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The body may be divided into two main parts, namely the head and
trunk on one hand and the legs on the other. In man the centre of the body
is between these two, at the base of the spine where the legs begin.
Supporting the trunk and throughout the whole body, there is the spinal
cord. This is the axis of the body, just as Mount Meru is the axis of the
Earth. Hence man’s spine is called Meru-danda, the Meru or axis.

The Sri Chakra, is represented in the form of Meru. There is no

differentiation existing between the Sri Chakra and the human body. The
human body encases a spark of the Divine as its living, The soul and Sri
Chakra being a radiation from the Divine in the form of light. In this way
both Sri Chakra and the human body are one and the same.

First line of Bhupura

The meditation starts from the outer most Chakra of Sri Chakra. In
the first line of the Bhupura are situated the Siddhis: anima minuteness,
laghima lightness, mahima greatness, isitva lordship, vasitva control,
prakamya power to have whatever one wants, bhukti enjoyment, iccha
desire, prapti attainment and sarva kama siddhi the accomplishment of all
desires. These are in the human complex natural state, nine sentiments
sringara erotism, virya heroism, karuna compassion, Adbuta wonder, Hasya
humour, Bhayanaka terror, Bibhatsa disgust, Raudra wrath and Santa

Second line of Bhupura

Kama lust, krodha anger, Lobha covetousness, Moha delusion, Mada

pride, Matsarya envy punya merit and papa demerit are the eight sahktis in
the second line of the Bhupura, Brahmi, Maheshwari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi,
Varahi, Mahendri, Chamunda, and the Mahalakshmi.

Third line of Bhupura

The six centres in the body, Muladhara, Swadhistana, Manipura,

Anahata, Visuddhi, Ajna, the two Sahasraras one above and the other
below and indrayoni are the nine mudra saktis situated in the third line of
the Bhupura.

Sixteen petalled Lotus

The five elements, earth, water, fire, air and sky and the ten senses,
ear, skin, eye, tongue, nose, mouth, foot, hand, arms genital and the
changing mind put together are the sixteen Powers of attraction,
Kamakarshini etc., in the sixteen petalled lotus.

Eight petalled Lotus

The faculties of speaking, taking, going, excreting, enjoying,

rejecting, accepting and ignoring are the eight Powers, Ananga Kusuma
etc. in the eight-petalled lotus.

Chaturdasa Kona

The fourteen nadis, Alambusa, Kuhuh, Visvodara, Varuni,

Hastijihva, Yasovati, Payasvini, Gandhari, Pusha, Sankhini, Sarasvati, Ida,
Pingala, Sushumna are the fourteen Powers, Sarva Sankshobhini etc., in
the Chaturdasa Kona.

Outer Dasara Chakra

The five breaths, Prana the main breath, Apana the lower breath,
Vyana the breath pervasive, Udana the upper breath, Samana the medial
breath together with the five auxiliary breaths Naga, Kurma, Krkar.,
Devadatta, Dhananjaya are the deities Sarvasiddhiprada etc., in the outer
Dasara Chakra.

Inner Dasara Chakra

The ten breaths acting on the digestive fire of the stomach jatharagni
become tenfold and digest food of all kinds. These are the deities in the
inner Dasara Chakra.

Ashta Kona

Cold, heat, pleasure, pain, with sattava, rajas and tamas are the eight
deities Vasini etc., in the Ashta Kona.

The tanmatras, sound, touch, form, taste and smell are the five
flower-arrows’ mind is the sugar-cane bow, love is the noose, hatred the

Primary Triangle
Avyakta the unmanifest, Mahat the vast cosmic principle of Force
and Ahankara the divisional principle of Ego-formation are the three
deities in the primary triangle, Kameswari, Vajreswari and Bhagamalini.

Thus the identity is established part by part, limb by limb between

the human body and Sri-Chakra. The meditation proceeds from the
outermost to the innermost being the very soul of the Sadhaka.

The most fundamental archetype of our universe is the Sri Chakra.

Sri means supreme and Chakra means circular structure. The Sri Chakra
exists as a three-dimensional construct within which all evolving beings

One of the most important functions of the Sri Chakra is to act as a

communications device – much like an antenna – that connects the
individual mind with the Mind of the Creator, Lord Brahma.