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“Lithium ion, and other long-term

storage batteries, are the future of the

transportation landscape.”

H E V B a t t e r y P ro d u c t i o n Fa c i l i t i e s

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Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Battery Production Facilities

Camfil Farr - Clean Air Solutions

The future is electrifying
— “all new cars will be hybrids by 2020.”
—125 Automotive Industry Executives

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Green and sustainability are the product flaws that could decrease the
axioms for future generations as life of the battery during the battery’s
we move away from fossil fuels manufacturing process.
and into renewable technologies. Camfil Farr’s experience in BioPharma
Rechargeable batteries are and containment-type laboratories
recognized as a regenerative ensures that production facilities
power source and are now being produce the highest yield per production
used to power everything from period. Research has shown that poor
wrist watches to automobiles. manufacturing processes can reduce
Because both pure electric yield by up to 50%.
vehicles and hybrid vehicles
offer the prospect of reduced Different types of lithium-ion batteries separator, it can puncture the
emissions and decreased reliance use different chemistries and have separator and cause a short
on imported petroleum, these different performance, cost, and safety circuit. Controlling the air quality
vehicle types have attracted great characteristics. Unlike primary lithium during the manufacturing process
interest from environmentalists batteries, Li-ion cells use an intercalated reduces this costly contamination,
and other groups over the past lithium compound as the electrode increases yield and assures that a
20 years. material, instead of metallic lithium. quality product will make its way
The exact reaction that generates the to the user.
Although there are multiple electrons varies, depending on the type
types such as nickel metal of battery. In a lithium-ion battery there Camfil Farr air filters:
hydroxide (NiMH) and various are pressurized containers that house a • Will protect your processes
configurations of the lithium- coil of metal and a flammable, lithium- by reducing the airborne
ion battery, the lithium-ion type containing liquid. The manufacturing contaminants that foul or
seems poised to dominate the process creates tiny pieces of metal short circuit cells. Yield is
market because of its high energy that float in the liquid. Manufacturers increased and a quality
and power densities. It also has can’t completely prevent these metal product is packaged for the
the potential to last the lifetime fragments, but good manufacturing user.
of the car, (150,000 miles is techniques limit their size and number.
expected by consumers). This use • Reduce energy costs required
period could span hundreds of The cells of a lithium-ion battery also to move air through the filters.
thousands of charge/discharge contain separators that keep the anodes Savings can be as high as 30-
cycles. and cathodes, or positive and negative 50% when compared to other
poles, from touching each other. If a industry offerings.
Camfil Farr’s clean air systems piece of metal gets too close to the
concentrate on reducing • Offer a longer life than
comparable filters. Labor to
change the filters is reduced,
so employees can concentrate
on revenue-producing tasks
and landfill waste is reduced,
helping to create a greener
Camfil Farr can review your
project, or existing processes,
with our Life Cycle Costing
(LCC) Green software, to provide
guidance on proper filter staging
and selection. Camfil Farr
LCC Green capitalizes on data
garnered from systems over a
period of more than 15 years.
Additionally, our Representatives
can assist in your clean room
design with our industry-proven
Clean Software.

Camfil Farr Recommendations

“Humidity and cleanliness are equal factors in 1

maintaining the integrity of battery production
facility critical manufacturing areas. The Camfil
Farr Pharmaseal, with its all-welded construction
provides the required cleanliness level and
eliminates the vapor intrusion that may be a factor
with standard HEPA filter ceiling modules.”
The Camfil Pharmaseal®, with its all-welded con-
struction creates a vapor-tight housing seal and
precise airflow control through Camfil Farr HEPA
filtration sets the industry standard for ducted ceil-
ing modules.

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The Camfil Farr APC Gold

Series® cartridge fume and
dust collector combines
contaminant removal
performance with ease of
service. Safe-change options
are available for cartridge
filters and discharge
system for containment of
hazardous materials.

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The 30/30® pleated panel filter extends The Hi-Flo® ES is an excellent choice for The Durafil® ES provides a maintained high
the life of secondary filters at the lowest constant volume systems. Its maintained particle capture efficiency at the lowest life
life cycle cost; consistent energy savings efficiency and low pressure drop are cycle cost. Fan horsepower requirements
over the life of the filter. performance parameters unmatched by any are the lowest in the industry.
other non-supported media product.

Camfil Farr Recommendations

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The Filtra 2000® Absolute®, with

media area up to 400 square feet,
For environments that do not require A room side replacable ducted provides HEPA grade efficiency when
precise humidity control, but still require terminal filter housing offering high installed in air handlers supplying
an ISO level of cleanliness the Megalam® efficiency performance and ease of critical areas. Offering the lowest
Ducted Ceiling Module is an excellent maintenance. pressure drop of any HEPA filter,
choice. energy savings can be significant.

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For installations where gaseous Housings for built-up equipment or Our Absolute® filter housings ensure that the
contaminants from processes may free-standing equipment are available to efficiency of the system will be the same as
be a problem, Camfil Farr offers ensure that all of the recirculated air is the efficiency of the filters; HEPA grade for
solutions for contaminant removal. filtered properly. Camfil Farr housings are protection of intricate processes.
guaranteed to have less than 1% leakage.

0 Consult your local Camfil Farr Representative or factory for placement. 5

Industry Guidelines

The most critical environmental of that pack level materials

item to be controlled in battery cost. Reducing contamination
production facilities is relative through all levels of the
humidity, sometimes as low as manufacturing process will
a -70º F dew point. In order to significantly increase the yield,
maintain this level, the rooms which has been known to be
must be sealed to prevent the 50% when contaminant levels
introduction of any moisture. The are not controlled properly.
Camfil Farr Pharmaseal, with its Increased yield and better
all-welded construction, effectively performing cells will foster the
maintains this barrier. Megalam market’s acceptance of this
panel filters may also be used in new technology.
pressurized plenum designs. The United States government,
In many cases, air handling units through sustainability
are completely self-contained initiatives has committed over Camfil Farr Representatives can analyze your needs with
within the conditioned space. $2-billion dollars to develop software developed with a base of over 20 years of in-place
product testing.
These units are typically designed this industry, and tax credits
to accept pre-filtration and are planned.
HEPA filters, or they are ducted The chart on this page includes design parameters are rapidly
to a ceiling distribution system recommendations for cleanliness levels, advancing. Your local Camfil Farr
where filtered air is introduced as filtration efficiencies and Camfil Farr Representative has the tools to
laminar flow. products applicable to the processes. assist you in designing the entire
production environment.
For lithium-ion batteries, cell Each facility should be reviewed upon
level materials account for 85% its own merits, as the technology and
Facility Production Areas with Recommendations for Air Filtration
Recommended Recommended
ISO 8 (Class ISO 7 (Class 10,000) ISO 6 (Class 1,000) ISO 5 (Class 100)
100,000) Production Area Production Area Production Area
Prefilter Secondary Filter
Standard Offices Manufacturing Areas
Durafil® ES
Coating or Hi-Flo®
Ceiling Coverage
Compressing 15-25%1 25-40%1 35-70%1
5-60 ACH2 Ceiling Coverage Ceiling Coverage Ceiling Coverage
Slitting 30/30® Pharmaseal® 60-150 ACH2 150-240 ACH2 240-600 ACH2
Case Manufacturing Megalam® Diffusers Pharmaseal® Pharmaseal® Pharmaseal®
Durafil® ES and/or
Sub Assembly
or Hi-Flo® Filtra 2000®
Welding MERV 13
Durafil® ES
Glove Box
or Hi-Flo®
Production Area
Values provided for guidance, related to typical industry parameters. Ceiling coverage includes filter efficiency of 99.99%.
ACH, or air changes per hour. Consideration must always be given to air circulation patterns and other parameters that could negatively affect the required
cleanliness level.
A modular panelized ceiling that is also walk-able for maintenance and service will achieve the desired barrier and provide for all ceiling maintenance from above.
Carbon filters may be applied to remove solvents such as Dimethyl Ether (DME) from process and waste gases such as hydrofluoric acid.
Most rooms are positive pressurized.
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The Meaning of “Sustainability”

“I want Camfil Farr to be recognized

as the ‘sustainability leader’ in the air
filtration industry by our clients, our
partners and the markets in which we
Allan O’Connell
CEO, Camfil Farr
The Camfil Farr Sustainability
Model is threefold:
Social - We are committed to
Sustainable development meets the health preservation through con-
needs of the present generation without trolled indoor air quality in public,
compromising the ability of future gen- residential, and work environ-
erations to meet their needs. ments, the safety of materials
Sustainability as a business approach used in filter construction, and
creates long-term shareholder value by cleanliness of ventilation installa-
embracing opportunities, and managing tions.
risks from economic, environmental and Environmental - Camfil Farr
social developments. reduces greenhouse gas emis-
Sustainability and social responsibility sions through energy-efficient
combine in a concept whereby organiza- filters, and reduces environmental
tions take responsibility for the impact of impact through good manufactur-
their activities on customers, employees, ing practices and by supplying
shareholders, communities and the envi- filters that perform to their rated
ronment. efficiency throughout their service
Camfil Farr has a long and successful life.
track record in the pursuit of green and Economic - Our Life Cycle Cost
sustainable strategies. Reduction Strategy is a powerful
Developments as diverse as Durafil ES, tool that helps customers achieve
Filtra 2000 and improvements to the the greatest air filtration value, at
30/30, Life Cycle Costing tools, and Ener- the lowest total cost. And because
gy Cost Indexing illustrate a decades-long Camfil Farr filters perform at
commitment to environmental principles their rated efficiency through the
and practices, and environment-driven filter’s life, they directly contribute
decision-making. to higher overall productivity and
fewer days of sick leave.
Camfil Farr is a proud mem-
ber of the United States
Green Building Council.

All Camfil Farr facilities are ISO certified

and operate under a stringent quality
control program.

Camfil Farr is the leader in clean air technology
and air filter protection.
Camfil Farr has its own product development,
R&D and worldwide local representation.
Our overall quality goal is to develop,
produce and market products and services
of such a quality that we aim to exceed our
customers expectations.
We see our activities and products as an
expression of our quality.
To reach a level of total quality, it is
necessary to establish an internal work
environment where all Camfil Farr employees
can succeed together. This means an
environment characterized by openness,
confidence and good business understanding.

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