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The Aquarian Sadhana attunes your gunas, your chakras, and your mind to your Purest
Potential.The Aquarian Sadhana is practiced by Kundalini Yoga communities across the
world. Doing sadhana in a group develops group consciousness. A group sadhana practice
amplifies the impact. Yogi Bhajan said that group meditation not only adds to individual
effort, but multiplies it.


Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

(7 minutes) I am at one with the creator, my true identity is infinity, I accept my darkness
and my light as this process of integration is what makes me whole and affirms my
humanity. With this mantra, we strengthen the connection with the infinite self, the part of
us beyond the physical world, beyond creation

Waah Yantee, Kar Yantee, Jag Dut Patee, Aadak It Waahaa ,

Brahmaadeh Tresha Guru It Wahe Guru
(7 minutes)
Great Macroself, Creative Self, All that is creative through time, All that is Source Energy
(Three aspects of God) Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh. All this is in the experience of Wahe

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Kartaa Purkh Nirbhao Nirvair Akaal Moorat
Ajoonee Saibung Gur Prasad Jap! Aad Sach Jugaad Sach
Haibhee Sach Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach
(7 minutes) I am at one with the creator, my true identity is infinity, it is that identity which
accomplishes everything in my existence. My higher self-identity is fearless, revengeless, I
realize I am undying, that my light in me before and after the womb and I had to recognize
this Truth and this is the formula that gave me that realization. I realize that by true light has
always been always will be and Nanak confirmed that this is the identity of all human

Sat Siri, Siri Akaal, Siri Akaal, Mahaa Akaal , Mahaa Akaal, Sat
Naam , Akaal Moorat, Wahe Guru
(7 minutes) It promotes victory in all aspects of life. Truth is undying, eternal, greatest and
is the essential nature of all
Rakhay rakhanahaar aap ubaaria-an, Gur kee pairee paa-i kaaj
savaari-an Hoaa aap da-iaal manaho na visaari-an , Saadh janaa
kai sang bhavajal taari-an Saakat nindak dusht khin maa-eh
bidaarian, Tis saahib kee tayk Naanak manai maa-eh Jis simrat
sukh ho-i sagalay dookh jaa-eh
(7 Minutes) This is a mantra for protection against all negative forces, inner and outer. It
cuts through every opposing vibration, thought, word, or action. By remembering your
essential nature, which is connected with all, you are protected, guided by your intuition
and safe from harm. By connecting to this during your daily sadhana, all happiness will be
experienced and pain and sorrow will no longer affect you the same way.

Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio

Sit in Vir Asan 22 minutes “Wow, God is great!”

Guru Guru Wahe Guru, Guru Ram Das Guru

To activate the fourth chakra/Body and set your energy for the day. (5 minutes)