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Direction for use

Remove all loose rust / iron oxide remanants if
Inhibitor Solution for Reinforcement any on the rebar by using wire brush.
The treatment shall be given to reinforcement
Bar only after cutting and bending the same as per
Description the bar bending schedule.
Make a slurry of cement by adding inhibitor
solution to OPC in the ratio of 0.5 to 0.6 : 1
(Inhibitor Solution : OPC Cement)
AC-CORROGUARD is a specially formulated Apply uniform coat of slurry on surface of
corrosion inhibitor solution to increase chloride reinforcement, iron and steel by brushing or
threshold value, reducing corrosion rate, thereby dipping.
minimizing the corrosion & ensuring life of Keep coated bars for drying on the drying
reinforcement structure. platform. Apply second coat after 12 to 24 hrs
AC-CORROGUARD, corrosion inhibitor, is mixed interval and dry again.
type of inhibitor solution which retards anodic as
well as cathodic reactions and forms an
impervious layer on metal surface. Consumption
Approx. 10 to 15 kg per metric ton. (Consumption
depends on ambient temperature.)

AC-CORROGUARD is used for the protection of Packaging

reinforcement bars before concreting. AC-CORROGUARD is supplied in 20 and
210 kg. drums
Storage and Shelf life
AC-CORROGUARD needs to be protected from
1. It maintains high alkalinity around the
extremes of temperature. It must be thoroughly
metal surface in concrete, therefore
mixed before use.
controls corrosion due to carbonation.
AC-CORROGUARD has a minimum shelf life of 12
2. It increases the resistance of natural
months from manufacturing date, for original
passivating film on the metal surface from
sealed packaging provided temperature is kept
chloride attack.
within the range 5° C to 30° C.
3. It creates thin protective film on metal
Technical Service
4. The passivating film blocks the contact of
"APPLE CHEMIE" provides technical support
chloride & Sulphate with metal surface.
service on mix design, admixture selection,
evaluation of trials, dispensing equipment etc.
Typical Properties Please contact the Technical department in
these cases.

Appearance : Clear Liquid. Cleaning: Spillages of AC-CORROGUARD

Sp Gravity : 1.04 ± 0.02 C. can be cleaned with plenty of water.
pH : 12.5 + 0.25
Safety precautions


AC-CORROGUARD is non-toxic. Any splashes
to the skin should be washed immediately with
AC-CORROGUARD complies with IS-9077 and water. Splashes to the eyes should be washed
JIS A-6205 immediately with water and medical advice
should be sought.
Fire : AC-CORROGUARD is non-flammable.

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