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Dual Duplex Tower Mounted Amplifier Fullband

for 1900 MHz

When installed close to the antenna, this Tower Mounted When improving existing network
Amplifier (TMA) enhances the overall network perfor- Continuous improvement to the quality of the network
mance and coverage. This is due to reduced system and sufficient coverage is vital for operators. With the
noise figure and improved uplink sensitivity. installation of TMAs the extra traffic generated provides
a typical payback time of 2–12 months and increases the
Improved operator business – futureproof net revenue.
Operators are now facing a familiar syndrome, where they
are forced to merge or share network frequencies. This Key features
Ericsson dual duplex TMA eliminates any problems this • The only approved dual duplex fullband TMA
could cause, by covering the entire GSM 1900 band. for Ericsson GSM 1900 MHz RBSs.
• Full 60 MHz bandwidth – futureproof and
When building new networks logistically simple
Fast deployment is crucial in a new network rollout. This • Optimized for Ericsson’s RBS 2102 / 2202 and
is where the Ericsson dual duplex TMAs can provide a RBS 2106 / 2206
cost-effective solution that gives a faster rollout with a • Compact casing
reduction of the initial investments.

Convincing results from the field Excellent reliability
Actual test from the field in existing networks have The durable Ericsson dual duplex TMAs have lightning
shown significant improvements: protection, dual amplifiers and alarm functionality,
20–50% reduction of dropped calls and up to 5% providing continuous, dependable performance, even
increase in total talk time. when mounted in hazardous weather environments.

Technical Specifications for Dual Duplex TMA Fullband for GSM 1900

Dual Duplex Tower Mounted Amplifier KRY 112 71

Electrical specifications
Bandwidth: 60 MHz
Receiver pass band: 1850 – 1910 MHz
Transmitting pass band: 1930 – 1990 MHz
Gain: 12 dB
Input IP3, better than: 12 dBm
Tx loss, typical: 0.5 dB
Tx/Rx Return Loss, typical: 20 dB
ANT Return Loss, typical: 20 dB
Noise figure, typical: 1.7 dB
Maximum power handling, continuous: 54 dBm (250 W)
All IM*/ in receiving band (2 x 43 dBm CW): < –121 dBm
DC powering / Alarm handling: Superimposed on the RF feeder. Dual alarm levels.
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Type approval: Ericsson TMA + BTS fulfils ETSI requirements

The production and the materials are environmentally approved. All specifications are subject to alteration without prior notice. Printed in Sweden. Tarle Decor AB. 12.2002
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions (H x W x D) 12.5 x 5.6 x 3.7 in (316 x 141 x 95 mm)
Weight: 13.2 lb (6.0 kg)
RF connectors: 7-16 female
Ground connector: M8 bolt & nut
Mounting: Pole or wall mounting

Environmental specifications
Temperature range, full performance: -27 °F to +130 °F (-33 °C to +55 °C)
MTBF: 1 000 000 hours
Sealing: IP 65
Lightning protection: IEC 1024
Safety: UL1950, ETL marking, EN 60950

Ordering numbers

ddTMA 1900 FB with LNA by-pass: KRY 112 71/2

Available ordering guides: EN/LZT 123 7019 and EN/LZT 123 7020

*/ Referring to IM5 and IM7 measured at the Antenna port.

IM3 considered subject to frequency planning.

Ericsson AB AE/LZT 123 6836 R4 © Ericsson AB 2003