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VHA data for Ellipse v8.1.

Peter Cheung,
Mentum (HK)

11 May 2012
• How to access software and data
• Latest ellipse baseline data dated 08 May 2012
• How to use ellipse data
• How to change/update ellipse data

Access data and software
• Client software
• Ellipse v8.1.1 on all client PC
• Data manager (DM) client embedded within ellipse
• Excel on all client PC
• Server at Levo
• License server (20x license owned by VHA)
• SQL server
• Data manager (DM) server
• Ellipse data
• Map store on client PC (recommended)
• Network data checkout from DM server
• Network data checkin to DM server (need write permission)

Install client ellipse software
• Simply run setup.exe
• It will automatically unzip package
• Enter 15 digital PID for VHA 93642-21455-00352
• Copy settings.xml to (folder path depends on OS)
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Mentum\Ellipse 8.0\Settings.xml
C:\ProgramData\Mentum\Ellipse 8.0

• Use ellipse 8.1 à wcommute

• to checkout license for max of 1~30 days (re-checkout license after
30 days or checkin license before 30 days)
• Host ID of client uses license will be registered by license server

Admin console (VHA admin only)

• Define user with admin/active status

• assign user to 2 groups of users

Connect client to DM server

Run C:\Program Files (x86)\Mentum\Mentum Ellipse

8\EllipseAgent.exe OR
from ellipse menu data à data manager

Login name/password defined by admin console

(read or read+write permission to DM server)

Append IP address and hostname of Levo host server in “hosts”

file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

Connect client to DM server

• Project “VHA_Transmission” is created in DM server

• it has 2 instance (i.e., local copies of project in client)
• only owner of client can modify that instance to/from DM server
(checkout/checkin) as highlight in GREEN color
• host ID where instance is stored in shown on project explorer
• when/who last updated DM server is shown in project information
• for 1st time only, all client should checkout latest baseline data from DM server to
7 client by “creating new standalone project from DM project)
Get data from DM server to local

• DM server will always automatically resolve any conflict

e.g., different user edit/create/delete same object and checkin, DM server will store
latest changes only

• checkout or get latest data from DM server to local will replace any existing local
data (e.g., backup/rename data.xml if needed)

• checkout will update/create ellipse project folder including all radio/antenna/feeder

and network data (i.e., all data, except maps)

• suggest to backup/rename data.xml regularly (as local copy of network data)

Write data from client to DM server

• view modification is to see list of delta between local project and DM project
BEFORE writing changes back to DM

• checkin is to write changes to DM directly. After checkin, latest baseline project in

DM will also be downloaded to local project
(i.e., changes from current user + other changes from other users)
How to backup DM server
• 2 methods
• Backup SQL database itself at Levo
• Regularly export latest DM server data to ellipse read-able excel
format by
• Checkout latest baseline OR
• Use “wcfclient” via command line interface (without opening ellipse and
need no ellipse license)

Ellipse data 08 May 2012
• site 5973
• All from VHA MSL site ID
• Some site duplicate with different site ID
(e.g., DAS, hub, PTN)
• Some site are dark fibre
• Mwlink 2450
• Most from catalina LER
• 31 are dummy mwlink (legacy)
• Other tx link 6648
• 4540 LL in tracker (most have FNN)
• 441 Dark fiber LL
• 2108 LL not in tracker (tie-cable, dummy LL
between DDF/DXX/ADM)
• Ring 48
• All Dark fiber ring (plan/deliver/commission)
• NE 4941
• No port defined level yet (IP address,
chassis, subrack not mapped yet)
• Circuit 11458
• 2G and 3G circuit
• FE circuit (split circuit at DXX)

Ellipse data source
• Ellipse SoW been change a few times in the past
• As of now, baseline in DM server contains
• All RF MSL dated mid Jan 2012
• excluding 47 missing sites found in LL tracker
• All cataline LER from Ericsson mwlink dated 20 Mar 2012
• even though these LER may not reflected in the field
• All radio/antenna, ACMA freq allocation from LER from imported
• LL in tracker dated 21 Mar 2012 from John Bickle
• LL related to 47 sites missing in MSL are not imported
• All LL with FNN are imported
• Dark fiber from David Yeo
• LL from Pipe, NextGen, TransACT
• Ring, ring element, DWDM node, status (planned/delivered/commissioned)
• Port allocation
• Port used in E2E connectivity not mapped
• Port used in CX600/RNC/BSC from Huawei DD not mapped due to port # from 0 issue (ellipse v8.1.2)
• All 2G, 3G, FE circuits and path from E2E connectivity excel from Kordia
• no comparison made to Huawei DD and E2E mapping from Kordia
• Decision from VHA was to map which MTX (RNC/BSC + CX600) site from E2E, instead of Huawei DD
• NE along circuit path in E2E are in ellipse
• Dummy LL are used for any missing inter-connection between sites
• Capacity Allocation
• MW E1 # = trib unit from E2E
• MW Locked cap = occupancy cap from T3G – allocated cap from E2E
• LL with FNN is allocate on next free E1 for PDH and SDH LL only
Ellipse map
• Raster map
• 50~500m resolution SRTM3 free satellite map for AMSL (i.e., terrain height map)
• 400/800/1600m resolution AVHRR30 free satellite map for clutter (i.e., clutter classified
• Clutter height for AGL (map not available yet)

• Vector map
• BSC/RNC boundary
• Australia coastline, highway,
• RF cluster polygon
• Fiber node, dark fiber route

• Map usage
• Ellipse have handle multiple maps with different resolution (use highest resolution in
given pixel)
• Extract site AMSL elevation from height map and obstracle AGL for clutter height
• need to switch to active project projection (if needed)
• Used polygon for object selection

Ellipse assumption
• mwlink capacity
• 1+1 HSB will use active radio slot capacity
• link capacity = sum of “active” radio slot capacity
• Link capacity
• LER capacity (if MSA 4.0 date in site handler exists), function = installed
• HLD capacity (if no MSA 4.0 date, mwlink not installed yet), function = planned

• mwlink trib unit allocation in circuit

• Duplicate trib for same mwlink for different circuits are removed
(problem for link with multi-radio slot)
• Trib # not specified in E2E or mismatch with link capacity from LER
will be allocate on first free E1 slot available
• Circuit
• Circuit path follows A-B end
• 1xE1 capacity, makes FE as 1E1
• Chain split into multiple E1 circuit with same A-B ends pair
General – how to find data
• Create flag/group by
• Selection object on map window
• use and define query condition in ellipse
• Use data explorer search box
• Create layer
• Display subset of selected objects in group/flag
• Multiple new map to display different object type

Create layer Display only Dark fiber LL

• Layer created from groups can be displayed as an

independent “custom data”

• layer display can be customized as per related field

Multiple map window
Create multiple map window with different layers visible
or layer display setting (load/save map setting if needed)

Map with 3G Map with 2G

circuits layers circuits layers

•Circuit terminating/ originate at site

Ellipse site •Transport traffic = sum of E1 circuit

terminate at site
• all site ID are from RF MSL VHA
(correct 3GIS, JV sites)

Mwlink/other tx link/NE
associated with site

ACMA site registration #, and

radio ODU typology from LER

•Country, location, region, address,

5 comments field city, site type, status from HLD/MSL
•Address2 = chain ID

Country, location, region, address, city, site

type, status, hub/dark fiber/MTX, cluster,
build cat, tech/band from site handler/HLD
LOS analysis – 1 site

Based on available map, do LOS analysis to check clearance

for target freq/antenna ht/distance range
LOS analysis – multiple site

Similar to single site LOS, except now require simultaneous

LOS/clearance conditions for multiple selected sites
Example of site query – 1

Extract all hub sites by query on one comment

field, and create layer to show only hub sites

Example of site query – 2

(same can be done via query on comment 2),

use boundary selection to select all sites within
RF cluster QM027, add selected site on site
group and create layer only to show QM027 sites
Example of site/mwlink BoM

Antenna/feeder/radio associated with each site

Antenna (type, SD, azimuth, tilt, tx/rx loss)

Ellipse mwlink

Radio (type, power, freq, polar,

high/low, available capacity, radio
config, redundancy info)

• Map from LER (distance, redun, RAU #, ODU

subband A/B, band, ACMA reg #)

• function = link capacity status based on MSA

date from site handler (SHR) for cat 4/5/6

Installed - <date>
Planned – not in SHR, capacity from xx
Planned – in SHR, capacity from xx

Where xx is LER or site handler

Example of mwlink TDM loading

• TDM loading % = used E1 /

(total link capacity – locked E1)

• eg 2138-27116,
TDM loading = 5/(63-3) = 8.33%
Lock/allocate capacity to mwlink Allocate capacity from trib # from E2E connectivity (Kordia)
along a 1xE1 circuit path (traffic customer)

From site handler report (per state), capacity audit for occpancy capacity is
extracted and compare with E1 # allocated by E2E connectivity

Ellipse mwlink capacity allocation

Out of total link capacity (extracted either from LER or SHR)

E1 slot # can be either

• Used by circuit or
• Lock as indicated by SHR

# of E1 lock =
occupancy capacity from SHR – used E1 # from E2E

LER export from Ellipse by E///

• Export link budget and equipment config from

ellipse to E/// LER format using macro

• independent link budget excel table for each

28 radio slot per mwlink
Mwlink display – 1

Color scaling based on TDM loading %

Mwlink display – 2

Color scaling based on TDM throughput

Example of mwlink query –1

Extract mwlink with 1+1 HSB

By query # of radio slot=2 and
2nd slot has HW redundancy

Example of mwlink query – 2
Extract mwlink with some
link capacity range

Use different color for TDM loading

(E1 utilization of mwlink)

Example of mwlink query – 3
Mwlink with dummy freq plan or dummy

• after ACMA freq is registered (by spectrum

management), E/// should update LER and
ellipse accordingly
• ACMA freq plan in ellipse is a subset to
represent used channel by
• any mwlink with unallocated ch will be
assigned to dummy freq plan

Examples of mwlink query – 4

installed vs planned mwlink with capacity from LER/SHR

Installed mwlink only with color Installed mwlink (RED) overlay

scaling for TDM throughput
34 on top of planned mwlink
Ellipse LL

Capacity allocation of LL

• LL from both LL tracker, dark fiber and dummy LL

(create for E2E circuit path)
• dummy LL are created with 199 E1
• owner are mapped from tracker or dark fiber
• type can be PDH, SDH, Hybrid, IP
• capex/opex to be populated by Maria (not in DM)

• comment field
LEFT = non-dark fiber LL
LL order, service ID or FNN, account #, expiry date

RIGHT = dark fiber LL

phase #, planned date, installation date,
commission date
Dark fiber LL Capacity allocation of LL

• No LL for DWDM (fiber node back to MTX) in ellipse yet

• all dark fiber assume 2 wavelength for STM16/10Gbps capacity

• status
Planned = if vendor actual
acceptance date is “forecast”

Delivered = if E/// actual

acceptance date is “forecast” or

Commissioned = if E/// actual

acceptance date is older than
present date

Loading on non-dark fiber LL

Example of LL query – 1
Non dark-fiber LL with FNN with color
scaling for different throughput/loading

TDM Throughput
TDM loading % Mbps

Example of LL query – 3
dark fiber LL for NextGen

Delivered dark commissioned dark

fiber LL (Nextgen) fiber LL (Nextgen)

Ellipse ring

• ring description = ring name used in dark

• status = planned, commissioned, delivered (same as dark fiber LL)
• fiber phase delivery excel
• ring naming convention = <state>_<part>_<#>_<owner>_<hub site>
•Eg NSW_NeutralBay_2_Pipe_2002

• Dark fiber LL used in ring

• each LL is uniquely associate with
different ring
• no ring capacity is allocated yet (i.e.,
after DWDM is input, circuit can enter/exit
40 a ring with capacity allocated)
Example of ring query
Nextgen vs Pipe ring in NSW

Ellipse NE • for details, see ppt “Mentum detailes v1_14Mar2012”
• port level definition is based on available panel port
• port is input/output depending on whether it is
1. RNC “4400_BERH1” connected to another NE or outgoing/incoming tx link
(mw or non-mw)
2. BSC “4400_BEBH1”
3. CX600 “4400_BECXH1”
4. ADM “4400_MODEL_ADM_#(Sub-Rack number)
1. PDH => A-B_LL_E1_1
2. SDH => A-B_LL_STM1_1
3. ETH => A-B_LL_IP_1
7. 3G base station “4515_BTS_3G_1”
8. 2G base station “4515_BTS_2G_1”
9. MW SITEA-SITEB “2894-1560_MW” (“First site”=MTX and “Last site”=BTS)
1. 4400-4500_3G_1 (“First site”=MTX and “Last site”=BTS)
2. 4400-4500_2G_1 (“First site”=MTX and “Last site”=BTS)

Ellipse NE details

• Each NE record any mw or LL or ring that it connects to

• port can be defined with por #, card, chassis, name, IP
address, domain
• port can be reserved/locked

Ellipse NE example – CX600

• in ellipse v8.1.1, for TDM circuit, unique port needed to be used for each E1 circuit (1 E1 per port, CPOS in CX600 will be
allocate with KLM E1 from OMS)
• in ellipse v8.2, “IP port” is allowed where capacity can switch between TDM/IP and multipel TDM circuit can connect to
same port in IP based NE (GE for CX600)
• since huawei NE sometimes has port level starts from 0, this feature will be added in ellipse v8.1.2 in early Q3 2012
Example of NE query

Extract all OMS NE Extract all DXX NE

Ellipse circuit Objective to model E2E circuit path with 1xE1 capacity

Ellipse circuit – 1

• Circuit header contains basic info about circuit (name, start/end site, capacity)
• circuit naming is <A-end> – <B-end>_technology_#
• chain is splitted into multiple E1 (eg 2100_1530_3G has 5x E1 circuits)

• state is refer to state of B-end site

• E2E filename is excel connectivity filename from Kordia

• traffic customer is extracted from E2E excel

• Unique E1 circuit for each traffic customer

in case of FE circuit, of multiple traffic customer (2G/2G or 2G/3G),

circuit will split (i.e., new circuit) whenever traffic customer changes

Ellipse circuit – 2
Setup circuit path either by
• user define circuit routing
• automatic routing (based on min # of hops of mw
or non-mw elements)
• automatic port allocation (next free port is used)

• trib # from E2E circuit is mapped for mwlink

• lock E1 # is computed from site handler

Extract E2E circuit path
• only latest proposed date Kordia E2E
connectivity filename is extracted
• since proposed date is already older than today

Ellipse FE circuit/CES

• assume all FE has full 1xE1 circuit

• ATM mapping in E2E is not imported in ellipse
• circuit in ellipse will split where different TS of traffic
customer changes

3 circuits are associated with this E2E file

E.g., 2443 2G
E.g., 2443 3G, 2443 3G
E.g., 2434 3G 2443 3G, 2433 3G, 2443 2G, 2443 2G

Split/merge circuit – 1

• whenever there are DXX or ADM where multiple 2G or

2G/3G are cascade or merge
• circuit in ellipse will terminate at these DXX/ADM

Split/merge circuit –2

Example of FE – 1
Extract 2G FE associated with traffic
customer site 2434



Example of FE – 2
Extract 2G FE with traffic customer 2434

Site 2434

2434-2443_2G_4 4400-2434_3G_1 Query result of all 2G and 2100-2434_2G_1

3G circuit associate with
traffic customer site 2434

Example of circuit query – 2
Extract 2G FE with DXX in circuit path

DXX where circuit

are split/merge

Example of circuit query – 2
3x 2G circuits split/merge at DXX at site 2685,
before terminating at site 2200




Circuit analysis

• valid capacity to check whether all circuit element (mw or non-mw) have
sufficient capacity available to meet circuit capacity

• valid path to check whether there is any broken path

Circuit QoS • Tabulation of all circuit element (mw and non-
mw) along circuit path, and listed its availability

• list throughput, length, link budget result for


• adaptive modulation is compute based on

target KPI if IP radio is used (curve of throughput
vs outage prob is drawn in ellipse)

capacity planning – topology 1
• aim is to select a subset of available resource
(mwlink, LL, ring, dark fiber LL)
• based on target site transport capacity
• automatic find circuit path and check if every
link along path can meet target capacity
(remaining/missing capacity calculated)

e.g., select ring/LL/mw

link near 2100
capacity planning – topology 2

Auto route a circuit path between

2100 and 2511 based on LL/ring/mw
link in these area, while meeting
target site transport capacity at 2100

Network spanning tree
Used in dimensioning to connect at specified site
(e.g, MTX/hub site 2100) using min # of hops

General import/export in client
Import excel basically have 2 implicit steps
• data consistency check
• import actual excel table one by one

• If just 1 error occurs, 2nd step of import will NOT start, so ALL
excel data will NOT get imported
• warning is OK for import, eg antenna tower < antenna ht

• Error log files is detailed enough to indicate which object in

which table/column has error
• log files can be save to a text file
• all excel tables must be present when import to ellipse

• If “out-of-memory” error occurs, need to restart ellipse again

• each table is inter-related (i.e., if data in one table is

changed, another table also needs to be changed)

Example of import with error
Import mwlink
See separate ppt
“mEv811_ellipse_excel_import_VHA_11April2012” for details

Multiple select mfile and import

back to ellipse project

Circuit easyloader – 1
• ellipse excel export contains 36 tables
• allow “clean” and easy import to ellipse excel
• macro is create to convert ellipse excel format to row-by-row 1 table excel
• macro allow 2 way conversion (ellipse à template, template à ellipse)
• each row contains 1 complete circuit path
• color is used to indicate if mwlink, LL, ring, NE is already existed in ellipse project to avoid errors

Circuit easyloader – 2

Easyloader row-by-row template

Remaining work
• Port
• Define port level as per actual NE (chassis, IP address, lock port)
• Assign TDM port allocation (1 E1 per port, each CX600 CPOS connect to KLM from OMS)
• Need to decode xml files from OMS dump from E/// ASTN planner (site/port#/connection)
• Assign IP port allocation (CX600 GE connect with multiple E1 circuits)
• sites
• Update missing 47 sites (or based on latest RF VHA MSL) and associated LL
• Some MSL are separate for same site, since different RF MSL for DAS/macro site
• Mwlink
• define mw name to track multi-slot radio link (x-pol)
• Replace Locked mw capacity (based on site handler) with real mw
• Dark fiber
• Create DWDM from Fiber node back to MTX
• LL
• All dummy LL information needs to be replace with actual circuit path/element
• LL allocation needs to be done properly
• Circuit
• Correct any invalid circuit (broken circuit path/insufficient capacity)
• Replace FE with E1 circuit or hybrid/IP circuit
• Need to update terminating MTX, since many MTX site in E2E has mismach with Huawei DD
• Duplicate circuit due to different E2E filenames (eg 1718 3G, US1718 3G)
• Project
• 3 version for capacity planning (existing, proposed and required)