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Endear friends,
I had published one audio script through the YOU
CONTENT tube on previous December 16.12.2017 .I had mentioned
about the family persons who they had been tortured and
affected by the Allopathic treatment.
04 Method of Soaps
Manufacturing in house. The married couples Mr.Sathis and Mrs.Nandhinee
who belongs to Kankeyam ,Tirpur district given birth to a
09 Ayakalaikal (Part 4) baby through the Natural method .Meanwhile when they
have been preserving the child`s novel thread without
disconnect from the mother`s novel. This group of people
13 The Mangoes Treatment had gone to their house with a view of affecting that couples.

14 Let us grow the Tamil Near about 75 persons like chief doctor of
Government Hospital ,Thasildhar, collector of Tirpur and
more nurses have gone to that innocents house on
15 How to prepare
commend of the Health minister .
the Natural Hit
Not only That Group has trespassed into their house
17 Studies Its scientific names and arrested that couples lest they should move away as if
they are in house arrest but also threatened them to
disconnect the novel thread. I have explained elaborative
about their atrocity on that innocent couple in the YOU tube.
Published If I want of write through the magazine the space will not be
Giri Iyya Publications enough.
No. 69, NSK Street, Selvapuram,
Coimbatore - 641 026. Tamilnadu,INDIA. When we see all these atrocities we feel like our privilege and human right is confiscated from us. Hereafter we should protest against these kind of in humanitarian
atrocities together. Now we are in the necessity of protect
1 yr Subscription Rs.600/- our human rights and strengthening our unity.
Rs. 50/-
Method of Soaps
Manufacturing in house.

Healer Baskar, Founder

Anatomic Therapy Foundation.

R ecently we have published

one article in the magazine
also a video concerning the
Topic called the coconut oil soap through
the YOU tube. The motivation of publishing
businessmen called illuminates would
purchase the total concern. More over all
my efforts to make the public to understand
would be wasted.

that video and article is that developing Please listen one subject never I
awareness through scientific explanation have used the word to use this soap. I
about the demerits and defects of using the believed that you would testify at least 10
shop selling soaps lest they should use soaps from the shops and you would
those soaps. produce yourself. Therefore I have been
compelled to write the article again. We are
The magazine and video had been going to learn how to produce the soaps
published with a view that we should ourselves at house and distribute to our
manufacture the soaps ourselves instead of neighbors to be benefitted.
purchasing from soaps. But after released
this video the public used to communicate Let us learn to produce 10 kinds of soaps
me and informing that they use to purchase through this article.
the soaps from the producers in addition to 1. Conunt oil soap
that they have become the distributors of 2. Neam soap
those companies' feel so bad when they say 3. Alovera soap
like that. 4. Neam and alovera soap
5. Cikai Soap
Endear friends I have explained very 6. Herbal Soap
clearly how to manufacture the soap at our 7. Cikkai and Herbal soap
house ourselves but nobody have phoned 8. Ash Soap
me that they start to manufacture the soap 9. Ground net powder soap
themselves .If it is continued one day the 10. Green Gram soap

04 JAN 2018
The features More features are in this
homely made soap
1. We do not need electricity
2. There is no necessity of Petrol, diesel, or
3. We do not need the Machine
4. We do not the weighing machine
5. It is enough to use the caustic soda
6. It is very productive because it is
manufactured at the home. 16 soaps out of that level. Each soap would
7. No palm oil wastage is added be consisting of 80 grams.
8. The notorious poison called SLS chemical
is not used in this process. Caustic soda
Caustic soda is one of the most
The ingredients of Soap available chemical which is available in all
Caustic soda 165grm Ordinary water chemical shops. We can buy the caustic soda
380grm The original coconut oil which is by searching. We should handle this caustic
made of check machine 1kg soda very carefully. If you touch you would
feel itching. It would develop the itching
The method of process even there is a little sweating. More over us
We should have the 380grm of water should keep this in a secured place lest the
in the bowl and we should blend 165grm of children should touch that. Otherwise that
Caustic soda. After blend both water and would cause more effect whether they eat
caustic soda we have to wait for one hour. or touch that.
Because the caustic would get heat as soon
as mix with the water we should wait for The only precautious thing is that
quenching. After ten minutes we should handling the caustic soda and keeping the
pour 1 kg of coconut oil inside of the caustic soda very carefully. So the
mixture. Afterwards we should blend the manufacturer should take an intensive care
mixture very casually through the glass stick to safe this caustic soda.
or wooden stick. Likewise we should blend
for half an hour till it become dosa flour Die
level. If we want to find out the different
kinds of Dies we can search through the
We cannot pour the both the solid internet. The cast of those Dies are very
mixture or the liquid mixture inside the die. costly. Instead of that we can use the
So only the level of dosa is relevant to ordinary dies which are available at our
produce the soap. After pour into the die house. Instance the empty match boxes,
that mixture would become as the soap cartoon boxes, or the little plastic boxes can
within 24 hours. be utilized for making soaps.

According to the above mentioned Even we can use the paper cups
ratio and quantity we can manufacture only from the shops. The one reason is that it is
JAN 2018 05
so cheap on other hand we can easily the sun light. In addition to that they apply
separate the soap from the cup without some chemical called sulfur in order to
damage and again we can use this kind of bring the coconut in a dry manner. When
cups. Likewise you can individually think the chemical sulfur is burnt the coconut and
and find some more dies.

Weighing Machine
The weighing machine is required in
order to weigh the ingredients of the soap
manufacturing. Of course if we do not have
the weighing machine there is other
method to blend the ingredients of the soap
in proper ratio and produce. This method
would be very convenient you to prepare
the soap notwithstanding the weighing
machine. capacitate the coconut to refine shortly.
Hence we should use only the coconut oil
One Cup of Caustic Soda =2 and half which has not been contaminated by sulfur,
cup of Water=6 and half cup of Coconut oil because that would cause the illness to
ratio is required to produce the Soap. If we health.
use this quantity of ingredients it is not
necessary to use weighing machine. Smell
The soap manufacturers are
Coconut Oil blending the perfume called essential oil
The coconut oil should not be the into the soap in order to bring the smell
coconut oil which is sold at the shops. That during the bathing. The 5 to 10mile liter
coconut oil is driven from the crude oil soap essence is available up to Rs 5 to
which is the byproduct of the petroleum 500.Manufacturing through this kind
called Liquid Paraffin. So please remember essential soaps are sold door by door as the
that the coconut oil which is used from the name of neam soap, Papaya soap. So it is
shop is not an actual coconut oil. advisable not to use these kinds of soaps.
The smell is not necessary inside of the
Therefore we should use only the soap. So we are advised not to use the
coconut oil which is driven from the refiner. essence in our house made soap.
Nowadays we happened to hear that there
is adulterer even in the refiner too. When The kinds of bathing soap
we cut the coconut into so many pieces and I want to register and explain before
dry in the sunlight would be more knowing the kinds of Soaps. All the soaps
convenient to refine. should be made of only through the pure
coconut oil. When we manufacture the soap
So many persons do not heat at the through the coconut oil we should add only
hot sun even three days. Some more 10% of other ingredients. Whatever
persons do not dry on account of not having ingredients we add soap will be molded
06 JAN 2018
similar to the Mixture. Forth
For example if you want to manufacture the The current period all the soaps are
neem leaf soap you have to add 10% of the bringing more forth because of mixing the
chemical called s.s.s which would cause
more dangerous to the health. So please do
not mix the chemical called S.L.S in our
manufacture. Spontaneously the forth
would come more on account of producing
through the pure coconut oil.

If that forth is not sufficient there is

another way to bring more forth. First of all
drench the poondhi seeds inside of the
water. Later we should boil that water and
neam oil or neam powder into the 1 kilo keep in avessel and mix in the soap mixture
coconut oil. that would bring more forth.

We can use the below mentioned soaps This poondhi seeds are very unique
for bathing seeds .These kind of seeds are available
1. Coconut oil soap throughout India. If we seedle nearby the
2. Neem oil Soap vacant place of our house that would grow
3. Allovera Soap more. These seeds have the value of
4. Allover a and Neem mixed soap purifying water, therefore when we grow
5. Ground powder soap these seeds nearby the river and water
6. Green powder soap reservoirs that would purify the water
7. Sekai soap sources.
8. Harapu soap
9. Sekai and Harappu soap. North Indians are using these
10. Ash mixed soap poondhi seeds as well as the south Indians
are using the Theta seeds.
Likewise we can make different
kinds of soaps. If whatever soaps we should Already we have seen that the
remember one thing is in the mind that we manufacturers are mixing the poisonous
should use only the coconut oil to make the chemical called S.L.S in favor of bringing
soap. more forth. Those people use this chemical
on account of it is available with the free of
But there are some difficulties to be cost.
faced in the process of making the soaps.
What is the ratio of the ingredients and how I was in search of manufacturing the
to pour on the Die? But when you practice soaps at house for a long time. So many
continuously you would be very an expert persons are hesitating to say about the
of soap making. manufacturing by the reason of that where
their business would have been lost and
JAN 2018 07
where the people would not come to buy He has found this soap
the soaps if they reveal the truth. manufacturing process in a small budget by
dint of not having the financial back ground
Likewise I have met so many and place facility. If you organize minimum
persons in my life in order to know the 100 persons to learn the soap making he
details of soap manufacturing. Decisively I would come and teach at your place. In
met Mr.Prasanth and perceived about the need your convenience you can go to Tirpur
soap making process. I say my valuable and learn from his place. He has been living
thanks to that gentle man at this golden at koolipalayam, you can communicate
movement. through the mobile and meet him.

Mr.Prasant had completed In the Absence of his presence his

his Mechanical study at mother would teach us to prepare soap.
Tamilnadu College of Once she was working at one Textile
Engineering and learnt the company but now she has been working
Acupuncture study after completely at soap factory.
worked as an Engineer. He has
learnt the Art of Acupuncture Adress: ACS nagar
from my Master Nature Kumar at Periyapalayam po
Coimbatore. Moreover he has worked along Koolipalayam, Nalroad, Tripur-7
with the Agricultural scientist Nummular. Mobile number 8903750698
Now he has been learning law at Law
College. Since one and half year he has been Notes:
involving in this soap manufacturing Please avoid taking bath through the soap
business. In addition to that he has been instead of that use the Bengal gram, and
teaching to his friends to produce the Soap. Green Gram.We post this message in order
to explain the positive and negative of all
His view is so unique .He has been events.

The persons who have started to

manufacture the soap at their own house.
Subashni, Chennai - 7904820036
Vidhyadharan Mumbai - 9867562802
Thiru mathy Jasmine raguman,
Abudhabe - 71554112458

Note : Manufactured soap to be used

doing this service with a view that the after 40days
world should change towards the nature.
He has experience in so many ways to
develop the natural products but he has
been failing from all efforts decisively he
decided to manufacture soap.
08 JAN 2018
(Part 4)

- Healer Baskar
16. Ethics Likewise so many Ethics have been

E thics means explaining designed at different countries by different

elaborative about the king, type of people. How we call as Ethics as well
human or a Guru .This is an as it is being named in different countries in
art of narrating and studying about the different name. Generally it is praised as
above mentioned persons and interpreting History.
to the public .It is being exaggerated in
order to making the public to understand When we say the old ethics to our
how to live or how not to live. Totally children they may say it is boring. We may
speaking about bio-grapy is called Ethics. handle any kind of techniques to make them
A few ethics are saying only the truth but so to understand. Even we may create some
many ethics are half true and another half is Ethics and say them. We can add some
false. If we should advice to people we heroes of this latest trend in accordance to
should say through the story telling this contemporary.
manner on the contrary if we say as an
advice the public won`t hear. For an example we may say about
the latest hero of the Agriculture
The Ethics are developed in favor of Mr.Namalwar who had been doing and
making the people to understand easily saying his valuable experiences to public.
when we are saying the story of great Guru, When we say about his bio-grapy that
kings and human. What is the important would motivate the children to know more
message in the Ethics is that the whole book about the Agriculture.
would be in the prose manner we will not
find the lyrics, myths, and imaginaries. We can do so many things through
the Ethics that good information would

JAN 2018 09
register in the human mind well. We can say course of time they have been teaching this
about the latest heroes and their as an Art. Because we have more confidence
adventures and social services to the while we are decorating ourselves. First of
children. So scriptures are good. all we like ourselves then others associate
us very fluently.
Is a creation which is centralized on Many people do not decorate
some romantic persons or romantic couples themselves. They say that they would say
through the different kind of imaginary they will be like this. It is every one
songs? The poetry is being decorated personal interest. Some people addict to
through the poems, dialectical words, and that it is not fair.
some mysterious in favor of the readers
enthusiasm. Decorating us ex-ordinarily as if
irritating others is a bad habit. Same time
When a teacher creates one poem you should understand that being ugly is
through his poetry power and imaginary not so fair. We should decorate ourselves in
power it is called. Generally the poem is a normal manner lest others should jealous
composed due to the entertainment. on us with regard to the situation and
Meanwhile some poems have some circumstantial. After learnt this attitude and
potential meaning and philosophical applying in our day to day life that would be
knowledge. The creation belongs to the more proud.
poet mentality.
The self-Exploration is called an
So we should teach to children the inner engineering. Decorating ourselves is a
kaviyams .when we teach children we can kind of meditation. Let us learn the Art of
make them to understand so many things. If decorating ourselves and teach to the
we don't know the old kaviyams we children.
ourselves can make the kaviyams.
The parents can create some kavyams 19.Art of speaking
instead of wasting time by watching serials. The art of speaking means the
acoustics speech .Speaking sweetly,
18. Alzhangaram speaking attractively, speaking boldly,
It is necessity to speak about the speaking courageously in need, generally
grooming, because everybody would know. learning the art of speaking with proper
The decoration means decorating ourselves. articulation is called Madura padanam.
For an example applying the tattoos in the Many people speak commonly instead of
hand, decorating the hair in different style, that there is a method to speak in
Keeping thelak at the forehead, wearing accordance to the circumstance and
such handsome dresses in accordance to situation. When we speak a word the
the color combinations are called Art of meaning will be differed with regard to the
Decoration. If we should say in Tamil way of speaking and anatomical changes
language it is called Self-beautician. In that and the rhythm.
10 JAN 2018
For an example we can change the would leave them as an innocent.
word Nalla eru however. When rhythm is
changed a little that will mean that Nee We can catch public mind through
Nalla Erruka Mattai. So speaking is an art. watching others speech and change our
We should speak boldly at some place speaking style. Art of speaking is
laughing manner, some places musical opportunity us to live a long life and
speaking. It is told in English Sugar Coated interact other relations.
words. This is what Tamlians say Madura
Language. It is important to speak in an Many people have good heart and
attractive way. good thoughts. But they are intricate on
account of their unbalances of speaking and
When we speak we should speak using the words. Somebody lamenting that
lest that should be understood by others. they are good one and why there are more
We should speak sweet Meanwhile we problems to me. It is very important that
should speak lest that should hurt others. speaking sweetly in many places.
Nowadays everybody speak similarly in the
public stages. Some grammar has developed Why public is loving my speech is
to the stage speech. Everybody Xerox that that I am watching for long time others
and speak. Who speak in their own style speech. I feel about the pain and dullness
would be aspired by universe. while others are speaking .Having those
experiences in my mind and I practice daily
We need not go to any training and improve the knowledge of Speaking.
center that we should speak intelligently.
We can learn ourselves. we should listen I like both Vethatri sir and Ravi
during others speak .sometime the opposite Shankar ji because they would have spoken
person would speak better than me. During in a perfect articulation.
that movement what would do is that we
should learn from them.
20. Drama
If we say in current language Drama
Of course when we consider about
is a Cartoon. Nowadays the children do not
our speech if anybody speak how they
listen the school studies but they watch
would have spoken. As soon as observed
only the Cartoons. Many parents are
that speech we should change our body
worrying about that. Do you know why the
language and style. But so many persons
children do not go to school? Why the like
among us do not listen how others speak.
to watch the cartoon channels?
They would speak themselves. They would
not give room to listen other speech.
Generally the children like something.
That is children attitude.
Whoever speaking themselves
1. Story
without listening others would have less
knowledge. According to them they would 2. Animals
be thinking that they are unique. Others 3. Image

JAN 2018 11
4. Fancy dint of not having the art of Dram I am
5. Dance explaining through the speech.
6. Song
7. Music For an example I have spoken for a
8. Body Shaking long time about the house way teaching
method which is called Banu House way
Unless we add these 8 things then Education with regard to the educational
only we can register something in the system. I have uploaded in the YOU tube,
children mind. but one cinema director had developed that
concept as a film for 2and half hours.
The above mentioned message is
not only to children but also to Adults. That When some good subjects are
is why our ancestors composed these 8 established by way of the good hearts who
things on the name of ORCHESTRA and knew the art of drama that reaches very
contributed to public. shortly. So what is my requisition is that
those good hearts should be saying the
good subjects to the public through short
Why they contend the Drama with
films, short stories or cartoon.
more good things and stories because those
would reach the public very easily.
Therefore, if we teach the drama to
children, right from the beginning that
They made the people to
would be very helpful to them.
understand by way of showing the animals
face, trees, birds; speaking animals likewise
image differently and contributed to public. If you want to
Nowadays that art has been converted as understand completely
cinema and cartoon. about the Art of Drama
please view the video
through the internet on
Drama is an art. Everyone is will be
the topic of Cartoon
expert in every different Art. Somebody
would make us to understand by Speaking
.Somebody would make us to understand by
conducting Drama. Drama is helping very
much to understand the concept than the Let us continue the other episodes
speaking. on coming Editions.

Though I make to sit 1,000 more My honorable

persons only 300 persons understand, the thanks to Mr.Manikandam
other 700 persons do not understand. If I who had made me to
explain these concepts through the drama, understand about the Arts
Music, Dance, Story certainly the whole of 64 Arts.
1,000 more persons would understand. By

12 JAN 2018
The Treatment for
decayed leg of sugar patient
“The Mangoes
- Healer Baskar

A lready I have told you about

the treatments for the
decayed leg of a sugar
patient. The patient may cure his disease by
way of participating in the Five days camp
favor of washing the scare after the
Manucose Treatment.

The second thing what we should

do is that we should cut a part of cabbage
Anatomic Therapy which is conducted by and grind as paste through the manual
me MR. Healer Baskar. The patients who Grinder or maxi. We should collect the
they not able to attend the meet can cure ground Cabbage and squeeze lest the whole
the disease through watching the DVD of juice of the cabbage essence should be
my anatomic speech. extracted. After extracted the whole juice
we can avoid the juice and only take the
We are going to introduce one fiber the cabbage.
peculiar treatment which would cure the
disease very shortly. The name of the We should mix the clay in the
treatment is Manucose. proper ratio along with the extracted
cabbage paste. This is the Medicine. Later
We should prepare something we should apply the paste on the effected
before start the treatment called Manucose. are for 1 inch thickness. Then it is advisable
First of all we should have the boiled water lest that medicine applied area should be
in order to cure the decayed legs. Mix some kept in the sun light. Though there is no sun
lemon juice inside of the hot water. light we can keep the leg after applied
We have to separate this water after
blended this water. Later take a cotton piece After half an hour we have to wash
then drench into this lemon mixed water with the lemon water mix. We should be
and wipe the scare cleanly. We have to following for continually 30 days. If we are
prepare the lemon mixed water more in doing this treatment continually our spoiled
JAN 2018 13
It is more advisable to use only the
organic cabbages which have been
cultivated by natural performance. In case
of not available of the organic cabbage we
can use the commercial cabbages.

We have mentioned only the

approximate ratio concerning the Lemon
water, cabbage, or clay, but the patient can
leg would become fresh one. prepare according to his convenience.

The important message is that we This Manucose treatment would be

should wash the legs through the lemon very convenience to cure the decayed legs.
water before apply the medicine or after So the effected victims can be benefitted
removed the medicine. We should not use through this Manucose treatment.
the ordinary water.
Let us benefit out of this Manucose
Note: treatment and live a long life. My cordial
The water which is being used to clean the thanks to Mr.Selvakumar.
scare should be only the lemon mixed hot

ï |z, 1
Let us grow c ÓÍm
ô çªß·

the Tamil
Ä ç\ß· 4
ò Eß· 5
ÄV ©¸â¼¦[ 6
¨ ª 7
I looked at the Tamil book of the 6th standard ¶ k[ 8
student. Out of that book one question was asked í ¤ªV^ 9
to write 1 to 0 in Tamil. By reason of not knowing B ¨[¼Å[ 0
I asked that boy. soon he say 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 in cºï^
Tamil. I asked how you memorized that. She zwÍç>ïÓÂzD
answered that her teacher arranged the Tamil ØÄV_oÝ >Vòºï^.
words through the sentences. Let us grow
the Tamil

14 JAN 2018
How to prepare the


- Healer Baskar

T he liquid called replant is

being used all sort of
mosquito coils in order to
drive the mosquitoes away .Actually the
liquid called replant is named as coarsen,
they have found a way to drive the
mosquitoes that consuming the coarsen oil
wherever the mosquitoes are ambulating.
They invented one instrument in order to
delete the smell from the Krishna oil. The
country oil etc, etc. name of the machine is called KEROSENE
machine we can drive the actual smell of the
Generally the manufactures are kerosene in addition to having blended the
using the coarsen oil inside of the chemicals and manufacturing the
Mosquitoes coils and inside of the Coach mosquitoes driving coils and the coach
roach killer called Hit in order to kill the roach driving chemicals which would cause
lizard, mosquitoes and Coach roach. the effects to the human.

A long time back we had been using These kinds of chemicals are being
only coarsen or Krishna oil at our house sold and earned cores and cores on the
.During that period this coarsen was in the name of Pest controls as if they would
day to day usage. While we were using product the buildings from the coach roach.
coarsen there was no the haunting of the The mosquitoes killing coils are being
mosquitoes. manufactured by only one company. This
company belongs to the illuminates. There
This world is being ruled by only the are no machines anywhere in the world
Roth child and illuminates who is called as which would produce the machine for
the president of the world level fools who mosquitoes killing chemicals. Nobody has
has been befooling and doing business. All the license to manufacture to develop the
JAN 2018 15
machine. Nobody knew about the
manufacture of the machine. They keep that
very confidential.

I came to know that secret through

one of my best friends that the kerosene is
used as the mosquito rider. Now I am
sharing this secret along with you and our
friend requested me not to release his
name. So please try to understand that they
are selling for the high price which is
available for the least price.

Hereby we request you not to

purchase any kind of mosquitos' coils and
coach roach killers from the shops. As well
as do not waste the money for the pest
control. In place of that allocate more
windows and doors to prevent us from the

Of course if it is not possible we

should organize one exist nearer to the roof
level just 2 feet from the ceiling level in
addition to that fix an exhaust fan just
opposite to the exist. so the contaminated
confidential in formations please inform to
air would be coming up from the living
me I would inform to the world.
room the fresh air which has the density
would be sustaining in the low level the
family persons may have the fresh air What is the essence of this article is
instead of the Air condition. that the counterfeit merchants are selling
such kind of adulterant commodities to the
public and earning the money. so we have to
More over you can fix the mosquito
refuse this.
net towards all the windows and doors. If
you want to follow the natural method to
drive the mosquitoes and the coach roaches What is called self-oriented life
you use the kerosene oil through the water means turning towards the nature and
presser which is being used at the barber manufacturing all of our daily routines
shop for applying on the customers head. ourselves in a natural manner?
All of my friends if you have known either
16 JAN 2018
Its scientific names
1. The activities of low temperature objects 27. The Study about coins - Neraixnatics
- Cryonic 28. The Study of mushroom - Micology
2. Education of cells - Cytology 29. The External science - Morphology
3. The Skeleton of animals and plants - 30.Seperating the Melals - Metalogy
Anatomy. 31. The Study of Articulation - Lexicon
4.The function of solid objects in air - Aero - therapy
Dynamics. 32. The Pregnancy of Women - Cycology
5. The study of sound - Acoustics. 33. The Study about ancestors -
6. The research of antique things - Gerontology
Archeology. 34. The art of human gens - Genetics
7. The treatment of sun - Helix Therapy 35. The art of device - Pransic science
8. The Study of disease - Pathology 36. The Study of Germs - Eddanology
9. The study of joints - Rheumatology 37. The art of Polters - Ceramics
10.The treatment of kidney disease - 38. The Transformation of animals - Bionics
Urology 39. The research of galaxy - Astrology
11. The Study about peaks - Oralogy 40. The Study of space - Astrology
12. The research of cn - Oralogy 41. The Evaluation of Tribes - Anthropology
13. The Study of medicine - Pharmacology 42. The Study of Environment - Ecology
14. The Study about cumbers - Oncology 43. Statics of Birth and death - Denostrops
15. The art of silk corm growth - Cherry 44. The art of Finger prints - Textography
culture 45. The research of poison - Taxology
16. The growth of fish - Fishy culture
17. The study of mind - Psychology
18. The art of Languages - Penology
19. The Study about children - Pediatrics
20. The rock Study - Paleontology
21. The art of birds - Ornithology
22. The Study about Teeth - Otology
23. The Study about nervus - Neurology
24. The Agriculture of earthless plants -
25. The Study of Garening - Hortisculture
26. The Study of Tissue - Histology

JAN 2018 17
Pervious Programme


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23.12.2017 to 24.12.2017
Five Days Camp
18 JAN 2018
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Other State : 1 Year Rs. 700/- 2 Years Rs. 1400/- 5 Years Rs. 3250/-

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Bank Details
A/c Name : Amaithiyum Arokiammum, A/c No. : 034205008485
Bank: ICICI Branch, R.S. Puram, Coimbatore. IFSC Code : ICIC0000342

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Thiru. Healer Baskar
Anatomic Therapy Foundation, Cbe.

Thiru. Sukumar, Pollachi.
Thiru. Mahalingam, Pondicherry.
Thirumathi. Manimozhli, Trichy.
Thiru. Sundarrajan, Srivallipudur.
Thiru. Premkumar, Cbe.

Thiru. Vijay, Cbe.

Office Team
Thiru. Anandraj, Manager, Kovai.
Thiru. Boopathy, Asst. Manager, Kovai.
Thiru. Srinivasan, Reporter, Chennai.
Thiru. Ravi, Reporter, Kovai.
Thiru. Nandhagopal, Reporter, Kovai.

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