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OTHER HIGHLIGHTS: Story: Peta STC eSuie nce} Siento ores Bt) CT telo (1 Do) B settee cot emcees ecded Rep belsel MGs urieley The Child City Edutainment’s motto is ‘Inspire Curious Minds’. In every issue, kids explore new topics, fascinating subjects and find out about the world. The Child City magazine subscription for kids will bring them 12 months filled with stories, global news, GK, jokes, riddles, science experiments, craft projects and activities that are as entertaining as they are educational. Annual ff One of the founding principles of subscription Yo The Child City is that we believe in only for helping kids become their best selves: curious, creative, caring and confident. = 799 That's why we keep up with the Child Cit Children's Magazine interests of kids today, while upholding + FREE time-honored values like respect, Shipping. manners, fair play, kindness, honesty and more. To subscribe visit, WWW.THECHILDCITY.COM - OFFER FOR en nee on) | ATMRP SCHOOLS & Options (annual CORPORATES You Save 12 issues x number of Ceapies subscription) (annual i subscription) 1 1Copy Rs. 799 Rs. 799 = 2 3 copies per month Rs. 2,397 Rs. 1,600 Rs. 797 s 10 copies per month Rs. 7,990 Rs. 5,750 Rs. 2,240 4 25 copies per month Rs. 19,975 Rs. 16,500 Rs. 3,475 Add The Child City to your library collection and enable a world of learning opportunities. To subscribe visit. For cheque or online transfer details write t ‘O.