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Substation Intelligence
Software Defined Digital Substation Automation
Based on the Centralized Protection and Control Architecture
Bastian Fischer, Locamation
June 27th 2017, Wroclaw, Poland

• Context

• Software Defined Everything (SDx)

• Software Defined Substation

– SDx Substation Architecture
– SDx Centralized Protection and Control
– SDx Benefits

• Outlook and Conclusion


• Rapid deployment of distributed energy resources

require new approach for automation, control and
protection based on deep substation intelligence

• Rapid obsolescence of current deployed discrete,

functional limited fit for purpose dedicated devices

• Rapid increase of innovation cycles and rapid

increase of cyber threats require frequent upgrade
of functionalities and cyber security patterns

 Decoupling of software from specific hardware

Software Defined Everything

Decoupling of software from specific hardware

• Telecommunication and IT have already separated
functions from hardware by adopting software-
defined everything (aka SDx)
• SDx reduces the hardware dependence by moving
functions to a more dynamic platform of software
• SDx in Utilities targets any physical item (such as
i.e. IED, RTU) that can be performed by software

SDx provides
functional flexibility
and intelligence

Discrete Device Software defined device

Software Defined Substation

SDx introduces functional flexibility and simplicity

High fidelity Voltage, Current, IO Sensor

+ High performing redundant Computing Platform
+ Realtime Firmware and Software Applications
= Software Defined Substation Intelligence
based on IEEE Centralized Protection and Control
Software Defined Substation

Designed from the ground up to leverage the

benefits of the software defined paradigm. This
will provide substation intelligence and enable
the digital substation by design
SDx – Platform benefits

The SASensor platform concept consists of a

layered integrated hardware, firmware, software
and data services architecture engineered to
work together, providing benefits like:

• Maximum flexibility with future proof functionality

• Shorter cycle from design, development and roll-out
• Faster innovation cycles for functions and algorithms
• Faster maturation of hardware and software functions
• Increased productivity with less obsolescence
• Invoke and valorize developed applications of knowledge institutes or
specialized third party software development companies
• Enablement of data-driven, on premise, hybrid or cloud based machine
learning algorithm
• Optimizing the Total Cost of Ownership for the distribution system owner
• Intelligent triggering, storage and analysis of equipment signatures for
asset health indicators and condition based maintenance
• Preparation of deep machine learning algorithm
SDx – Reliability benefits

The SASensor SDx platform is designed

with inherently built-in redundancy.
All functionality is implemented in the
Central Control Unit only, redundancy is
achieved by doubling the CCU into two
independent fully autonomous systems.

SASensor Reliability
• CIM/BIM/VIM interface module can be doubled for n-1
• Calculation of a stream of sample-by-sample value based on Kirchoff law
• Inherent robust with internal self-diagnostics and incident logs

Asset Reliability / Availability

• Online upgrade of the system possible without outage
• Advanced asset signature recording for breaker, transformer, cable analysis
SDx – Future Proof by Design

The SASensor SDx provides a rich

set of substation functions for
automation, protection and control

• Control and data acquisition functions,

• Alarm/event recording, protocol support,
• graphical HMI for operation and control
• High fidelity, high speed data
• Enabling rich portfolio of protections
• Release-, User- and configuration mgnt.
• Embedded cyber security framework
• Extension concept via Function Blocks and
Graphical application builder
SDx – Financial Benefits

The Software Defined Substation definition provides inherent

CAPEX, OPEX benefits along with 90% cupper reduction and
significant smaller space and real-estate requirements
Software Defined Substation

• Software defined centralized protection and

control architecture is proven
• Over 200+ installation worldwide accumulating
more than 8.0+ million safe, secure and reliable
operating hours

• Dedicated Working Groups in IEEE and CIGRE as

well as a network of partners and universities are
constantly extending the software defined
centralized protection and control architecture

• Future proven and extensible via rich library of

function block and data analysis
Appendix: Paper

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Locamation is leader in Software Defined CPC Substation Automation

➢ More than 150 installations across Europe and China from 400kV to 10 kV
➢ Over 10+ million operating hours
➢ Seven-Nines 99.99999% of system availability