br />instrumentation a
nd the magic of technology, that small visual spectrum<br />would be all the uni
verse that we know. But it's that very development<br />of technology and the co
ntinued evolution of science that gives us hope<br />for a better understanding
of the universe around us with every passing<br />generation. One hundred years
ago who would have thought you and I<br />would have bene communicating in this
manner? Surely, almost as<br />unbelievable as teleportation was to us just a fe
w years ago-- and yet<br />the nearly impossible is not only possible, but proba
bly quite likely.<br />That is the jist of what I am saying-- that our wonderful
ly complex and<br />interconnected multiverse makes the almost impossible quite
likely--<br />our brains are fundamentally (and quantumly) connected to the rest
of<br />the universe, therefore no matter how wild the theories we might dream<
br />up-- there is a good chance that somewhere (whether it's our universe<br />
or another or somewhere in between) those dreams are likely to be real.<br /><br
/><br />Just wanted to add the dual nature of light-- both as particle and<br /
>wave-- can be explained by multiple parallel universes in which light<br />beha
ves as one or the other and both universes being superimposed on<br />each other
(i.e.--parallel) being the way to explain how light can be<br />both particle a
nd wave at the same "time." It's a neat way to explain a<br />puzzling paradox--
how can light be two fundamentally different things<br />at the same time? Well
, how about it is two different things in two<br />different universes, but ligh
t being massless, can freely pass back and<br />forth between universes and what
we detect is after it comes back from<br />a parallel universe through a micro-
wormhole. Another paradox is how<br />does something massless like light get aff
ected by gravity (like that<br />inside black holes)? Well, if both are fundamen
tal components of a<br />greater multiverse than perhaps what a black hole reall
y is, is a<br />"leak" between different universes and it's this leak that traps
light.<br />For us to achieve a greater understanding of our universe, we must<
br />acknowledge that we are limited by the precision of our instruments and<br
/>the fallibility of our senses. For example, for a long time, the<br />proton,
neutron and electron were though of as the fundamental<br />particles of matter.
But then, a large range of subatomic particles<br />were discovered (in the 60s
) and physicists decided that something was<br />wrong, and there must be someth
ing more fundamental that was beyond the<br />range of our instruments and our s
cience. Thus the quark and gluon was<br />born and a whole host of other subatom
ic particles that were discovered<br />in our minds before they were ever found
in the lab. Not only did these<br />new particles revolutionize subatomic physic
s, they revolutionized<br />every othe branch of science because of wide-reachin
g impacts. Not only<br />physics, but biology (some enzymes are thought to work
through quantum<br />processes), chemistry (which is just physics on a macroscop
ic scale),<br />even psychology and the study of human consciousness and where i
t<br />originates. Some of the new particles were discovered at extremely high<b
r />energies like just after the Big Bang, when the fundamental forces of<br />t
he universe were just One and these particles not only unified those<br />forces
but acted like a time machine to show us what went on when the<br />Universe wa
s young. Not only that, but the closer we peer into<br />subatomic structure, th
e more we understand about the whole Universe--<br />paradoxical isnt it, that t
o understand something so huge we must look<br />at something so tiny?! This is
just as paradoxical as gravity-- that a<br />force so weak on the subatomic scal
e can be so strong as to govern the<br />whole fate of the universe. That is ano
ther reason I feel that it must<br />be a property of the multiverse-- where the
balance of its strength<br />lies. The same goes for dark energy (the force tha
t causes the universe<br />to expand at greater than light speed) as well as dar
k matter-- we cant<br />detect them because they are not completely in our unive
rse, rather<br />they are stretched across multiple dimensions and multiple univ
erses<br />and we only know they are there because of the way they affect-- you<
br />guessed it-- gravity! These multiple dimensions fold in and out of real<br
/>space (the space that we know and that our senses were biologically<br />built
to comprehend) and the way that gravity can act instaneously (and<br />the way
we might be able to travel faster than light) is through these<br />folds-- anal
ogous to a worm burrowing from one side of an apple to<br />another without havi
ng to travel all the way around. Time travel might<br />be possible in a similar
way (to me space and time travel are linked.)<br /><br /><br />To add to the ma
yhem, now it seems there might be a particle<br />substructure beyond the quark,
so the deeper and deeper we peer, the<br />more layers our proverbial onion see
ms to have. The important thing to<br />understand is that, while our technology
has its limits, our mind does<br />not-- and all these exotic discoveries were
first made inside the brain<br />before they were ever found in the lab. Einstei
n learned about the<br />universe inside his own mind before there was ever any
experimental<br />verification of his ideas. The same goes for Planck, Bohr, Hei
senberg<br />and the rest of the pioneers of quantum physics. But great as these
<br />theorists were, they were never able to bridge the gap between the<br />ma
croscopic world (Einstein's theory of relativity) and the nanoscopic<br />world
(that of quantum mechanics). That frustrated Einstein til the end<br />of his li
fe (cant blame him, the science was still in its infancy) and<br />it is the nex
t frontier-- something scientists have been working on<br />inside their fertile
minds for decades now. That is how cutting edge<br />science will need to work
if it hopes to evolve into creating a greater<br />understanding of reality; som
ewhere our technology cannot go as of now.<br />The mind is the birthplace of id
eas, concepts and theories, the<br />function of technology is to confirm them a
nd to implement them to the<br />benefit of human society. This symbiotic feedba
ck relationship is<br />necessary if we are to flourish and evolve as a species
and survive to<br />develop a greater understanding of the Reality around us.<br
/><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Interesting how what was seen as fantasy slowly
becomes<br />possible as our technology and knowledge of science improves! To m
e,<br />teleportation can be thought of as matter or energy passing from our<br
/>universe into another and back into ours at a different point in<br />space/ti
me. Another thing I thought about regarding our discussion of<br />parallel univ
erses and the multiverse was Heisenberg's Uncertainty<br />Principle, the Law of
Conservation of Mass-Energy and something called<br />vacuum energy. I dont kno
w if youre familiar with this or not but, when<br />quantum mechanics came into
prominence, something called Heisenberg's<br />Uncertainy Principle became one o
f the central pillars of QM (much to<br />Einstein's chagrin.) In brief, this st
ates that you cant know, exactly,<br />the position and the mass of a particle a
t the same time. For example,<br />in the process of measuring where an electron
is, we have to use<br />photons of light, and these photons of light nudge it a
way from the<br />position we were measuring it to be. On the macroscopic scale,
the<br />effect is much more neglible... but it is still there. The Uncertainty
<br />Principle has an interesting corollary: a vacuum could never be truly<br /
>empty. For, if it was, you already knew its mass or rest energy without<br />me
asuring it (0) and all that would remain would be to ascertain its<br />position
, thereby breaking the Principle of Uncertainty. Thus was born<br />the idea of
vacuum energy and the theory behind it, which involves<br />"virtual particles."
That is, that no vacuum is truly a vacuum because<br />subatomic particles are
continuously created and destroyed at an<br />incredible pace, much too fast for
us to measure directly. Think of it<br />as the scan lines on a CRT monitor. Th
e scan frequency is usually so<br />high (85 Hz or so) that our eyes see one con
tinuous picture. A vacuum<br />is the same way. The particles are created and de
stroyed so fast that<br />we dont detect them-- that's why they are virtual part
icles. Evem<br />though, this theory seems esoteric (and makes our universe appe
ar to be<br />random and chaotic-- which is why Einstein HATED it), it actually<
br />explains a great deal. For example, our universe is thought to have<br />co
me into existence in this way, a massive virtual particle that<br />explosively
expanded before it could "wink out." Other universes could<br />form in the same
way, while universes too instable (whether it be<br />because of incipient laws
of physics of said universe or not) would<br />have their "bubbles popped" and
be destroyed like ordinary virtual<br />particles. Is there any proof of the exi
stence of virtual particles and<br />vacuum energy, you ask? Well, yes-- look up
the Casimir Effect. It is<br />possible to detect the effects of virtual partic
les without detecting<br />the particles themselves, and this is how it was prov
en that vacuums<br />arent really empty and virtual particles are real.<br /><br
/><br />My little essay on vacuum energy and virtual particles is leading<br />
up to my point about parallel universes. As you can see, what the<br />Heisenber
g Uncertainty Principle has done has essentially found a<br />violation for one
of the major laws of physics: the law of conservation<br />of mass-energy (the m
ass-energy connotation is a nod to the fact that<br />mass can be converted back
and forth from energy, obeying Einstein's<br />famous e=mc2-- now you see why E
instein hated quantum mechanics so<br />much-- it poked holes in his ideas!) Thi
s violation of conservation<br />exists on a very small, but very fundamental sc
ale. Consider the fact<br />that although the violation can only be detected at
the subatomic<br />level, our universe was, at one stage, a subatomic particle a
nd we<br />might owe our very existence to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
as<br />well as vacuum energy and virtual particles. Also consider the fact<br /
>that this vacuum energy might be able to be tapped into one day, to<br />harnes
s power that mankind might need to traverse the stars-- the fact<br />that we ca
n find "free energy" in the vacuum of space, far away from<br />our own sun, is
a very attractive idea, dont you think?<br /><br /><br />There is just one thing
that doesnt sit well with me. Where does<br />this free energy come from? How c
an particles and energy come into<br />being from nothing? It just seemed very i
llogical and disorderly to me.<br />And anything that seems illogical yet proven
to exist in science is<br />usually the result of a piece of<br /><br />the puz
zle being missing-- there's something that's being left out that<br />would make
sense out of our observations and theories. And I believe<br />that's the multi
verse concept. I got to thinking about our discussion<br />concerning parallel u
niverses as well as reading this article I linked<br />you. What if this virtual
mass/energy doesnt come into being from<br />nothing at all, but is just being
teleported from one parallel universe<br />into another? That is, what if the la
w of conservation of mass-energy<br />is preserved, but it covers the whole mult
iverse, not just our own?<br />That would follow the pattern of other conservati
on laws that were<br />seemingly broken, only to be found to be preserved at a "
higher level."<br />What I propose is that the virtual mass/energy is spontaneou
sly<br />teleported from one universe to another (into and out of our own)<br />
through some yet-unknown quantum mechanical means and that the total<br />mass-e
nergy of the multiverse remains the same at all times, just where<br />a certain
particle of mass or photon of energy is located is what<br />remains in questio
n. (See, my little idea preserves not only<br />Conservation of Mass-Energy but
also Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle<br />as we are still uncertain of a part
icle's exact location.) To my mind,<br />this idea sounds very logical and follo
ws in the history of previous<br />theories that explained violations of corners
tone laws of physics in<br />that the violation only occured because we werent a
nalyzing the whole<br />system (when we speak of just one universe); that, inste
ad, we need to<br />look at it from a larger perspective-- that our universe isn
t a closed<br />system in and of itself but is part of a bigger multiverse where
our<br />laws of physics are preserved on a much higher level. Another idea tha
t<br />came to me is that one day we might find some use of this untapped<br />v
irtual energy-- when our species advances to a sufficient<br />technological lev
el we could one day create some sort of pump (read:<br />artificial wormhole) to
access energy from other universes; of course,<br />we would also have to find
a way to get rid of any excess to keep our<br />universe in balance (read: artif
icial black hole.) Come to think of it,<br />that's ANOTHER puzzle my little ide
a solves-- the paradox of what<br />happens when matter enters a black hole. In
the past, scientists would<br />simply say "all laws of physics break down." Wel
l, to me, that's the<br />chicken's way out. What they are afraid to admit is th
at, in current<br />theories of physics, black holes are a mass-energy "leak". T
hat is<br />matter and energy are disappearing from the universe and going down<
br />into the infinite gravity well that is a black hole. But what if,<br />inst
ead of being a mass-energy leak, black holes were really a balance?<br />What if
black holes are just leveling out the mass/energy we receive<br />from quantum
teleportation via microwormholes (my word for how virtual<br />particles come in
to existence in our universe and others.)? In that<br />case, they would be esse
ntial in maintaining the functional stability<br />of our universe (as well as o
thers) by channeling excess mass/energy<br />into another universe (effectively
a black hole in one universe would<br />be the wormhole into another!) And if my
idea about microwormholes is<br />correct, we have countless trillions of them
around us all the time!<br />For the Casimir Effect is very mundane and noticeab
le even to high<br />school students in a school lab! :P Virtual particles and e
nergy are<br />all around us. The process of detection by effect might also help
us<br />identity the true nature and function of dark matter and dark energy--<
br />it could be large conglomerates of virtual particles and energy that<br />s
urround us, that aggregate together and, by their very nature, go<br />undetecte
d, except by indirect means. The funny thing is, scientists<br />had long been s
earching for wormholes, because they are the only way<br />around the speed of l
ight limit (according to Einstein) and<br />mathematically predicted both by Ein
stein and by Quantum Mechanics, yet<br />they have been so elusive as to have go
ne completely<br /><br />undetected, even though, if I am correct, they are righ
t under our<br />noses! Since microblackholes have already been theorized to exi
st (and,<br />in my view, serve the essential function of "sucking out" excess<b
r />virtual particles and energy buildup)-- the existence of microwormholes<br /
>is a logical extension of theory.<br /><br /><br />I am very excited at the pro
spect of how this might open up new<br />areas within science for us to explore
in the coming decades and how<br />technology could, one day, make use of this u
ntapped source of<br />near-limitless energy. Once again, we see that the very m
inute and the<br />very large are interconnected-- the world of subatomic partic
les, while<br />seeming to be illogical and mysterious-- has a huge impact on th
e<br />macroscopic universe around us and something as esoteric as the<br />Unce
rtainty Principle, vacuum energy, virtual particles and<br />teleportation not o
nly can prove the existence of multiple universes,<br />but the origin of our ve
ry own, as well as one day maybe providing the<br />final answer to our species'
quest for more energy to be able to propel<br />us in both time and space on a
quest to understand the very nature of<br />existence and our own place in this
grand multiverse of ours.<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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ogBody_520422086" class="blogContent">Actually my own views have changed a bit o
ver the years and I too dont believe in reincarnation anymore. I think its much
more likely that there are different planes of existence (same as what theoreti
cal physics calls multiple higher dimensions), and that a part of us exists on t
hese planes (sort of like Flatlanders wandering through a 3D world, not knowing
how to comprehend the third dimension), and that since we cant comprehend those
planes directly through our basic 5 senses, we refer to a mysterious "soul" or "
spirit" when this could simply be a reflection of our "higher dimensional selves
"-- sort of like trying to describe a person when all you can see is his or her
shadow on a two dimensional wall. Its possible that this extension of ourselves
survives the mortality of our three dimensional bodies and this is where the id
ea of spirits and ghosts comes from-- this would explain why they are seen to 'w
alk through walls" as these walls wouldnt be present in their realities-- in sho
rt, they might occupy the same general area as us but they would be out of phase
with our reality.</div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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d="pBlogSubject_520421754">Space and Time-- or not!</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520421754" class="blogContent">Im kind of the opinion that intelligent li
fe is inevitable but the galaxy (let alone universe) is so damn big we cant find
it (or we dont know what to look for.) Also if you think about it, intelligent
life could have happened many times before, but we had an ELE (mass extinction)
to stop evolution for awhile. For example, before the dinosaurs were exterminate
d, they were actually becoming warm blooded, had stereoscopic vision and had adv
anced hunting/stalking skills. They were on their way. The fact that evolution p
icked itself up and moved forward from the ELE and we're here to talk about it p
roves how resilient life is and how intelligent life might be inevitable (unless
there's a cataclysmic event to destroy the planet.) Although I think we have 1
billion years before the sun becomes too warm to support life (unless we move th
e planet or colonize mars.) 1 billion years is a hell of a long time, even 1 mil
lion... if you think of where humanity was 1 million years ago (hairy ape men ju
st learning to use tools and walk upright.) it shows me that once the spark of i
ntelligence is lit, things happen rather fast (in terms of evolution anyway.)<br
/><br />By the way, its often been asked why did intelligent life develop? Ive
heard it said its because when apes came down from the trees and started to walk
upright, they needed to use their hands and a bigger brain helped them process
the enhanced interactions they had with their environment (feeling their environ
ment with their hands, stereoscopic vision etc.) The funny thing is, this was st
arting to happen with the dinosaurs 70 million years ago, before it got rudely i
nterrupted (lucky for us huh?) It shows that the road to intelligence isnt somet
hing that happens only once, even on the same planet. I like our chances of one
day finding it elsewhere.<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520418660">What Lies Beneath</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520418660" class="blogContent">This is something I wrote about awhile bac
k (as those of you who read my blogs know), its interesting that theyre talking
about it in this article and (hopefully) we're finding some evidence for a pet t
heory of mine...<br /><br /><br /><br />my idea was that if our universe isnt th
e only one then its possible that these particles travel back and forth between
different universes...and maybe the universes are connected through dimensions o
ther than the three were familiar with...<br />in other words, it might seem rea
lly far away but in these other dimensions these other universes might coexist w
ith us.<br /><br />Sorry for the change in font, thats a small excerpt from a bl
og entry of mine. I went on to say that if we dont consider our universe a close
d system then its possible that the law of conservation of mass-energy is still
maintained if we think of particles blinking in and out of different universes a
nd perhaps through microtunnels that have a microblackhole at one end and a micr
owormhole at the other end. The sum total of particles would remain the same thr
oughout the multiverse and the law of conservation of mass-energy would be maint
ained, just on a much higher scale...<br /><br /><br />Gravity doesnt fit with t
he other three forces (strong nuclear, weak nuclear, and electromagnetic) any mo
re than time fits with the other three known dimensions-- so there is an interes
ting connection between gravity and time. And this is why the idea of multiple
large higher dimensions (up to 11) has been gaining popularity. Einstein showed
the connection between Gravity and Time to be true when Relativity predicted th
e existence of Closed TimeLike Curves near black holes.<br /><br />From wiki:<br
/><br /><br />CTCs have an unnerving habit of appearing in locally unobjectiona
ble exact solutions to the Einstein field equation of general relativity, includ
ing some of the most important solutions. These include: the Kerr vacuum (which
models a rotating uncharged black hole). One feature of a CTC is that it opens t
he possibility of a worldline which is not connected to earlier times, and so th
e existence of events that cannot be traced to an earlier cause. Ordinarily, cau
sality demands that each event in spacetime is preceded by its cause in every re
st frame. <br /><br /><br />Another reason why gravity doesnt fit with the other
three forces is it doesnt have a carrier particle and its so much weaker than t
hem on the atomic scale, yet on the macroscopic scale it dominates. This anomaly
of the hierarchy of forces is where the idea of multiple dimensions came from--
that gravity actually is a much stronger force than it appears but it originate
s elsewhere-- in what's known as the gravity brane. And when you think about it,
it makes alot of sense. What are the greatest sources of gravity that we know o
f? Black holes! If you consider that black holes are massive stars that have col
lapsed, to the point of where theyve become holes in the fabric of space-time, a
nd the fact that this extreme contraction has resulted in black holes pinching t
hemselves off from the known universe-- hence the reason why the laws of physics
break down on that level-- and why they're called singularities. Then it makes
sense to consider black holes, not just as holes, but as tunnels, and perhaps a
focal point for concentrating and emanating gravity from its "true source." Any
object of mass can emanate gravity because they all create small kinks in the fa
bric of space time, but black holes are the most extreme, because theyve pinched
themselves off from the rest of the universe (and yet can still affect it becau
se of their ultrastrong gravity-- just think about it, on the large scale, galac
tic structure is determined by the presence of a central supermassive black hole
!) <br /><br />But anyway, yeah I think Gravity and Time are inexorably linked (
Youd have to generate a strong gravity field to make a time machine, like a synt
hetic black hole), and more connected to each other than either is to any of the
other known dimensions or the other forces, its interesting how its the fourth
force and the fourth dimension that we know about the least, and yet gravity and
time are both pretty obvious in our day-to-day lives, makes you wonder "what li
es beneath" space-time lol. Black Holes might come closest to the origin of grav
ity and indeed, those higher dimensions that are theorized to exist. Ive talked
about black hole- worm hole tunneling before (predicted by Einstein, and a formu
la for a transversible wormhole originating from the famous CalTech physicist Ki
p Thorne), and this could quite possibly offer us a way around the speed-of-ligh
t limit (without actually exceeding the speed of light) the same way that the sh
ortest route from here to China is to burrow underground rather than to travel a
ll the way across (you can consider the surface of the earth space-time and burr
owing underground as traveling through higher dimensions through a black hole- w
orm hole pair. Hopefully one day in the far flung future, we'll be able to reach
the technological level to actually be able to do this!)<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520417707">Gravity, Time and FTL</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520417707" class="blogContent">the interesting thing about gravity is, if
the idea that it emanates from outside of space-time is correct (sometimes I wo
nder if we should even call it space-time, as time is as distinct from the 3 spa
tial dimensions as gravity is from the other 3 forces), then its quite possible
that the hierarchy of forces is preserved if the weakness of gravity can be expl
ained by its being based "on the outside." In the piece "what lies beneath spac
e-time" I outlined a theory that looking at gravity as curvatures in space-time
fabric is very useful, and in another way, perhaps these warps in the space-time
fabric that gravity causes are because the origin of gravity lies 'underneath s
pace-time' (its a weak analogy I know, we're trying to reduce 3D+T space-time in
to a single dimensional fabric to simply the explanation, but you get my point..
. underneath just refers to extra dimensions that arent a part of space-time, bu
t exist all around us.) My idea of how FTL and time travel would be possible re
volves around the same idea that can be simplified by reducing space-time to a o
ne dimensional fabric and imagining folds and kinks in it caused my intense grav
itional pressure from "what lies beneath" (that is, outside) and being able to n
avigate these folds (via wormholes aka einstein-rosen bridges) and go from one p
oint in space-time to another without journeying through the points in between (
and time travel through CTC which is possible near the most intense gravitationa
l pressure of them all-- black holes), in effect FTL without violating relativit
y as the speed of light is never exceeded, but the distance between two points i
s greatly decreased. I do think that singularities aka black holes are key to t
his and the reason why the laws of physics break down inside of black holes is s
imply because the gravitational pressure inside them is so great that a hole has
been torn through the space-time fabric and they have a direct connection to "w
hat lies beneath" where the same laws of physics DO NOT APPLY. I do feel that g
ravity, time and FTL are very closely linked...<br /><br />The idea of zero poin
t energy (vaccum energy) and harnessing the power of virtual particles, now ther
e's another idea. I think if youve read my stuff you know that I think that vir
tual particles dont just wink in and out of existence, I think that we do exist
in a multiverse and every time a particle winks out of here it enters somewhere
else and vice versa (perhaps by "journeying through these higher dimensions inst
antaneously via microblackholes and microwormholes, which are theorized to exist
, and perhaps close to being verified as per the last article I posted)-- thus t
he law of conservation of mass-energy is preserved, just on a higher scale. It
opens up a new level of possibilities of harnessing ZPE and the Casimir effect..
.<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520408641">Manual Mode Photography, its not as hard as it seems.

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520408641" class="blogContent">Basically every time you double the iso yo
u shorten the exposure by half. But you also increase noise levels. ISO 400 sh
ould be fine though-- its a nice middle ground. <br /><br /><br /><br />DONT US
E AN ND4 FILTER!!! ND isnt the same as GND. ND filters are used to slow down y
our shutter speed, GND's are used to preserve DR in contrasty situations. The o
nly time you'd really need to use an ND4 filter is in very bright sunlight-- it
slows down your exposure speed by a factor of 2 stops-- thus turning a 1 second
exposure into an 4 second one . One stop = doubling (or 2x) the exposure, so 2
stops = 2^2 = 4x. Thats what the 4 in ND4 means. So, umm, without that ND4 fil
ter, your 10 second exposure would have been about 2.5 seconds! (Easiest way to
figure this out is to half your shutter speed twice-- for example 10/2 ~ 5/2 ~
2.5). So the ND changed your shutter speed from 2.5 seconds to 10 seconds.<br /
><br /><br /><br />Now one reason that some photographers do use ND filters is t
o give flowing water that silky smooth effect (the slower shutter speed combines
the droplets to give that effect). But this is normally only needed in BRIGHT
sunlight. That 2.5 second shutter speed without the ND4 filter would have been j
ust fine in your case. OR just set the iso to 100 (that iso 400 actually negate
d the 2 stops off your ND4 filter and added some noise into the image to boot--
making the filter useless. Basically, iso 400 with an ND4 filter is the same as
iso 100 with NO filter!) Increasing the iso to 400 decreased the shutter speed
by 2 stops, while putting on an ND4 increased it by 2 stops-- so they canceled
each other out. If you hadnt used an ND4 filter at all and had set your iso to
400, you would have had a shutter speed of 2.5 seconds, which is still fine for
the effect you want. At iso 100 and without that filter, you would have kept yo
ur 10 second shutter speed anyway, which IMO is overkill.<br /><br /><br /><br /
>The easiest way to remember all this is to recall that one stop = halving or do
ubling of a given exposure value (depending on whether its an increase or decrea
se). Two stops = quarter or four times. Three stops = one eighth or eight time
s. Its all about powers of 2. 2^1(stop)=2 2^2(stop)=4, 2^3(stop)=8, etc.<br /
><br /><br /><br />Here's the difference between a GND and a normal ND. While a
n ND filter darkens the whole image (in your case by 2 stops), a GND only darken
s one half of the image. That way, the part of the image that would have been e
xposed correctly without the GND should be on the "bright side" of the filter an
d the other part on the "dark side." (Rotate it like you would a Polarizer.) T
he GND filter I received a couple weeks ago was a GND0.6, meaning, it filters ou
t about 2 stops of light on the "dark" side (same as your ND4), and none at all
on the bright side. <br /><br /><br /><br />Remember that, in many cases, the b
est filter is no filter at all. No filter can ever increase the amount of light
coming into your camera, all they do is decrease, so use them sparingly and onl
y in very specific situations. <br /><br /><br /><br />BTW when youre messing wi
th manual settings (I always use full manual mode, even on my so called point an
d shoot camera, as well as dslr-- unless Im trying to create a special effect wi
th one of the scene modes), let the live histogram guide you (I think you need t
o use Live View for this.) Make sure that the curve doesnt cut off to the right
or left and that none of the colors are clipped (that is, none reach the top of
the histogram.) The best and simplest way to do this is to just set your apert
ure to 5.6 and mess around with the shutter speed until you get it to look the r
ight way. Also, try to keep your iso fixed at 200 for best image quality (400 i
s ok though.) A well-kept secret with these kit lenses is that when you have th
e aperture number set at less than 5.6, it can make the image soft and dull. Th
ats why people buy the super expensive lenses-- to be able to use aperture value
s like 2.8, 3.2, 3.5, 4, etc. with no loss in image quality. For landscape shot
s, you shouldnt be going lower than 5.6 anyway-- to get the most amount of the i
mage in focus (the higher the aperture number, the greater the depth of field.)
An aperture of 8 or 11 would be even better. BTW, aperture works the same way
as shutter speed and iso, except that a doubling or halving is a change in TWO
stops. I believe this is because aperture refers to the AREA of the lens being u
sed to create the image (and area is a two dimensional number, as opposed to iso
and shutter speed which are single dimensional.) To get a one stop differentia
l in aperture, multiply/divide (depending on whether its one stop less or one st
op more of light, respectively) the f-number by the square root of 2, or approxi
mately 1.42. For example, an image at f/11 that requires a shutter speed of 2 s
econds, can be taken at f/8 (f/11 divided by 1.42) with a shutter speed of 1 sec
ond. And can be taken at f/5.6 with a shutter speed of half a second. (Reason b
eing that decreasing the aperture number decreases depth of field-- good for por
taits-- but increases the amount of light being let in, and so requires a quicke
r shutter speed, stop for stop.) Conversely, the same image can be taken at f/1
6 (f/11 multiplied by 1.42) with a shutter speed of 4 seconds or f/22 at 8 secon
ds. (Larger f-number increases depth of field-- good for landscapes-- but also
decreases the amount of light entering the lens, thus the need for longer shutte
r speeds, stop for stop.) And an image taken with iso 100 and a shutter speed o
f 2 seconds is the same exposure as one with an iso of 200 and a shutter speed o
f 1 second or an iso of 400 and a shutter speed of one half second. All those "
in between" apertures like 3.2, 3.5, etc. correspond to 1/3 stops (you get these
with shutter speeds too)-- if you'll notice, there's always two values between
every doubling or halving of shutter speed (for example: 1/200, 1/250, 1/320, 1/
400) or one stop of aperture (for example: f/4, f/4.5, f/4.8, f/5.6). That's wh
y theyre considered 1/3 stops. Sometimes, you can even obtain 1/3 stops in ISO
(for example: 100, 125, 160, 200-- though this is normally only done by the came
ra in auto iso mode.) This also integrates into exposure compensation and EV, w
hich work the same way, except that they dont give you as much control as simply
manually altering the aperture, shutter speed and iso.<br /><br /><br /><br />P
S- if we really want to make things complicated and work with all 3 factors toge
ther, an exposure of f/5.6 with a shutter speed of 1/500 second and iso 200 is t
he same as an exposure of f/8 with a shutter speed of 1/1000 second and iso 800!
(aperture subtracts one stop of light, shutter speed subtracts another stop, i
so adds two stops = net effect of 0 stops, thus equivalent exposure, although th
e depth of field and the focused area is larger with the higher f-number apertur
e plus higher noise at iso 800.) This should show you how the three are all tie
d in together. In general, you want aperture numbers like f/8 and f/11 or great
er for landscape work to give a greater depth of field and focus and lesser aper
ture numbers for portraits, to retain shallow dof and to accentuate your subject
. A more complicated example utilizing 1/3 stops : an image with an f/3.5 (like
yours) aperture at 1/800 second shutter speed at iso 200 has the same exposure
value as an image at f/8 and 1/1250 second at iso 1600. (In the second case, the
f-number is 2.3 stops slower-- remember doubling the f-number has a 2 stop effe
ct (for example f/4 and f/8)-- plus add 0.3 stop for the difference between f/3.
5 and f/4, the shutter speed is 0.7 stops slower-- two thirds of a stop is round
ed to 0.7-- (if it was 1/1600 second (half of 1/800 second) it would have been a
full stop), but the iso is 3 stops faster = net stop differential of 0.)<br /><
br /><br /><br /> Remember that doubling or halving the iso or shutter speeds re
sults in a one stop difference in exposure; doubling or halving the aperture res
ults in a two stop difference, but also either doubles or halves the depth of fi
eld (the former if the f-number went up, the latter if it went down.) Just reme
mber how aperture and iso affect shutter speeds and each other and vice versa (a
nd also keep an eye on noise at higher iso's) and youre good to go. Use the low
est iso you can get away with, unless youre trying to freeze fast action.<br /><
br /><br /><br />You can do exposure bracketing (or just take a bunch of pics at
slightly different settings) and go back and look at the review histogram of ea
ch to see which one came out best. Eyeing the LCD before (live view) or after (
review) helps out alot as well. Finally, trust your own instincts and your own
eyes-- you have the talent to figure out what looks best to you and Im sure if y
ou let your innate abilities guide you-- you'll do just fine! Remember that pho
tography is more than just math-- its an art!!!<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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d="pBlogSubject_520357857">My Photography</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520357857" class="blogContent">Whole collection:<br /><br /><a href="http
/</a><br /><br /><a href="
FodHRwOi8vQWxleF90aGVfR1JFQVQucGhvdG9zaG9wLmNvbQ=="></a><br /><br /><br />Some selections:<br /><br /><a href="http://www.msp
ts/6859c0b9cdec497b8ab1fc3a92852477</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.
7810b231f434eab5608087f801f15</a><br /><br /><a href="
><br /><br /><a href="
484e33ac191cf3db684366/adobe-px-assets/d7aa41432227472aa075dddfe1b1c84e</a><br /
><br /><a href="
ac191cf3db684366/adobe-px-assets/9d06560b11d242f2b805fc0473ebb5eb</a><br /><br /
><a href="
f3db684366/adobe-px-assets/d87fe19183b94e5886e0767e0a1e5d74</a><br /><br /><a hr
4366/adobe-px-assets/526b91d495ab4c348744bff358a7a662</a><br /><br /><a href="ht
dobe-px-assets/feda9f5a45bf4904b676c289ab78e072</a><br /><br /><a href="http://w
x-assets/75834861e00444d5a6dc7f5ebef5f4d3</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msp
ts/ccd402b8dafc44eaaad7c97abefd70d8</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.
77c58217049609ab912bae92a0bb4</a><br /><br /><a href="
0c14f0e8fbdaff9dd3de31a</a><br /><br /><a href="
b9bc47cc4b93646a9</a><br /><br /><a href="
30e4c0664a2</a><br /><br /><a href="
1f013</a><br /><br /><a href="
/a><br /><br /><a href="
<br /><br /><a href="
vbS9ncm91cHMvaTIwNi83SUU1MDhZTERXL1A4MjYwODI0aXItMS5qcGc=">http://i73.photobucke</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www
P5290001bd.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
nBob3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjEyMjIuanBn">http://</a><br /><br /><a href
om/albums/a265/alexreynolds/DSCN1222autolevelsblue.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="h
olds/DSCN1224.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
EzLnBob3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDFiYi5qcGc="></a><br /><br
/><a href="
XMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjEyMjRhdXRvbGV2ZWxzYmx1ZS5qcGc=">http://i13.phot</a><br /><br /><
a href="
.com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P5290001contrastauto.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><br
/><a href="
ms/a265/alexreynolds/P7230062a.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.c
jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
a2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcyMzAwNDFiYi5qcGc=">http://i13.pho</a><br /><br /><a href="htt
ynolds/P7230045bb.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
c="></a><br />
<br /><a href="
albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7230056ba.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.mspli
64ba.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
vYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcyMzAwNjFiYS5qcGc=">http://i1</a><br /><br /><a href
lexreynolds/P7230062a.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
r /><br /><a href="
com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7040078ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.m
040076ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
//</a><br /><br /><a
65/alexreynolds/P7040087ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
/a><br /><br /><a href="
LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwNDAwODZhYS5qcGc=">http://i13.photobu</a><br /><br /><a href="http://
ds/P7040087aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
EzLnBob3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwNDAwODhhYS5qcGc="></a><br /><br
/><a href="
ms/a265/alexreynolds/P7040078aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.
.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
ja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwOTAwODFhYi5qcGc="></a><br /><br /><a href="ht
eynolds/P7090082ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
Gc="></a><br /
><br /><a href="
/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7090003ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.mspl
015ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwOTAwMDhiLmpwZw==">http://i</a><br /><br /><a href
lexreynolds/P7090008b.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
/><br /><a href="
om/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P6230013l.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msp
0001bd.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDEuanBn">http://i13.</a><br /><br /><br /><a hr
/alexreynolds/P5290001bb.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.c
/P5290001contrastauto.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
/><br /><a href="
om/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P5290001b.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msp
0001ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDFiYS5qcGc=">http://</a><br /><br /><br /
><br /><a href="
.com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/DSCN0009aaaaa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://w
s/DSCN0009aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="
Gc="></a><br /
><br /><a href="
/albums/a265/alexreynolds/DSCN0409aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="http://ww
N0409.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjA0MDUuanBn">http://i13.p</a><br /><br /><a href="htt
ds/DSCN0068.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
lsharpen.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
<br /><br /><a href="
vbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDgyMzAxNjBVVi5qcGc=">http://i13.photobucke</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www
P8230160UV.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
<br /><br /><a href="
/a><br /><br /><a href="
LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDgyMTAwMTVyZXYxLmpwZw==">http://i13.pho</a><br /><br /><a href="h
alexreynolds/P8220124rev1.jpg</a><br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520357582" class="blogContent">Angel Hero Forever<br /><br />As I was lyi
ng half awake, half asleep, in a bed of soft and fragrant grass, gazing up at th
e stars, my hands softly lit by the light of the moon, my mind began to drift aw
ay. I gazed at the stars and imagined the eyes of my Angel, sparkling down upon
me. I, the hero, had been through many battles, had been hurt in so many places,
so many times before. But that which had been hurt the most, was my heart. It l
ay in pieces... But the hero's Angel had been sleeping outside on the very same
night, and in the light of the moon, had noticed something sparkling. It was a p
iece of her Hero's heart. She picked it up, and a little further away, she found
another piece, and as she kept walking she kept finding more and more pieces. <
br />Meanwhile, the hero noticed the grass was wet; it was wet with the tears of
his Angel. He carefully brushed the grass with his hands, collecting every sing
le teardrop, and he crawled on his hands and knees, as far as the trail of tears
would lead him. Thus the two of them traveled, day and night, never straying fr
om the trail of tears or the road of hearts. <br />The Angel had picked up every
single piece and carefully pieced them all together, and added many parts of he
r own heart, the most beautiful parts that were not even there before his heart
broke..and thus their hearts were joined before they even met. And the Hero crie
d because his Angel had been crying, her pain is his pain, and he wept his tears
upon her tears, and because tears come from parts of the soul melting away, the
Angel's soul and the Hero's soul were joined thus before they ever met. <br />T
hen on the dawn of one beautiful summer day, the trail of tears and the road of
hearts ended... The Hero looked up from his crouched pose, and the Angel looked
down....The Hero saw the blush on the cheeks of his Angel, more beautiful than a
ny dawn ever could be...Their gaze met, eyes locked, hearts joined, two souls as
one....The Hero held out his hands, full of the tears he had collected from his
Angel, plus his own tears which had been shed, two souls joined as one. <br />T
he Angel held out her hands, full of the pieces of his broken heart which she ha
d collected, plus the parts of her heart, which she had added to his, two hearts
joined as one. Their hands reached out for each other, their rings sparkled bri
ghtly against each other...and thus the hearts and souls of the Hero and Angel w
ere joined, never to be separated again.<br /><br /><br />Sunrise Smile<br /><br
/>Watching the moon rising from beyond the bubbling stream, which is steaming i
n the cool night air is like looking into your eyes through the mists of distanc
e... and you are so beautiful to me... and, just like the moon, the distance can
not alter or diminish you in any way.<br />I sit lurking under the darkness of
murky shadows, waiting for the clear vision of your warm smile to bring light in
to the darkness of my soul, in nervous waiting for a beautif
ul sunrise over a darkened landscape...knowing in my mind's eye how beautiful it
will be, the first blush of dawn reminding me of your tender rosy cheeks, yet t
he real wonder of your smile not fully revealed til it is before me, for not eve
n the greatest mind can fully comprehend the joy of your *sunrise smile* until i
t is is upon thee.<br />Wonders when I reach out my hands to you, if you can fee
l it; and when I hold my hands in each other....wrapping four fingers of my righ
t hand under the four fingers of my left and the thumb over them... if you can f
eel me holding your hands in mine. Wonders when I press my hands to my chest, if
you can feel me touching your heart. Wonders when I shed my tears if you can fe
el the rain falling down...although there are no clouds... Wonders if when I cal
l out your name and say "Sweet honey, I know it sounds so crazy to have these fe
elings so early, but I feel this from deep within my soul... I think I'm falling
in love you"...if you can hear me. <br />A deep heartfelt sigh, as the cold wes
t wind blows and dries my tears before they can touch your tender cheeks, taking
my hand away from my chest, to reveal a snow encrusted long-stemmed rose, spark
ling like countless stars in the first light of dawn. Placing it gently upon you
r pillow, and then slowly backing away, not wanting to disturb your sleep. Gazin
g at you from afar, in appreciation and admlration for who you are, awaiting you
r smile like the first light of the Sun after a long cold and lonely night and t
he sparkle of your eyes like the twinkle of the Morning Star.<br />Slowly depart
ing, across the endless emerald fields of grass, teary eyed and overcome with th
e beauty and joy of what I just saw, my tear drops intermingling with the mornin
g dew that you see when you venture outside, glittering with the brilliance of y
our *Sunrise Smile* bringing light to all the shadows upon the landscape and gui
ding me and keeping me warm upon my long journey home... the memory of you bring
ing me hope and comfort and something to look forward to til the next time we me
et...<br /><br /><br />My One and Only<br /><br />Let me tell you this right bef
ore I start :<br />At first sight you part the door to my heart .<br /><br />A w
ritten rhyme that forever preserves<br />Is the least your breathtaking shape de
serves .<br /><br />Before we met, I planned to run lonely ;<br />Now, you're my
true pet, MY ONE AND ONLY .<br /><br />For you, in my heart, there is no rival
.<br />Your true, unequaled love's my survival .<br /><br />When we meet, the su
n glows into my soul .<br />Then I greet the ONE who knows my heart whole .<br /
><br />Every glorious day I glimpse your face ,<br />I see flawless beauty and s
wan-like grace .<br /><br />Your hair is a halo of flaming fire .<br />Having yo
ur care is my deepest desire .<br /><br />My heart can soar when I hear your lau
ghter .<br />I know, then, you're my humors' clear master .<br /><br />When you'
re laughing, light glitters in your eyes ;<br />Then, each dazzling bright diamo
nd drops disguise !<br /><br />The sad twinkling tears streaming while you cry ,
<br />Are like shooting stars streaking through the sky !<br /><br />Your soft,
rapturous, ruby red lips screen <br />Twin strings of precious pearls fit for a
queen .<br /><br />A kiss from your lips, my sweet darling love ,<br />Is an ang
el's touch from Heaven above .<br /><br />Your voice is sultry as a summer's nig
ht .<br />To my soul's darkest depth, your smile brings light .<br /><br />An un
surpassed face the texture of cream ;<br />Beauty from some place past my wildes
t dream !<br /><br />Each hand as smooth as a butterfly wing ;<br />Tanned arms
that soothe my demand by warming .<br /><br />Your legs look like golden oars at
first glance ;<br />Or eagles that soar when immersed in dance .<br /><br />Tho
ugh seeing your splendid shape may entice ,<br />Only your love can bring me par
adise .<br /><br /><br />Why I Love You So Much<br /><br />Living life is like w
alking through a fog, except that you don't know that you are in the fog, until
a bright light cuts through it, and shows you the way out of the darkness. And a
ll of a sudden that light not only illuminates the paths you had previously take
n, and all the wrong turns, pitfalls and mistakes you made along the way...but i
t also shows you the right road ahead, the road to happiness, the path to the fu
ture you had always dreamed of, but never dared hope could exist. <br />A future
with true love. One special day this light dawns in your is the
light of the smile of the one you love, your one and is the light in
her sparkling eyes, shining down upon you with love, making you feel so special,
so happy, so protected, so loved. Your heart opens up to her, full of love, blo
ssoms like a rose, her sweetness overwhelming you like the sweet aroma of jasmin
e in the air, making your cheeks glow like the morning's dew drops make rose pet
als sparkle.<br />True Love is like sight to the blind man: unless you have it,
you don't know what you're missing. I was that blind man until I met you. Every
time you tell me "I love you," it feels like the first time. It's because not on
ly have you healed my heart, and picked up pieces broken along the way, but your
love has added new parts that were never there before. You have made my heart,
and my soul, so much stronger and happier than it ever was, stronger and happier
more than even before the first time it was hurt.<br />This is so wonderful and
rare, not only have you given me back what I thought I had lost forever, you ga
ve me something better and more special than I have ever had before, or even bel
ieved could be possible to have...Your Love. And every time you tell me "I love
you," you touch one of those new parts of my heart which you have created, a new
and different one each and every time, that's why every "I love you" feels like
the first "I love you." <br />You are like the blind man's first sunrise, the f
irst light dawning on a new day, a day of Hope, a day of Love. You are like the
first time a deaf man hears his own heart beating... he feels life within him th
at he never knew existed. I used to settle for less, but being loved by you now,
I know that True Happiness only lies along the road which leads me to you. I've
told you before, sweetheart, a million years of pain and a million miles of unh
appiness are all worth it, as long as you're waiting for me at the end of that r
oad.<br />I would climb the highest mountain barefoot, as long as I knew you wai
ted for me on the peak; you, my Love, being my warmth and my shelter, as the res
t of the world falls beneath us. I would dive into the deepest ocean without scu
ba gear, as long as I knew you waited for me at the sea bottom, your sweet soft
breath being the only air I would ever need to breathe.<br />Like the morning su
n rises over my garden, revealing more and more beauty with each passing moment,
my love for you grows day by day, getting stronger and stronger in every way. E
ven though at any one particular moment it doesn't seem it could grow any greate
r, just like the beauty of my roses, the very next moment exceeds all expectatio
ns and every new moment I discover a new reason of why..........................
.............. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH !<br /></div>
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520357466">Philosophy on Love</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_520357466" class="blogContent">Love is the perfect union of two souls-- t
his union not <br />necessarily of soul mates, but can also be "soul sibling" or
"soul parent" love... <br />pure love in all its forms, is what we must all str
ive to achieve, and whether <br />or not we ever do achieve that perfect love is
not the point, its the pursuit of <br />it that helps us grow as people, and he
lps us to realize the greater beauty of <br />the world around us. I would add h
ere that perfect love or any pursuit of such <br />begins from within, and if we
do not have love for ourselves we do not have love <br />to share with others.
Now it may seem selfish to think of loving ourselves, but <br />never mistake se
lfishness for love... because jealousy, manipulation and <br />dishonesty-- all
necessary components of selfishness, are mutually exclusive of <br />true love.
By loving ourselves, I mean we need to understand that no matter who <br />we ar
e, we all play a key role in the success of our society, and we are all <br />im
portant, and to give of ourselves in order to make our society a better place--
<br />this is what loving ourselves means. It is this generosity of giving of <b
r />ourselves that also shares our love, not only with people that we know, but
also <br />with people that we do not know-- love (I feel) is a logarithmic equa
tion) that <br />is twice blessed, once for the giver and once for the receiver-
- and every time <br />it is shared, that love and a share of the heart of the g
iver reside inside the <br />receiver, making their heart that much bigger and r
eadier to share love with <br />others. We touch so many people without even kno
wing who, or how we touched them.<br /><br />Children are a representation, a <b
r />personification, of perfect love... that is why I feel all children are perf
ect <br />as they are born unto the world, until their environment can begin to
corrupt <br />them. I have no children, but just looking at the purity of a baby
's smile or <br />the innocent sparkle in their eyes, proves it to me... they se
e the world in a <br />whole different light than we do, they see it for the tru
ly beautiful and <br />inspirational place it can be because each child sees the
world in a whole new <br />way; like a diamond with an infinite number of facet
s, the birth of a new child <br />opens up a whole new reality and path to the f
uture in front of us. This newness <br />of a child's world view is essential to
creativity and the future of humankind-- <br />without it culture would stagnat
e and humanity would descend into-- my <br />favorite word-- BOREDOM (lol)-- and
disorder. A new child represents a new <br />motivation for us to succeed, one
not only for ourselves, but also for them... <br />to make them proud of us, and
to be a role model for them. As such, children <br />have much to teach us-- no
t only about them, but also about ourselves, about <br />what love really is, an
d about what true beauty exists in our world today, and <br />our desire to pres
erve it for their tomorrow. Children aren't just a little <br />version of us, t
hey are a BETTER version of us, nature (and our) attempt to <br />achieve an eve
n greater perfection than was achieved with the previous <br />generation. We bu
ild upon the successes and mistakes of the previous generation <br />in order to
achieve a better tomorrow with our heirs. We all have a little child <br />insi
de of us, that purity that hasn't been tarnished, and that will always be <br />
the best part of us-- the part that lets us be creative, the part that lets us <
br />imagine, and the part that helps us to dream what may happen, if we but try
-- in <br />short it's the part that I (and many others, I suspect) access when
we write, or <br />do anything else creative or productive. Children, whether we
speak of the <br />biological variety, or of the inner child inside all of us,
are our hope for the <br />present and the future, as well as our link to the pa
st-- without them society <br />would lose its very foundation, its reason for c
aring and its motivation to make <br />the world a better place.<br /><br />Chil
dren are the greatest teachers of the greatest lesson the world has ever <br />k
nown. And that lesson is love.<br /><br /><br />Love to me is a multifaceted jew
el that exists on so many levels, that what we <br />as humans understand as lov
e is just one small part of it. Yes there are <br />different forms of love, lov
e of self, love of soulmate, love of sibling, love <br />of parents, and love of
friends and other family. BUT I feel that there is also <br />other forms of mo
re subtle love. Animals can love... Plants can love, even <br />inanimate object
s such as the earth itself can love. Think about how it supports <br />all of us
, gives all of us its precious resources so we might survive. The same <br />can
be said of the sun. As another example-- what is music but the perfect <br />ph
ysical representation of love through the medium of sound carried on air <br />m
olecules? No one can sit here and say that music is not a pure form of love-- <b
r />scientific studies have shown its abilities in healing, even in infants, and
<br />also how it can aid (or degrade lol) brain development. One of the very <
br />qualities of love itself, is harmony, and the word harmony has music as its
<br />source...<br /><br />I also believe (as I wrote in blogs previous to this
) that to love another one <br />must love oneself first... and make no mistake,
this is no narcissistic self-love <br />I am typing of here, but the kind that
creates and engenders respect for oneself <br />and for others, where one realiz
es (to a degree-- not absolutely, or else there <br />would be no purpose to lif
e) ones place in the grand scheme of things. If one <br />does not have uncondit
ional love of self than one does not have love to share <br />with others.<br />
<br />Finally I believe that the greatest teachers of love are children and anim
als. <br />They love unconditionally, from birth, because they know no other way
to be. We <br />can learn much from them that we have forgotten along the way b
ecause of the <br />corruption the environment around us causes. Love is a great
circle and the <br />greatest example of that is how the teachers (adults) beco
me students and how <br />students (kids) become teachers of love to the previou
s generation.<br /><br />One of love's most healing qualities is its <br />resto
ration of faith into the faithless and the restoration of hope into the <br />ho
peless. How does it do this? I believe that love is a fundamental force of the <
br />universe as much as any of the 4 physical forces... and that it exerts pres
sure <br />on all of us, living or inanimate... it connects us all to each other
, so the <br />healthier parts can help heal the unhealthy ones. Love is like th
e glue that <br />holds together the many strands of the web which connects us a
ll to each other, <br />an ever-renewing glue that seeks to make every strand as
unbreakable as the <br />strongest one. Ever notice how we can tell a loved one
is in danger before we <br />know whats going on? This is just one example of h
ow love makes our connections <br />stronger-- in this case thru ESP. It may not
always succeed-- but that is mostly <br />due to the weight already placed on s
aid strand-- rather than some fundamental <br />flaw with love itself.<br /></di
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November 29, 2009 - Sunday&nbsp;
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<label i
d="pBlogSubject_520357294">Older stuff I wrote when I was immature LOL</label>

<!--- blog body --->
<div id="pBl
ogBody_520357294" class="blogContent">City Rock 1 -- The Many Faces of New York<
br /><br /><br /><br />Who wants to live in that wide open space ?<br />Some spa
rse far-flung unpopulated place !<br />I need New York's wild and nutty rat race
,<br />Not some small hick town's mild and steady pace .<br />I try to see the
night's cat and mouse chase ;<br />Rat so fat that house cat hides in safe place
!<br />Grisly news of the latest murder case ;<br />Great views of the daily po
lice car chase !<br />Where a neighbor who has a charming face ,<br />May have b
een released from alarming place !<br />(10)<br />Where the term "tree" means te
lephone pole's base <br />And "grass" is drug used to forget this place !<br />W
here smog has its not-so-secret base ;<br />Air that can stun you like a can of
mace !<br />Dial the wrong phone number-- what a disgrace!<br />Area code overlo
ad is in place<br />See informants vanish without a trace ;<br />Some more snitc
hes the mob had to erase !<br />Where the people who corrupt and debase <br />Ar
e just politicians we must replace !<br />(20)<br />You'll see a man make babies
like an ace ,<br />Then leave the mother in utter disgrace .<br />Keep your cou
ntry ladies with charm and grace ;<br />Give me some city girls in see-through l
ace !<br />In daylight, kids pitch, hit balls and reach base ;<br />At night the
y'll find subway trains to deface !<br />Those who don't have money to leave thi
s place ,<br />Steal a sniff to think they're in outer space !<br />Where you'll
see the great urban taxi race ;<br />Cabbies with turbans all over the place !<
br />(30)<br />Where, when you catch them after a long chase ,<br />Their fare's
enough to go to outer space !<br />A day's pay is needed for parking space ;<br
/>Park in the dark; stereo's out of place !<br />Your car is older than his fre
sh young face !<br />Or they joyride and end up in a race ;<br />Lead police on
a twenty mile car chase ,<br />Which ends when your front fender meets tree's ba
se !<br />Shake hands with a salesman and you must brace ;<br />With his left ha
nd, he'll your wallet displace !<br />(40)<br />It's agreed that, to get out of
this place ,<br />You need greed to succeed, let doubt erase .<br />If you get l
ost and shall try to retrace ,<br />Then a mugger you shall surely embrace !<br
/>Late night stroll: I hear steps; see a strange face ;<br />With great delight,
I spray my can of mace !<br />Where greedy thugs who steal at rapid pace <br />
Are made needy by drugs, not born one race .<br />Powers say, "stress and proble
ms we'll erase ,"<br />But I see distress: people out of place ,<br />Hopeless a
nd homeless vanished without trace ,<br />Helpless misery; doubt on every face .
<br />Sadness as they stare into empty space ;<br />Madness that no flashy words
can displace .<br />(54)<br /><br /><br />City Rock 2 <br />City Rock 2 -- The
Lost Continent/City of New York<br /><br />-------------------------------------
------------------ {1} OPENING (1-11)<br />As you know, I live in New York City<
br />(No I don't!)<br />And this poem will surely be witty<br />(No it won't!)<b
r />But it gets down to the nitty-gritty<br />It's born after a nine month wait<
br />After City Rock I-- the Great<br />The basic credo of City Rock:<br />So li
ttle time and so much to mock<br />So let's let the saga continue<br />(You didn
't think I'd stop now, did you?)<br />------------------------------------------
------------- {2} CHILD (12-113)<br />It may seem like magic<br />That I actuall
y wrote a sequel<br />But it's really tragic<br />To continue from the original<
br />In the class room, there is no space<br />And the teachers are a disgrace<b
r />There's no motivation<br />For good education<br />Only desperation<br />The
re's no innovation<br />We're all on vacation!<br />All the teachers are stinkin
g<br />So our test scores are sinking<br />Because we aren't thinking<br />We'd
all rather be drinking!<br />Or we are playing pool<br />That, we all say, is co
ol<br />It is a jewel<br />But even pool<br />(Like any school)<br />Can be crue
l<br />To a fool<br />Who doesn't know the rules<br />Truly, just like life<br /
>Can cut like a knife<br />Those who have lost direction<br />And can't make a c
orrection<br />(38)<br />And those who think it is a joke<br />Those poor delude
d souls; they won't think it's so funny<br />When they are thirty and haven't go
t any money<br />Not even enough<br />Of holy green stuff<br />To support their
habit<br />They just do not have it<br />Can't even buy a joint to smoke!<br />T
hink they're still in mother's womb<br />And that their parents will forever ten
d them<br />Even though they will not ever respect them<br />And they will get a
rude awakening when<br />They are kicked out of their room<br />A helping hand
no one will ever lend them<br />And the police will forever suspect them <br />T
rouble on every corner awaiting when <br />All alone to face their doom<br />Rem
embering the good old days<br />When they were living for free<br />Never mendin
g their lazy ways<br />Sitting back, watching TV<br />And when they don't learn<
br />Because they haven't gone to college<br />Haven't used their mind<br />Thei
r bridges are burned<br />Because they haven't got the knowledge<br />And got le
ft behind<br />Their biggest influence:<br />Watching TV violence (67)<br />.N<b
r />Instead of learning computers<br />They are becoming gun shooters<br />Bad h
abitual drug users<br />And/or area store looters<br />They can't get a job<br /
>Then, they have to rob<br />Or work for the mob<br />They don't want any real w
ork<br />(Unless graffiti's artwork!)<br />Just want to be full-time jerks!<br /
>(They say they'll find something tomorrow<br />All their promises are so hollow
)<br />And they lie, they cheat, they steal<br />They'll take away your car's wh
eels!<br />And they will get caught<br />Or worse still, get shot<br />(83)<br /
>Commit their first crime<br />End up in jail<br />System's so overcrowded<br />
Get out on bail<br />Their minds' still shrouded<br />System has failed<br />Won
't be their last time<br />Because, they will be in and out<br />To them, that's
what life's all about<br />They don't know that future's in doubt<br />And they
will not listen<br />Will not learn their lesson<br />Not even in prison<br />I
n jail, they learn<br />How they can earn<br />That the more laws you break<br /
>The more money you'll make!<br />And they have no goals<br />They live for now<
br />Never learned their roles<br />Never learned how<br />How to love or to liv
e<br />To receive or to give<br />And they will make more mistakes<br />'Cause t
hey'll find new laws to break<br />Illegal money to make<br />Much counterfeit c
ash to fake<br />And new drugs to sell and take<br />He'll cough and sneeze<br /
>And spread disease<br />-------------------------------------------------------
{3} "MAN" (114-155)<br />He'll find a girl who doesn't know any better<br />And
(now what do you think?) pregnant he will get her<br />Man who, when he comes h
ome<br />Instead of greeting<br />(What's he thinking?)<br />When they are all a
lone<br />Gives her a beating<br />(He's been drinking)<br />For talking on the
phone<br />He thinks she's cheating<br />The baby that's born<br />Already down
one strike<br />A family that's torn<br />Daddy's taken a hike<br />Mother's got
no house<br />And she's got no spouse<br />And, I will never leave her<br />Tha
t's what he had said<br />But that was to deceive her<br />Get her into bed<br /
>(133)<br />Just because he's a man<br />And just because he can<br />He just go
t up and ran<br />Or maybe he meant it<br />Saying he would never leave<br />But
could you ever believe<br />Someone so demented<br />Could long stay out of tro
uble?<br />He's always on the bubble<br />How do you ever hold out hope<br />For
a guy never far from dope?<br />For him, a wild young fool<br />She dropped out
of high school<br />They didn't use protection during sex<br />And now two othe
r young lives he has wrecked<br />Because he didn't know it is lethal<br />To in
ject yourself with the same needle<br />(Like the TV shows depicted<br />Even th
e baby's addicted)<br />The poor young girl he's laid<br />And the baby they've
made<br />Also succumb to AIDS<br />--------------------------------------------
-----------{4} PROTECTION?(156-175)<br />We want to carry guns<br />To protect o
ur loved ones<br />But all that just hurts us<br />Only adds more danger<br />Ou
r courage deserts us<br />When we see a stranger<br />The burglar isn't caught<b
r />And it's we who've been shot<br />(163)<br />You hear a strange noise<br />A
nd you lose your poise<br />So you use your gun<br />You shoot a loved one<br />
Guns aren't are our protection<br />They are just an infection<br />And for the
thousandth-and-first time <br />They go, once again, to jail<br />Released on go
od behavior<br />Again, the system has failed<br />Now who will be our savior<br
/>From this unending wave of crime?<br />--------------------------------------
-----------------{5} CONCLUSION (176-206)<br />Because, there is only one escape
<br />From the worst enemy we've ever faced<br />Foe with hideously ugly shape<b
r />A mind is a terrible thing to waste<br />And no time to wait<br />We can't h
esitate<br />Don't procrastinate<br />Before it's too late<br />We must educate<
br />In very great haste<br />Open the door<br />To so much more<br />Because, w
e've got to build a bridge<br />Narrow the very gap<br />Between the high school
and college<br />So much talent to tap<br />Show dedication and courage<br />Ho
peless must repeat this song<br />Repeat this again and again:<br />He wants to
act like a child<br />To live free and to run wild<br />Wants to think this is b
liss<br />Pretend nothing's amiss<br />He's not crazy!<br />He's just lazy!<br /
>Doesn't want to sweat<br />He's always in debt<br />Just to pass the time along
<br />Not realizing they're wrong<br />Just continuing to pretend<br />'Til they
reach their very DEAD END (206)<br /><br /><br />Put Down Poetry!<br /><br />I
have a teacher who thinks she can jest ;<br />Knows no humor, just how to be a p
est !<br />She tells very stale and such STUPID jokes .<br />And, on her own lau
ghter, I think she chokes !<br />When she tries to laugh, her mouth opens wide ;
<br />THAT smells like somebody crawled in and died !<br />"Her jokes loosen the
tension," someone said .<br />I say, "What's LOOSE is a screw in her head !"<br
/>The REAL reason we laugh, tiny teacher ,<br />Is because you're SUCH an UGLY
creature !<br />(10)<br />She gave this cruel and unusual test ,<br />When I lef
t school I was truly depressed ;<br />But nothing nearly like what she must feel
,<br />Because she's really got no sex appeal !<br />In class she displays her
incompetence <br />And, alas, disgusting incontinence !<br />From afar you can s
ee her facial flaws ;<br />Her getting a man is a futile cause !<br />Forget abo
ut her having sex for free ;<br />She can't even get any for a fee !<br />(20)<b
r />Not with those ugly, grubby little paws ;<br />Sharp gross nails hanging dow
n like lion's claws !<br />At very first sight, I viewed her in awe ;<br />From
afar, I was scared at what I saw :<br />A smurf-like V-shaped pointy little jaw
;<br />A Pinocchio-like vast nasal flaw !<br />And many others caused me to guff
aw !<br />When we do not pass her test, she is glad ;<br />For, I see the crooke
d teeth as she smiles ;<br />Worse than failing is to smell breath so bad ;<br /
>And seeing vile jaws like a crocodile's !<br />(31)<br />A voice like chalk squ
eaking on the blackboard ;<br />Erratic elf which puberty ignored !<br />I've st
ared for a long time and tried my best ;<br />Unless I'm blind wrong, she has go
t no breast !<br />I think our little Ms. Pee Wee pervert <br />May have got doc
tor's cooperation .<br />An obvious unsuccessful convert ;<br />Made her "female
" in sex operation !<br />No change resulted; she is still inert !<br />Still ca
n't have any sexual dessert !<br />No man can inside her, his stick insert !<br
/>(42)<br />She wears a scarf; I wish it were a noose ;<br />Look at the dwarf's
back, she lacks a caboose !<br />All during class, she picks her pointy nose ;<
br />Models the latest in midget-sized clothes !<br />Forget about her seeing ey
e to eye ;<br />Teacher can just barely see eye to thigh !<br />A smurfette that
is so very little ,<br />Can't do it with a guy; she's so brittle !<br />(50)<b
r />The cream of the crop always rises to the top ;<br />But she's sunk; stage p
rop who is a gross flop !<br />Possesses a mouth that can't ever quit !<br />She
is total and colossal nitwit ;<br />Inside which no man's "appendage" can fit !
<br />CONTINUED <br />The "men" she dates are NOT local heroes ;<br />They ARE s
ocial and physical zeroes !<br />No sane man could want that eccentric elf ,<br
/>So deprived, she would satisfy herself !<br />Or go shopping for a hooker and
lie ,<br />Tell her (EASY TO BELIEVE) she's a guy !<br />False "lady" Pee Wee no
real guy would choose ,<br />Not even if she could ply him with booze !<br />Th
ey know her womanhood is just a ruse !<br />Can't see her without elevator shoes
!<br />(65)<br />Sometimes, with great effort, she will land guys ;<br />It mus
t be someone who's not very wise !<br />And for her to a poor soul victimize ,<b
r />Must be someone who has very bad eyes ;<br />Not to notice she is no beauty
prize !<br />In a while, he'll finally realize ;<br />When the effect of the boo
ze she drugged dies ;<br />When he loses his long drug-induced highs ;<br />That
, only his horror, she satisfies ;<br />She won't give him any passionate sighs
;<br />She can't even get his Organ to rise !<br />She AND his stick are both mi
niscule size !<br />(The man won't be able to maximize ;<br />From now on, stick
will only minimize !)<br />By careful observation he descries ;<br />Making sur
e he's not wrong, he twice espies ;<br />And that, despite how loudly she denies
;<br />That everything she'd said were really lies .<br />What would have cause
d him to so criticize ?<br />What could have happened to make him chastise ?<br
/>What caused him to her suddenly despise ?<br />What did lead to her ultimate d
emise ?<br />You'd already know if you'd heard his cries <br />That her womanhoo
d was a thin disguise ,<br />When, despite how valiantly he tries ;<br />Then, i
n spite of how hard he really pries ,<br />To poor man's total and complete surp
rise ,<br />He had found no entrance between her thighs !<br />(93)<br />One loo
k at a pygmy so impudent ,<br />Could make a man completely impotent !<br />Ms.
Manikin could not date any bum ,<br />Even if he should be small as Tom Thumb !<
br />Couldn't get any for a ton of rum !<br />Just the sight of her makes most m
en feel numb !<br />Her "womanhood," guys would hate and despise ;<br />All men,
tall or small: of any measure ;<br />Because, no matter how hard teacher tries
,<br />She can't give even a moment's pleasure !<br />Tiny teacher has scrawny c
hicken thighs !<br />(104)<br />It did not matter how long she could coax ;<br /
>Or how strong was that wee "lady's" demand ;<br />No real man could have ever l
aid a hand <br />On someone whose womanhood was a hoax !<br />The truth of this
I swear to you by oath :<br />That the real reason she can't a man lure , <br />
More than that she's "female" miniature ;<br />No man ever has any "joystick" gr
owth !<br />(112)<br />Just as a lame one-legged woman she walks ;<br />Like a p
arrot with a sore throat she talks !<br />That "lady" has no chance with nerds o
r jocks ;<br />Comes to school with two different-colored socks !<br />Teacher h
as got a dense brain full of rocks ;<br />The marks on her face look like chicke
n pox !<br />In an ugly head shaped like a square box !<br />I'll tell you once
again: she is NO fox ;<br />To us, her sex is complete paradox !<br />(121)<br /
>CONTINUED <br />Once a young fool did fall into her trance ;<br />On his loneli
ness she made strong advance .<br />He was one of those horny guys from France ;
<br />A typical Frenchman; big on romance !<br />They went off to a dark nightcl
ub to dance .<br />You could tell that the witch has, at first chance, <br />Put
in his drink a narcotic she plants .<br />(From his weird leg-moves and ungainl
y slants ,<br />His horrible-to-behold horse-like prance ;<br />And his voodoo m
an-like ungodly chants !)<br />This is the way the Ugly One enchants !<br />When
they're alone, she's in sexual stance ;<br />Use of his body, in drugged state,
he grants .<br />Just then, the drug wears off and, at a glance, <br />He sees
she's barely bigger than most ants !<br />The result of insect-like human enhanc
e !<br />He tries to run; enraged she chops his "lance !"<br />He'll be known no
w as Mister Empty Pants !<br />(139)<br />Once a nymphomaniac who was crazed ,<b
r />Upon her barely nude body had gazed .<br />At first his mania had his eyes h
azed ,<br />His thirst for sex had his sight-sense nerve dazed ;<br />For, he ha
d, her "feminine beauty" praised !<br />But then his sickness which had had him
fazed <br />Wore off and the man was truly amazed !<br />Her so-called "beauty"
had left him unfazed !<br />In this poor madman, no desire had blazed !<br />She
hadn't even a "nympho's" stick raised !<br />(149)<br />She will never be able
to appease ;<br />Not in her wildest dreams able to please<br />Even a nymphoman
iacal sleaze <br />When she really does her so-called "strip-tease ."<br />Then
poor guy will certainly cough and sneeze ;<br />He will truly struggle to breath
e: he'll wheeze <br />And his "vital organ" will surely freeze ;<br />Finally, m
an will jump into the trees <br />As her smell is brought over by the breeze <br
/>And he first glimpses and then truly sees <br />That this so-called "lady" ha
s got no cheese !<br />What she truly has are ankle-high knees <br />And to show
her "body," she pays the fees !<br />(162)<br />CONTINUED <br />.N<br />When sh
e wants to have men in a bad mood ;<br />Put them into an awful attitude ;<br />
(Like she tried to do to my good friend Jude .)<br />She shall then, in her mind
, have smart plan brewed .<br />Teacher will perform an act very shrewd :<br />S
he shall appear before them in the nude !<br />The tragic result of an act so le
wd ?<br />What do all of you think would have ensued ?<br />Ever seen such a fem
ale form intrude ?<br />Have you ever such a weird shape construed ?<br />Have y
ou ever, by a witch, been pursued ?<br />Here's what should happen to our viewer
-dude ;<br />Who would witness our teacher's act so rude :<br />Well, first of a
ll, he would have cursed and booed ;<br />Trying to scare the dumb pest, should
have shooed ;<br />Blood would rush from his face; face could be blued ;<br />Wh
atever he drank, whatever he chewed :<br />He would have emitted his daily food
;<br />Unnamed biological acts issued !<br />Forever, his sight her shape would
occlude .<br />For a lifetime he would have sex eschewed ;<br />Because his sex
drive's forever subdued !<br />Even a pervert would become a prude !<br />He wou
ld, from all women, himself seclude .<br />"Girls look just like us," he had mis
construed .<br />Besides the fact that she could have been sued ;<br />But then
the wise judge would have to conclude :<br />By her stripping in an awful denude
,<br />That she was trying to a male delude <br />By having on her body, fake b
reasts glued !<br />Failing utterly to have a man wooed ;<br />Unsuccessful in g
etting herself screwed ;<br />By displaying a female form so crude ;<br />Becaus
e she is a freak; vicissitude !<br />That should have caused a deaf cow to have
mooed !<br />(Photos from the crime lab would have him clued )<br />Our pygmy pe
rvert must be unglued ;<br />Insanity would, from jail time, preclude .<br />Unu
sed mannikin completely unscrewed ;<br />A leftover from an alien brood !<br />T
he human species, she doesn't include !<br />(203)<br />CONTINUED <br />.N<br />
When she cannot seduce the town prior <br />And gets turned down by the saintly
friar <br />Then, she fails to deflower boys' church choir ;<br />Her sex drive'
s hornier than a briar ;<br />Her need for satisfaction is so dire ;<br />Within
herself, there burns such a strong fire ;<br />Deep-red coals of a hot burning
desire ;<br />That she now becomes a lady for hire !<br />She will tell all of t
hose who inquire <br />That she certainly doesn't ever tire ;<br />That she will
make them hotter than a pyre !<br />But she doesn't find a single buyer ;<br />
They all know she's nothing but a liar ;<br />In her entrance, can't even fit a
wire !<br />(217)<br />When the creature we call Teacher shall near ;<br />When
we the pitter-patter of heels hear ,<br />Some people will make fun of her and l
eer ;<br />They will make cruel jokes; shout at her and sneer ;<br />(They want
to throw the witch off a short pier !)<br />Others will shake and quiver in grea
t fear !<br />Paralyzed like headlights to a stray deer !<br />They think that t
heir manliness she will shear !<br />Afraid that her ugliness brings Death's bie
r !<br />All comment on lack of twin frontal gear !<br />All comment on her none
xistent rear !<br />Her gender is one thing that is not clear !<br />Out of her
path all shall attempt to steer ;<br />If she comes close, they change direction
; veer ;<br />They all think that she is really a queer !<br />Not one person sh
all ever hold her dear !<br />(Not even should she fill the guy with beer !)<br
/>Because no man can pierce her with his spear !<br />When she will tire and get
out here ,<br />Then every creature, tall or small, shall cheer ;<br />Not one
person shall even shed a tear !<br />They sigh in relief and say what was here ;
<br />What came out of the blue to interfere ,<br />After a travel of many a yea
r :<br />Alien outcast from final frontier !<br />(Kind that make crop circles a
nd eat raw steer !)<br />(243)<br />Normally, she can't even touch first base !<
br />But sometimes, after a very quick pace ;<br />On foot, a long and difficult
man chase ;<br />She will corner a guy in a dark place .<br />She will try to d
eflower and disgrace ;<br />Maybe even try to wallet displace !<br />He'll yell
at the sight of hideous face ;<br />A so-called "lady" with no charm or grace ;<
br />Nothing worth noting under see-through lace ;<br />At first, he tries to av
oid her embrace ;<br />But, not succeeding, he can only brace .<br />Hope to mem
ory of the event erase .<br />But then he realizes she's no ace ;<br />She can't
even fit him in her dark space !<br />He'll reach into pocket and spray with ma
ce ;<br />She will yell at him that she will deface ,<br />He worries about her
threat, just in case .<br />He'll get up and vanish without a trace ,<br />Back
to his own home his steps he'll retrace .<br />Wondering, where before had he se
en that face ?<br />He'll recall a movie at girlfriend's place <br />Where he ha
d seen just that same kind of face <br />It's about aliens from outer space !<br
/>With ugly designs, they humans replace !<br />(267)<br />CONTINUED <br />.N<b
r />Sometimes to get guys, she'll dress like a whore ;<br />When she sees one, s
he'll beg and implore <br />Ask permission to his body explore .<br />He says no
; she does something I deplore .<br />Injects him with drugs to get him to snore
!<br />(She doesn't know the act is such a bore ;<br />Never did she get any ma
n to soar ;<br />Could never lift any man's oar !<br />Sex is enough to get a gu
y to snore !)<br />While he's sleeping, his body she'll adore !<br />But he'll c
ertainly wake up before <br />She has a chance to do anything more .<br />Before
she completes her sexual chore <br />He'll see himself under her on the floor <
br />Of a dirty pornographic bookstore !<br />The guy's so disgusted; a soul so
poor ,<br />Her ugliness shakes him to his own core !<br />Can't bear the burden
of this anymore ;<br />With a knife, he'll certainly himself gore !<br />(286)<
br />When she goes out with a guy on a date ;<br />From the start to the finish,
they her hate ;<br />They can't stand her walk, her lame one-legged gait !<br /
>Nothing she has ever done has been great ;<br />She can't any man's sex appetit
e sate .<br />Couldn't even his hormones activate !<br />Can't even a man's unit
motivate !<br />Nothing she will do can lift a man's "freight !"<br />With her
undesirable feather weight !<br />Scale of one to ten, minus five they rate !<br
/>No matter how much they slow down or wait ,<br />She can't give them pleasure
early or late !<br />And there's something they don't anticipate :<br />They ca
n't even open up her small gate !<br />She thinks its the man's fault; calls him
ingrate !<br />It's not her fault, just a quirk of cruel fate ;<br />Just the r
esult of a something innate !<br />Ugly enough to be fisherman's bait !<br />Kil
ls fish with bad breath from garlic she ate !<br />Her "womanhood" is a matter o
f debate !<br />(306)<br />When she's on a quest to find the right mate ,<br />A
man who won't jest and dump on first date ,<br />She would go to a certain well
-known place ,<br />In search of the longest-suffering male ;<br />The only men
who would let her embrace ,<br />Are the ones that she could get out on bail !<b
r />(312)<br />When she comes, unshaven men stare and shout ;<br />She thinks th
ey crave her; that's NOT what they meant !<br />The thing that they're truly tal
king about :<br />They're betting who'll drop dead first from her scent !<br />I
n time, she'll pick out the ugliest one ,<br />Slimeball who thinks that she's a
guy named Stan !<br />The only males who, at first glance, won't run , <br />Ar
e those who prefer to be with a man !<br />(320)<br /></div>
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);" />Latvian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('lt', 520357294);" />Lithuanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('mt', 520357294);" />Maltese</td></tr><tr><td><a href=
"javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('no', 520357294);" />Norwegian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('pl', 52035729
4);" />Polish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('pt', 520357294);" />Portuguese</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('ro', 520357294);" />Romanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href
="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ru', 520357294);" />Russian</td><
/tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sr', 520357294
);" />Serbian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('sk', 520357294);" />Slovak</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" o
nclick="translateBlog('sl', 520357294);" />Slovenian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="j
avascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('es', 520357294);" />Spanish</td></tr
><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sv', 520357294);"
/>Swedish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog
('th', 520357294);" />Thai</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclic
k="translateBlog('tr', 520357294);" />Turkish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascri
pt:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('uk', 520357294);" />Ukrainian</td></tr><tr>
<td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('vi', 520357294);" />Vi
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November 3, 2009 - Tuesday&nbsp;
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<td width="30"><img heig
ht="1" border="0" width="30" alt="" src=""
<!--- blog subje
ct --->
<div class="blog
<label i
d="pBlogSubject_517034583">Photography Portfolio</label>

<!--- blog body --->
<div id="pBl
ogBody_517034583" class="blogContent">Whole collection:<br /><br /><a href="http
_GREAT/?trackingid=BTAGC&wf=share</a><br /><br /><a href="
m/MDFodHRwOi8vQWxleF90aGVfR1JFQVQucGhvdG9zaG9wLmNvbQ=="></a><br /><br /><br />Some selections:<br /><br /><a href="http://www
assets/6859c0b9cdec497b8ab1fc3a92852477</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.mspli
/b087810b231f434eab5608087f801f15</a><br /><br /><a href="
g</a><br /><br /><a href="
br /><br /><a href="
4e33ac191cf3db684366/adobe-px-assets/9d06560b11d242f2b805fc0473ebb5eb</a><br /><
br /><a href="
191cf3db684366/adobe-px-assets/d87fe19183b94e5886e0767e0a1e5d74</a><br /><br /><
a href="
db684366/adobe-px-assets/526b91d495ab4c348744bff358a7a662</a><br /><br /><a href
66/adobe-px-assets/feda9f5a45bf4904b676c289ab78e072</a><br /><br /><a href="http
be-px-assets/75834861e00444d5a6dc7f5ebef5f4d3</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www
assets/ccd402b8dafc44eaaad7c97abefd70d8</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.mspli
/58b77c58217049609ab912bae92a0bb4</a><br /><br /><a href="
6a080c14f0e8fbdaff9dd3de31a</a><br /><br /><a href="
2452b9bc47cc4b93646a9</a><br /><br /><a href="
888630e4c0664a2</a><br /><br /><a href="
7a1f1f013</a><br /><br /><a href="
4db</a><br /><br /><a href="
</a><br /><br /><a href="
0LmNvbS9ncm91cHMvaTIwNi83SUU1MDhZTERXL1A4MjYwODI0aXItMS5qcGc=">http://i73.photob</a><br /><br /><a href="http:/
lds/P5290001bd.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
p://</a><br /><br /><a
I2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjEyMjJhdXRvbGV2ZWxzYmx1ZS5qcGc=">http://i13.photobuck</a><br /><br /><a hre
reynolds/DSCN1224.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
c="></a><br />
<br /><a href="
GJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjEyMjRhdXRvbGV2ZWxzYmx1ZS5qcGc=">http://i13.</a><br /><br
/><a href="
bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDFjb250cmFzdGF1dG8uanBn">http://i13.photobu</a><br /><br /><br />
<br /><a href="
albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7230062a.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplin
5aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
YnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcyMzAwNDFiYi5qcGc=">http://i13</a><br /><br /><a href=
exreynolds/P7230045bb.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
r /><br /><a href="
com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7230056ba.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.m
230064ba.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
//</a><br /><br /><a
65/alexreynolds/P7230062a.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
a><br /><br /><a href="
mNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwNDAwNzhhYi5qcGc=">http://i13.photobuc</a><br /><br /><a href="http://w
s/P7040076ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
ttp://</a><br /><br /
><a href="
s/a265/alexreynolds/P7040087ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplinks.c
jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
a2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwNDAwODZhYS5qcGc=">http://i13.pho</a><br /><br /><a href="htt
ynolds/P7040087aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
c="></a><br />
<br /><a href="
albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7040078aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.mspli
76aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
vYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDcwOTAwODFhYi5qcGc=">http://i1</a><br /><br /><a href
lexreynolds/P7090082ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
br /><br /><a href="
.com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/P7090003ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www.
7090015ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
://</a><br /><br /><a
65/alexreynolds/P7090008b.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
><br /><br /><a href="
NvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDYyMzAwMTNsLmpwZw==">http://i13.photobuck</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www
P5290001bd.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
nBob3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDEuanBn">http://</a><br /><br /><br /><
a href="
a265/alexreynolds/P5290001bb.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="http://www.msplin
olds/P5290001contrastauto.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
><br /><br /><a href="
NvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDUyOTAwMDFiLmpwZw==">http://i13.photobuck</a><br /><br /><a href="http://www
P5290001ab.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
p://</a><br /><br /><
br /><br /><a href="
bS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjAwMDlhYWFhYS5qcGc=">http://i13.photobu</a><br /><br /><a href="http
nolds/DSCN0009aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="
br /><br /><a href="
.com/albums/a265/alexreynolds/DSCN0409aa.jpg</a><br /><br /><br /><a href="http:
/DSCN0409.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
Bob3RvYnVja2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvRFNDTjA0MDUuanBn">http://i</a><br /><br /><a href=
ynolds/DSCN0068.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
levelsharpen.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
</a><br /><br /><a href="
0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDgyMzAxNjBVVi5qcGc=">http://i13.photob</a><br /><br /><a href="http:/
lds/P8230160UV.jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
</a><br /><br /><a href="
jpg</a><br /><br /><a href="
a2V0LmNvbS9hbGJ1bXMvYTI2NS9hbGV4cmV5bm9sZHMvUDgyMTAwMTVyZXYxLmpwZw==">http://i13</a><br /><br /><a hre
265/alexreynolds/P8220124rev1.jpg</a><br /></div>
<!--- blogger's
current book/movie/music/games --->
<div class="blogContentInfo">
<div class="cmtcell"><a href='http://blogs.m'>7
:39 PM</a>&nbsp;</div>
<div class="cmtcell"><a href='http://blogs.m' i
<div class="cmtcell">(<a href='#' id='addCmt
Lnk_517034583'>Add Comment</a>)&nbsp;|</div>
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<div class="cmtcell"></div>
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in_cpMain_BlogList_RepeaterBlogList_ctl14_btnTranslate" href="javascript:showLan
<div class="cmtcell"><div id="languageOption
s_517034583" style="display:none" class="googleTranslateLayer blog"><table borde
r="0" class="blog"><tr><td><div class="googletranslate">Powered by<br/><img src=
"" alt="Google
Translate" /></div></td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="tran
slateBlog('en', 517034583);" />English</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void
(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sq', 517034583);" />Albanian</td></tr><tr><td><a h
ref="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ar', 517034583);" />Arabic</td
></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('bg', 5170345
83);" />Bulgarian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="transl
ateBlog('ca', 517034583);" />Catalan</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0
);" onclick="translateBlog('zh', 517034583);" />Chinese</td></tr><tr><td><a href
="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('hr', 517034583);" />Croatian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('cs', 51703458
3);" />Czech</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBl
og('da', 517034583);" />Danish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" on
click="translateBlog('nl', 517034583);" />Dutch</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javasc
ript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('et', 517034583);" />Estonian</td></tr><tr
><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('tl', 517034583);" />F
ilipino</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('f
i', 517034583);" />Finnish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclic
k="translateBlog('fr', 517034583);" />French</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascrip
t:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('gl', 517034583);" />Galician</td></tr><tr><t
d><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('de', 517034583);" />Germ
an</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('el', 5
17034583);" />Greek</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="tran
slateBlog('iw', 517034583);" />Hebrew</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(
0);" onclick="translateBlog('hi', 517034583);" />Hindi</td></tr><tr><td><a href=
"javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('hu', 517034583);" />Hungarian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('id', 51703458
3);" />Indonesian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="transl
ateBlog('it', 517034583);" />Italian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0
);" onclick="translateBlog('ja', 517034583);" />Japanese</td></tr><tr><td><a hre
f="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ko', 517034583);" />Korean</td><
/tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('lv', 517034583
);" />Latvian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('lt', 517034583);" />Lithuanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('mt', 517034583);" />Maltese</td></tr><tr><td><a href=
"javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('no', 517034583);" />Norwegian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('pl', 51703458
3);" />Polish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('pt', 517034583);" />Portuguese</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('ro', 517034583);" />Romanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href
="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ru', 517034583);" />Russian</td><
/tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sr', 517034583
);" />Serbian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('sk', 517034583);" />Slovak</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" o
nclick="translateBlog('sl', 517034583);" />Slovenian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="j
avascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('es', 517034583);" />Spanish</td></tr
><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sv', 517034583);"
/>Swedish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog
('th', 517034583);" />Thai</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclic
k="translateBlog('tr', 517034583);" />Turkish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascri
pt:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('uk', 517034583);" />Ukrainian</td></tr><tr>
<td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('vi', 517034583);" />Vi
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October 24, 2009 - Saturday&nbsp;
<table class="blog" width="100%" border=
"0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" >
<td width="30"><img heig
ht="1" border="0" width="30" alt="" src=""
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ct --->
<div class="blog
<label i
d="pBlogSubject_515742655">Glory Of Love - Peter Cetera</label>

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<div id="pBl
ogBody_515742655" class="blogContent"><br /><br /><a style="font-size:smaller; f
ont-weight:normal;" href="
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rking="internal" src="" height="3
44" width="425" wmode="transparent" />
<param value="transparent" name="wmode"/></object></p>
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<div class="cmtcell"><a href='http://blogs.m'>9
:56 PM</a>&nbsp;</div>
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Lnk_515742655'>Add Comment</a>)&nbsp;|</div>
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s_515742655" style="display:none" class="googleTranslateLayer blog"><table borde
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"" alt="Google
Translate" /></div></td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="tran
slateBlog('en', 515742655);" />English</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void
(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sq', 515742655);" />Albanian</td></tr><tr><td><a h
ref="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ar', 515742655);" />Arabic</td
></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('bg', 5157426
55);" />Bulgarian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="transl
ateBlog('ca', 515742655);" />Catalan</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0
);" onclick="translateBlog('zh', 515742655);" />Chinese</td></tr><tr><td><a href
="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('hr', 515742655);" />Croatian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('cs', 51574265
5);" />Czech</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBl
og('da', 515742655);" />Danish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" on
click="translateBlog('nl', 515742655);" />Dutch</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javasc
ript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('et', 515742655);" />Estonian</td></tr><tr
><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('tl', 515742655);" />F
ilipino</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('f
i', 515742655);" />Finnish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclic
k="translateBlog('fr', 515742655);" />French</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascrip
t:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('gl', 515742655);" />Galician</td></tr><tr><t
d><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('de', 515742655);" />Germ
an</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('el', 5
15742655);" />Greek</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="tran
slateBlog('iw', 515742655);" />Hebrew</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(
0);" onclick="translateBlog('hi', 515742655);" />Hindi</td></tr><tr><td><a href=
"javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('hu', 515742655);" />Hungarian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('id', 51574265
5);" />Indonesian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="transl
ateBlog('it', 515742655);" />Italian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0
);" onclick="translateBlog('ja', 515742655);" />Japanese</td></tr><tr><td><a hre
f="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ko', 515742655);" />Korean</td><
/tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('lv', 515742655
);" />Latvian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('lt', 515742655);" />Lithuanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('mt', 515742655);" />Maltese</td></tr><tr><td><a href=
"javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('no', 515742655);" />Norwegian</td>
</tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('pl', 51574265
5);" />Polish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('pt', 515742655);" />Portuguese</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0)
;" onclick="translateBlog('ro', 515742655);" />Romanian</td></tr><tr><td><a href
="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('ru', 515742655);" />Russian</td><
/tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sr', 515742655
);" />Serbian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateB
log('sk', 515742655);" />Slovak</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" o
nclick="translateBlog('sl', 515742655);" />Slovenian</td></tr><tr><td><a href="j
avascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('es', 515742655);" />Spanish</td></tr
><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('sv', 515742655);"
/>Swedish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog
('th', 515742655);" />Thai</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclic
k="translateBlog('tr', 515742655);" />Turkish</td></tr><tr><td><a href="javascri
pt:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('uk', 515742655);" />Ukrainian</td></tr><tr>
<td><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="translateBlog('vi', 515742655);" />Vi
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<li><a href="">Switzerland (Deutsch)</a></li>
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bles,'tyntVariables');tyntVariables.ap="Read more: ";})();</script>

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<script type="text/javascript">
function google_ad_request_done(google_ads)
var i = 0;
if (google_ads == null || google_ads.length == 0) return;
var ctl = null;
var str = '';
ctl = document.getElementById("googleAdDefaultDiv");
if (ctl != null)
str = '';
document.write('<STYLE type=text/css> div.googleafs, div.googlea
fc { -x-system-font:none; font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:11.0
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rong { color:#1619FC; margin-top:0.5em; } div.googleafc div.quad div.adcount1 a
{ height:auto; margin-bottom:1em; } div#searchmain div.googleafc { padding:7px 0
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div.adunit strong {display:inline;} div.googleafc div.adunit a{display:inline;
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Postpage_Gads_A {border:1px solid #B1D0F0;background-color:white;} dev.googleafc
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iv.googleafc strong {color:#003399;} div.googleafc span {color: #008800;} </STY
str += ' <DIV class=googleafc> <DIV class=vert> <DIV class=googl
ehdr><a href="
afc&gl=US&hideleadgen=1" class="spLinks" target="_blank">Sponsored Links</a></DI
V> <DIV class=adcount4 id=gafc> ';
for (l = 0; l < 4; l++)
if (google_ads[i] == null) break;
str += ' <div class="adunit"> <A style="width:auto;" on
mouseover="window.status=\'go to ' + google_ads[i].visible_url + '\'; return tru
e;" onmouseout="window.status=\'\';" href="' + google_ads[i].url + '" target=_bl
ank><STRONG>' + google_ads[i].line1 + '</STRONG> </A><br/> <P>' + google_ads[i]
.line2 + ' ' + google_ads[i].line3 + '</P> <A onmouseover="window.status=\'go t
o ' + google_ads[i].visible_url + '\'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=\
'\';" href="' + google_ads[i].url + '" target=_blank><SPAN>' + google_ads[i].vis
ible_url + '</SPAN></A> </div> ';
str += ' </DIV> </div> </div>';
ctl.innerHTML += str;
try {
if (!window.MySpace)
window.MySpace = new Object();
MySpace.AdditionalPageBeaconKVPs = { ga:"c_na_1_" + goog
else if (MySpace.AdditionalPageBeaconKVPs) = "c_na_1_" + google
_ads.length ;
MySpace.AdditionalPageBeaconKVPs = { ga:"c_na_1_" + goog
var gafc = document.getElementById("gafc");
if (gafc == null) return;
gafc.className = gafc.className.replace("adcount4", "adcount" +
var googleafc = document.getElementById("googleafc");
if (googleafc == null) return;
googleafc.className = googleafc.className.replace("adcount4", "a
dcount" + google_ads.length);
catch (e) {}
try {
if (typeof($q) !== 'undefined') {
var afcNodes = $q('.googleafc div > p');
for (var i=0,len=afcNodes.length; i<len; i++) {
var anchors = $q('a', afcNodes[i].parentNode);
if (anchors.length > 0)
attachLink(afcNodes[i], anchors[0].href)
var anchorTags = $q('.googleafc a');
for (var i=0,len=anchorTags.length; i<len; i++)
anchorTags[i].onclick = trackGoogleAd;
} catch (e) {}
function attachLink(elem, link) { = 'pointer';
elem.onclick = function() {;
function trackGoogleAd() {
if (MySpace.Beacon) {
var adData = { eventid:300, clientid:dw_google_ad_client
, l_channelids:dw_google_ad_channel };
if (MySpace.AdditionalPageBeaconKVPs && MySpace.Addition
adData.abtest = MySpace.AdditionalPageBeaconKVPs
var google_page_url = "
var afcxml = "false";
var google_language = "en";
var dw_google_ad_client = "fim_myspace_blogs_js";
var google_ad_client = "fim_myspace_blogs_js";
var google_contents = "";
var google_ed = "0:0:Mzg0MWVjNGU5MmY2NWQwN6J5GOAsLiOFIPuAYIlzdp1HXfVrlfFhpKofdh1
var google_ad_output = "js";
var google_safe = "high";
var google_ad_type = "text";
var google_ad_channel = "fim_myspace_blogs_view,fim_myspace_united-states";
var google_encoding = "utf8";
var google_adtest = "off";
var google_max_num_ads = 4;
var google_cust_ch = "";
var dw_google_ad_channel = "fim_myspace_blogs_view,fim_myspace_united-states";
<script type="text/javascript">
var WebIM = WebIM || {};
WebIM.Config = WebIM.Config || {};
WebIM.Config.WebIMSettingsURL = "
WebIM.Strings = WebIM.Strings || {};
WebIM.Strings.ENABLE_MYSPACEIM = "Enable MySpaceIM";
WebIM.Strings.IMCALL_SETTINGS_LINK = "IM Settings";
WebIM.Strings.CANCEL = "Cancel";
WebIM.Strings.IMCALL_DISABLED_SETTINGS = "You must be Online on MySpaceIM to use
this feature. Go to your IM Settings page and check the box to enable MySpaceIM
</script><script type="text/javascript" src="
<script type="text/javascript">
ame'), {frequency: 10});
<script type="text/javascript">
:"Woodmere","st":"NY","co":"US","dmac":"501","uff":"0","uatv":"br=Opera 9.80&os=
Windows NT 5.1","sip":"171970886","uid":"415169779","pggd":"5c51e67e-34e4-42cb-8
if (MySpace.Beacon) MySpace.Beacon.SendPageBeacon();
<script type="text/javascript">

<script type="text/javascript">MySpace.Application._raiseDOMloaded();</s