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Compliance Component

OCIO EA Lifecycle Classification

Name OCIO EA Lifecycle Classification
Description Lifecycle Classification describes the classification established by the governance
organization that leverages the NASCIO classifications.
Scope The lifecycle classification of an enterprise artifact provides guidance on whether the
artifact should be used in new target architecture or eliminated as part of migration
Benefits Provide guidance to facilitate maintainability, interoperability, and reuse.
Component Classification
Classification □ Emerging X Current □ Twilight □ Sunset
Sunset Date
Rationale for Classification
Associated Reference Model
Reference Model Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
All All All All
Keywords/Aliases Classification, Lifecycle
Compliance Component Type
Component Type □ Guideline X Standard □ Legislation
Compliance Detail
Statement Lifecycle Description
Baseline Artifacts in use, but not yet classified
Artifacts in use but do not conform to the stated Business
or Technology Architecture Blueprints. The sunset artifacts
will have a date of discontinuance identified, indicating the
date that the artifacts will no longer be acceptable for use
Sunset within the architecture.
Artifacts in use but do not conform to the stated Business
Drivers or Technology Architecture Blueprints. The artifacts
have no date of discontinuance identified. These artifacts
should not be used to develop new applications. Extensive
modifications to these systems should be reviewed to
determine if the system should be redeployed completely
Twilight using newer technology.
Artifacts having met the requirements of the enterprise
architecture. These represent the recommended artifacts
Current that should be used in deployment of technology solutions.
Artifacts that have potential to become current architecture
blueprint components. While identified as Emerging,
artifacts should be used only in pilot or test environments
and under highly controlled regulations. After sufficient
testing, these artifacts may become current or may be
Emergin identified non-compliant or non-functional in the
g organization’s environment.
Source Reference
Standards Organization

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Compliance Component
OCIO EA Lifecycle Classification

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