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MON – FRI, 8:00AM – 6:00PM EST
(800) 633-5206
Aftermarket (704) 883-3760 fax
Parts, Sales and Support Assistance 1293 Glenway Drive
Statesville, NC 28625

For quickest service call (800) 633-5206, then

• Press 1 for parts identification assistance
Eric Southern • Press 2 for order management questions
Customer Service Rep- North America Dealer locator

Order details can be viewed in SmartEquip through

Dwight Creason
Customer Service Rep- North America

Eric McGown
Customer Service Rep- North America

Doug Dennington
International- Outside North America

Jake Cornelison
International- Outside North America

Bruce Wissinger
Government Parts Sales and Returns Administration
MON – FRI, 8:00AM – 5:00PM EST
(800) 633-5206
Field Service (704) 883-3760 fax
1293 Glenway Drive
Statesville, NC 28625

Steve Sadler
Field Service/Training Supervisor
Compressor Support

Light Compaction / Tommy Gobble

Truck-Mounted Equipment Support Technician
Chris Lamb
Technician / Trainer Jim Phillis
Generators / Light Tower Support

Jack Wright Eddie McDaniel

Technician Trainer

Fred Pickett - Technician

Technician Warranty Support

Janet Burton
David Blackburn Warranty Claims Coordinator

Todd McInnis
Warranty Claims Analyst
Blackhawk MVS-6 / Engine Support
Jack Wright
Technician / Trainer
MON – FRI, 8:00AM – 5:00PM EST
(800) 633.5206
Product Specialists (704) 883.3770 fax
Shipping inquiries/order status, specification 1293 Glenway Drive
Information, availability/lead time Statesville, NC 28625

Primary Contact by Region:

Ken Merrell
Office: 704.883.3652
Cell: 336.408.8677

Gary Wesley
Office: 704.883.3714

Supervisor, Customer Support

& National Rental Accounts
Lisa Niblo
Office: 704.883.3677 Hugh McCluskey
Office: 704.883.3643
Cell: 704.219.0600
Fax: 866.844.3475

Systems Support
1-800-633-5206; Option 4

MON – FRI, 8:00AM – 5:00PM EST
(800) 633-5206
Product Managers (704) 883-3770 fax
1293 Glenway Drive
Statesville, NC 28625

Truck-Mounted Equipment / Utility Air

David Stahlman
VP Marketing
Office: (704) 883-3691
Cell: (704) 500-9699

Construction Air Compressors Todd Dufur

Office: (704) 883-3581
(excluding XHP/NHP/XXHP models) Cell: (336) 624-3494


Russell Warner
Office: (704) 883-3711
Cell: (704) 881-4788 Todd Howe
Office: (704) 883-3611
Cell: (704) 942-1081
XHP/NHP/XXHP Air Compressors
Drill Modules
Light Towers / Light Compaction
Mobile Security

Ted Flatt
Office: (704) 883-3592
Cell: (704) 907-8707 Rachel Luken Thompson Office: (704) 883-3637
(Strategic Accounts Manager) Cell: (704) 241-6525
VantagePoint (VP) will help you gain immediate access to marketing tools,
product information, warranty bulletins and much more. This website is
accessed through your Passport and designed to give you direct access to useful
information about the Doosan Infracore Portable Power products you sell and
support. VP is also the place to go for literature fulfillment, Doosan Infracore
Portable Power merchandise, and useful tools such as the Tax Depreciation
calculator. VP is accessed through a link on Passport, the dealer portal, at If you do not currently have access please
contact your Doosan Infracore Portable Power District Manager.

EDGE Quarterly Newsletter

The Doosan Infracore Portable Power newsletter known as EDGE is a quarterly

circulation highlighting current programs, incentive plans, and product information
for Doosan Infracore Portable Power. You can e-mail stories to EDGE at

• If you would like to receive the EDGE newsletter, contact Amy

Meadows at 704.833.3651 or by email at

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Smart Equip ™

Smart Equip™ is a comprehensive interactive database providing information for

the following areas:

• Order Entry
• Order Status
• Returns & Credits
• Parts manuals
• Recommended spares lists
• Service bulletins and manuals
• Operation Manuals
• Basic Maintenance
• Schematics
• Troubleshooting
• Safety

Smart Equip™ is accessed via Dealer Passport and is free of charge. It can be
connected using a PC or laptop with a cellular phone from remote locations. For
assistance, or if you need to subscribe to Smart Equip™, call 800.633.5206 for
further information.

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Go to to browse through readily available Doosan

Infracore Portable Power and Ingersoll Rand merchandise that you can use or
give as gifts.

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Parts Policy and
• Responsibilities/ Functions
• Contacts
• Order Procedures
• Pricing Inventory Management &
• Parts Warranty

Communication Page 8 Rev. F, 8/2010

Responsibilities / Functions
This directory is to inform and clarify the organization and responsibilities of the
personnel of Customer and Product Support Departments of the Doosan
Infracore Portable Power business products. This directory also provides a quick
reference for avenues of communication when ordering parts or requiring
information. The Portable Power Customer and Product Support Groups are
always “AT YOUR SERVICE” to provide the highest level of support and
satisfaction to our customers and distributors.


• Order Administrations (Worldwide)

• Order Entry
• Parts Availability
• Order Status
• Parts Marketing
• Rebuilt Component Information (ARC)
• Seminars and Shows
• Parts Promotions
• Distributor Relations
• Training
• Inventory Control
• Distributor Performance Reviews
• Recommended Service Parts Lists
• Parts Identification
• Pricing of Parts and Accessories

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Doosan Infracore Portable Power – North America

Chicago, Illinois – Parts Distribution Warehouse

Statesville, North Carolina – Manufacturing

Concrete Equipment
Light Compaction
Portable Air Compressors
Light Towers
Generators, Mobile
Truck-Mounted Equipment
Mobile Video Surveillance

Work Hours:

Customer Support

8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST, USA) – Monday through Friday

Technical Support

8:00 AM to Noon and 1:00 PM5:00 PM (EST, USA) – Monday through Friday

Contact Us:
Doosan Infracore Portable Power
Portable Power
1293 Glenway Dr.
Statesville, NC 28625

Toll Free: 800.633.5206

Fax: 704.883.3760

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Doosan Infracore Portable Power (cont.)


You can contact any person at Doosan Infracore Portable Power by using the
following format:

Make sure you know if the first name is correct such as in the case of Robert or



For evening and weekend emergency parts shipments only from utility
Equipment, these steps:

A) Ensure that part is in stock as indicated in EC Central

B) To reach a CSR by CELLULAR PHONE, call 336.909.0945
C) To reach a Technical Support / Factory Service Aftermarket:

Generators & Light Towers

Office Mobile
Fred Pickett – Technician 704.883.3670 336.391.3310
Jack Wright – Technician 704.883.3722 336.671.8926
David Blackburn – Trainer 704.883.3542 336.671.8931

Light Compaction & Truck Mounted Equipment

Chris Lamb – Technician 704.883.3640 704.883.6262


Tommy Gobble – Technician 704.883.3596 336.682.1517

Jim Phillis – Technician 704.883.3669 336.225.7281
Eddie McDaniel – Trainer 704.883.3646 336.682.0557

Mobile Video Surveillance

Jack Wright – Technician 704.883.3722 336.671.8926

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Chicago Warehouse Statesville

Emergency Orders, Air Freight 8:00 PM (EST) 3:00 PM (EST)

Emergency Orders, LTL 2:00 PM (EST) 2:00 PM (EST)

The times listed are the latest we can receive order and ensure available material
will be shipped on a same-day basis. Any order requiring shipment after the cut-
off times will be handled as after-hours service. Emergency after-hours service
is an additional charge, and will likely incur high freight charges.

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Order Procedures
Parts Sales Authorization

In the interest of building a strong Doosan Infracore Portable Power (DIPP) brand
image in the marketplace and strengthening our distribution channel, dealers
need to maintain a high degree of integrity with respect to the DIPP products that
they offer for sale. According to the Distributor Sales and Service Agreement,
dealers are not authorized to purchase from DIPP, parts for DIPP products that
are not covered by their Distributor Sales & Service Agreement.

If a DIPP dealer has ordered parts for DIPP products not covered by their
Distributor Sales and Service Agreement without authorization by DIPP, the
dealer will be subject to disciplinary action which may include termination of their
Distributor Sales & Service Agreement.

This policy will help insure that customers are working with dealers who are fully
trained and knowledgeable about the products for which parts are being sold.
Additionally, this policy will reduce the possibility of any confusion in the
marketplace as to which dealers are authorized to represent and/or sell specific
Doosan Infracore Portable Power machines and parts. Limitations may apply.

Order Types

Doosan Infracore Portable Power recognizes up to four types for parts orders:

Fill-In Stock, Weekly Stock, Emergency, and Machine Down.

A line from any open order may be forwarded to another location for shipping
while remaining lines are shipped from the primary warehouse. Doosan
Infracore Portable Power will ship material based on line date and order type.
Order information required is as follows:

1. Distributor Account Number

2. Ship to Address
3. Purchase Order Number
4. Mode of Transportation
5. DIPP Part Number
6. Quantity
7. Model & Serial Number (Machine Down Orders Only)

The primary warehouse for most parts is Chicago. Some parts such as airends
and sheet metal will continue to use the factory warehouse as the primary
warehouse based on engineering, freight, and handling considerations. This
may result in split shipment of orders that contain items whose primary
warehouses are different.

Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 13

Order Procedures
Order Types (cont.)

Regardless of order priority, for each line item on your order, DIPP will look at the
part’s primary warehouse location first to fill the line item. If no stock is available
on the primary warehouse, it will search on a secondary location and ship if
enough stock to fill the line item quantity is available. If not stock is found on the
secondary warehouses to fill the line item quantity ordered, the item is back
ordered on the prime warehouse. Again, this may result in split shipment of

Weekly Stock Order – Parts Only

A weekly stock order only ships once a week. These weekly stock orders will
be shipped prepaid with DIPP choosing the mode of shipment. Stock orders are
intended for initial stocking or replenishment of the distributor’s inventory. Here
are some of the highlights of this program:

• Weekly shipment of parts to replenish local inventory

• Free Freight
• Ability to add items to this order all week
• Consistent scheduled ship day and order entry cutoff (see map)
• Greater Discount

Communication Page 14 Rev. F, 08/2010

Order Procedures
Fill-In Stock Order – Parts Only

The second type of stock order is a “fill-in” stock order. These Stock Orders
must meet the minimum order value of $150 Dnet and can be placed as many
times throughout the week as needed. These “fill-in” stock orders are not
shipped pre-paid; the freight charge will be prepaid and added to the invoice.
Normal processing time for stock order is 2 days from the Chicago warehouse,
exclusive of transit time.

The shipping options are important to understand for the Fill-in Stock order type.
Below are screen shots of the system to help you understand these options

Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 15

Order Procedures
Emergency and Machine Down Orders – Parts Only

Both emergency and Machine Down orders receive a higher expediting priority
than a stock order. To better respond to your parts needs, we may ship material
from a location(s) other than the primary warehouse. Machine Down orders
require an extra effort to ensure timely shipment and delivery. We ask for your
cooperation not to abuse this classification and use only in true machine down
situations. This is not an alternative to an emergency order.

Modes of Entry

The preferred mode of order entry is electronic via SmartEquip for North
American Dealers. Any order received other than SmartEquip or EDI will be
assessed and administration fee of 3% of the value of the order. Other methods
of order entry include Mail & Fax. The distributors own order form or computer
listing is acceptable if the information required is included.

Order Cut-Off Times Chicago Warehouse only

Emergency Orders, Air Freight 8:00 PM (EST) to ship same day

Emergency Orders, LTL 2:00 PM (EST) to ship same day
Stock Orders Midnight two days prior to your stock order
ship day.

The times listed are the latest we can receive orders and ensure available
material will be shipped on a same-day basis. Any order requiring shipment after
the cut-off times will be handled as after-hours service, if a call is placed by the
dealer requesting this service. Otherwise, the order will process the next
business day.

After-Hours Emergency Service

The individuals listed in the Communication Information should be contacted for

after-hours emergency assistance. To ensure responsive after-hours parts
services please follow procedure specified in the After-Hours Service sections
(see Communication Page 11). In addition to the reduced discount for
Emergency Orders and billed transportation charges, a nominal fee of $100 will
be included in the invoice to the distributor.

Order Expediting

If, for any reason, a delivery promise requires a higher priority please advise a
Customer Support Representative. They have the knowledge, training and
empowerment to handle all your needs. The goal of Doosan Infracore Portable
Power is to provide the shipment of parts or a promise date within 24 hours of the

Communication Page 16 Rev. F, 08/2010

Order Procedures
time of order entry. Shipment details and promise details are available
electronically via SmartEquip.

Availability Inquiries

Investigating the parts availability for customers in an essential aspect of our

business. Stock availability is accurate only at the time of inquiry. Allocation of
parts to an order can only be made at the time of order entry. Parts availability
information is available electronically via SmartEquip.

Direct Shipment Policy

To protect all parties concerned, Doosan Infracore Portable Power has

established the following policy on “shipped direct” orders:

1. Orders will only be “shipped direct” to customers in the ordering

distributor’s territory.
2. Orders will not be “shipped direct” to freight forwarders or shipping
agents/lines for domestic dealers (US and Canadian).

Freight Carriers

In order to deliver the best possible service to our customer, Doosan Infracore
does not accept freight terms of collect or 3rd party bill to maintain some control
on the number of carriers and the available shipping dock space. It is in the
customer best interest to select carriers that Doosan Infracore Portable Power
recommends and conducts daily pickups with.

Carriers are selected to be most economical and provide the best service
possible; however, if a dealer selects a carrier that does not make daily pickups
at our warehouses, our dealers are responsible for arranging the pickup.
Carriers must pick up by 4 pm EST in Statesville and by 8 pm CST in Chicago.
Doosan Infracore Portable Power cannot be held liable for carriers arriving late
and being turned away.

No Charge Shipment Policy

Doosan Infracore Portable Power does not permit “No Charge” orders. To create
an audit trail, all shipments will be invoiced at the appropriate price and discount.
Credit may be requested via the Returns Center in SmartEquip. Claims for
warranty should only be submitted on the warranty system or through a warranty
claim form as stated in Doosan Infracore Portable Power Service and Warranty
Policy Manual and forwarded to the Warranty Claims Administrator.

Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 17

Order Procedures
Freight Claims

Claims for lost or damaged material must be placed directly on the freight carrier.
If this situation occurs, enter a second order for the material in question. Doosan
Infracore Portable Power will invoice for both orders. Upon resolution, the
distributor will be reimbursed for the lost or damaged material on the original

Air Ends and Core Charges

Certain air ends are utilized in portable compressors as well as mobile drilling

When ordering air ends, the core charge is billed when the air end is shipped at
20% of the dealer net price displayed at order entry.

For ordering instructions of airends under warranty, refer to the Service and
Warranty Policy Manual for Doosan Infracore Portable Power.

Communication Page 18 Rev. F, 08/2010

Pricing Concept

The intent of Doosan Infracore Portable Power is to supply to authorized

distributor accounts price information in electronic format on a semi-annual basis.
The information will be available approximately two weeks before the effective
date. The pre-advice should provide enough time for the distributor or its
software vendor to load the new pricing data prior to the effective date. The
available media for pricing data is excel file download, and on-line by using
Smart Equip. In between formal communications, Doosan Infracore Portable
Power reserves the right to make changes to individual prices to reflect the
current value of the item. It is our intent to use the twice a year timetable for any
major pricing actions. All prices are subject to change without notice.

Invoicing Policy

The invoice price for parts and accessories will be that in effect at the time of
order entry, unless otherwise specially quoted. Quotes must be in writing by a
Customer Support Representative or by Doosan Infracore Portable Power
Aftermarket management.

Unlisted Prices

There are occasions where Doosan Infracore Portable Power does not have
prices published or available electronically on-line via Smart Equip. If you require
a price that is not listed please contact your Customer Support Representative at

Quoted Price Policy

Quotes will be honored by Doosan Infracore Portable Power if an order is

received within 30 days of the date of the quote.

Pricing Error Policy

If an invoicing error is suspected, a Credit Request can be submitted via the

Returns Center in SmartEquip.

Competitive Price Information

The distributor parts department is the best source of information concerning

pricing of competitive parts available in the general market. By assisting Doosan
Infracore Portable Power with feedback, the distributor can help maintain parts at
competitive prices.

Rev. F, 8/2010 Communication Page 19

Return Policy

There are two conditions that allow the return of material to Doosan Infracore
Portable Power. First, addresses the Distributor’s inventory management and
the second is the return due to an error related to an order.

Return request should be submitted via SmartEquip. The packing slip (printed
from SmartEquip) shall be included with the shipment. Failure to include this
paperwork will result in return of the shipment at the dealer’s expense. Please
send the material immediately. Be sure to note the return authorization number
on all packages.

Returns should be shipped to:

Portable Power Returns

C/O Pierce Packaging
307 Crossroads Pkwy, Dock #46
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
Return Authorization # ________

A copy of the Return Material Authorization is required to be included with the


Inventory Management

It is the intent of Doosan Infracore Portable Power to assist our distributors in

maintaining active inventories in order to provide superior service to our
customers. Distributors of Doosan Infracore Portable Power are eligible to make
returns of service parts in accordance with this policy.

Material Eligible for Return: All new, unused, undamaged and unmodified items
are eligible for return. Those made or ordered especially at the customer’s
request and items deemed non-returnable, are not eligible for return.

Authorized returns must be received 30 days from the authorization date (date
submitted via SmartEquip). Freight will be prepaid by the dealer. Any shipments
sent collect will be rejected. If there is reason for DIPP to credit freight, either
inbound or outbound, the request shall include that value. The faxed Return
Materials Authorization must be included with the returned material.

Communication Page 20 Rev. F, 8/2010

Return Policy
Inventory Management (cont.)

The following items are considered non-returnable.

1. Seals (non-metallic) / Seal Kits

2. O-rings
3. Hoses and other Rubber Components
4. Gasket and Gasket Kits
5. Technical Publications
6. Electrical Components (unless vacuum sealed)
7. Obsolete / Superseded Parts
8. Special “built-to-order” or “purchased-to-order” parts

The extended net value of each line item must exceed $25.00 to be eligible for
inventory return.

Credit Issuance

A. Returned items, that have been previously approved for return and pass
inspection, will be approved for credit issuance.
B. Credit for all accepted items will be issued within 30 days of the receipt of
the return.
C. If the actual return received exceeds the value of the approved return, or if
the actual return contains items different from those approved, or if the
material returned does not meet the eligibility criteria, then Doosan
Infracore Portable Power may select items for rejection for which no credit
will be issued. In cases where the value is greater than $100, the
distributor will be asked to advise disposition for the rejected items which
will be held for 5 work days pending resolution. If no disposition advice
has been received, then the rejected items will be returned freight collect.

Quarterly Return

For quarterly returns returnable parts can be returned within return limits. The
quarterly return amount allowed is calculated by taking 15% of the previous
twelve (12) months weekly stock purchases and dividing it by four (4). The
distributor can return material using these two criteria (returnable item and within
the amount allowed) every 90 days. These returns requests must be submitted
via the Return Center in SmartEquip.

Items eligible for return will be shown as such in the Smart Equip system.

Credit: Credit issued for approved material will be at the current net price less a
15% handling / restocking charge.

The restocking charge can be waived by submitting an offsetting stock order.

Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 21

Return Policy
Offsetting Stock Order

This will offer you the opportunity to take advantage of quarterly returns without
re-stocking charges. Details are as follows:

1. Submit the list of parts to be returned to the business unit in an electronic

Excel spreadsheet to All
parts must be new and in saleable condition. The business unit will review
and advise what items can be returned and where to send your shipment.
2. Distributor will send the material back, freight prepaid. No restocking
charge will be applied.
3. Doosan Infracore Portable Power will advise the approved credit amount
as required.
4. Distributor will send an offsetting parts stock order to the business unit
within 5 working days. The value of the order (at dealer net price) must be
at least equal to two (2) times the amount of credit to be issued against
the return. Doosan Infracore Portable Power will pay the freight and
choose the carrier for the offsetting order. Once the offsetting stock order
is received, the business unit will issue credit on the returned material.
The offsetting order must reference the return number of the inventory
being returned.

New Distributor Return

For parts purchased in the first 12 months, guaranteed return privileges are
available to new Doosan Infracore Portable Power distributors. A representative
of the Customer Support team at Portable Power is available to assist new
distributors with their initial stock order needs. The guaranteed return enables
our new distributors to review their inventory and perform two returns for parts
purchased for dealer startup without minimum restocking requirements,
restocking and/or handling fees are waived. New distributor parts returns can be
done twice within the first 15 months of the distributor contract initiation. Return
freight charges are the responsibility of the distributor. Non-returnable parts are
not eligible – see Inventory Management section for details. A return material
authorization (RMA) must accompany each return.

Discontinued Distributor Return (Dealer Separation)

Requests to return material from a discontinued distributor, voluntary or

involuntary cancellation, should be submitted as stated below. Doosan Infracore
Portable Power will process the request in accordance with the terms stated in
the distributor contract, this manual and applicable state law.

Communication Page 22 Rev. F, 8/2010

Return Policy
Return of used Air ends (Core Returns)

To return the core and receive credit, a credit order request must be entered
via the Return Center in SmartEquip and a reason of “core return”. A copy of the
return authorization is to be used as the packing slip when shipping back to:

Doosan Infracore Portable Power

Attn: Core Return
1293 Glenway Dr.
Statesville, NC 28625

- Returned airend must be tagged with the return authorization number and
shipped prepaid to the Doosan Infracore Portable Power, Statesville, NC
- Do not seek an exchange airend to satisfy a warranty claim. Contact a
Field Service representative to process your warranty claim.

For ordering instructions of airends under warranty, refer to the Service and
Warranty Policy Manual for Doosan Infracore Portable Power.


If the return is against a specific shipment, the system will verify that the parts
shipped were on the invoice number entered on the screen and that the material
was shipped within the last 45 days. The distributor must classify the reason for
the return in one of the categories available in the Returns Center of SmartEquip.

The distributor is strongly encouraged to inspect all receipts to ensure

quick corrective action on such items. Requests will be evaluated on an
individual basis.

Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 23

Parts Warranty

The warranty on replacement parts purchased from Doosan Infracore Portable

Power is put into effect at the time the item is sold by the authorized distributor.
If any problem is encountered beyond that point, the claim must be submitted to
Doosan Infracore Portable Power in accordance with the procedures outlined in
the Service and Warranty Policy Manual.

The warranty claim procedures do not cover material shipped to the distributor in
error or in damaged condition. As a general rule, Customer Service/Parts
Marketing will resolve claims for parts not actually installed on the machine but
once the part is installed, the claim is resolved by the warranty administrator
through the warranty system.

The following items are not considered “parts” so specific warranties are included
in the Service and Warranty Policy Manual:

- Airends
- Engines
- Electronic controllers

For questions on warranty, contact the Warranty Claims Administrator at



To avoid confusion regarding the parts warranties, these guidelines should be

followed when there is a question involving a parts warranty situation:

1. Was the part actually installed on a specific machine? If yes, proceed to

step 2. If no, contact your Customer Service Representative.

2. Submit a warranty claim to the warranty administrator as specified in the

Service and Warranty Policy Manual. The claim form should be clearly
marked “Parts Warranty”. To avoid delays, care should be taken to
ensure that the following commonly missed information is included on the
− Model designation of the machine on which the warranty part was
− Date of the replacement installment
− Date of the part failure
− Approximate hours of the part in operation before failure
− Copy of the parts invoice when purchased

Communication Page 24 Rev. F, 08/2010

Parts Warranty
3. Distributors do not have a small claims allowance on Doosan Infracore
Portable Power parts warranty problems; therefore, all claims, regardless
of value, must be submitted in accordance with the above procedure.
Claims may be misinterpreted as a new machine breakdown and
subsequently delayed for missing information if the originator fails to
clearly identify the document as a parts warranty.


Doosan Infracore Portable Power, through its distributor, warrants that parts
manufactured by it will be as specified and will be free from defects in
material and workmanship. The Company’s liability under this warranty shall
be limited to the repair or replacement of any part which was defective at the
time of shipment provided Purchaser notifies the Company of any such defect
promptly upon discovery, but in no event later than six (6) months from the
date of shipment of such part by the Company.

The Company F.O.B point of shipment shall make repairs and replacements.
The Company shall not be responsible for costs of transportation, removal, or

Warranties applicable to material and equipment supplied by the Company

but wholly manufactured by others, shall be limited to the warranties extended
to the Company by the manufacturer, which can be conveyed to the

This warranty does not apply to failures occurring as a result of abuse,

misuse, negligent repairs, corrosion, erosion, and normal wear and tear,
alterations, or modifications made to the part without express written consent
of Doosan Infracore Portable Power.



Rev. F, 08/2010 Communication Page 25

Parts Warranty
Limitation of Liability

The remedies of the user set forth under the provisions of warranty outlined
above are exclusive and the total liability of Doosan Infracore Portable Power;
or its distributor with respect to this sale; or the equipment and service
furnished here under, in connection with the performance of breach thereof,
or from the sale, delivery, installation, repair or technical direction covered by
or furnished under this sale, whether based on contract warranty, negligence,
indemnity, strict liability or otherwise shall not exceed the purchase price of
the unit of equipment upon which such liability is based. Doosan Infracore
Portable Power and its distributor shall in no event be liable to the user, any
successors in interest, or any beneficiary of assignee relating to this sale for
nay consequential, incidental, indirect, special, or punitive damages arising
out of this sale; or any breach upon lost goodwill, lost profits or revenue,
interest, work stoppage, impairment of other goods, loss by reason of
shutdown or non-operation, increased expenses of operation of the
equipment, loss of use power system, cost of purchase of replacement
power; or claims or user or customer of the user for service interruption
whether or not such loss or damage is based on contract, warranty,
negligence, indemnity, strict liability or otherwise.

Communication Page 26 Rev. F, 08/2010

Related Interests