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One day at an emergency room a patient, named Brian. Brian visited to hospital with
diarrhea. The patient’s mother said Brian has defecated more than eight times since
this morning liquid consistency and vomiting.

Nurse : excuse me, good afternoon. Im (name), Im the nurse in this

emergency room. What is your name ?

Brian : my name is Brian

Nurse : nice to meet you Brian, wht do you feel Brian?

Brian : I feel weak and not energized.

Nurse : its ok. The doctor will come to examine you. After that you will get
the best care for your health

Brian : ok nurse

Doctor : good afternoon brian, im doctor. How are you brian.

Brian : afternoon doctor, nice to meet you. Im not so good. I have went to
the toilet eight time since this morning

Doctor : oh im sorry to hear that, that must be awfull. Do you feel stomacache
or cramp on your stomach ?

Brian : yes I do

Doctor : Ok, let me examine you first. Excuse me I will check your stomach.
Tell me if you feel any pain , ok ?

Brian : ok.

(Give a deep press Brian’s abdomen and auskult this intestinal motility)

Doctor : is it painfull?

Brian : oh yes. It is painfull.

Doctor : ok brian, you said that you feel wake, right?

Brian : yes doctor.

Doctor : that could because you lose much fluid and energy. Hmmm… what
food did you take last night before you got diarrhea ?

Brian : I had spicy noodles and ice

Doctor : well, your food might contane bacteria or your intestine can not bear
the spicy food, that could be the cause of your diarrhea.

Brian : yes doctor.

Doctor : now you need to get more fluid intake to replace the fluid you lose
from frequency defecation. So, you need to be given fluid trough IV
catheter. Nurse (name) will do that for you.

Brian : but I don’t want to doctor, Im afraid.

Doctor : you have to. If you want to get better soon

Mrs. Rose : its ok brian. You will be fine. Mama will be here with you.

Brian : please stay with me mom.

Mrs. Rose : of course baby

Nurse : hi brian. Are you ready? Don’t worry it wont hurt. Trust me. Just a
little prick, you will fell it like insect bit.

Brian : ok nurse.

Nurse : good. Shall we start now ?

Brian : yes, please


Nurse : all done. Its not painfull isn’t it ?

Brian : yes nurse thank you

Nurse : no worries. All right. I leave you with your mom. If you need any
help just call me at the nurse station.

Brian : ok
Mrs. Rose : thank you nurse

Nurse : no worries Mrs. Rose