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TCP and COF are both IC packaging technology. It utilizes flexible printed circuit film as the medium for packaging IC
chips. The bonding is performed on the gold bumps on the chip and the inner lead on the circuit film by use of heat and

TCP and COF are produced by reel to reel method. When the LCD panel module factories receive the IC, they will punch
the taped IC into single pieces. Normally, the outer lead of TCP and COF circuit film will have an input side and an output
side; the output side will connect to LCD panel glass and the input side will contact with controller on the PCB.
This package method is provided with the property of the high density, high ping count, fine pitch, gong bond, high
throughput and high reliability. Furthermore, it is also provided light weight and small, flexible and can be produced by reel
to reel, which are impossible to achieve by traditional packaging methods. In particular, COF products are capable to pack
multi-chip or passive components on the circuit film.

3.1 LCD Panel, PDP panels or OLED panel driver IC package

3.2 Printer head IC package
3.3 Finger print sensors
3.4 Medical devices (hearing aid, blood glucose measuring device)