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Setup Steps for OPM Module:


1. GL Set up
 Ledger (Required)
 Legal Entities (Required)
 Accounting Setup (Required)
 Currencies (Required)
 Currency Conversion Rates (Required)
 Period Opening (Required)

2. Oracle Inventory
 Inventory Organizations (Required)
 Organization Parameters (Required)
 Sub-inventories (Required)
 Locators (Optional)
 Units of Measure Classes (Required)
 Units of Measure (Required)
 Unit of Measure Conversions(Required)
 Master Items (Required)
 Organization Items (Required)
 Inventory Period Opening (Required)

The following item attributes need to be set up for the items to be

recognized and costed in OPM Financials:
a. Inventory Asset Flag
b. Enable the Inventory Asset Flag on the Costing tab to track an asset
 Select the Recipe Enabled, Process Costing Enabled,
Process Execution Enabled attributes on the Process
Manufacturing tab to use organization items in
formulas and recipes as well as in OPM Financials.

3. Oracle Purchasing
 Purchasing Options (Required)
 Receiving Options (Required)
 Purchasing Control Period Opening (Required)
Oracle Process Manufacturing:

4. Product Development Security Manager

 Organization Parameters (Required)

5. Oracle Process Engineer

 Generic Resources (Required)
 Plant Resources (Required)
 Activity (Required)
 Operations (Required)
 Routings (Required)

6. Oracle Product Development – Formulator

 Formulas (Required)
 Recipes (Required)
 Process Instructions (Optional)
 Recipe Validity Rules (Required)

7. Oracle Production Supervisor

 Organization Parameters (Required)

8. Oracle OPM Financials

 Sub-ledger Accounting Set up (Required)
 Fiscal Policies (Required)
 Cost Type (Required)
 Cost Calendars (Required)
 Cost Component Class (Required)
 Cost Analysis Code (Required)
 Cost Organization (Required)
 Source Organization (Required)
 Opening Cost Calendar (Required)
 Define Item Cost (Required)
 Define Resource Cost (Required)

For detail configuration please refer to BR100 Document for OPM

To generate accounting and close periods please refer Period Closure