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Exam Two


Reading Comprehension

[1] Poverty refers to the lack of basic human needs like food, drinks, medicine and many other crucial supplies needed to keep one alive and healthy. A great number of African countries suffer from this phenomenon. They repeatedly call the world for urgent help to save them from this hazardous humanitarian disaster. [2] Despite having copious natural resources and vast agricultural land along with a perfect weather, African countries still suffer from poverty. It threatens the life of countless African citizens every year. Many inhabitants catch health diseases because of drinking unsafe water, which usually comes from mixing sewage and drinking water supplies. Other dangerous diseases such as AIDS, Ebola, Malaria … to name a few, are far more problematic. [3] There are several causes to the everlasting issue of poverty in Africa. The major reason is instability in many countries. This issue takes the form of civil wars, armed conflicts, political affiliations and social conflict. Africa is well known for ongoing conflicts between its people. As a result, destruction is always inflicted not only on citizens but also on property and land. African citizens with fair financial abilities prefer to emigrate to European countries to look for peace and security for themselves and their families. That’s why the rate of immigration is shockingly increasing every year. [4] Other causes of poverty include natural disasters like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, tsunami …etc which ruins the stability of farmers and employees economically, agriculturally and commercially. In addition, other demographic factors contribute negatively to the prevalence of poverty in Africa. For example, some tribesmen easily give birth to lots of children because they don’t have access to contraceptives and programs of motherhood education. Parents don’t have high paying jobs. Consequently, their kids suffer from malnutrition, serenity and lack of medical care. [5] Researches show that for Africa to eliminate the issue of poverty on the long term, Africans should maintain sustainable agriculture as well as trade and industry activities. Moreover, they should invest in their natural resources as many countries contain the most valuable minerals. However, many sociologists agree that the first step towards a better life in Africa is to fight the deeply rooted corruption in their political and economic systems.

rooted corruption in their political and economic systems. Reading Comprehension: 10 points Find this exam at:

Reading Comprehension: 10 points

Find this exam at:

Are the following sentences true or false? Justify. (1.5 points)

1. All the African countries suffer from poverty.

2. African countries have plenty of natural resources.

3. African families do not use birth control.

Answer the following questions from the text. (3 points)

1. Why do African countries call for urgent help from the world?

2. Who emigrates to European countries to look for a better life?

3. Why do African families have a lot of children?

Complete the following sentences from the test. (2 points)

1. The ongoing conflicts in Africa result in

2. The rate of immigration is increasing in Africa because

What do the underlined words in the text refer to? (1.5 points)

Find in the text words which mean the same as: (2 points)

Find in the text words which mean the same as: (2 points) 1. Materials (p1) :

1. Materials (p1) :

2. Connections (p3) :

3. Destroys (p4) :

4. 1.

Eradicate (p5) :

1. Disaster:

2. Themselves:

3. They:

Language: 25 points

Find this exam at:

Put the words between brackets in the correct form. (2 points)

Many American citizens suffer from obesity due to the excessive

(consume) of fast food.


3. Several immigrants come back to their homeland owing to the issue of

4. Rural-urban immigration has increased shockingly due to

Al-Khawarizmi had a great command of

(know) in different branches like astronomy and mathematics.

(integrate) in host countries. (unemployed) in rural areas.

Fill in the gaps with the correct words from the list below. (2 points)

students |development | drop-outs | foreign | university | compulsory | values | illiteracy | boarding | care | exclusion | mother |

1. The government should devise programs to encourage

to come back to school and complete their studies from the age of 5 to the age of 19. languages in Morocco.

2. In order to raise a literate generation, education should be

3. English and French are the two outstanding

4. A great number of

graduates fail to find high paying jobs in Morocco. As a result, they emigrate abroad

Match the following collocations (2 points) Match each word with its antonym (2 points) Critical
Match the following collocations (2 points)
Match each word with its antonym (2 points)
Put the verbs between brackets in the simple past or past perfect (4 points)
1. My grandfather
(decide) to retire after he
2. I missed the presentation because when I
(come) in, the show
3. I
4. Lena and Jack finally
(never/write) a motivation letter before I
(get) married after they
(work) in military for 30 years.
(apply) for that job in a call center.
(be) engaged for 2 years.
Put the verbs between brackets in the simple future or future perfect (4 points)
1. You’re doing a great job buddy. Surely, buy the end of the year, you
(do) amazing progress.
2. They
(make) a great profit by next year if they invest exporting Moroccan shoes to England.
3. When my boy turns 25 years old, I
(become) older and maybe retired even.
4. All women
5. You look exhausted dear! I
(gain) their rights by the time the new constitution amendment takes place.
(make) you a cup of tea so that you can relax.
6. The sky is so cloudy, it
7. Landlord: Hi,
(probably/snow) tomorrow according to the weather forecast.
(you/leave) by the end of next year? I have some bookings in the line.
8. The work this foundation is doing guarantees that by the end of 2019, the rate of poverty
Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form (4 points)
Louisa and Maren
this month. They
(be) two Scandinavian tourists who
(stay) in an unclassified hotel in Marrakesh before they
(come) to Morocco at the beginning of
(go) to the Atlas
mountain for camping. The two girls were having so much fun at the mountain until some ignorant extremist Moroccan terrorists
(put) an end to their lives in gruesome manner. The story spread like a wildfire in social media and online
newspapers. Moroccan authorities succeeded in
(catch) the suspects who allegedly decapitated the girls. The
government should
(secure) tourist sites all over the country. If not, this type of horrific incident
(have) a very negative effect on the tourism sector in the long term.
Join the following sentences using the expressions given between brackets (5 points)
1. Many tourist sites in Morocco are not secured. Two Scandinavian girls were murdered in Atlas Mountains. (because)
2. Laws are not always strictly applied in Morocco. The rate of crimes is increasing every year. (Consequently)
3. Skilled people emigrate to western countries because most of them are unemployed. (Due to)
4. I will open a bank account for my children. I want to give them financial security when they grow up. (so that)
5. Lisa wakes up early every morning. She does not want to miss her train to work. (so as to)
Writing: 5 points
Find this exam at:
Use the information in the chart below to write a well-organized report on a seminar.
Moroccan authorities and ministry of tourism
September 2018
Causes of terrorist acts in Morocco
Authority officials, minister of tourism, heads of
tourist locations, hotel managers, tourist guides
Several people from civil society, the press, tourists,
heads of association, heads of anti-terrorism
Presentation and discussion
Main ideas
Causes of terrorist behaviors:
Ignorance and illiteracy
Lack of security in tourist sights
ISIS influence on religious people
Reforming our educational system radically.
Efforts should be double to fight
Wahhabism religious ideology
Reconsider the law of capital punishment
Your opinion and evaluation