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Amin Amen


O di’ imas gennithis ek Parthenou ke Thou Who for our sake was born of a
stavrosin ipominas Agathe,
Thanato to Thanaton skilefsas ke
O Virgin, and suffered crucifixion, O
Good One, and despoiled Death Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria & All Africa
egersin dixas os Theos, mi paridis ous through Death, and as God, revealed
eplasas ti Hiri Sou. Dixon tin
Filanthropian Sou eleimon. Dexe tin
Resurrection: despise not Thy Love
for mankind, O Merciful One; accept
Archdiocese of Good Hope
tekousan se Theotokon, Presvevousan the Birth-giver of God Who bore
iper imon ke Soson Sotir imon, laon Thee, and Who entreats Thee for us:
apegnosmenon. and Save Thy despairing people, O
our Saviour!
Sunday Vespers Hymns

27 January 2019
By the Grace of God
COMPILED, ADAPTED, EDITED & PRINTED 35th Sunday After Pentecost
15th Sunday of St Luke
Sunday of St Zacchaeus
PO BOX 28348
Also the Feast of ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM OF CONSTANTINOPLE – New Martyrs & Confessors of
Russia - St Peter the Righteous of Egypt – St Demetrios the New Martyr of
Our Eternal Gratitude to Pater Seraphim Dedes & all the contributing Translators for the
Greek & English texts that make our Worship much easier
RE-EDITED & PUBLISHED - 30 DECEMBER 2018 to understand, to participate and to appreciate.
Glory to God for His Great Mercy!



✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit
Sunday Vespers Hymns – 35 After Resurrection Osie Trismakar, Agiotate Pater, O Pimin O Holy, Thrice-Blessed, All Holy Father,
O Kalos, ke tou Arhipimenos Hristou Good Shepherd, and Disciple of
SUNDAY OF ST ZACCHAEUS Mathitis, O tithis tin psihin iper ton Christ our Chief Shepherd: Thou laid
KINDLY USE THE SERVICE BOOK UNTIL THIS POINT, Proaton, aftos ke nin panevfime, down Thy Life for the Sheep. O All
THEN CAREFULLY FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WITH REGARD TO THESE HYMNS Ioanni Hrisostome, etise presvies Sou, Lauded John Chrysostom, pray for
dorithine imin to Mega Eleos. us, that by Thine Intercessions, the
HYMN OF THE EVENING INCENSE Lord grants us His Great Mercy.
PSALM 140/141 – TONE 2
Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
eonon. ages.
Kyrie ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou. Lord, I cry out to Thee: hear
Amin. Amen
Isakouson mou, Kyrie. Kyrie, O Lord! O Lord, when I cry
ekekraxa pros Se, isakouson mou, out to Thee, hear me! Hear
proshes ti foni tis deiseos mou, en to my voice, when I cry out to O Piitis ke Litrotis mou Panagne, Hristos The Creator and Redeemer, Christ our
kekragene me pros Se, isakouson Thee! Hear me, O Lord! O Kyrios, ek tis Sis nidios proelthon, Lord, proceeded from Thy Womb,
mou Kyrie. eme endisamenos, tis proin kataras, and vesting Himself in me, from the
Katevthinthito i prosevhi mou os Let my Prayer rise before Thee ton Adam ileftherose. Dio Si Ancient Curse of Adam set me free.
thimiama enopion Sou. Eparsis ton like incense - the lifting up of Panagne, os tou Theou Mitri te ke Wherefore, O All Pure Virgin, as
hiron mou Thisia Esperini. Isakouson my hands as the Evening Sacrifice. Partheno Alithos, voomen asigitos, to Mother of God and True Virgin we
mou Kyrie! Hear me, O Lord! Here tou Angelou. Here, Despina, praise Thee unceasingly, with the
RESURRECTION STIHERA – TONE 2 Prostasia ke Skepi, ke Sotiria ton Greeting of the Angel: “Hail! O
psihon imon! Lady, Advocate, Defender, and
Exagage ek filakis tin psihin mou, tou Bring my soul out of prison to Salvation of our soul!”
Exomologisasthe to Onomati Sou. Confess Thy Name, O Lord. “NIN APOLIIS TON DOULON SOU...” –
Ton pro eonon ek Patros gennithenta, Come, let us adore God the Word,
ton Theon Logon sarkothenta, ek Begotten of the Father before all
Parthenou Marias, defte Ages, Who took Flesh from the Ote katilthes pros ton Thanaton, i Zoi i When Thou condescended to Death, O
proskinisomen. Stavron gar Virgin Mary. For He willingly Athanatos, tote ton Adin enekrosas ti Life Immortal, Thou slayed Hades
ipominas, ti tafi paredothi, os aftos suffered the Cross, and submitted astrapi tis Theotitos. Ote de ke tous with the lightning flash of Thy
ithelise, ke anastas ek nekron, esose Himself to Burial, and Rose from the tethneotas ek ton katahthonion Divinity. When also Thou raised up
me ton planomenon anthropon. dead, and Saved me who has gone anestisas, pase e Dinamis ton the dead from the subterranean
astray. Epouranion ekravgazon. Zoodota abodes, all the Powers of Heaven
Eme ipomenousi Dikei, eos ou The Righteous shall wait for me, until Hriste, O Theos imon, Doxa Si! cried aloud: O Life-giver, Christ our
antapodos mi. Thou Reward me. God, Glory to Thee!

Hristos O Sotir imon, to kath’ imon Our Saviour, Christ, blotted out the ✞ Doxa Patri ke Io ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son,
hirografon prosilosas, to Stavro bond that pledged us to the decree and to the Holy Spirit
exilipse, ke tou Thanatou to Kratos by nailing it to the Cross, and He FESTAL APOLYTIKION –ST JOHN CHRYSOSTOM – TONE (8) PLAGAL 4
katirgise, proskinoumen aftou tin abolished the dominion of Death. I tou stomatos Sou kathaper pirsos The Grace that from Thy mouth shone
triimeron Egersin. Let us worship His Third Day eklampsasa Haris, tin ikoumenin forth like a Torch, Illumined the
Resurrection. efotisen. Afilargirias to kosmo universe. It deposited in the world
Ek vatheon ekekraxa Si, Kyrie. Kyrie, Out of the depths I have cried to thisavrous enapetheto. To ipsos imin the Treasures of the absence of
isakouson tis fonis ou. Thee, O Lord. O Lord, hear my tis tapinofrosinis ipedexen. Alla Sis avarice. It showed us the Height that
voice. Logis pedevon, Pater Ioanni is attained by Humility. Now Thou
Hrisostome, Presveve to Logo Hristo instruct us by Thy words, O Father
Sin Arhangelis imnisomen, Hristou tin Together with the Archangels, let us to Theo, Sothine tas psihas imon. John Chrysostom. Intercede with
Anastasin. Aftos gar Litrotis esti, ke praise the Resurrection of Christ. He Christ our God, the Word Himself,
Sotir ton psihon imon, ke en Doxi is the Deliverer and Saviour of our Entreating Him to Save our soul.
fovera ke kratea dinami, palin erhete, soul. He will come again in
krine kosmon on eplasen. Awesome Glory, and Mighty Power Ke nin ke ai ke is tous Eonas ton Both now and forever, and to the
to Judge the world He fashioned. eonon. Ages of ages.


Evareston esti para Si. with me, and labour, and that I Genithito ta ota Sou prosehonta is tin Let Thine Ears be attentive to the
might know what is Well-pleasing to
fonin tis Deiseos mou. voice of my Supplication.
Ke Odigisi me en Gnosi, ke Filaxi me en And She will Guide me wisely and
Se ton Stavrothenta ke tafenta, Angelos The Angel proclaimed Thee, O Master,
ekirixe Despotin, ke elege tes gynexi. Crucified and Buried. And he said to
ti Doxi Aftis. Guard me with Her Glory.
Defte idete, opou ekito O Kyrios. the Women: Come and see where our
Logismi gar thniton pantes dili, ke The reasoning of mortals is cowardly, Anesti gar kathos ipen, os Lord lay. For He is Risen as He
episfalis e epinie afton. and our intentions are unsafe. pantodinamos. Dio Se proskinoumen foretold, for He is Almighty.
ton monon Athanaston, Zoodota Wherefore, we worship Thee Who
LITANY OF FERVENT SUPPLICATION Hriste, eleison imas. alone art Immortal. Have Mercy on
ETC  us, O Christ, Giver of Life!
Ean anomias paratirisis, Kyrie, Kyrie, If Thou, O Lord, should mark
I Anastasis Sou Hriste Sotir, apasan Thy Resurrection, O Christ our Saviour, tis ipostisete? Oti para Si O ilasmos transgression, O Lord, who would
efotise tin Ikoumenin, ke anekaleso to has Illumined the entire Earth, and estin. stand? For there is Forgiveness
idion plasma, ✞ Pantodiname Kyrie, has recalled Thy Creation. ✞ O with Thee.
Doxa Si. Almighty Lord: Glory to Thee! En to Stavro Sou katirgisas, tin tou zilou Thou hast abolished the Curse of the
O Kyrios evasilefsen, evprepian The Lord reigns; He clothed Himself kataran, en ti tafi Sou enekrosas, tou Tree by Thy Cross, and by Thy Burial
Enediasto. Enedisato Kyrios with Majesty. The Lord clothed and Thanatou to Kratos, en de ti Egersi Thou hast done away with the
Dinamin ke perizosato. girded Himself with Power. Sou, Efotisas to genos ton anthropon. Dominion of Death, while by Thy
Dia touto Si voomen. Evergeta Rising Thou hast Enlightened
Dia zilou Soter katirgisas, tin tou xilou By the Wood of the Cross, O Saviour,
Hriste, O Theos imon: ✞ Doxa Si! mankind. Wherefore, we cry out to
kataran, Kratos Thanatou ti tafi Sou Thou abolished the Curse of the
Thee: ✞ Glory to Thee, O Christ, our
enekrosas, Efotisas, de to genos imon Tree, and by Thy Burial Thou hast
God and Benefactor.
ti Egersi Sou. Dio voomen Si. Zootota destroyed the dominion of Death,
Hriste O Theos imon, ✞ Doxa Si and hast Enlightened mankind by Eneken tou Onomatos Sou ipemina Se, Because of Thy Law, O Lord, I waited
Thy Resurrection. Wherefore we cry Kyrie; Ipeminen i psihi mou is ton for Thee; my soul waited for Thy
to Thee: O Christ our God, ✞ Glory Logon Sou, ilpisen i psihi mou epi Word. My soul Hopes in the Lord.
to Thee! ton Kyrion.
Ke gar estereose tin ikoumenin, i tis And He established the world, which Inigisan Si Kyrie fovo pile Thanatou, The Gates of Death opened before Thee
ou salevthisete. shall not be moved. pilori de Adou idontes Se eptixan. in Fear, O Lord, and the Gatekeepers
Pilas gar halkas snetripsas, ke of Hades, beholding Thee, were filled
En to Stavro, Hriste, fanis kathilomenos, When Thou Appeared, O Christ, nailed mohlous sidirous sinethlasas, ke with Awe. Thou destroyed the Gates
illiosas kallos ktismaton, ke to men upon the Cross, Thou altered the
eigages imas ek skotous, ke skias of Brass and crushed the posts of
apanthropon stratiote diknimeni, Beauty of Creation. Cruelly the
Thanatou, ke tous desmous imon iron. Thou led us out of the Valley
loghi plevran Sou ekentisan. Evrei de soldiers pierced Thy Side with a
dierrixas. of the Shadow of Death and broke
sfragise tafon itisanto, tin Sin lance; and the Judeans ordered Thy
our chains.
exousian ouk epistameni, all’ O di’ Tomb to be sealed, not
ikton splaghnon Sou katadexamenos understanding Thy Power. But Thou,
Tafin, ke Triimeros anastas, Kyrie, ✞ O Lord, because of Thy Mercy, Thou Apo Filaktis proias mehri niktos, apo From the morning watch until night;
Doxa Si! submitted to the Tomb, and rose on filakis proias, elpisato Israil epi ton from the morning watch until night
the Third Day. O Lord, ✞ Glory to Kyrion. – let Israel Hope in the Lord.
Tin Hrisilaton salpina, to Theopnevston Let us Joyfully sing the Praises of
To Iko Sou prepi Agiasma, Kyrie, is Holiness is proper to Thy House, O Organo, ton Dogmaton pelages Chrysostom, the Golden Trumpet,
makrotita imeron. Lord, unto length of days. anexantliton, tis Ekklisias to stirigma, the Divinely-Inspired Organ, the
Zoodota Hriste, ekousios Pathos ipostas O Christ, Giver of Life, for the sake of ton noun ton Ouranion, tis Sofias ton Inexhaustible Sea of Doctrine, the
dia thnitous, en Aidi de katelthon os us mortals, Thou willingly endured vithon, ton kratira ton paghrison, ton Pillar of the Church, the Heavenly
dinatos, tous eki tin elefsin menontas Thy Passion, and Descended into proheonta, potamous didagmaton Mind, the Abyss of Wisdom, the
tin Sin, afarpasas os ek hiros krateou, Hades with Power, snatching from melirriton, ke ardevonta tin Ktisin, Gilded Vase. He pours forth Sweet
Paradison anth’ Aidou, ikin the hands of the tyrant those who melodikos evfimisomen. Streams of Dogma like honey, for the
deodorise. Dio ke imin tis Doxazousi awaited Thee there, granting them, Refreshment of the world.
tin Sin Triimeron Egersin, dorise instead of Hades, an Abode in Oti para to Kyrio to Eleos ke polli par’ For with the Lord there is Mercy, and
ilasmon amartion, ke to Mega Eleos. Paradise. Wherefore, to us who afto litrosis. Ke aftos litrosete ton with Him is abundant Redemption.
Glorify Thy Rising on the Third Day, Israil ek pason ton anomion Aftou. And He will Redeem Israel from all
grant pardon of our sins, and Thy his transgressions.
Great Mercy.

Tin Hrisilaton salpina, to Theopnevston Let us Joyfully sing the Praises of Fthani gar tous epithimountas Aftin, pro She comes upon those who long to
Organo, ton Dogmaton pelages Chrysostom, the Golden Trumpet, tou gnosthine, ke evheros Theorite know Her beforehand, and is easily
anexantliton, tis Ekklisias to stirigma, the Divinely-Inspired Organ, the ipo ton Agaponton Aftin. perceived by those who Love Her.
ton noun ton Ouranion, tis Sofias ton Inexhaustible Sea of Doctrine, the O orthrisas pros afti, ou kopiasi, ke O He who rises early in the morning to
vithon, ton kratira ton paghrison, ton Pillar of the Church, the Heavenly
agripnisas di’ aftin, taheos seek Her will not grow weary, and he
proheonta, potamous didagmaton Mind, the Abyss of Wisdom, the
amerimnos este, oti tous axious Aftis who keeps Watch for Her will soon
melirriton, ke ardevonta tin Ktisin, Gilded Vase. He pours forth Sweet
afti perierhete zitousa, ke en tes trivis be free from worry, for She goes
melodikos evfimisomen. Streams of Dogma like honey, for the
fantazete Aftis evmenos. about seeking those worthy of Her,
Refreshment of the world.
and She appears to them favourably
Enite ton Kyrion, panta ta Ethni, Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles! in their paths.
epenesate afton, pantes i lai. Praise Him, all your people! Sofias ou katishisi pote kakia. Wisdom cannot be overcome by evil.
Ton Astera ton aditon, ton aktisi As the Ever-shining Star, let us worthily Dia tafta ke erastis egenomin tou Therefore, I Loved Her Beauty, and
Fotizonta, didagmaton apasan tin honour John Chrysostom,
Kallous Aftis, ke efilisa taftin, ke sought Her from my youth, and
ifilion, tis Metanias ton Kirika, ton Illuminator of all Nations with the
exezitisa ek neotitos mou, ke ezitisa desired to take Her as a Bride for
Spongon ton paghrison ton igrotita Rays of his True Teaching, Preacher
Nimfin agagesthe emafto, oti O myself, for the Master of all Loves
dinis, apognoseos eronta, ke of Repentance – the Golden Sponge
panton Despotis Igapisen Aftin. Her.
drosizonta, ektaisas kardias wiping away sad despair. His words
amarties, Ioannin epaxios, ton are a Refreshing Dew, reviving hearts Mystis gar esti tis tou Theou Epistimis, She is the Initiate of the Knowledge of
Hrisologon Timisomen. injured by sin. ke eretis ton Ergon Aftou. God and One who chooses His
Oti ekrateothi to Eleos Aftou ef imas, For His Mercy rules over us; and the Works.
ke i Alithia tou Kyriou meni is ton Truth of the Lord endures forever. I poni Aftis isin Arête, Sofrosinin de ke The Products of Righteousness are the
eona. fronisin afti didaski, Dikeosinin ke Virtues, for Wisdom teaches Self-
O Epigios Angelos, ke Ouranios The earthly Angel and Heavenly Man, Andrian, on hrisimoteron ouden estin control, Discernment, Righteousness
en vio anthropis. and Courage - nothing more
Anthropos, helidon i evlalos ke who is a sweet, well-tuned Harp, a
Valuable in the Life of mankind.
polifons, ton Areton to Thisavrisma, i Treasury of Virtues, an Immovable
Petra i Arriktos ton Piston Rock, a Model of the Faithful, an I de ke polipirian pothi tis, ide ta arhea If anyone longs for Great Experience,
Iporammos, ton Martyron efamillos, Imitator of the Martyrs, a Dweller ke ta mellonta ikazis. She knows the things of old and
Isostasios ton Agion Angelon with the Holy Angels, and a portrays the Things to Come.
Apostolon, O Omotopos en imnis, Companion of the Apostles, let us Epistate strofas logon ke lisis enigmaton. She Understands subtlety of words and
megalinestho Hrisostomos. with Joyful Hymns, Praise
Simian ke terata proginoski, ke ek vasis the solution of riddles.
✞ Doxa Patri, ke Io, ke Agio Pnevmati ✞ Glory to the Father, and to the Son, keron ke hronon, ke pasi Simvoulos She has Foreknowledge of Signs and
estin Agathi, oti Athanais estin en Wonders, and the outcome of times
and to the Holy Spirit
Afti, ke evklia en Kinonia logon Aftis. and seasons, and to all She is a Good
Counsellor, for there is Immortality
in Kinship with Her, and in the
Ouk edi se Hrisostome, tin Vasilida O Chrysostom, it was not right that Fellowship of Her words.
katalipsanta, parikin en Komanis. Thou should leave the Imperial City Dia touto enetihon to Kyrio, ke edeithin So I Entreated the Lord , and besought
Othen Theothen igmeni, i Anaktoriki and sojourn in Komana. Therefore, Aftou, ke ipon ex olis mou tis kardias: Him, and with all my heart: “O God
pandesia, palin Se epaigagen en tis the Imperial Court, Inspired by God, “Thee Pateron, ke Kyrie tou Eleous, O of our Fathers, and Lord of Mercy,
Vasiliis. Eufranthi de i Ekklisia idousa brought Thee back again to the piisas tap anta en Logo Sou, ke ti Who made all things by Thy Word,
Se, anthomologoumeni ke legousa. Royal Courts. The Church also Sofia Sou kataskevasas ton and in Thy Wisdom created man,
Megalini i Doxa mou ton Kyrion, Rejoiced on seeing Thee, and She anthropon, ina despozi ton ipo Sou that by Thee he might be the Master
apodonta mi ton nimfagogon, ke to gave Thanks and said: “My Glory genomenon Ktismaton, ke diepi ton of Creation, and manage the world in
stirigma tis Pisteos, tin ipolipsin ton Magnifies the Lord Who has given Me kosmon en Osiotiti ke Dikeosini: dos Holiness and Righteousness: grant
axiomaton mou, ke anapafsin ton back My Groomsman, the Support of mi tin ton Son Thronon Paredron me the Wisdom that sits by Thy
emon krotafon. To ipsos tin the Faith, the Reputation of My Sofian, e mi me apodokimasis ek Throne, and do not reject me from
tapinofrosinis, ke vathos tis Dignity, on whom I can rest My pedon Sou, oti ego doulos Sos, ke iios among Thy servants, for I am Thy
eleimosinis, ke plouton tis emis Head; that Height of Humility, and tis Pediskis Sou. servant and the son of Thy
ptohias, ke mikos tis Metanias. Dio Depth of Charity, the Wealth of My Maidservant.
etoumen Se Osie Pater, tin Irinin Poverty, and the Breadth of
etise, ke tes psihes imon, to Mega Repentance. Therefore, we Entreat “Exapostilon Aftin ex Agiou Katikitiriou “Send Her forth from Thy Holy Heavens,
Eleos. Thee, O Holy Father: pray for our Sou, ke apo Thronou Doxis Sou, ina and send Her from Thy Glorious
soul to be granted Peace and Great simparousa mi didaxi me, ti Throne, that She might be present

Makarizi Eshata Dikeon. something immoral, and He Mercy.
considers the Last Things of the Ke nin ke Ai ke is tous eonas ton Now and ever, and to the Ages of
Righteous as Blessed.
eonon. ages.
Idomen oun, i i Logi Aftou Alithis, ke See if His Words are True, and let us put Amin Amen
pirasomen ta en ekvasi Aftou. these Last Things to the test at the
end of His Life.
Ivri ke vasano etasomen afton, in Test Him with insult and torture that Parilthen i Skia tou Nomou, tis Haritos At the Coming of Grace, the Shadow of
agnomen tin Epiikian Aftou, ke we may know His Gentleness and elthousis. Os gar i vatos ouk ekeeto the Law passed away. Just as the
Dokimasomen tin anexikakian Aftou. test His Patient Endurance. kataflegomeni, outo Parthenos etekes, Burning Bush remained
ke Parthenos eminas, anti stylou unconsumed, so hast Thou given
Thanato ashimoni katadikasomen Afton Condemn Him to a shameful death - for piros, Dikeosinis anetilen Ilios, anti Birth and remained Virgin. Instead
- este gar Aftou Episkopi ek Logon there shall be a Visiation because of Moiseos Hristos, i Sotiria ton psihon of a Pillar of Fire, the Sun of
Aftou. His Words. imon. Righteousness shone forth; instead
Tafta elogisanto ke eplanithisan. They reasoned these things. THE ENTRANCE – “FOS ILARON...”  of Moses, Christ, the Salvation of our
soul, Appeared.
Apetiflose gar aftous i kakia afton. Their malice blinded them. RESURRECTION PROKEIMENON - SATURDAY EVENING – PSALM 92 – TONE
Ke ouk egnosan Mystiria Theou, oude And they did not know the Mysteries of O Kyrios evasilefsen; Evprepian The Lord reigns; He is Vested with
ekrinan, oti Si i O Theos Monos, O God, for His is the Only God Who Enedisato. (3) Majesty (3)
Zois ehon ke Thanatou tin exousian, Forgives sins, Who has Authority
ke Sozon en kero Thlipseos, ke over Life and Death, and Saves in 1. Enedisato Kyrios Dinamin ke 1. The Lord is Vested and Girded with
riomenos pantos kakou. times of affliction, and Rescues periezosato. Power
from every evil. 2. Ke gar estereose tin ikoumenin, itis 2. And He established the world,
O Iktirmon ke Eleimon, ke didous tis He is Kind and Merciful, and to the ou salefthisete which shall not be moved.
Osiis Sou Harin, ke to So vrahioni tis humble He grants Grace but opposes PROVERBS OF S O L O M O N 10:8a, 7a; 3:13-16, 18; 8:32, 34, 4,12, 14, 17, 5-9; 22:24, 22;
iperifanis antitassomenos. the arrogant. 15:4b
(Proverbs 10:32a, 33a; 11:2b, 5a, 6a, 18a; 13:2a, 9a; 15:2a; 14:34a; 22:12. Wisdom of Solomon
Mnimi Dikeou met’ egkomion, ke Evlogia The Remembrance of the Righteous is
Kyriou epi kephalin aftou. with Eulogies, and the Blessing of
6:12a, 13, 12b, 14a, 15b, 16a; 7:30b; 8:2c, 2a-b, 3b-4, 7b-d, 8, 17c, 18d, 21e; 9:1-3a, 4-5a,
10-11, 14)
the Lord is upon the head of a
Righteous man.
Stoma Dikeou apostazi Sofian, hili de The mouth of the Righteous distils Makarios anthropos, os evre Sofian, ke Blessed is a man who finds Wisdom,
andron epistante Haritas. Wisdom, the lips of the Righteous thitos os ide Fronisin. and a mortal who has Discernment.
distil Grace.
Stoma Sofon meleta Sofian, Dikeosini de The mouth of the humble meditates on Kritton gar aftin emporevesthe, i hrisiou The profits gained from Wisdom are
ke argyriou Thisavrous. better than the Treasures of gold
riete aftous ek Thanatou. Wisdom, the Righteousess of the and silver.
Upright Delivers them from Death.
Teletisantos Andros Dikeou, ouk ollite When a Righteous man perishes, his
Timiotera de esti lithon politelon, (ouk Wisdom is more valuable than precious
antitassete afti ouden poniron, stones, (for nothing evil will
Elpis. Hope does not. evgnostos esti pasi tis engizousin withstand Her.)
Iios gar Dikeos gennate is Zoin, ke en A Righteous Son is begotten unto Life, Aftin.)
Agathis Aftou Karpon Dikeosinis and a Good man eats the Fruits of Pan de Timion, ouk axion Aftis estin. She is well known to all, and no honour
trigisi. Righteousness. is worthy of Her.
Fos Dikeiis dia pantos, ke para Kyriou Light is continually with the Righteous, Ek gar tou Stomatos Aftis ekporevete Righteousness proceeds from Her
evrisousi Harin ke Doxan. and from the Lord they will find Dikeosini. Mouth.
Grace and Glory.
Glossa Sofon kala epistate, ke en kardia The tongue of the wise Understands
Nomon de ke Eleon epi glossis fori. She carries Law and Mercy upon Her
afton anapafsete Sofia. Good Things, and in the heart there
is Wisdom. Tigaroun, akousate mou, O Tekna: Therefore, hear me, my Son: Blessed is
Semna gar ero ke Makarios he who shall hearken to Me and
Agapa Kyrios Osias Kardias, dekti de The Lord Loves Holy Hearts, and all the anthropos, os tas Emas Odous filaxi. Guard My Ways.
Afto pantes amomi en Odo. Blameless are acceptable to Him.
Sofia Kyriou Fotii prosopon sinetou. Wisdom of the Lord is Radiant and
E gar Exodi Mou, Exodi Zois, ke My Issues are the Issues of Life, and
Etimazete thelisis para Kyriou. Grace is prepared from the Lord.
Dia touto parakalo imas, ke proieme I exhort you, and I utter my voice to the
emin fonin iis athropon. sons of men. Ke en ti Hiri Aftou pasa fronisis ke And in His Hand are both our words
Oti Ego i Sofia kateskevasa voulin ke For I, Wisdom, dwell with Counsel, and ergasion epistimi. and our works
Gnosin ke Ennian Ego epekalesamin. upon Knowledge and Understanding I panton fronisis edidaze Sofian. The Artisan of all things, Wisdom,
I call.
taught me.
Emi Vouli ke Asfalia; Emi Fronisis, Emi Counsel and Safety are Mine;
Esti gar en Afti Pnevma Noeron, Agion. In Her is a Spirit Who is Rational and
de Ishis. Discernment is Mine, and Strength is
Ego tous Eme filountas Agapo, i de Eme I Love those who Love Me - those who
Apavgasma Fotos Aidiou, ke Ikon tis She is the Radiance of Eternal Light, a
Agathotitos tou Theou. Spotless Mirror of the Operative
zitountes evrisousi Hari. seek Me shall find Me.
Power of God, and the Image of His
Noisate Tinin akaki Panourgian, i e Understand Astuteness, O Simple Ones, Afti Filous Theou ke Profitas She makes Holy Souls Friends of God
apedevti enthesthe kardian. and, O Uninstructed, put it in your
kataskevazi. and Prophets.
Isakousate Mou ke palin: Semna gar ero, Hear Me, for I speak Sacred Things, and Evprepestera de estin Iliou ke iper Wisdom is more Beautiful than the sun
pasan asteron thesin. and more than every Constellation of
ke amigo apo hileon ortha. from My Lips I will bring forth things
that are True.
Oti Alithian meletisi O Larigx Mou, For the Truth My Mouth shall speak, but Foti sigkrinomeni, evriskete protimotera. Compared with light, She is Superior.
evdeligmena de enantion emou hili false lips are an abomination before Afti tous therapefsantas aftin ek ponon She Delivers from trouble those who
psevdi. Me. errisato, ke odigisen en trivis evthies. serve Her, and Guides on a Straight
All Path.
Meta Dikeosinis panta ta rimata tou the Words of My Mouth are with
Stomatos Mou - ouden en aftis Righteousness - there is nothing in Edoken aftis Gnosin Agian, ke diefilaxen She gives Knowledge of Holy Things,
skolion, oue strangaliodes. them crooked or twisted. aftous apo enedrevonton, ke agona and Protects from enemies, and
keeps Safe from those who plot
Panta evthea esti tis Noousi, ke ortha tis All Things are evident to those who ishiron evravevsen aftis, ina gnosi
pantes oti dinatotera pantos estin i against Him, and arbitrated a Strong
evriskousi Gnosin. Understand, and True to those who
esevia, ke Si mi katishisi pote kakia Contest for Him, so they might know
find Knowledge.
Sofias, oud’ ou mi parelefsete that Godliness is more Powerful than
Didasko gar imin Alithi, ina genite en Therefore, I teach you a True Word that ponirous eleghousa i diki, ipon gar en anything, and evil cannot overcome
Kyrio i Elpis imon, ke plisthiseste your Hope might be in the Lord, and aftis logisameni ouk orthos. Wisdom, nor will Jusice, when it
Pnevmatos. filled with the Spirit. cross-examines, pass Him by.
THE BOOK OF THE WISDOM OF SOLOMON Katadinastefsomen ton Dikeon, mi They said among themselves, as they
PROVERBS 29:2A; WISDOM OF SOLOMON 4:1B-C, 14A; 6:11, 18A, 21B, 22B; 7:15C, 16A, 21B, 22A, 26, 27D, reasoned incorrectly: “Let us oppress
fisometha this Osiotitos Aftou, mide
29; 10:9, 10A, 10D, 12; 7:30B; 1:8C; 2:1A, 10-11A, 12A, 12B, 12D, 13-16C, 17, 19-22A, 16:13A; the Righteous Man. Let us not spare
entrapomen polias presvitou
WISDOM OF SIRACH 2:11B; WISDOM OF SOLOMON 16:8B; WISDOM OF SIRACH 2:11A; PROVERBS 3:37) widows, nor respect the aged grey
Egkomiazomenou Dikeou, When the Righteous are praised, the hairs of an old man.
Evfranthisonte lai. people shall Rejoice. Esto de imon i Ishis Nomos. Let our might be our ‘Law of
Athanasia gar estin i mnimi aftou, oti ke Immortality is in its memory because it Righteousness.’
para Theo ginoskete ke para is known both by God and mankind. Ke enedrefsomen ton Dikeon, oti And let us lie in ambush for the
anthropis. dishristos imin estin, ke enantioute tis Righteous Man, because He is
Ke aresti Kyrio i psihi aftou. And his soul is pleasing to the Lord. ergis imon, ke epifimizi imin useless to us and opposes our deeds
amartimata pedias imon. and accuses us of sins agains our
Epithimisate tigaroun, O andres, Sofian - Yearn for My Words, O mankind, – for upbringing.
ke pothisate, ke pedevthisesthe. Wisdom - and you will be Instructed.
Arhi gar aftis Agapi, ke trisis Nomon. Such Love is the keeping of Her Laws. Epangellete Gnosin ehin Theou, ke Peda He claims to have Knowledge of God,
Kyriou eafton onomazi. and calls Himself a Child of the Lord.
Timisate Sofian, ina is ton eona Honour Wisdom, that you may reign Egeneto imin is eleghon ennion imon - He has become for us as a Refutation of
Vasilefsite. forever. varis estin imin ke vlepomenos, oti our purposes – even seeing Him is a
Apangelo iin, ke ou kripso af’ imon I will hide no Mysteries of God from anomies tis allis O Vios Aftou, ke burden to us, because His Life is
Mystyria Theou, oti Aftos ke tis Sofias you for He is also the Guide of exillagmene e Trivi Aftou. unlike that of others – and His Path
Odigos esti, ke ton Sofon Diorthitis. Wisdom and the Corrector of the goes in a different direction.
Wise. Is kivdilon elogisthimen afto, ke apehete We are considered by Him as ‘a hybrid’,
ton odon imon os apo akatharsion, ke and He avoids our ways as