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Berliner Asien - Afrika - Studien seeeehen vor Fakultsinstint fir Asien und Aficawisenschaten umbolt-Universtt zu Beclin nd3/1 | | I | “Lr } Uta Gartner and Jens Lorenz (eds.) Tradition and Modernity in Myanmar ings ofan In hel in Belin from May 7" onal Conferene 0 May 9, 1093, Lir Se Aes tei Rse Du 9-8 The *Rohingyas" Who, * Shey ere ‘The Origin ofthe Name Khia Maung Saw 1, Introduction tm te year 1991 she sane “Rokingyat" fen appeared a ewspapes, “Aecoing to “Pree Press" journal and the "ioe Mealgs-aedjpurals a sei rshine "Ban Special The Rohisgyas’ te the deiendamts of Arabic Sears andthe rel ves of Akan (ie Rakiae Sate of Buia) and they sre ow xplled by tne preset ltr gpveramet of Burn kaon asthe Sue Law and Onder Reviration Counell (SLORG) becasae the fod facial histories such as tat te Kingdom of Mrauk U in Arikan Stu eoblabed by em aba Kings ip hat ouy were Most bu Clubs ims? "The andesgnd, Sore Arskancse (Raine, ther obligate to wit thet say ofthe so-aled "Robina hd wot pap with thee “One evolution of Maslin prolems in Rathine st’ In tht per 1 poet oot that most of the ‘Whenever I asked a Burmese or an Arakasexe (Rakhi) 1 got the owes "We dont kro iis nt our word. Ak the Kelas’ mab ‘Buemese or an Arakanese word, So {ave tried to trae it in all Terucandengengasdi ot ln vain Even a Wel kapwn ator | ‘and scholar, Mautice Collis, who wrete many articles and books abost ‘Arakan, ever mentioned te word "Reng", Also one of te Brits Coton Offer contibations about Burma aed Tac ced hie). ai wo Pst the my be ‘inal ve aor tn fact tte hat aever Re & "Rohingy* een Bara is ut even. There 0 such ane a Rohingye” in he Cease India, 1921 Burma) compiled by ‘G- Granitan, Tes ‘Superntenéet of Censes Operitons Burma, or it the Boss Garetecr Akya Distt compiled by Ril Semis these wee 2. From *Mojabids* to "Rohingyas™ ‘uc aod ow the meaning sre wii ofthe ond Reap “he ely hig they cou ell me athe wero Burs i 900. One ofthe hel gee sane ln fey lead by Mi Casi ‘They ned temscles “Moje Mor ae “elders in ths “Mujahid eit eer wens fone ileal imran vn othe Arakan Dvn ofthe Unione Be vo waned fo un pore Arian int septate Man See of "akan" ad pines ja Ean Patt ‘Some mentes ofthe “Sisyat Oli elgous sssaton eat Kareh on a dlp fo fist npesion a Butestang. Mone dl tedanng omni acess 'UNeS government offered evar of 20000 Kym eve so cold big Casi dea orale Bot hs eval mt sea ‘Anyway wat ely anion of ss eneducdn ke Gse te nay Bac and eta no Mase esac fs those "Moisi" wer tly ered ty the uma Arse Feces inthe 195. Cain dE Pano inte yo se be was sha dea by an nove pen in Core Baa ee oes town.” Those arendeed"Mufhil” rebels med emcee ‘Rang fe won he setion and became pie inte eg he mover {or te formation of Araten State and Mon Ste exe Tne he Meanie Bega Masi lent ale aed an an oe $e ‘movement and abet forthe sane sus the Arhanes [Reainey ‘When Dei deans ner oan indgenoer ce, sme edvestd Bengal alone Repon a fairies the hse facts prove tht they were indigent ‘Nakane Moine® Some rs peaetel) rtNsns Se telon Forex they) it ee Arb ants bea Seen Asan afer shipwreck vere Ramee bd rap) it fete Calls however we hi pcr Aras Phe the ciation yen wa ae ty tes lan] in AD, 1203, Batwa abe : ssl i Indo-China; dt ness om fav 1293 (to wares pon Arak’ ‘The Diforent Versions of the Origin of "Rohingya® Tee at sone vies bn he kn of aig, hh the tis ins pbleatne {sess hne sone oe Sn fant hr and her explanation of he word Rohingy 3 iced emanation, . He le be ie he dio ei te i of the word Rohingy" sé propery ate wht Pe ein me hoc. 2h fron ed ee tw dee Featamg pe fe) mening prom de od ilge, Acorn © td seo Aaa iene sine ad served meen and ic ny hy wereld “iyo he ge The ory (het toa uy a ne ci Yeon 1th Main ern, ho ete Kno of aU eee "Kamae ining Athen an he dct ive pecetlly In Arsen te Ratine Ste of be Union of ‘yan wi dt Buea Arta. ‘ 2. The fap he arose el town do) ich on be hy ced moe ie wh Saint me Aly te