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Mustafai Foundation
About Us
Mustafai Foundation (M.F) is an independent, broad based, not for profit, non-partisan and non-governmental community welfare organization, registered on September 27,1999 with headquarters at Islamabad, under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. It is operating in both urban and rural areas of Pakistan. The main purpose of this organization is to bring productive and sustainable socio-economic changes in the society at grass-root level through legislation, community participation, human resource development by focusing on education, health civic rights and responsibilities empowerment and mainstreaming of poor, vulnerable and most marginalized segments of the society. Mustafai foundation team comprises highly dedicated, self motivated, well educated widely experienced and enlightened volunteers within and outside the country. Since its inception they are actively involved in variety of community services and developmental activities in different fields.

Mission Statement
"To work for the progress and development of the common people focusing on education, health and capacity building through establishing educational institutions, community development centers, computer training centers/labs, industrial homes and women selfemployment schemes including creating deep sense and awareness of their civic and economic rights and responsibilities"

Our Vision
"The Foundation's vision is to rebuild Pakistan as an ideological, progressive, enlightened and a welfare oriented Islamic State as originally conceived by its creators so as to develop an educated and a balanced Society in Pakistan based on Islamic values of moderation, peace, tolerance, mutual respect, equality and justice, honesty, transparency and solidarity with the poor and marginalized people."

a. Organize, motivate, educate and train people especially students, teachers and parents for development of an educated, enlightened, moderate and evils free Mustafai Society. b. Provide relief from sickness and in particular to those effected by drought, flood and diseases by the provision of assistance and treatment including medicine. c. Information dissemination and human resource development through training, seminars, workshops and conferences.

The Foundation is targeting though its following programs:      Education Program Social Services Program Capacity Building Program Research and Development Program Knowledge Dissemination Program

Education Program
This program is being run on shelf help basis and with community participation. The main objectives of program are: a. To critically analyze the existing syllabus and prepare and submit educational recommendations to the governments. b. to establish Resource Centers for those who are interested in establishment of schools. literacy centers, welfare projects and launch community based development programs etc. c. to create a network of educational experts, trainers, writers, editors, publishers and representatives of NGOs and government officials for promotion of prudent and quality education and training. d. to set up, strengthen and upgrade the centers of excellence for Islamic learning, research institutions and Mustafai Community Centers specially in remote and rural areas. e. to establish a cadre of intellectuals, educationists philanthropists and dedicated volunteers from within and overseas Pakistanis to accelerate the process of constructive reforms and positive social changes in all spheres of life.

Social Service Program
This is second most important program of the Foundation being conducted through its affiliated institutions and organizations. The main objectives of this program are: a. to provide relief from sickness anywhere in the country. b. to reach in the natural disasters hit areas for helping affected people. c. to provide shelters ,food and arrange medical camps for emergency relief.

Capacity Building Program
Human resource development is carried out through organizing trainings, seminars, workshop and conferences. The main objectives of this program are: a. to develop technical and managerial capacity of school administrators, teachers, social workers, religious service providers and educational and welfare institutions and other affiliated organizations. b. to take adequate and effective measures to protect and promote Islamic and national identity through national language, national dress and healthy cultural and religious activities. c. to alleviate sectarian and communal violence through dialogue and positive mutual interaction and create harmony among different sections of society.

Research and Development
The goal of this program is to undertake research on different priority issues of progress and development of the common people in the disciplines of Islamic education, social services and knowledge dissemination. The main objectives of this program are: a. to prepare research based policy recommendations for the governments, non-governmental & sister organizations and community groups, on the issues related to Mustafai Community Development in the country. b. to promote and facilitate formulation and implementation of prudent policies, programs laws & regulations for accomplishment of Millennium Development Goals in the national, regional and religious perspectives. c. to disseminate research findings and Islamic knowledge through media, conferences, seminars, lectures and publications. d. to cooperate, coordinate and establish linkages with other NGOs/INGOs, sister organizations and collaborating partners in the areas of mutual interest. e. to undertake, coordinate and finance constructive community reforms and development programs and provide training and technical assistance to the needy groups and their workers for effective accomplishment of their targets within stipulated period. f. to suggest appropriate social security measures for the most vulnerable and marginalized groups of society like women, children, senior citizens and religious service providers. g. to monitor, review and report anti social, anti Islamic and anti-national polices, programs literature and media activities at national and international level and suggest protective and corrective measures to the concerned authorities.

Knowledge Dissemination Program
This program is focused on knowledge sharing and dissemination. The main objectives of this program are : a. to create an effective demand among masses at all levels for a noble and meaningful life and take all necessary measures to meet this demand through legislation, education, advocacy, capacity building, public campaign and other intellectual endeavors etc. b. mainstreaming of individual religious service providers and institutes i.e. Mosques, Deeni Madrasas and khanqahs and reshape them as real centers of sustainable social reforms and constructive changes through capacity building, advocacy and community participation.

The important activities and accomplishments of the Foundation are as under:

Education-Mustafai Model Schools
The Foundation has so far established a network of 89 Mustafai Model Schools throughout the country. A list of these schools is attached as Annexure-A. These schools have been established on self help basis and with the community participation. The total number of

students in these schools are more than (15000) and total number of teaching staff (both male & female) are about 727 and the number of non –teaching staff is about 86 persons. In additions to this more than 19000 students of other 150 institutions also have benefited from our consultancy and training facilities.

Capacity Building
a. Mustafai Educational workshop held in Rawalpindi in 1995. b. National Educational Seminar at International Islamic University, Islamabad in 1996, presided over by Late Mirag Khalid,Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan. c. Seminar on Computer Education and Imperatives of 21st Century Press Club Rawalpindi in 1999. d. Mustafai Educational Workshop held at Mustafai School Gujarat in 2000. e. Mustafai Educational Workshop held at Aims school, Rawalpindi in 2000. f. Mustafai Educational Workshop held at Govt. Muslim High School Lahore in 2000. g. Computer Literacy Training workshop for Journalists held at Muslim Hands College of Computer Sciences, Rawalpindi.

Social Services Activities
MF is promoting its health & social services program in collaboration with a wide spread network of Mustafai razakars (volunteers) and Al-Mustafa Welfare societies established throughout the country. These societies are provided consultancy services and technical assistance and financial support by the Foundation. The Foundation promote and coordinates their activities. These societies are providing health facilities, ambulance services & has established industrial homes, computer training centers, blood banks and book banks.

Women Self-Employment Program
In order to provide honorable opportunities for livelihood, Foundation in collaboration with the Al-Mustafa Welfare Society, Islamabad has initiated "Women self-Employment Program". At present six(06) pilot projects are working in different sectors of Rawalpindi/Islamabad i.e (i)Dhok Babu Irfan (ii) Pendora (iii) Peoples Colony (iv) Mohan Pura (v) Sector H-8 and Tench bhatta, Rawalpindi. Initially each centre has been equipped with six (06) sewing machines and furniture. More than two thousands ladies have acquired skills in Sewing, Knitting, Embroidery and Flower-making.

Computer Literacy Program
The Information Technology has become an important component of human necessity in the advent of 21st century. It is the need of time that computer literacy is promoted in lower middle class and in the rural areas of Pakistan. To meet this challenge Mustafai Foundation established computer center in 1998 at Rawalpindi in collaboration with Muslim Hands International (UK).It was a free computer literacy center from where in the first three years more than 1200 students were provided computer skills. The other beneficiaries were journalists, lawyers, women and students from Madarassas . After the completion of this

Pilot Project, computer centers were established at Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Kotli, Muzzaffarabad and Quetta.

Mini Computer Labs
Besides, the computer training centers Foundation has also established micro computer labs at various schools. Foundation has established 12 free Computer Literacy Centers in various districts of Punjab to promote computer knowledge and skills at school levels and create mass awareness and interest in the IT sector specially in the less developed areas. These centers are situated in different areas wherein hundreds of students and teachers have acquired computer training so far: Evening classes have also been started for youngsters ladies, journalists, government employees and students of Deeni Madaris under Free Computer Literacy Program.

Knowledge Dissemination/Publications:
There are several monographs and booklets published by the Foundation. The main publications are as follows:

How to Establish an Ideal School? ( Urdu )
This booklet contains important information to establish a model school by the private sector and discusses all steps required in this respect. It also includes important details relating to registration, school administration, teachers training and character building of students etc.

How to Make Quality Welfare Projects? ( Urdu )
This Manual is very useful for voluntary organizations ,community boards, social workers and local government officials .It contains very useful information for planning ,execution and monitoring of welfare projects. It also provides guidelines for capacity building of NGOs and various methods for fund raising ,project monitoring ,review and evaluation . Registration Laws and list of important local and international donor agencies are also available in this manual.

Children s' Iqbal ( Urdu )

This is a small but an interesting monograph for children.
Qurani Batain ( Urdu )
This booklet contains explanation of quranic verses in brief and easy to understand form. It is useful for students as it promotes right understanding of the Holy Quran.

This booklet is in question and answer form and contains basic and technical information regarding right pronunciation of the Holy Quran.

Islamiat 1,2,3

These booklets are meant for nursery to class iii students and have been compiled to cover the prescribed syllabus in easy and interesting manner.
Subh e Noor
This booklet contains material on morality and human conduct as per Islamic teachings. It has been compiled for morning assembly and also intends to create love for Pakistan.

Progress Reports
It contains complete details of students annual performance, attendance, examination records including books issued and medical cards. One section is dedicated to Education Psychology Report which contains 54 questions . It is provided to all affiliated schools .

Educational Ludo
This ludo is intended to enable students to pass their leisure time in a meaningful manner .while playing Ludo they learn a lot about national and global atlas. It increase their general knowledge about Pakistan and other countries .It is very popular among the children.

The MF has collaboration with various like- minded organizations striving for similar goals. The important includes: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Al Mustafa Trust International (ATI) U.K Al Mustafa Trust International (ATI) Italy Al Mustafa Development Network Muzaffarabad Al Mustafa Welfare Society Punjab, Lahore. Pakistan Welfare Society ,Jedda. Mustafai Welfare Foundation, Karachi. Al Mustafa Welfare Society ,Multan. Quranic Educational and Welfare Trust, Multan. The MF has jointly completed various projects relating to welfare and educational sectors.

FOCUSED AREAS The main areas in which MF is interested are as follows:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Mustafai Model Schools Quranic Literacy Centers Research & Resource Centers Libraries and Study Circles Consultancy Services

6. Career Counseling

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Health & Hygiene Education Mobile Heath Unit Special and Periodical Medical Camps Blood Donation Camps Specialists Consultancy Services

1. Public awareness 2. Safe water supply 3. A forestation

Relief/Social Services:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Emergency Relief Mustafai Langar (Fresh Cooked Food) Ramzan Food Gift Scheme Eid Gift Scheme Qurbani Project Scholarships and Books distribution to poor and needy students

Capacity Building:
1. 2. 3. 4. Computer Training Centers Industrial Homes Women Self-employment Scheme Mustafai Community development Program.

Research And Development
1. 2. 3. 4. Baseline Surveys, Seminars/Group/Discussions/Mustafai Forum Publishing of research findings. Reports writing Research Based Policy recommendations

Advocacy/Public Awareness/Lobbying
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Seminars/Conferences/Rallies Meetings with Public Representatives. Liaison with Distt. Govts./Legislators Publication of articles, brochures, posters, media programs. Man to man contact at grass-root level.

Future Thrust:
Development of a comprehensive website i.e.
We plan to make available on this website the introductory materials, by -laws, registration and affiliation form, list of Mustafai Schools, Al-Mustafai Welfare Societies and other affiliated educational and welfare concerns and their activities and achievements, digital welfare gazette, Mustafai intellectual forum, books & articles. Audio-visual training aids shall be some other facilities.

Quranic Literacy Programs:
In order to get target of 100% literacy especially in adults, women and working childern,an intensive and extensive campaign in the name of Quranic Literacy Program shall be launched at the larger scale especially in suburbs,peri urban and rural areas. All educational and welfare centers affiliated with the MF shall actively participate in this campaign to achieve envisaged targets. Local bodies governments and other sister organizations shall also be requested to support the campaign.

Model Educational Institutions:
In order to meet increasing demand in urban areas, model educational institutions on the pattern of Aims, Karachi shall be established primarily in Islamabad and provincial headquarters and then in the big cities to provide quality education and trainings.

Mustafai Services Training Academy:
In order to promote idea of Mustafai Community at grass root levels and for capacity building of teachers, community workers of deeni madarsas, special, need based and tailor made training modules shall be prepared and short & long term training/orientation courses shall be offered. Gradually training activities are planned to be upgraded in the form of a Comprehensive Services Training Academy which shall also be responsible to cater the religious needs of the Muslim community within and outside the country.

Outreach Health & Education Services:
MF intends to acquire reasonable transport facility to extend its health & education services in the peripheries and coordinate within the services being extended by its affiliated institutes/centers. Promotion of mass scale awareness against epidemic of HIV/AID virus, Hepatitis B/C, T.B and other wide spreading diseases shall be particularly targeted. Medical doctors at the panel of Foundation shall provide regular medical checkup, dental & health care facilities to the needy students of Mustafai Schools. Outdoor medical and diagnostic camps to be organized with the help of local Mustafai communities shall be an added and important feature.

Media Production Unit
Foundation shall assist to strengthen and expand the facilities under the Media Production Centers established by its associates at Karachi, Faisalabad, Lahore and Islamabad. The needs of overseas Mustafai families for religious programs, training material, educational

and social, economic, cultural, gender and global issues with special reference to national and Islamic context shall be focused.

Mustafai Educational Welfare/Benevolent Fund:
Foundation intends to establish an educational fund for the welfare and betterment of schools, teachers, support staff and students of affiliated educational institutions. It would be a contributory funds financed by the beneficiaries and managed by their representatives. The significant welfare activities include scholarships, annual awards for the best Teacher, Best Student and Best Manager, soft refundable loans for emergent needs, small and short term credit for books, fees, computers or educational aids etc.

Critical & Technical Review of Syllabi:
Syllabus Committee of Foundation consisting of educationalists and technical experts shall conduct critical and technical review of old and new syllabus and text books introduced by different Intermediate & Secondary Education Boards for their schools and colleges. This is aimed to review and point out gaps and discrepancies between national education policy and practices. It shall submit its recommendations to develop a uniform, need based, prudent quality books so as to meet the future national requirements of a moderate, enlightened and ideal Islamic State i.e. Pakistan.

progressive, pragmatic and scientifically developed syllabi and low cost but productive and

Activities in Pictures