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LAM SWR Meters/Analyzers Kit Accessories AEA exon ne speiles in handel ghtweght, nd emia Festing solos Oh 140 28nd Calte™ Kner feature taphical sweep and numerical data for SWR and Return Loss. The VIAM™ Analyzer adds granhical swbep and numerical data for Impedance and fesitnce. In ation tpresenng acre dt, ll ox SWR Meters have non-volatile meer, clit LCD, ard otonal software for deta storage, upload, savin printing, and export. These instruments are rugged and “Belt Féendlyfor easy transport up towers or ater climbing locations. All can be operated on AA alkaline or NiMH batteries, or AC powered. ry og Used byte military, communications industry poessionas, and amaauaiopercors hese insiumets were designed to rove scat fea on rsa stam romance. Bl oh nd wet ean hy ads tog te fal ort sea and poe year of eable perfomance Fe) Features a OX Minotis © Auto scaling LA ‘© Simplicity in testing and tuning antennas © Auditory cues: ‘© Fast accurate results in a hand-held instrument + Sana generator mde WY Belt Fiend fr vnsprt ant lining ‘ SelF-test function (aS + Compact rugged design fr years of service Siprinist.CDandBecklant + Ability to sve and real tet ests on the intent ‘Battery saver function * Unload saved tests to aPC, display, print, archive, and + Relative fl strength in 140525 & export test results + Cacuatd bandwith in VIA Antex, — Stindes a ey Part Numbers Sail cable’, \-’ AC power edad 140525 ANB 20 nn 06-5001 140-125 Analyzer Kit 08-1500 {,<2se with ston hook ad shoulder step CoIMai Xen ‘010-5000 . CellMate EX Kit. S006 1500 WA Analyzer. 5013-5000 ‘VIA Analyzer Kit. 5013-1500 Orrin kit son proves sian ssngs rr cel ath ssid Bae pd sa age un car oncom an 0 pS plug adapter. Kit orders shipped to Australia and New Zealand = ontain et plug style adaper. Counties wth oher plug fara mate tape aly Made in the USA ‘See reverse for other optional accessories. uK cyprus 9 35, Brompton Square Knightsbridge, 9 Suite23, Azur 8, Georgiou, London, SW 246, UK Umossoi 4048, Gyprus 19 +44(0)203 290 8399, 3 +35797 065349 ‘a ransmtterman fe eonsmiterman 7 4 a) ACLS UE CLES [SWR Meters’ Comparison Both the 140-525 and CellMate EX a0 Waray use “Analyst Director” software esas anaes = a Fiold Strength Function (Caleuiated Band width Tas. eenre | 600-ooowine | 0 Sa MR NS 16 seconds "1 second 12 seconds “VIA Director” software impedance Range 32-1000 Ohms Harmonie & Spurious >40 dB below | >40 dB below | >30 dB below fundamental_| fundamental_| fundamental VSWR Prot Range 1:19 101 “Et 10 1st 1:1 10 2041 Return Loss Pot Range 1710-3048 | 1.710 3068 1 to 4008, Impedance Pioting Seales 0-100 Oy 200 oko o-1000 hm Resistance Proting Sealos 0-100 Ons 280 Ohms 1000 0fims Phase Angie iS f0 +45" Maximum Input Power oom 0 dom | 4270 dBm [Output Power 315 dm 5.80 5.4m [Connector Por Niype Nivpe Type + — me SL — Upload saved test results oftware ‘ional optional optional i Applicable Software “nalyet Directr_| Analyst Director VIA Director Operate te metrurment it remnate Serial Por Speed 2600-182K baud | 9600 Bos | 48008.8600Bpe | control Power Specifications ri Expand graphical views otage Requirement TOVDE Min TOVDE Min 7VDE Min . Print graphs and data [Curent Requirement etl 150 mA Archive test results on the PC Batery Types TAR aliatine TAR alkaline or (extemal recharging) NIM ay . Export to other applications a irstyoieal [TO Hrs typical | 16 His typieal Both the Analyst Director and VIA ctor software app ‘GATTI bakin | GX TS bakin | 64x 120 bac Lreaniinute|demosotawerg Bards 2257 [OS x4e 225" [os x43" x72e| downloads are available Bexaee nm | 216 110x88'mm from our web site “Analyst Director ‘5005-1201 (0070-1207, [Soft Equipment Case 30165-1002 6075-1002 6016-1002 Hard Equipment Case 8015-1003, 6015-1005, ‘6016-1003 DC Vehicle Adapter 15025-0250 6025-0250, 16025-0260 NIMH Batteries & ‘0010-0020 ‘0010-0020 Jostein uK cyprus l | 19 35, Brompton Square, Knightsbridge, 9 Sulte 23, Azur B, Georgiou A, London, SW 248, UK Limassoi4048, yprus 19 -+44(0)203290 8399, 3 +35797 869349