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Vendor consignment process:

Vendor Consignment is a process wherein the supplier provides materials and stocks them in the
purchaser’s premises. The material remains in the books of the supplier (vendor) until the same is
withdrawn from the stock of the consignment and put to use. The inventory gets transferred to the
books of the purchaser only when the same is removed from the consignment stock. The supplier
(vendor) would not invoice the purchaser initially when they come into the premises of the purchaser.
The purchaser is liable to pay the supplier (Vendor) only when the stock is withdrawn (consumed).


1. Enterprise structure:
a) Maintain 2nd storage location under same plant (t.code-OX09)
b) Maintain standard purchasing organization with
2. Extend material to new storage location(T.code-MM01)
3. Activate Purchasing Info record for consignment (T.code-OMEV)
4. Configure Special procurement type: sproIMGproductionMRPmaster datadefine
special procurement type.
New entryplant+special procurement type=10(consignment)
5. Maintain purchasing info record(t.code-ME11)

***check M/06=PBXX (gross price)-access sq=0002, pricing

OMFO=Assignment schema group to RM0000.

*** 1, put tax code=VN

6. Maintain offsetting entry for posting(T.code-OBYC)
Transaction (GBB)Chart of a/c(INT)valuation modification(plant code)+general modification(VBR)-
+valuation class(3000)+G/L account.

7. Maintain plant parameter: sproIMGMMphysical inventoryplant parameter

Copy plant 1000 and maintains own plant then saves.

End user process:

8. Create Pur.order(ME21N)
 Item category=K
 Document type=NB
 No pricing maintain.
9. Consignment stock receive(MIGO)
10. Check consignment stock(MMBE)
11. Material consumption(MB1B)
 Movement type=411
 Special stock=K
 Plant=own plant
 Storage location=sender store
 Business area
 Vendor
 Storage location=receiving store
 Material
 qty
12. consignment settlement (MRKO)
 co. Code
 vendor
 posting date
 consignment
 display
 withdrawals not settledexecute
**we can able se see non settled line item.

For settlementgo to initial page of MRKOchoose settle tab instead of displayexecute.

We can able to see consignment settlement has been done.