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correctly will help save valuable re- sponding Fibaro module.

The pin spacing prevents acci-

sources and prevent any potential Considerations and Cautions dental insertion of a module with a different number of
negative effects on human health dowels, but Fibaro assortments also have different mod-
and the environment, which could Please read the instructions carefully ules that have the same number of screw terminals. For
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS otherwise arise from inappropriate prior to installation. The instructions this reason please pay close attention to the compatibil-
waste handling. contain important guidelines which, ity of the Fibaro module with your particular adapter ver-
ADAPTER euFIX S223 & S223NP when ignored, can lead to danger to sion. There is a Fibaro type imprint on the base plate,
Package Contents life or health. The manufacturer of which is there to help avoid mistakes. The Fibaro module
for Fibaro® module FGS-223 the equipment is not responsible for must be pushed against the pins as far as possible and
The package contains the following: any damages resulting from the use then tightened with the same force as with normal con-
The euFIX S223 Adapter is used to install the Fibaro®
1. The euFIX Adapter of the product in a manner non-com- necting cables. The pin header conducts current up to
Switch FGS-223 module on DIN TH35 type rail in the elec-
2. Operating instructions pliant with the operating instruc- 16A, provided that it is properly adhered to the Fibaro
trical switchboard. The euFIX S223 Adapter consists of
If anything is missing, please contact your seller. You can tions. screw terminals. The Z-Wave communication antenna
the case and the base board, where the FGS-223 module
also call or e-mail us at Eutonomy using contact details DANGER can be positioned along the module, so be sure not to get
is mounted. The dimensions of the case are appropriate
that can be found here: Electrocution risk! caught while closing the adapter casing. After making
for a standard DIN TH35 type rail. The base board con-
NOTE! The Fibaro® modules are not included in the pack- The equipment is intended for oper- sure that all Fibaro screw terminals are securely tight-
tains a set of screw terminals, where all the wires (power
age. ation in the electrical installation. In- ened to the pin header, the casing can be closed and the
supply, input and output signals, control push-buttons)
correct wiring or use can result in a module and adapter are ready for installation in the
can be safely connected. The front panel of the case con-
Drawings of kit components fire or an electric shock. All installa- switchgear.
tains two diagnostics micro-push-buttons S1 & S2, which
can be used to control the module, to register the mod- tion works can be performed only by
ule within the Z-Wave system or to remove it from the All dimensions are given in millimetres. a qualified person holding licenses Proper orientation of the adapter in the switchgear
system without opening the adapter's case. The simpli- Front view of the euFIX Adapter: issued in accordance with regula- should make it easy to read descriptions on the adapter
fied S223NP variation does not have the micro-push-but- tions. label.
tons. Please note that the Fibaro® FGS-223 module is not DANGER
included and needs to be purchased separately. Electrocution risk! The adapter label contains a white box for marking the
Before carrying out any rewiring module according to your building’s installation design.
Technical Data works on the equipment it is manda-
tory to disconnect it from the power If you need to take the adapter off the DIN TH35, simply
L 1,2 mains using a disconnector or a cir-
Supply voltage: 230 V AC +/-10%, 50–60Hz pry a latch at the bottom of the adapter casing with a
euFIX S223
Load power: max 6.5 A per channel, cuit breaker in the electrical circuit. thin, flat screwdriver.
10 A in total. The equipment shall be protected by
Double Switch 2
FGS-223 means of an overcurrent circuit Cable Connections
Dimensions: 34.8 x 87.3 x 64.7 mm
breaker with nominal current of 10 A
Width in TE units: 2 TE modules Sx S1 S2 Q2 Q1 or less and a minimum contact dis- NOTE!
Conductor wires cross max. 2.5 mm2 tance 3 mm. The installed device can be con-
section: The equipment is intended for in- nected to the power mains only by
Maximum length of 10 m door use (International Protection a person qualified to carry out
wires connected to Sx, Rating IP20). electrical works, holding licenses
S1, S2 inputs:
issued in accordance with regula-
Operating temperature: 0 °C to +50 °C tions.
Relative humidity: ≤90 %, no condensation Before commencing any installa-
Side view of the euFIX Adapter: Place of Installation 10A tion works, please make sure that
Compliance with EU Directives the mains power supply is discon-
The installation site can be an electrical switchboard or nected at the distribution board
Directives: LVD 2014/35/EC any distribution box, equipped with DIN (TH35) rail. This by means of a B10 overcurrent cir-
RoHS 2011/65/EU device is intended for use in all locations where the light cuit breaker dedicated for the
or other control circuits coincide in the switchgear and equipment.
Eutonomy hereby certifies that the
not in the flush-mounted boxes behind the wall switches.
said unit is compliant with essen- If there are reasonable grounds to
Therefore, the wiring should be planned as early as pos-
tial requirements and is in con- suspect that the equipment is
sible, preferably at the stage of the building’s electrical
formity with other relevant provi- damaged and cannot be operated
installations and cabling topology design.
sions of the above directives. safely, do not connect it to the
AB 012 The official Declaration of Con- power mains and protect it
Installation of the adapter
formity can be found here: against accidental powering.
To place the Fibaro module in the adapter, remove the
At the end of its useful life this When connecting the device to the master function, the
top of the adapter casing, gently prying the side latches.
product shall not be disposed with manufacturer's instructions for the respective Fibaro
The base plate has a pin header with a number of pins
other household or municipal module supplied with this module are fully developed.
equal to the number of screw terminals of the corre-
waste. Disposing of this product Particular attention should be paid to the warnings and
limit values of the module as published in the manual.

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The connections diagram of the adapter is shown below: a. Mechanical damages caused by impact or fall of the
Power Supply for Load Do not carry out any repairs inside LODGING AND PROCESSING COMPLAINTS Equipment;
L the unit. All repairs shall be per- 9. All complaints shall be lodged by telephone or via e- b. Damages resulting from Force Majeure or external
N formed by a specialist service indi- mail. We recommend using the telephone or on-line causes – also damages caused by malfunctioning or mali-
cated by the manufacturer. Im- technical support provided by the Guarantor prior to en- cious software installed on the tablet connected to the
properly performed repairs may tering a guarantee claim. Equipment;
endanger the safety of users. 10. The proof of purchase of the Equipment is a basis for c. Damages resulting from operation of the Equipment in
any claims. conditions different than recommended in the instruc-
Service 11. After entering a claim via telephone or e-mail the Cus- tions for use;
tomer will be notified what reference number has been d. Damages caused by incorrect or faulty electrical instal-
B10 B10 assigned to the claim. lation (not consistent with the instructions for use) in the
In case of erratic device operation we kindly ask you to
inform the manufacturer either via an authorized seller 12. In case of correctly entered complaints a representa- place of Equipment operation;
or directly by using e-mail addresses and telephone num- tive of the Guarantor will get in touch with the Customer e. Damages resulting from carrying out repairs or intro-
bers available on our website in order to discuss the details of delivering the Equipment ducing modifications by unauthorized persons.
Apart from the description of the problem please specify to the service. 19. If a defect is not covered by the guarantee, the Guar-
the adapter type. Our Service Department will do their 13. The Equipment the Customer is complaining about antor reserves the right to carry out repair at its sole dis-
best to solve the problem or your device will be admitted shall be made accessible by the Customer complete with cretion by replacement of damaged components. Post-
for guarantee or post-guarantee repair. all components and the proof of purchase. guarantee servicing is provided against payment.
L L N N L L N N 14. In case of unjustified complaints the costs of delivery
L 1,2 L 3,4
euFIX S223 euFIX S223 Guarantee Terms and Conditions and receipt of the Equipment from the Guarantor shall Trademarks
Double Switch 2 Double Switch 2
be borne by the Customer.
FGS-223 FGS-223
GENERAL PROVISIONS 15. The Guarantor can refuse to accept a complaint in the All Fibaro names referred to in this document are regis-
Sx S1 S2 Q2 Q1 Sx S1 S2 Q2 Q1
1. The device is covered with a guarantee. Terms and following cases: tered trademarks belonging to Fibar Group S.A.
conditions of the guarantee are outlined in this guaran- a. In case of incorrect installation, improper or unin-
tee statement. tended use of the Equipment;
L1 L3 2. The guarantor of the Equipment is Eutonomy Sp. z o.o. b. If the Equipment made accessible by the Customer is
Sp. Komandytowa based in Łódź (address: ul. Piotrkow- not complete;
L2 L4
ska 121/3a; 90-430 Łódź, Poland), entered into the Reg- c. If it is disclosed that a defect had been caused not by a
ister of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept material or manufacturing defect;
The descriptions of the screw terminals are printed on by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, XX d. If the proof of purchase is missing.
the adapter label. The „Q1” and „Q2” letters indicate the Commercial Division of the National Court Register, un-
relays outputs. der no. 0000614778, Tax ID No PL7252129926. GUARANTEE REPAIR
The adapter has duplicated L and N power screw termi- 3. The guarantee is valid for a period of 12 months from 16. Subject to Clause 6, defects disclosed during the guar-
nals that are internally connected by bridges that with- the date the Equipment was purchased and covers the antee period will be eliminated within 30 working days of
stand current much greater than 16A. In case of low load territory of EU and EFTA countries. the date of delivering the Equipment to the Guarantor. In
current (for example: a group of electro-valves that con- 4. This guarantee shall not exclude, limit or suspend the exceptional cases, e.g. missing spare parts or other tech-
sume only several watts of power), the modules power Customer rights resulting for the warranty for defects of nical obstacles, the period for performing a guarantee re-
supply can be cascaded, solving the problem of safe the purchased goods. pair can be extended. The Guarantor will notify the Cus-
branching of phase wires. Nevertheless, at any point of tomer about any such situations. The guarantee period is
the circuit, the load current must not exceed 10 A. OBLIGATIONS OF THE GUARANTOR extended by the time during which the Customer could
5. During the guarantee period the Guarantor is liable for not use the Equipment due to its defects.
Configuration and Commissioning of the Equipment defective operation of the Equipment resulting from
physical defects thereof disclosed during the guarantee EXCLUSION OF GUARANTOR’S LIABILITY
The S1 and S2 micro-buttons on top of the adapter casing period. 17. The Guarantor’s liability stemming from the granted
can be used for diagnostics and registering of the Fibaro 6. The Guarantor’s liability during the guarantee period guarantee is limited to the obligations specified in this
module with the Z-Wave system. In case of the simplified includes the obligation to eliminate any disclosed defects guarantee statement. The Guarantor will not be liable for
adapter variation without micro-buttons (NP), connect free of charge (repair) or supply the Customer with the any damages caused by defective operation of the Equip-
an external button to the screw terminals S1 and S2. The Equipment that is free of defects (replacement). Which- ment. The Guarantor shall not be liable for any indirect,
detailed procedure is published in the Fibaro module ever of the above is chosen remains at sole Guarantor’s incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or
manual. discretion. If repair is not possible, the Guarantor re- for any other damages, including but not limited to loss
serves the right to replace the Equipment with a new or of profits, savings, data, loss of benefits, claims by third
Maintenance of the Equipment regenerated Equipment with parameters identical to a parties and any property damage or personal injuries
brand-new device. arising from or related to the use of the Equipment.
The adapter can be wiped off with a cloth without the use 7. If repair or replacement with the same type of the 18. The guarantee shall not cover natural wear and tear
of aggressive detergents. Do not use a wet cloth to clean Equipment is not possible, the Guarantor can replace the of the Equipment and its components as well as product
the appliance. Equipment with another one bearing identical or higher defects not arising from reasons inherent in the product
The adapter does not require any additional mainte- technical parameters. – caused by improper installation or use of the product
nance over time; it is only possible to check the correct- 8. The Guarantor does not reimburse the cost of purchas- contrary to its intended purpose and instructions for use.
ness of the tightening of the connecting wires during rou- ing the Equipment. In particular the guarantee shall not cover the following:
tine switchboard inspections.
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