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VAC NAME: Balanga Startup Forums

Balanga Startup Forums is a Vision-Aligned Circle that steers to provide
seminars and workshops that will educate students as well as
professionals about Technopreneurship, specifically about startups.
Fixated on the business side of a startup, among the workshops the VAC
eyes to conduct are Startup 101 (Basic Concepts about Startups),
Business Modelling (with sub-topics such as Business Model Canvas,
Pitching, Branding, etc.).
Added to the objective of conducting a certain number of seminars per a
given period, the VAC will also be ensuring that a significant number of
their participants will finish the series of seminars they pre-determined.
Moreover, with a new catch phrase “Pioneering Technopreneurship 2020”,
the VAC sees to be the pioneer in nurturing Technopreneurship in the City
as we come close to our vision year.
The three workshops the VAC outlines are:
(a) Startup 101
(b) Business Modelling Workshop
(The Application of the Business Model Canvas)
(c) Business Validation
(The Lean Startup Methodology)


The students, being one of the prime customers of the City in all
its endeavors, are likewise the prime beneficiaries of the projects
to be conducted by the Balanga Startup Forums.

With this, the students are convened in workshops that will

indoctrinate basic and advanced insights about establishing tech
startup ventures.
They will also be exposed to various events about startups (within
and outside the City) such the STARTUP 2020 initiative of the
City government, the Tech City Foundry and the Balanga
MakerSpace to inculcate at their very young age the interest to
venture on this type of business.

Students, from various schools and degree programs traversing

from Information Technology (IT), Engineering and Business
Management and Finance are the dominant choice of
participants. Other courses such as Tourism, Marketing, Medical,
Human Resource Management, Hotel Restaurant Management
and others are also considered to harness collaboration and
diversity of ideas.

However, the VAC doesn’t want to make the forums exclusive to

the students, for the reason that most students are incapable of
financing and operating businesses. Generally, they also have
the instilled mindset of being employed after they have graduated
to gain working experience. The VAC doesn’t also want the
students to lose focus on their studies.

Though given that situation, the VAC hopes to cultivate the

interest of these young people to startups, capacitate them with
the knowledge and eventually change their mindsets and direct
them towards becoming technopreneurs in the future.

Graduates and Professionals

These are random people around and even outside the City, with
interests and skills related to Technopreneurship. These could be
young graduates who are unemployed at the moment, or those
who want to venture on tech businesses. Majority of these people
could also be those that the VAC had previous workshops with.
The VAC plans to gather these people through digital
advertisements using various social media sites, the City Kiosks
and LED.
Forums envisions that by the end of their pre-determined series of
seminars, they can identify potential startup deals among their participants,
and endorse them to the Startup Incubation Program (SIP).

Moreover, the VAC contemplates that by that time, the participants will be
fully knowledgeable about the Technopreneurship and will be able to have
their participants cross-trained with the Lipat Kaalaman Program (LiKaP)
for technical know-how coaching.
Conduct series of trainings and seminars relevant to technopreneuship
with a significant number of participants completing all the pre-determined
(*significant number is 2/3 of all total participants of Forum 1. Forums 2 must have 2/3 of
the same participants attending the first Forum, and the same goes along with Forum 3
which must have that same 2/3 of the total attendees of Forum 1).

VAC Members:

Name Department Main Tasks/Position

1 Ivy Michelle E. Habagat Accounting & Internal Audit Office VAC Leader/ Document-Controller
2 Cynthia G. Aranas City Coop Development Office Asst VAC Leader/School Coordinator
3 Vivian Q. Benamir City Treasurer’s Office VAC Leader / External & Internal Coordinator
4 Karen May M. Jimenez Accounting & Internal Audit Office Auditor / Document Database Officer
5 Shirley L. Gonzales City Social Welfare & Devt Office Treasurer
6 Nancy R. Ventura City Social Welfare & Devt Office Documenter
7 Natalia Z. Almario City Social Welfare & Devt Office Attendance Sheet Safe keeper
8 Marilou N. Manalaotao City Social Welfare & Devt Office Photo Manager
9 Renelia D. Gonzales City Social Welfare & Devt Office Assistant Treasurer
10 Eva D. Grajo City Social Welfare & Devt Office Documenter
11 Violeta M. Manalaotao City Social Welfare & Devt Office School Coordinator
12 Marietta S. Taruc City Social Welfare & Devt Office Events Manager
13 Nelly Riza M. Salvador City Social Welfare & Devt Office School Coordinator
14 Leoniza D. Salvador City Social Welfare & Devt Office Events Manager
VACs (Vision-Aligned Circles) – teams made under the City’s Performance Governance System, which are
composed of employees who will be working towards the Vision attainment and other strategic tasks.

PIG (Pinaka-Importanteng Gawain) – are the VAC’s main deliverables/roles

DPPP (Detalyadong Plano Para Sa PIG) – These are detailed activities that have to be done for the
attainment of the PIG

LiKaP (Lipat Kaalaman Program) – is a VAC that is dedicated to providing technical trainings to startups
such as prototyping, programming, etc. With these, they have to look for external partners outside such
as the UP, Microsoft and Google. (However, this VAC has been recently realigned to focus on partnership
with DICT’s Rural Impact Sourcing, they are no longer startup inclined).

Startup Incubation VAC (SIV) – The VAC that hopes to incubate and help startups grow by providing
trainings such writing business proposals, help the VAC in legal matters such as business registration, etc.

Balanga Startup Forums – unlike LiKaP which primarily on the technical side, Forums is the VAC that is
more on the Business side. They are tasked to teach Fundamentals about Startups, Business Modeling and
Idea/Market Validation.

Below is a graphical illustration of the three VACs’ linkages:

VAC’s Programs:

Fundamentals of Startup: What are Startups, Essential Elements, Members (grouping of the participants
based on the hustler-hacker-hipster scheme), How to Ideate and short presentation of ideas formulated

Participants are from a chosen university/college, predetermined by their school.

Ranging from 20 IT/Engineering and 10 from Business courses (Marketing/Finance and Business
Activity may last for four hours (usually done within half a day)

Business Modeling Workshop

Before, BMW has three main fields: Business Model Canvas, Branding and Pitching.
However, the VAC mainly focuses nowadays to the use of the Business Model Canvas.
Pitching is now part of the third workshop (Idea Validation).
Usually done half a day as well, with participants answering/filling out their canvas during the session.
Short presentation of the contents of the BMC might follow.

Pitching / Idea Validation

The participants will be eventually taught of how to pitch their startups. This may last half a day as well.
Pitching will be for 5minutes (generally), with another 5mins for Q&A.

Idea Validation consists of reporting to a panel (of several people from different fields).
Idea Validation can also be a validation with the startup’s target market, a Javelin Board shall be filled by
the participants as they go out of the building to validate their ideas.

The VAC even handled one time, a special validation for a startup who won the Startup Weekend held at
Ateneo de Manila (GreenBox, an agri-startup) where we invited several farmers and cooperatives to have
Greenbox validated and grew in network.

Other Activities:
Hackathon Competition – Programmers/software developers and designers from all around the
province are invited to compete for a 24hour-coding/programming of softwares/apps that could help solve
a specific problem of the City (previously titled “Hack for a Better City”)

Immersion Activities – Selected participants from various workshops are brought to several startup
activities outside the province. Some of these were the DOST-UP Enterprise Startup Demo Day and a visit
to IdeaSpace Lab. Some participants were even sent to workshops like the PhilDev-Idea Technopreneurship
Seminar and the Geeks on A Beach