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UNIVERSITY EXAMINATIONS UNIVERSITEITSEKSAMENS, Ae oom. UNISA less C0S1512 OctoberiNovember 2017 RCO1512 INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING II Duration 2 Hours 75. Marks EXAMINERS FIRST DR MA SCHOEMAN SECOND MS A THOMAS Closed book examination This examination question paper remains the property of the University of South Africa and may not be removed from the examination venue ‘This paper consists of 8 pages and 6 questions. Please make sure that you have all 8 pages with 6 questions. Answer all the questions Do all rough work in the answer book ‘The mark for each question 1s given in brackets next to the question Please answer the questions in the correct order If you want to do a question later, leave enough space Number your answers and label your rough work clearly * Marks are awarded for part of an answer, so do whatever you are able to in each question. GooD Luck! TURN OVER cos1512/ ACO1512 Oct/Nov 2017, QUESTION 1 (31 | Consider the following C++ codefragment 1 char name]; 2. name{} = "James Knumalo"; 3 for (ant 1 = 0; name{a] 1= '\O'; i++) a 5S. af (name [1] tm) 6. name{i} = '*', 7.3 8. cout