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Dated 15th August, 94

Dear friends,

A district-level meeting of Brahmin Samaj was held at Balaghat on 15th August. The meeting was presided over by Mr.
Trivedi, an ideal saint of Jabalpur. The following resolutions were passed in the meeting.

1. Shudra communities means Backward Class like Pawar, Marar, Lodhi, Kasar etc. should be kept involved in the
religious affairs so that their attention be kept away from political rights and they always remain slaves and
supporters of Brahmanism.
2. The political consciousness that has developed among the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward
Class and Religious Minorities has threatened the leadership of Brahminism. Hence, such a confusion and
conflict be created in them, that they keep on fighting among themselves.
3. We must go to the people of fourth Varna, Shudras and tell them that the constitution is against Hindus and it
must be changed. This awakening must be created and spread in the masses.
4. Everybody in Brahmin Caste, of any political party like Congress, BJP, Communist and any organisation, social-
religious, must gather under one banner to save Brahminism, because the leadership of Brahminism is in
5. Wrong confusion must be spread among Pawars, Marars, Lodhis (backward classes), Scheduled Castes/tribes
and religious minorities (Muslims/Christians/Buddhists) due to which they must fight and kill each other.
6. Because of the politics of Bahujan Samaj Party (Kanshi Ram) and consciousness of Dalits, the leadership of
Brahminism is threatened. To oppose this, we must tell the people that this is the party of Mahars and Chamars
only, so that other smaller castes do not join.
7. The employees of Scheduled Castes/Tribes, backward class and muslims have developed fat in their bodies.
Hence they should be physically and mentally tortured and they must be humiliated by paper actions and their
work must be carried out by the Brahmin Officers who are occupying high posts, in a secret manner.
8. The Officers of Brahmin community, who are holding higher posts should spread confusion among the
unemployed youths of low castes that only Scheduled Castes and Tribes people are taking advantage of
reservation, and posts meant for you are being given to them only, so that they keep on fighting among
9. If Brahmin community does not come on one platform to protect themselves and protect brahminism, this will be
the matter of great shame and death for them and they will become the slaves of untouchable castes. Therefore
to keep them slaves, we must adopt every tactics to protect Brahmins and to retain leadership of the country.
10. The backward classes should be kept in forefront, by giving the slogan of Jai-Shriram to use them as shield
(source) to protect Brahmins and they should be kept confused by religious acts like Gayatri Yagya,
Brahmakumari Institution, Satya Sai of Shirdi and the Buddhists should be confused by Shiva-Patra.
11. If Ambedkarism grows in the country, Gandhism means Brahminism will be finished. Nobody will be there to
take the name of Dr. Hegdewar, Golwalkar Guruji, the great men of R.S.S. Hence we must infiltrate in their
every organisation and get information secretly, to defeat their every plan.
12. If the Brahminism is to be kept alive, then we must raise religious emotions and sentiments among the youths of
backward classes, to keep them confused and create communal conflicts/riots with the youths of Scheduled
Castes/Scheduled Tribes, so that the children of Brahmins retain their domination, in the Government
administration and politics.
13. To save Brahminism, the ladies of Brahmins should come forward and it is necessary that Brahmin ladies
should sacrifice, to protect Brahminism. If one lady comes forward to protect Brahmin, they will get 'Punya' on
the basis of Manusmriti.

Friends, the whole thing must be implemented secretly. This letter should not reach in the hands of lower castes. It is a
secret letter.


District Level Brahmin Samaj


Varnashrama Dharma
(The Taproot of Racism in the World)

A few years ago, a group of Brahmins filed a petition with the Backward Commission at Mylapore, Chennai, India,
requesting backward community status. On October 8th, 1995 the Tamilnadu Brahmin Association organized a rally
"Demanding 20% Exclusive Reservation for hither to neglected Forward Communities in Tamilnadu". These are unusual
happenings in the Brahmin community, and why are these things transpiring?

One sympathizes with the Brahmin community in the problems that they face, but to understand the cause of these
things we have to look at history and comprehend certain facts from it. The Brahmin community is generally classified
as from the mythical Aryan race that entered India sometime after the 1st millennium BC. The word Aryan is derived
from the Sanskrit word 'arya' which means noble. They were the first of the so called Aryans that came into India for
survival. However, they were a very small minority compared to the Dravidians who were the local inhabitants of India.
The Dravidians were an advanced civilization as evidenced by the archaeological excavations in the Indus Valley.

This minority Brahmin community to preserve self interests, resorted to deceptive ways. As nomads passing through
West Asia, they had gathered much of the religious beliefs of the local inhabitants. With this background, they portrayed
themselves as priests and used religion to gain political and economic control of India. They devised the "Varnashrama
Dharma or Manu Dharma" (caste system) which teaches that God did not create all men equal, but in a hierarchy. Of
course Brahmins were at the top of this hierarchy and established themselves as mediators between God and Man.

Over the years the caste system has been used to cause divisions and conflicts amongst the Dravidians while Brahmin
control of India was maintained. However, there was a heavy price for this, and that price was not paid by the Brahmins,
but by the Dravidians. Many innocent lives have been either seriously hurt or killed, and certain people are living under
the most oppressive circumstances. Few years ago a five year old child in Salem district was blinded in one eye by a
teacher because she dipped her cup in the drinking water pot at the Government school where she was a student. It is
interesting to note that such caste prejudiced practices do not occur in private schools. Two circulars of the Brahmin
Samaj and RSS (recently published in various magazines) show the horrifying extent to which some Brahmins would go
to preserve their own self interests. Certainly even though every Brahmin may not be individually involved, the general
Brahmin community reaction has been one of indifference to these things.

The Deivanayagams in their newsletter, Dravida Samayam, dated June, 1998 write,
When the Europeans came to India, the Brahmins supported and assisted them to capture the political power of India
and enslave the Indians. This is not new since when we analyze the history of India, it is revealed that the Aryan
Brahmins have acted as the traitors through the ages. The Europeans were made to believe that they and the Aryan
Brahmins were from the same stock, and since the Aryan Brahmins supported and assisted the Europeans to capture the
political power of India, they made the world believe that the Brahmins are the leaders of Hindu Religion. Thus they
have attributed special achievements and qualities to the Brahmins and have deceived the whole world.

Though history reveals the fact that Hindu Religion is of the Dravidians and the Aryans have nothing to do with Hindu
Religion, it was made to believe that the Brahmins are the leaders of Hindu Religion. The Europeans who coined the
term 'Hinduism' to denote all the Indian religions, made the world to believe that the Brahmins are the leaders of Hindu
religion. Hence, international scholars often write that the Brahmins are the leaders of Hindu religion.

The question immediately arises as to why the Europeans propagated this ideology to the world, and the
Deivanayagams give the answer.

There are many similarities between the Aryan Brahmins and the Europeans. Both of them were proud of their light
complexion and followed color discrimination. They came from the outside into India and were involved in activities with
the motive of exploiting and enslaving the Indians. They prided themselves as superior over the Indians, the Dravidians,
though the divine thoughts and philosophies originated from the Dravidians, and looked upon others as inferior to
themselves. However, the concept of the Dravidians is 'Every country is my country and all are my kith and kin' and they
wanted to be affectionate and friendly with everyone. The Aryan Brahmins pretended that they were spiritualists
(soulists) and claimed that the Vedas, which were compiled by a Dravidian, Veda Vyasa, belong to them and enslaved
the people in the guise of religion. Similarly the Europeans claimed that the Bible belonged to them, and showed
themselves as the leaders of Christianity, while involved in activities which enslaved others.

Even though the Aryans claim that the Vedas belong to them, no correlation can be seen between the Vedas and the
Hindu Religion. In the Vedas the names of Saivite and Vaishnavite Gods and Goddesses do not occur, and there is no
place for these deities. Nature worship is predominant in the Vedas and they are Agni (Fire), Varuna (Water), Vayu
(air)...etc. Since they are fire worshippers, during their special family occasions, as the Saivite and Vaishnavite priests
instead of worshipping Siva or Vishnu, they worship and give importance to Agni (Fire), and they degraded Siva as the
God of Sudras.

Thus, the Aryans developed the Manudharmasasthra in order to bring racism into Indian society (please see Aryans for
details). They elevated themselves as a superior caste by birth and degraded the Dravidians as a lower caste by birth.
The Deivanayagams write,

In Northern India after the reign of Harsha, that is in the 7th c.A.D., the reign of ‘Huns’ started spreading and they are
referred to as demonic hordes by the historians. Huns were the cruel rulers who tyrannically suppressed and oppressed
the Dravidians in northern India from 7th c.A.D. to 12th c.A.D. During this period the 1) Persians 2) Greeks 3) Sakas 4)
Romans 5) Kushans and the 6) Huns who came to India in different periods without any religion were united as Aryans
(Sanskrit word for noble) and were ruling. During this time, the Aryan laws like Manudharma Sasthra, which elevate the
Aryans (foreigners) and degrade the Dravidians (Indians) were devised.

Another interesting fact is brought out by the Deivanayagams,

In the book titled ‘Sacred books of the East’ the author Maxmuller expounded the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Manusmrthi
etc. However, he did not mention any one of the Tamil literatures of the east viz. Tevaram, Thiruvasagam, Nalaira Divya
Prabhandham etc., which are the foundational sacred books for Saivism and Vaishnavism.

Why did he neglect the other sacred books of the east? The Deivanayagams write,

The Aryans have an international organization known as ‘International Aryan league’ and they work tirelessly together
irrespective of religion, nation, language etc. Since their prime motive is to establish their supremacy and enslave
others in their thinking and social life, they are united together in their efforts to achieve their purpose.
Racism, based on one's skin color or varna, as a well-developed theory in the world society is a fairly recent
phenomenon. If racism was prevalent in Shakespeare's day, he would not have written his play Othello which portrays a
black man marrying a white woman in the 17th century! The Encyclopedia Britannica states that,

The 18th century was predominantly environmentalist in its outlook; the science of that day tended to attribute social
behavior either to climatic and geographical environment or to sociocultural factors. Racism as a widely accepted
"scientific" theory of behavior did not appear until the 19th century, which was the age of racism par
excellence. Although Charles Darwin himself was not a racist, his theory of biological evolution was extended to social
evolution, giving birth to the theory of social Darwinism. Mankind was regarded as having achieved various levels of
evolution, culminating in the white-European civilization. These stages of evolution were thought to be related to
the innate genetic capabilities of the various peoples of the world. By the second half of the 19th century, racism
was accepted as fact by the vast majority of Western scientists, and various forms of it were popularized
through the writings of Joseph-Arthur, comte de Gobineau. Houston Stuart Chamberlian, Rudyard Kipling,
Alfred Rosenberg, and Adolf Hitler.

A question naturally rises as to why racism arose in the world society in the 19th century, though it has been prevalent
in India from about the 8th century, that is from the time of Adi Sankara. The answer is found in the fact that in 1794
William Jones started publishing his translation of Manu Dharma which was in Sanskrit into English. The British
Dictionary of National Biography states,

As a great Jurist Jones understood that the power of England in India must rest on good administration, and that the
first requisite was to obtain a thorough mastery of the existing systems of law in India, and to have them codified and
explained. In short, in his own words, 'he purposed to be the Justinian of India' (TEIGNMOUTH, ii. 88). With this idea in
his mind, he decided to prepare a complete digest of Hindu and Muhammadan law, as observed in India : and to assist
him in the colossal labor he collected round him learned native pundits and Muhammadan lawyers. He did not live long
enough to complete this task, but he was enabled to publish the first stages in his masterly rendering of the 'Institutes of
Hindu Law, or the Ordinances of Menu (Manu), 1794.........

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is the total market value of all final goods and services produced in a country in a given
year, equal to total consumer, investment and government spending, plus the value of exports, minus the value of
imports. Both India and China were the most affluent regions in the world for many centuries.

However, when the British came to India for trade, they deceptively took control by setting Indian against Indian,
assisted by the Brahmins. This completely destroyed India's moral fibre and ruined its economy. The Brahmins worked
with the British to take control of India. They were quick to portray Manu Dharma (the law of the Caste System based on
ones skin color or varna) as the Hindu law, and through the translation of William Jones this poison entered the society
of the world. As stated earlier racism was accepted as fact by a vast majority by the second half of the 19th century and
many European scholars under it's influence started identifying with the Brahmins. A.A. McDonnell in his book titled
'India's Past' (Oxford, At the Clarendon Press, 1927) writes,

"This work summarizes India's intellectual history, which in its various aspects has been the subject of my studies for
slightly more than half a century (1875 to 1926). It sets forth in nine chapters the mental development of the most
easterly branch of Aryan civilization since it entered India by land till it came in contact by sea with the most
westerly branch of the same civilization after a separation of at least 3,000 years. The four centuries that have since
elapsed (1498 to 1926) are here touched upon only as showing the most recent distribution of the Indian vernaculars
and the rise of their literature, as well as the process by which the development of the purely indigenous period
gradually became known to the new-comers from the west....These two civilizations, starting from a common source,
have after a separation of at least 3,000 years again become united during the last four centuries, representing
together a quarter of the total of the earth's inhabitants. During these four centuries the new-comers from the west have
gained acquaintance with and recovered the history of India's past mental development. At this, as set forth in the
following pages, will, I trust, contribute something to clearer mutual understanding by two civilizations which in
their origin were one and the same".

Remember Hitler who identified himself with the mythical Aryan race, and the world is yet to recover from Nazism. If
racism was to be eradicated, there must be specific and coordinated action both within the organizations themselves
and society at large, particularly through the educational system from pre-primary school, upwards and onwards (Case
of Stephen Lawrence). In India presently the reverse of this is happening. Religious organizations like the VHP raise
massive funds at home and abroad under the guise of charity, but use it to promote violence, communal hatred and
historical deception.

Thus, racism is destructive to the world society and it is the responsibility of every Christian to be a salt against this
poison. And dear guest, if you have partaken of this poison then use this time that God's grace has given to you to
repent and be restored in your fellowship with God through Jesus Christ, since God's Word says,

Do not be deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his own
flesh will from the flesh reap corruption; but he who sows to the Spirit will from the Spirit reap eternal life. Galatians 6:7-