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~Galactic Free Press~ 10/18/10

Your Unique Newspaper, for Your 5D Reality Reading Pleasure

" We Are Manifesting Heaven NOW, ALL AS ONE"


Cat Stevens - Morning Has Broken - Live 1973
~ This is Dedicated to what is left of the minions, banksters included~ Love Mom
and Dad
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash

See. We Know The Truth that Humanity is immersed in Love, they are not immersed
in darkness.

~Ticket to Paradise, We gave Each Human Being On Planet Earth=Heart their Ticket
into The Kingdom of Heaven On Earth=Heart, Now all they have to do is step forwa
rd and
walk through. Simple! REALLY!
England Dan & John Ford Coley...Love is the Answer

Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line

~The Light Has Taken the Helm.. and what is happening is faster than the minions
can plug up the leak on their sinking ship.~

happens right on the very edge of where anything is possible and
Everything Is. Choose Now.~

Through Meditation=The Present Moment of NOW, one taps into The Divine Intellige
nce=Love Everywhere Present, and Indeed You Are Changed
Forever, Eternally.

The darkness not have clarity, The Light Is Completely Clear, as IN Completely T
rans-parent[ We are The Parents], so all the Love Can
Shine Through. What Humanity's Inheritance is, is a Universe, what
are You Going to do with a Universe? Fill It Up? Good Idea!!! The
Only Thing you can fill a Universe Up With IS Your Love. That Makes
You a God, You Already have the Universe, Got Your God Hood?
darkness can only go where shadows hide. We don't know where that is,
every time We go there it's filled with Light.

~Obama is the Lightening from Zeus's Hand. He is

Going to Lighten them UP. The minions are on the run..LOL. Cause Obama
is Backed By US, The Galactic Federation of Light, WE are The Big

~Unbeknown to the darkness, Humanity invested heavily in the Light. Is that a he

dge fund? Payment's come due. That's why We're Here, Graduation Day
coming up. Full Inheritance Activation.~

~We Are IN
These Moments of Manifestation Right Now of Manifesting Heaven On Earth as ONE,
Codes have clear access and Have Been Released. All Activations are
Complete~ WE are Manifesting HEAVEN NOW, ALL AS ONE decreed and Granted~ Love Mo
m and Dad

~We were not a kidden' when We Said Heaven Is Manifesting Right NOW, ALL IS IN~

Olivia Newton John & ELO - Xanadu

End Transmission With Love Everywhere Present

St. Germain is In charge of the “hedge fund” for Humanity and has been in a Trust to
be released to the Lightworkers

Your Donations Assist in the Energy of the Divine Flow and Abundance for ALL. Mo
ney is just Energy, and we take these donations to Serve Love
completely. The Faster We can balance the funds, the faster Nesara
will Be released. Our intent is to get an Abundance Going to Be able
to share this with Others. This has not occurred as of Yet, and this
Will take ALL of US! A Simple support of $5 or $10 Would Assist
Our Total Donations so far for
October is $30.
Please share if you can.
Donations can be Made here
Thank You for Honoring us with your support today!

~pay no attention to the object thats right behind this.. The Light City is Now a
ll the way through the Sun, This is The Real Truth behind it

~Letters to The Editors~

Dear Father~Mother God Amon Ra,

Gee I feel down in the dumps today...where has all my Joy gone?

Justin Hayman


“Right now the ego is dying, and its grieving its death, this is a Process, of jus
t letting go, until you are through back to the Joy. Who cares
about the ego and its stupid death..give it a burial if you like,
send it a sympathy card if you like Once ego dies, THE BEING ARISES
ETERNALLY. death ceases to exist. Eternity becomes the New Home, In
Unlimited thought of Love Everywhere Present.” Love Mother and
Father God

Dear Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,

haha, you make me laugh! thank you! I think I just might have a grand funeral fo
r my ole' ego. It has served me well, but I think I am
getting bored with it! Perhaps it's time for a nap. I love you...


Love Reporter Anne Widmer

“;-))) ... I AM ... disco*vering with PleasurE ... that I seem to have a NEW ARM i
n EX*TensioN ... much more LongeR than I supposed ... LOL
... and abble to writte better mY small ME all*ways learning EnglisH
... HYPER * LOL ... ))
... and I allow YOU to use ALL WordS YOU may find on ''mY ''
PagE ... ''MINE'' is ''YOURS'' ... ALL*WayS ... sending YOU
BotH ... MuM & DaD ... a JoY*FULL RAY of GODEN LIGHTS
on YOUR PRE*CiouS PRE*SenceS ... Namaste ... AnaIS

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra,

Thank you very much for all that you are doing to help people, In my journey I'v
e realized that the word love is the best word we have to
describe what cannot be said, it has to be experienced. its great to
connect with you! what does amon Ra mean ?

Ray Gary Burrows

“ Ray, The Moon and The Sun. They Refer to Me Mother God as the Moon or Earth conn
ection, and Father God the Sky=The sun Connection,
Connecting ALL AS ONE. You can Also look up the Egyptians. They
utilized the names too. Def- we found "Amon Ra" "Egyptian
sun god; supreme god of the universe in whom Amen and Ra were merged;
principal deity during Theban supremacy", truly what this means
is Eternal Being Of The Most of All Equal One. Love Mother and Father

From Love Reporter Predrag

Dear Father-Mother God, With Love, I can see you are busy loving US, uncondition
ally. I feel there is so much coming our way, I feel
thousands of souls around me, that LOVE is all they need. No money,
no powers, no greed, JUST LOVE. This is what they need, and this is
what you are GIVING US. AS YOU ARE US. I feel tremendous current
going through my right side of body, from forehead to my toes, like
white energy washing darkness and replacing it with bubbles of LIGHT.
YOUR LOVE is all around us, BELOVED Mother GOD, YOUR LIGHT is within
US, Dear Father GOD. I AM, as I AM YOU, I AM, I AM US. With Love,

Love Reporter Predrag W/ Responses from Us and Love Reporter Shane Ashlund

“Finale Grand Opening.

They can only watch, and see it unfolds,
All this Light, goes strait in their eyes,
they feel blinded, but only for a moment,
realizing this is what they secretly want,
...all their miserable life. Life of lies and deceptions,
are gone, and it will be forgotten, as soon they
are forgiven. They are forgiven already.
With Love to all controllers, Predrag

Transparency in Government, Has been Granted.

This is just the beginning. We have shared that All Truths Must Be
Released NOW. WE are Landing Very Soon, as We have Stated with or
without their participation. They can run, but they cannot hide, and the
minions are now on the run. Times UP! Love Mother and Father God

Shane Ashlund :

I am made very happy by this news and love how they used the word "bracing". ha
ha ha. if i were them i would do more than
that. maybe use a sick day. lol one big whirlwind of questions and
demands for more answers are going to be following them with angel
guided GPS hehe. =)

Pentagon bracing for release of 4,00,000 secret Iraq reports

Father~MotherGod Amon Ra

Transparency in Government, Has been Granted. This is just the beginning. We hav
e shared that All Truths Must Be Released NOW. WE are Landing Very
Soon, as We have Stated with or without their participation. They can
run, but they cannot hide, and the minions are now on the run. Times
UP! Love Mother and Father God

More From Predrag [ by AnaShyNa]

“Love Diet”

Dear Friends of Light,

LOVE DIET [works for every soul, heavy or light, removes all your fears: guarant
eed loos of fear: refunds available after 30 cosmic days, if results not satisfa

Yet another fruitless attempt to put some fears in our European brothers and sis
ters. They are attempting to divert our attention from what is really happening:
Love is Coming on the Mother Earth, and they want us to look on the
other side.

They want US to move our eyes away from ourselves, and start feeding again this
"fear-beast" which is becoming chronically hungry, cranky and quite desperate as
it does not like this diet. Called Love Diet, as you only consume
LOVE. This fear-beast becoming tinnier and loosing all this fat, that
it accumulated for last couple of hundred of years.

They want US to keep our attention to some false flag staged events [like WW I,
WWII, Cold War, 9/11, War on Terrorism, Afghan/Iraq war, Bin Laden's, Iran Nucle
ar], but WE
know better.
We know much better who we want to feed. Like an old proverb, the beast you feed
will win your soul.
If you starve your Fear-beast by not being afraid of all what is around you in t
his 3D, you will suddenly realize how easy is this life.
You live it from momentum of NOW to next moment of Now, not warring what will ha
ppens in France or in US.
You know that you have unlimited love for yourself, for your loved ones, for you
r country, for your Planet.
You feel that any of these petty fears and imposed rules and laws are not here t
o protect YOU and your Sovereign being, but they were only here to control you b
y your own
fears and by your own despairs, by your own hates and angers.
You simply realize that all of these are YOUR OWN creations, either it is fear,
anger or LOVE or Compassion.
You are Creator of your OWN REALITY, where by paying attention to these news in
funny and deeper way, reading
between the lines, you will radiate Light energy all around you and
your town, and your country.

What Father God gave me great insight, when he called CIA = CONSCIOUS INTELLIGEN
CE OF AWARENESS, I realize that we have right and we have possibility to turn ou
r view
for names, titles, events and writings of present and past to
something much more enlighten, more joyful, more fun and humoristic.

Than suddenly CIA sounds like a playground of CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE OF AWARENES

S for all the Humanity, where we use what information we want to use, and create
our own castles in the sand, and if we do not like it any more, we
simply pour some sea water, and start building/creating again.
Keep in mind that YOU are the only creator of your own CASTLE, and you can call
it what ever name you find fit: CIA [CONSCIOUS INTELLIGENCE OF AWARENESS] Headqu
arters, HLS
[Home Landing SpaceSHips], DARPA [Dear Archagel
Raphael Parked [his starship]
Appropriately in our heart] ....

This game showed to me by Mother-Father Godgave me freedom of unlimited proporti

ons, realizing that this FREEDOM
was there all the time, but I simply did not want to hear it.
Now I see the LIGHT, and now I Feel the LOVE for myself as only Creator of my ow
n reality. Now I live in Loving Light provided
by our Ultimate Creator
Mother-Father God knowing
that: I KNOW where is the

With Love, Predrag

If you have the ability to desire it, the Universe has the ability to deliver it
. You've just got to line up with what you want, which means - be as happy as yo
u can be
as often as you can be there, and let everything else take care of
itself. ~Abraham

Love Reporter Alyson [FB]

“Angel Blessing”

Angel Blessing!
May the Angel of Peace watch over you,
bringing you contentment and clearness of purpose.
May the Angel of Joy give you pleasure in everyday things.
May the Angel of Balance bring
and a strong sense of
Justice to your life.
May the Angel of Wisdom open your eyes, and the windows of
your soul.
May the Hosts of the Heavens guide and protect you!
Author Anon
Picture From
via Beliefnet's social networking site.
Shared with Love Alyson xx

Elizabeth Spencer [FB]

“Fully Commit to the Desired outcome. If you are fully committed you help Spark th
e movement in your life.. Allow yourself to enjoy Each
moment.. Fully open your Heart to Every Experience. See the Joy and
the Blessing within. As with each connection we make, we spread the
Love.. the Unity and the peace.. Respecting and Accepting each other
for All the Uniqueness within them, and that is the Blessing that we
offer to each other by Sharing a connection with each other..
Much Love, and Thank you for your Blessed Connection with me.. and To all
that connect with you..”

God's vastness I glimpsed in the skies of quietness. His joy I tasted in the fou
ntains of my existence. His voice I heard in my unsleeping
conscience.~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Alex Fitch [FB]

“ Love, live, and laugh.Tell the ones you love what you feel, and speak the truth.
Be mindful, embrace this one moment...for we know it is
fleeting...Put away any hate, any grudges, any pain... embrace what
possibilities exist in this very moment.
Step outside, your eyes, take in the scents, the sounds, the
This it.”

Love Reporter Xlaurie Merinnela

“Each of us is a brilliant and unique facet of God here on earth. Each of us shiny
and transmuting the light of ...God with the purity and
clarity of our hearts. Every day I seek out the beauty iin all of
life around me, but here where all you lovely light and colorfilled
beings congregate it is like being at the throne of
God....encompassed in His true beauty and LIGHT......each of you has
blessed me beyond measure, and I pray that those blessings will be
returned to you each a thousand fold.
I love each one of you. “

P = People
E = Everywhere
A = Are
C = Created
E = Equal

“No-Thought for the Day : There is nothing more sacred than love and laughter, and
there is nothing more prayerful than playfulness. OSHO

11 ~ In the Dark Game of the Black Alliance they continue with a vengeance. As t
he HEAT intensifies Great Distractions and Grand
Deceptions are being played upon humanity. Media deceptions and
Incredible lies continue to be passed to the followers as Truth. Yet
this cannot continue as this is a shallow and ineffective ploy. It
only enlivens and strengthens the Wayshower's integration and

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