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Climate Control Unit for Telecom

Power Presentation

Climate Control Unit(CCU ) Descriptions

The Climate Control Unit (CCU) is designed for the

environment control of small to medium outdoor cabinets.
It features the control function of fans, heat exchangers,
heaters, lightings and detection function of high
temperature, low temperature, high water, high humidity,
intrusion and smoke/fire. The redundant characteristic
also provides the user a most flexible way to meet
versatile applications.
Outdoor System Solutions (Climate Controller)

ƒ Outdoor cabinet environment control

ƒ Automatic peripheral devices detection
ƒ Wide temperature operating range: -40°C ~ +70°C
ƒ Wide input power range: 18 ~ 59Vdc
ƒ Compliant with AC or DC type cooling device, heater and
ƒ 3 Individual temperature settings for Heater, Cooling 1, 2
ƒ PWM fan speed control function for Cooling 1, 2
ƒ User definable alarm function
ƒ User friendly operation interfaces
ƒ 7-segment LED display and LED indicator
ƒ °C / °F convertible display
ƒ High / low temperature, high water, high humidity, intrusion
(door open) and smoke/fire alarm function
ƒ DIN-rail Mounting
ƒ Safety: cUL, CE
New Smart CSU (Relay Board)) CCU (Climate
Control Unit )

New Smart CSU (Main Board))

160W Heat-exchange

Rectifier ESR-48/56A

19” Rectifier Shelf (SB-05N/HG A ) PDU (Several Configurations)

Battery & Base
RBS2216 Outdoor System Drawing
RBS2216 AC Panel Configurations AP36

Phase 1 (with Genset Socket & Changeover Switch):

Implementation: from first batch

Phase 2Add AC Socket

(without Changeover
Genset Socket Switch Switch):
& Changeover
Implementation: TBD (Inventory Concern)

Genset Socket
RBS2216 Lights & Sensors

Smoke Sensor DC Light

Humidity Sensor
CCU setting Process
Climate Control Unit - CCU (Input specification)

Electrical specification – Input

Item Specification/Function Remark

Normal Input 54Vdc at 48V; 27Vdc at 24V
Input Range 19.5dc ~ 60Vdc
Input Current 0.3 ~ 0.8 Adc
Operational Temperature -40 ~ +75 degree C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +80 degree C
Safety CUL
EMC EN55022 Class B
Alarm Indication
Item Alarm Description T ype LED 7-Segment
1 CCU Fail Alarm Climate Control Unit
shunt down
2 Fan 1 Fail Alarm The fan or heat Dry Alarm
exchanger that Fan 1 contact (red)
port controlled is
3 Fan 2 Fail Alarm The fan or heat Dry Alarm
exchanger that Fan 2 contact (red)
port controlled is
4 Heater Fail Alarm The heater that Dry Alarm
Heater port controlled contact (red)
is failed.
5 Air Conditioner Fail Alarm The air conditioner Dry Alarm
that A/C port contact (red)
controlled is failed.
6 Intrusion Alarm The door is opened. Dry Alarm
contact (red)
7 High Temperature Alarm The internal Dry Alarm
temperature is over contact (red)
the high limit setting.
8 Low Temperature Alarm The internal Dry Alarm
temperature is under contact (red)
the low limit setting.
9 High W ater Alarm W ater level in the Dry Alarm
cabinet is over the contact (red)
sensor limit.
10 Smoke / Fire Alarm Smoke or fire is Dry Alarm
detected in the contact (red)
11 High Humidity Alarm The humidity in the Dry Alarm
cabinet is over the contact (red)
sensor limit.
Outdoor System Solutions (Alternative-Fan Tray)

Fan Tray:
• Fan x 2
• Control Board
Wall Cutout (464 x 210mm)
• Aluminum Alloy Panel
Shelter Wall
CCU with TB Option

Inside Shelter Outside Shelter

Outdoor System Solutions (Alternative-Fan Tray)

No. Item Specification

1 Fan Delta PFB2048LT (200x70mm) x 2pcs
2 Dimensions 480(W) x 240(H) x 80(D) mm
3 Noise Approx. 62 +10Log2 = 65dBA
4 Speed Control Yes
5 Airflow @zero static 446.5 x 2 = 893 CFM
air pressure

6 Life Expectancy 80K Hours@40°C per Fan


7 Operating Temperature -10 ~ 70°C

8 Power Consumption 58 x 2 = 116W

9 Operating Voltage 28-59 Vdc

10 Ingress Protection IP5X for standard fan, water protection code “X”
depends on fan’s orientation. The fan can be optional
for IP55 in all orientations.