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Punch List

PO -7500052831
MR No.-3844-CF-MR-PA00011
Tag No. 02-01-S-6391; Diesel Filter
Supplier- SPX/GMMOS
Activity-MRB Review
Attendees- Mr. Chitti Raju (TCM)
Mr. Subin (TCM)
Mr. Scott Donnelly (SPX)

Note: MRB was reviewed as per approved MRB index (3844-CF-VD-MB0011GEN001 Rev.B) for
Index clauses A-1 to A-10 & B-1 to B-22

Observations as mentioned below.

MRB Description (TCM Observations) Action By Remarks
Index Sl.
A All reports shall be endorsed with TCM PO & MR No. SPX/GMMOS
A Cover page for each sub sections to be provided with SPX/GMMOS
Approved cover sheet format. MRB index to be
updated with required corrections in no. of pages, doc
no & applicable reference
A Issue No. and Volume no. on cover page need to be SPX/GMMOS
A Final submission (Rev.01) of some procedures after SPX/GMMOS
incorporation of minor comments are balance
(Documents are approved with Acc code A)
A ADCO rev no. need to be added in the index along SPX/GMMOS
with the Document code
A-1 Digitalization of RT films are pending. Hence ITP SPX/GMMOS
closing signatures are pending
A-3 Sub vendors list missing. SPX/GMMOS
A-6 Suppliers ISO certificates as per vendor & sub-vendor SPX/GMMOS
list are missing in MRB
A-9 Punch list closing is pending SPX/GMMOS
B-1 Manufacturing procedures need to be included in the SPX/GMMOS
B-7 NDE procedures need to be included in the MRB SPX/GMMOS
B-8 Welder qualification list & records to be provided SPX/GMMOS
B-9 NDE Operator qualification of Mr. D Shukla (NDT level SPX/GMMOS
II) missing and to be included in the MRB.
B-11 LPT report on weld edge preparation for Joint No. D2- SPX/GMMOS
B-12 PMI reports on SS material for welding consumable SPX/GMMOS
per batch number missing
B-13 Joint No. F-1 Visual Inspection Report missing SPX/GMMOS
B-13 Joint No. F-2/3, D1-1/2/3/ Fit up report missing. Fit-up SPX/GMMOS
report for joint no. D2-1/2/3 and pressure parts/non-
pressure parts to non-pressure parts is missing.
B-14 Pressure test procedures need to be included SPX/GMMOS
B-15 Dryness report after the completion of hydrostatic SPX/GMMOS
test missing
B-19 Calibration certificates of surface preparation and SPX/GMMOS
painting instruments need to be included in the MRB.
B-19 Adhesion test reports missing and to be added in the SPX/GMMOS