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Angular Motion:

Gyroscopes - effect of precession T2(480-482)

Motion on the stability of moving vehicles such as T2(483-485) 08
I motorcycle - motorcar - aero planes and ships.
Static and Dynamic Force Analysis of planar
mechanisms. T2(486-508)


Inclined plane - Friction of screw and nuts T1(195-200)

Pivots and collars
II uniform pressure, uniform wear T1(200-202) 16
Friction circle and friction axis: lubricated surfaces T1(234-235)
boundary friction - film lubrication, T1(237-238)
Clutches, Single plate, multi plate, cone clutch,
centrifugal clutches. T1(213-234)
Brakes And Dynamometers:
Simple block brake T1(322-338)
Internal expanding brake band brake of vehicle.
Dynamometers - absorption and transmission types T1(338-346)
General description and methods of operation

Turning Moment Diagram and Flywheels:

Turning moment- Interia torque T1(565-570)

Connecting rod angular velocity and acceleration
Crank effort and torque diagrams T1(570-613)
III Fluctuation of energy - flywheels and their 12
Watt governor T1(720-738)
Porter and Proell governors T1(738-744)
Spring loaded governors T1(757-762)
Hartnell and Hartung with auxiliary springs- T1(744-756)
Sensitiveness, isochronisms and hunting
Effort and power of the governors T1(763-784)

IV Balancing of rotating masses- Primary, Secondary, and T1(618-659)

higher balancing of reciprocating masses. 14
Analytical and graphical methods. T1(708-713)
Unbalanced forces and couples. Examination of "V" T1(664-668)
Multi cylinder inline and radial engines for primary and T1(689-701)
secondary balancing
Locomotive balancing - Hammer blow - Swaying couple T1(668-684)
- variation of tractive effort


V Free Vibration of mass attached to vertical soring

oscillation of pendulums- T1(789-794)
Transverse loads vibrations of beams with concentrated 10
and distributed loads T1(794-809)
Dunkerly's method –
Raleigh's method
Whiirling of shafts - critical speed T1(809-848)
Torsional vibrations - one, two and three rotor systems..

Total no. of classes planned 60

1. Theory of Machines / R. K. Bansal / Lakshmi Publications / 5th Edition
2. Theory of and Machines / R S KhurmI/J K Gupta

1. Theory of Machines / Shigley / Mc Graw Hill Publishers.
2. Theory of Machines / Thomas Bevan / Pearson.
3. Mechanism and Machine Theory / JS Rao and RV Duggipati / New Age.
4. Theory of Machines / Sadhu Singh / Pearson / 3rd Edition.
5. Mechanism and Machine Theory / Ashok G. Ambekar / PHI / Eastern Economy