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Quick Reference Sheet.

Order of Play. Phase 1. Initiative.

Phase One: Determine who has the initiative The players each roll a single D6 for each tank to
Each player rolls a D6. This will determine the determine the sequence of play in the current
order in which players activate their tanks. turn. The dice roll is adjusted as follows:
Phase Two: Activations +1 if player’s tank has ‘Ace’ status
Players now each take their turn in accordance +1 if player’s tank has ‘banked’ a ‘Wild
with the initiative sequence until all tanks have Card’ in the tanks previous turn (+1 for each
been activated. die banked).
Phase Three: End of Turn
Draws are re-rolled.
Once all players have activated the turn ends.

Phase 2. Activation.
Command Dice. (Roll 6 Dice to start with, but
AIM. Aiming can only take place
Command Dice may be reduced either Temporarily or when the target has been Acquired.
Permanently due to damage to tank or crew.) Arc of Aim :- Target must be within 60o arc of
turret (or front of tank without a turret). If not,
turret or tank must move before aiming.
One Aim Die is needed to Aim.
DRIVE. Each Drive Die allows you to:-
Any number of Additional Aim Dice may be
1. Move Forward 2D6 inches. *
used to add +1 to firers roll to hit target.
2. Reverse 1D6 inches. *
3. Turn on the spot up to 90o – using N.B. Aim is lost if either tank moves.
one of your 2D6 from 1 above. Unloaded tanks may aim but must load before
4. Turn on the spot 91o to 180o. they can fire.
5. Rotate Turret up to 60o if stationary.†
6. Cross a Minor Obstacle. ‡
* May turn up to 90o if moving & rotate SHOOT.
turret up to 60o if moving for free. See overleaf for Shooting Process.
† Slow Turrets may only rotate 1 X 60o per activation.
‡ Major Obstacles require Two Drive Dice to cross.
RELOAD. Use 1 Reload Die to
ACQUISITION. Each Acquisition Die is used Tanks start the game Loaded.
to try and acquire a target. Tanks with Rapid Fire Guns do not need to
reload between each shot in a single activation,
Must be able to see target, 60o forward arc from
but must reload before firing in a subsequent
turret (or front of tank if no turret) if ‘Buttoned’, 180o
if Unbuttoned.
Target in Open, is acquired Automatically by an
Unbuttoned Tank. WILD DICE. Each Wild Die may be :-
Target in Open, is acquired using 1 Acquisition Die by
a Buttoned Tank. 1) Changed to any other Command Die.
For each Minor Obstacle intervening, 1 additional 2) Banked to give +1 to Initiative Die Rolls
Acquisition Die will be needed. next turn.
For each Major Obstacle intervening, 2 additional 3) Add +1 to “To Hit” die Rolls.
Acquisition Dice will be needed. 4) Add 1 Additional Strike Die in step 2 of
Target is Low Profile, +1 additional Acquisition Die. firing process.
5) Recover a Command Die lost to Temporary
Partially obscured = Minor obstacle. Damage.
Largely obscured = Major obstacle.
Step 2. Continued.
Shoot dice allow the tank to fire. In order to
shoot, the tank MUST :- Compare Hits (Ordinary and Critical) to
a) Have Acquired a Target, and Saves :-
b) Be Aimed, and Saves exceeds Hits :- No effect.
c) Be Loaded.
Saves equals Hits :- Roll 1D6 :-
Adjudicate if shot is being fired at Front, Flank or rear. 1 – 5 = Target tank retreats that
If Target has Heavy Armour, flank shots count as being number of inches.
from the front and rear shots count as being made from 6 = 1 Command Die
the flank. ♦ temporarily lost.
Hits exceed Saves by 1 or 2 :-
Step 1. Roll to Hit.Roll 2D6 :-
MORE Critical Hits than Ordinary
Target in Open under 48” 6 = Hit.
Hits :- then 1 Hit is Permanent,
Target in Open over 48” 7 = Hit.
others Temporary.
Intervening Minor obstacle -1 to roll. More Ordinary Hits than Critical Hits,
Target Partially Obscured -1 to roll. or equal :- All Damage is Temporary.
Target is a ‘Small’ Tank. -1 to roll.
Intervening Major obstacle -2 to roll. Hits exceed Saves by 3 or more :-
Target Largely Obscured -2 to roll. Target Tank destroyed :-
Each additional Aim Die. +1 to roll. More Crits than Ordinary =
If using a Wild Die. +1 to roll. Tank Brews up, killing crew.
+/- any adjustments due to damage to the Otherwise, crew bail out.
firer, OR Bonus Cards.
Temporary Damage – Lose Command Die
Any tank rolling an unmodified Double One ends turn
to Damage section. May be recovered with
immediately and loses all Acquisition and Aim Tokens.
a Wild Die.
Any tank rolling an unmodified Double Six receives
additional +2 Strike Dice. Permanent Damage – Remove a Command
Step 2. Effect of Hit. Roll 1D6 for each Strike Factor of Die Permanently (Max 1 per shot unless
his tank, adding +1 D6 if target is unbuttoned or unable to tank has Iron Fist) + Roll 1D6 to see if shot
Button up. hit Hull or Turret :-
May add +1 D6 for a Wild Die if desired. 1,2,3,4 = Hull.
5,6 = Turret.
Shot is against : No Ordinary Critical See what damage occurs on Ladder of
Effect Hit Hit Permanent Damage.
Frontal Armour 1,2,3,4 5 6
Side Armour ♦ 1,2,3 4 5,6
Rear Armour ♦ 1,2 3 4,5,6
♦ See Note on Heavy Armour above.
Player controlling Targeted Tank rolls 1D6 for
each Armour Factor.
Each 5 or 6 = Save.

Impossible Hits. e.g. hull down tank cannot be hit in hull. Then Permanent damage to hull is ignored,
but permanent loss of Command Dice still applies.

Zero Dice. When Command Dice are reduced to Zero, then crew bail out. Bailed out tanks cannot be
The last tank to remove the last Command Die is credited with the kill.