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license lkf

l+ <logfile name> *starts the logging
l- *ends the logging
get . mme
get eutrancellfdd=LT1031 cellid
ue print -admitted
hget mme state|usedip|mmename
get . stateanr
get . eutranfreqrelation
lh ru fui get vswr 1 & 2
lga 5
lgo 5
get . tilt
bl fdd
deb fdd
bl EUtranCellFDD=SectorID
deb EUtranCellFDD=SectorID
st fdd
get . dlchannel
pmr -r 6 -m 2 | grep "Int_RadioRecInterferencePwr“
get . primaryPlmnReserved
get fdd cellbarred
st sect
st ru
lst . Disabled
get . sectorpower

get . featureStateDl64Qam
lpr license
get eutrancellfdd=L09031 Cellid
lpr EUtranCellRel
lpr Cdma2000CellRelation
lpr TermPointToMme
get . Termpointtoenb
lgn -m 1d
llog -v

pmx . pmho -m 1 –a
pmx . pmrrc -m 2 –a
get . ipaddress1|ipaddress2
acc 0 restart
get . Qrxlevmin

get . cellrange
get . pZeroNominalPucch
get . pZeroNominalPusch
lgd -m 30d
get . Cellreselection
get IpAccessHostEt=1
pmxh . pmHoPrepAttLteIntraF|pmHoPrepSuccLteIntraF|pmHoexeAttLteIntraF|pmHoexeSuccLteIntraF -m 24
pmr -m 30 -r 6 -f | grep Int_RadioRecInterferencePwr
acc 0 manualrestart then y 0 0 0
get . tac
get . qRxLevMin 
get . arfcn
get . crsgain , change lset . crsGain   0 to 300
cellIndividualOffsetEUtran 0 cellIndividualOffsetEUtran -3
get . cfi change pdcchCfiMode 4 to 3 by lset . pdcchCfiMode 3 in Preperation phase case

get . dlMaxRetxThreshold
get . ulMaxRetxThreshold

get . Mobilityaction
get . cfra
get . Scellcandidate
pmxh . Pmradiothpvoldlscell
Carrier Aggregation, 2) Coverage-triggered Inter-frequency HO and 3) 6-cell support
get . Eutrancellrelation
rdel EUtranCellFDD=LT3551XA1,EUtranFreqRelation=1750,EUtranCellRelation=43235-172969-11
cr EUtranCellFDD=LT3551XA1,EUtranFreqRelation=1750,EUtranCellRelation=43235-172969-11
cellAddRsrpThresholdEutran -1160>110
cellAddRsrqThresholdEutran -1920>150
removeNcellTime 4 >3
removeNenbTime 4>3
removeNrelTime 7>3
get . anrfunction
anrUesEUtraIntraFDecr 10
anrUesEUtraIntraFIncrAnr 20
anrUesEUtraIntraFIncrHo 100
anrUesEUtraIntraFMax 20:0
anrUesEUtraIntraFMin 1:0
get SystemFunctions=1,Licensing=1,OptionalFeatureLicense=GsmSessionContinuity
get  SystemFunctions=1,Licensing=1,OptionalFeatureLicense=CsfbToGeranUtran
invl CsfbToGeranUtran
get . utranFreqRelationId
get . GeranFreqGroupRelation
Get . csFallbackPrioEC
Get . csFallbackPrio
on 3G side: ReleaseRedirectLte & LteCellReselection
pmUeCtxtRelCsfbGsm ;pmUeCtxtRelCsfbWcdma


lh mp ue print -admitted
get thermpoint 0
get . Loadb 1
pmHoPrepAttLTEInterF and pmHoExeSuccLTEInterF
get MixedMode=
get ENodeBFunction=1 eNBId
get ret elec
st aux
bl 417 469 667 672 677 682 to block all sector C ports = 6 ports
st sec
acc 1922 uninitsector = 1922 is proxy of sector
get . Uniq
rset SectorAntenna=1-1,AuxPlugInUnit=2 uniqueHwId R1
get . Txb = to see number of txbranch for next command
acc 1922 initsector ; 1 ; 1
ldeb aux
RET values
get . pmCellDowntimeAuto
MObtach command: amosbatch -p 100 Site_ID.txt 'lt all;get licensing=1'
Grep Command: grep ' >>> 1.expiryTime' *
1- Start undo mode by u+
2- Lock target AuxPlugInUnit and its children Mos
3- unInitSector where target AuxPlugInUnit belong to
4- delete AuxPlugInUnit and its children Mos
5- stop undo mode u-
6- edit the undo script with new uniqueHwId
7- save the undo script change with new name and run it
8- initSector
9- unlock AuxPlugInUnit

lh ru vii
get LT1110X.*. Activeplmn
license iu status
st fdd
bl "proxy"
lrdel "….."
!cat "the address of saved file in U+ and U-"
copy paste to nodepad and replace the naming and copy all
esisa@teoss2uas3>vi cellname.txt>Esc>i
shift insert
cvls >> cvrm "id number of CVLS"
get . specialSubframePattern
gpscapture start -rx 100
wait 1
gpssend nmea $PTNLQPS
wait 1
gpscapture display | grep PTNLRPS | awk -F"," '{print $5}' | awk -F"*" '{print $1}'
wait 1
st ret dis
acc ret forceCalibration
acc ru restartAuxUnit
lhsh 000100 vii d
acc 997 rebootNodeUpgrade
trun "mo name"
acl 7
acc 7 setEmergencyState 1
crn RncFunction=1,Ura=34506
uraIdentity 34506
set UtranCell=UT9869XA1 uraRef RncFunction=1,Ura=09869
cr RncFunction=1,UtranCell=UT9772XA0,CoverageRelation=UT9772XA3
Enter mo LDN: Utrancell=UT972XA3
get UT9772XA0,cov pathloss
set UtranCell=UT9772XA0,CoverageRelation=UT9772XA3 hsPathlossThreshold 110
hget UT9772X.*.0,coverage relationca
set UtranCell=UT9772XA0,CoverageRelation=UT9772XA3 relationcapability hsloadsharing=1
cr EUtranCellFDD=LT7428XA1,UtranFreqRelation=2993
cvre 'cv name from cvls'
ACL field
acc 'proxy' restartUnit
get mme
bl mme
set 1956 ipAddress1
set 1956 ipAddress2
get mme
deb mme
cvms Au_CXP102051%25_R23C other other
get cabinet
get . iuantAntennaModel
get externalgsmcell=t1145xa
set externalgsmcell=t1145xa bcchfrequency XX
set externalgsmcell=t1145xa ncc XX
set externalgsmcell=t1145xa bcc XX
RNC>>get externalgsmcell=T1220XA
set EUtranCellFDD=LT7449XC1,EUtranFreqRelation=2850,EUtranCellRelation=43235-157449-23
sCellCandidate 1 ; Result=OK (1 MOs attempted, 1 MOs set)
get . scellcan 1
cvms ca
acc configurationversion=1 create ; ca ; ca ; 5 ; ehuya ; none ; Result=OK
acc configurationversion=1 setstartable ; ca ; Result=OK
get AntennaUnitGroup=.,AntennaNearUnit=.,RetSubUnit=1 userLabel
get Ip=1 dscp
get IpAccessHostEt=1 ntpDscp
get NodeBFunction=1 nbapDscp
hget . DscpPbit
hget . dscpMap
get . configPbitArp
shows number of license on EnodeB
how long ENB has been up and running

shows MME connected to ENB

check the PCI PCI=physicalLayerCellIdGroup*3+physicalLayerSubCellID
shows current users-get site traffic
command returns pool mme information, this help us to know if all MMEs are correctly configurated in our site. If there is no
command returns anr state, if it is not activated / enabled / operable, neighbor relations won’t be created automatically and
command returns eutran frecuencies configurated in each sector, for IFHO Sectors, should have 2 frecuencies
command returns VSWR values, a normal site is around 20dB, site with low VSWR values is around 13dB, and could cause se
command allows to see historic alarms, * means that alarms was cleared

Also “lga” command allows to see Alarms in a exactly period of time using this format
will return alarms since 5 days before.
Also “lgo 5” command allows to see all changes in parameters till 5 days before
command allows to see Tilt configuration for each sector, even show you the max value of electrical tilt configurable for eac
command allows to block, for fdd block all site
allows to de-block, for fdd de-blocks all site
blocks only one Sector.
de-blocks one Sector
see the status of the site
allows to know how many is the Bandwidth of the site.
Shows UL RSSI since 2 hours before, if value is -114dBm or lower, sector would have High UL RSSI and could cause Access F

Before an eNodeB is launched, we need to set primaryPlmnReserved = true in order not to let it be accessed by regular UEs
Setting the eNodeB cell to barred will prevent any UE’s from random access.
b)But don’t
When forget
cell adminto state
makeisthe cell to Not_Barred-When
“Locked”, there
the cell’s Op. State is no
must be alarm, all cells
“Disabled” but are
not OK, but the UE
necessarily cannot
means access
there tophysic
is any the c
c) When cell admin state is “Unlocked” while its Op. State is “Disabled”, there must be some issue with the related RRU or t

Check license Dl64Qam

to show # of all applied license
get physicalLayerCellIdGroup
Check Intra LTE Relations
Check Intra eHRPD Relations
Check termPointToMme to make sure both MME are connected
Check termPointToEnb to see its X2 links
To show all (minor and above) events happened with that eNodeB in the last one day from the time being and back 24 hours

Restart History

To report all HO (handover) related monitored pegs side by side in the last 1 hour (aggregated into one value).
To report all RRC related monitored pegs side by side in the last 2 hours and aggregated into one value
Get IP address, state of S1/X2 TermPoint
To Restart ENB

The required minimum received Reference Symbol Received Power (RSRP) level in the E-UTRA frequency for cell reselection.
Defines the maximum distance from the base station where a connection to a UE can be setup and/or maintained.(NB: to inc
to check pucch power(The nominal component of the UE transmit power for Physical Uplink Control Channel (PUCCH
to check
show pucchrestarts
all node power(The
and nominal component
system downtime of the
from theUE transmit power for Physical Uplink Shared Channel (PUSCH
past 30 days.
• Print cellreselection priority for UTRAN and GERAN cells
IP address to be used for signaling over S1 Interface and traffic data (X2 Interface, S1 UP),
To view crashes on the eNode B.
check Handover -HO-relation
check RSSI before DT
Command for Restart

Power increase

For HOSR in Execution phase


license limit
license limit
license limit
license limit
license limit -Total number of failed RRC Connection Establishments as valid user license limit is exceeded.
check Handover- HO

HO improvement should be true

Check HW/SW hardware or software
check the relation is there or not-CA
check its working or not - CA
Feature activated for CA

carrier aggregation . CA . CC:component carrier

delete and create NBR relation

check utilization or congested

check utilization or congested
check connected Priority-check for site down or DT issue-in L1800 , L2600 freqency should be there
check connected Priority-check for site down or DT issue-in L1800 , L2600 freqency should be there
check connected Priority-check for site down or DT issue

ANR Modification
ANR Modification


user for CA - connected user - trafic

for interferequency NBR

check status of licenses
check software oss version
check transmission tnd trm
check mix mode - mixmode
show enodebID


to run get before run set

check availability

expire time of licenses

RET PORT CONFIG-update to Kathrine

check RU lights
get MCC mobile country code
added NBR by ANR
removed NBR by ANR

check the CPRI

CELL naming , change cell name

Activate eNodeB PM Counters via PMS on OSS

delete CV
LTE FDD alarms
SSP value : special subframe pattern

Check GPS delay

RET troubleshouting - enabling

for running MO script

for running scripts
counters and celltraces list

how to activate emergency unlock

Create URA in 3G
define URA in 3G

coverage relation define in 3G

how to add utranfreqrelation in LTE

restart enodeb on Baseband
save node files to use for offline
eNB restart
alam histrory with duration

changing MME IP address

check the RBS type

antenna type in baseband

externalGSMcell needs to be modified after changing frequency plan in 2G, FP

to check BCCH , NCC , BCC are defined in 2G side for U900 nodes

Carrier Agregation activation

Graffical schematic
antenna user label for Baseband

check QOS
t to the network.

ax cell range feature).

LT All

lh ru fui get vswr
get ipinterface
get radio
get siteID scrambling
MTW01R2> lget utrancell=ORNEK11 utranrelation
MTW01R2> lget utrancell=ORNEK11 gsmrelation
lst utrancell=<utrancell>
st ret
st asc
st cell
pr IUB_utrancell
get proxy
get iublink=iub_utrancell
pmr -m 2
61 | grep urancell
hget . .*selectionpriority.*
UT1196X> get RbsLocalCell localCellId
TWRNCE1> get UtranCell=UT1196X id
TWRNCE1> get Utrancell locationarea
UT1076X> get . Rbsid
UT1076X> get . maxTot
UT1076X> get . feature 1
UT1076X> get 6
UT1076X> st cell
UT1076X> get radio no
UT1076X> get . configuredSpeedDuplex
UT1076X> ntpconfig info
UT1076X> dbc
UT1076X> st plugin
UT3716X> readclock
UT3716X> get . Maxtot
UT3716X> get . feature 1
UT3716X> get . ntpServerIpAddress
UT3716X> get . Att
TWRNCE2> eget UT1436X cntr
Hget Radio
Get 0
TWRNCE2>ldeb UT1497X enable
TWRNCE2>lbl UT1497X disable
get . licenseStateRetCasc
get . aretDeviceData
Cr RncFunction=1,UtranCell=Cellname,GsmRelation=GsmRelationName 
RncFunction=1,ExternalGsmNetwork=1,ExternalGsmCell=Gsm RelationName
lpr utrancell=cellname,utranrel
lpr utrancell=cellname,gsmrela
Cr RncFunction=1,UtranCell=sourcecell,UtranRelation=targetcell
get . primaryscramb ^25$
lpr utrancell=UT3665X.*.,gsmrelation=t1623xa
crsgain 300 & check get . Power
LT1300X_1> pst
Once Connected to Node use lt all to build managed object model in the application
To get the status of Site and detail of site like GPB Module number,Link Status,status of
Cell,ETM Port.
Get IP Interface (Default Interface IP for all)
Gets port info and shows what is in cabinet
To get the alarms in RNC with Time and date
check whether cell is carring traffic
to check the scrambling code of the site only at RNC
status of RBS
license check

get site ip address

check site 2 last hours on live network-availibility

NBR list of GSM and UTRAN

Find CI of site
find lac of site

check neighbor - relation-NBR-neighbour

see changing log

find rbs type

enable the site
disable the site
license check
antenna information ret data
NBR addition

for RSRP
check scanners its normaly 8 scanners
lget utrancell= UT0613Y codeThresholdPdu656 #N/A
lget utrancell= #N/A numHsPdschCodes lget utrancell=UT1288X numHsPdschCodes
lget utrancell= #N/A numHsScchCodes lget utrancell=UT1288X numHsScchCodes
lget utrancell= #N/A sf4AdmUl lget utrancell=UT1288X sf4AdmUl
lget utrancell= #N/A hsOnlyBestCell lget utrancell=UT1288X hsOnlyBestCell
lget utrancell= #N/A multiCarrierSupport lget utrancell=UT1288X multiCarrierSupport
get #N/A maximumTransmissionPower get UT1288X maximumTransmissionPower
lget utrancell= #N/A A1 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XA1 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A A2 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XA2 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A B1 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XB1 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A B2 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XB2 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A C1 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XC1 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A C2 utranrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XC2 utranrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A A1 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XA1 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A A2 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XA2 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A B1 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XB1 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A B2 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XB2 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A C1 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XC1 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A C2 gsmrelationid lget utrancell=UT1288XC2 gsmrelationid
lget utrancell= #N/A UarfcnDl|UarfcnUl lget utrancell=UT1288X UarfcnDl|UarfcnUl
get UtranCell= #N/A 11,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X11,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 21,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X21,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 31,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X31,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 41,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X41,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 51,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X51,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 61,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X61,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 71,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X71,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 81,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X81,CoverageRelation=1
get UtranCell= #N/A 91,CoverageRelation=1 get UtranCell=UT1288X91,CoverageRelation=1
lst #N/A lst UT1288X
lget ll= #N/A cpic lget ll=UT1288X cpic
lget #N/A primaryscramblingcode lget UT1288X primaryscramblingcode
eget UT6777X cntr


cpich power
pmxh utrancell=UT6777X pmTotNoRrcConnectReq$|pmTotNoRrcConnectReqSuccess$|pmNoRrcReqDeniedAdmDlHw$|pmNo
pmx Utrancell=UT1021XA2 pmNoRabEstablishSuccess -m 6
ETHERNET & communication get ret ele
lt all
hget radio
get iub UserPlaneTransportOption > $ethyn
get ipinterface=1 defaultrouter0$ > $defaultrouter0
lacc IpAccessHostEt ping
get eth.*6 ac
get giga dup
lst iub
lst cell availability
st ret Ret availability
get 0
lst carrier
st aux
get Equipment=1,Subrack=1,Slot=.*,PlugInUnit=1 unitType DUW type


lh ru fui get vswr 1
cabx VSWR
pmr -m 3 -r 1


get . lic.*hsdpaMC$|fea.*hsdpaMC$
get . featureStateHsdpaMc
get . licenseStateHsdpaMc
get . maxNumEulUsers
get . maxNumHsPdschCodes
get . maxNumHsdpaUsers
get . maxHsRate
get . steeredHsAllocation
get . featureStateHsdpaDynamicCodeAllocation
get . steeredHsAllocation
get . featureStateEnhancedLayer2
get . numHsCodeResources
get . numEulResources
get . featureStateEul2msTti
get . featureState64QAM
get . featureState16QAM
get . eulSlidingWindowTime
get . eulTargetRate

get . maxtotal
get . 40w
get . Dlatt
get . Maxdlpowercap
get . licenseCapacityRbsChannelElementsUplink
get . licenseCapacityRbsChannelElementsDownlink
Restart NodeB
check all license cvls
read electrical tilt lget NodeBFunction=1$ eulMaxAllowedSchRate|eulTargetRate|eulNoR

lgn -m 3 site command log

RNC Level Neighbor Commands
lpr sitename
lpr utrancell=UT7627X.3 , UtranRelation
lpr utrancell=CNU1378A GsmRelation
lget UtranCell=CNU0820A UtranRelation frequencyRelationType 0
lget UtranCell=CNU0820A UtranRelation frequencyRelationType 1
lpr UtranCell=CNU0820Z GsmRelation
get utranrelation=UT7627X loads
get utranrelation=CNU3977 qOffset2sn
pr externalutrancell
get externalutrancell cid
get iurlink rncid

RNC Level Site Parameters/Statistics

get cell=xxxx maximumTransmissionPower
lst .xxxx
lgocm -m 2d | egrep -i vauxxxx
lgo -s 20120105 | grep -i "WVU4031"
get utrancell=CNU3977 adm
get utrancell=CNU3977 minpwrrl
get utrancell=CNU3977 minpwrmax
get utrancell=CNU3977 cpich
get utrancell=CNU3977 usedFreqThresh2dRscp
get utrancell=CNU3977 usedFreqThresh2decno
get utrancell=CNU2603 srats
get utrancell=CNU2603 sint
get utrancell=CNU2603 qrxlevmin
get utrancell=CNU2603 qqualmin
get utrancell=CNU2603 maximumTransmissionPower
get utrancell=CNU2603 adminis
get utrancell=CNU2603 cellreserve
get utrancell=CNU2603 operationalstate
pmr -r 20 | grep -i sitename
get utrancell=CNU2603 hoType
pmxh utrancell=CNU2603 pmNosysRelSpeech|pmnoofterm -m 2 s -a
pmr -m 2 -r 9 |grep CNU6393
pmr -m 2 -r 8 |grep CNU6393

lh all te log read|grep -i "UEH_*"| grep -i "yourcellId"

lh mod ter | egrep -i '(cellid = 40844)'
pmx cell=xxxx pmTotNoRrcC|pmNoSystemRabRe|pmNoRabEstablish|pmNoNormalRabRel|
pmx utrancell=xxxx pmCellDowntime -m 4
pmom . pmCellDowntimeAuto
pmxh cell=(OTT004|OTT005|TOR020) pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech|pmNoSysRel
pmxh cell=OTT004 pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech|pmNoSysRel
pmxh cell=OTT004A pmNoSystemRabReleaseSpeech|pmNoSysRel
pmx CLU5616X pmnosystemrabreleasespeech|pmnotimescellfailaddtoactset|pmtotnorrcconnectreq|pmtotnorrcconnectreqsucc
lst VAUxxxx
hget utrancell=VAU2317 eulServingCellUsersAdmTti2
mom utrancell eul
h mom
pget t1
lget AtmPort=ES5-2-1,VplTp=vp3,VpcTp=1 traff
get . primaryscramblingcode 466
pmx prach delay
cr Utrancell=UT7034XD0,utranrelation=UT7031XC0

RBS Level Parameters/Statistics

lgar -s 20110220
lge -s 20110220
lgsavemo -s 20110701
lgo -s 20110220
pmr (then Option 1)
pmr (then Option 6)
st plug
get xxx
st t1
pget t1
pmx . pmes -m 24 -aal
pmx . pmuas -m 24 -aal
st ima
st rax
get radio no
get RbsLocalCell maxDlPowerCapability
get . Maxdl
get cable atten
lh ru fui get vswr
get . userplane
lh ru fui get devstat
get .tma
get . tma
get . internalpower
lhsh 001200/port_x_dev_y fui get devstat
lpr SectorAntenna=x,AuxPlugInUnit=x
lh asc asc vswr
bp xxx
get antennabranch supervision
get cell maxDlPowerCapability
get . license
get nodebfunction ava
get 0
get antennabranch antennaSupervisionThreshold
lget rax reservedby
get . atten
get . ulatten
get nodebfunction available
get . maxnumadch
get . dlatten
get . ulgain
get RfCable=FU1_._RX_B1 ulattenuation
get ant super
lget txdevice resources
lhsh 000800 llog
lhsh 001000 llog
ter | grep -i error
ter | grep -i Fault
ter | grep -i Failure
lhsh 000800 ter | egrep -i fail
lhsh 000800 ter | egrep -i error
or to see errors on whole RBS
lh all ter | egrep -i error
lhsh 000800 ter | egrep -i fail
or combine egrep -i '(error|fail)'
get tma curr
get . Fqband
get . Currentsuper
get cable delay
get . Currentlo
get . Currenthi
RNC Level Neighbor Commands
All neighbor relations (GSM; Utrancell, femto, and if it's 850 or 1900, etc) for a whole site
All utrancell relations for a cell
All GSM relations for a cell
intra_freq neighbor list
inter_freq neighbor list
GSM neighbor list
Loadsharing Candidates
qOffset2sn setting between neighbors
to get the external utran cell
to get the external utran cell plus cell id of the external utrancell
to print the Iur link between two RNcs

RNC Level Site Parameters/Statistics

Current Alarms
xxxx = RBS
xxxx = RBS shows status of channels
Change log history with login that did it w/ date range
Change log history w/ date range
Admission Parameters
sIntersearch & sIntrasearch
maximumtransmissionPower (compare to site level maxDlPowerCapability)
Administrative State
Cellreserved State
Operational State
RSSI Levels
Handover Type
Number of releases in last hour
Current Accessibility & Retainability Rates
RRC Connection Success/Fail Rates

UEH Exceptions
UEH Exceptions
Cell carrying traffic
*shows downtime for last 4 hours

Site level - ROP stats

Cell - Sector level
pmtotnorrcconnectreq|pmtotnorrcconnectreqsuccess -m 3
Channels status
Shows the EUL parm settings
Shows all commands related to EUL
Read the description of commands
Check T1 errors
RNc to check AAL2


RBS Level Parameters/Statistics

Current Alarms
Current Alarms with details
Log of alarms since Feb 20, 2011
Log of events since Feb 20, 2011
Log of events since Feb 20, 2011
Log of changes since Feb 20, 2011 (Note: only gives what the current setting is, not the prior setting)
RSSI Levels
HS Throughput
Status of all plug in units
xxx = plug in unit proxy number
Current State of T1s (Locked/Enabled)
Current T1s Issues (Es, Ses, Uas)
15 minute T1 errored seconds data over last 24 hours
15 minute T1 Unavailable seconds data over last 24 hours
State of IMA links
State of RAX Boards
Number of current active radio links
maxDlPowerCapability (compare to maxtransmissionpower)
Cable Attenuation
IP or ATM backhaul
Get currrent on TMAs
shows TMA settings broke out per sector
shows TMA settings only if on/off (no parms listed)
Shows each sector and if TMA internal power is on
Gets port info and shows what is in cabinet
Connects to specific port - Used to see config stats of a specific port. Ex: TMA current and status
Sector antenna, Auxplugin unit "x' comes from st plug command list can use plugin values too
Loads board groups
Lists out all board goups
xxx = board group name - Dispalys details of each board group
Value of 0 implies no Antenna Supervision.
Shows max DL power capability
*shows the licensed capacity for Channel Elements in the Uplink
shows the available Channel Elements in the Uplink based on the available RAX boards
*confirm the RAX boards on the site
*Shows equipment type
prints configuration version on the node
*Shows antennaSupervisionThreshold
Shows which sector is reserving which RAX slots
Shows RSSI at cell level - displays both branches
Shows both UL and DL atten
Shows the UL attenuation values
Shows # of channel elements available
Shows # of A-DCH Reservation
Shows DL attenuation
Shows UL gain value
Shows filter unit ulAtten
Antenna supervision parms for branches
Shows BBPool2, BBPool1 HS/EUL resource allocation (Use with cabx)
check the aal2 config on the RBS
Shows BB Pools and all boards. RUIF=12 and OBIF=13 all after 13 are BBP2, all before 12 are BBP1
Check for RAX board Restart
Check for TX board Restart
CHECK Failure on NODEB
Fail - fault etcRestart
000800 equates to the bo command slot #

TMA current limits

freq band hi and low edge
shows low current supervision
Shows electrical delay values
Shows current low limt
Shows current hi limt

You can use the UEH exceptions caught with this command line in the RNC: Then you can check the exception code reported
further details.
CID and not UTRAN cell name

Note: ‘pmx’ cmd will still work fine, but the "h" option (eg. "pmxh") is for displaying the counters side-by-side ("h" as in "horizonta
Note: ‘pmx’ cmd will still work fine, but the "h" option (eg. "pmxh") is for displaying the counters side-by-side ("h" as in "horizonta
Dispalys more info on the particular plug in unit

*shows associated equipment with the ASC

ulAttenuation should be set to 2dB for a cross connect with cable length = 35f...
3rd Carrier Integration Check
OSS Definition


RU Type
DUW Definition

Power Check



Coverage Relation


Parameter Check

Check the state after unlock

Performance Monitoring
Comments UT7627X
Ali Mobasher Tracker Ok
Should be check in RNC (lst UT7627X.3) Ok
Should be check in Citrix Ok
alt Ok
get 6 / get . Licensecap / get . licenseCapacityRbsChannelElements
(512 Initial UL CE (expansion to 768 where we need) )
Cabx --> if Have 2 DUW --> Should be active(featureStateHsdpaMcInterDuSched)
Should be active(featureStateHsdpaPowerSharing)
get . Maxtot (120 or 80)
get . Atten
get . Maxdl should be equal to [(get . Maxtot) _dbm - get . Atten]
get . Maxdl should be equal to get UT……X maximumtrans
Should be active (featureStateEulForLargeRbsConfig)
Should be active (featureStateCeExtForEul)
Inter & Intra should be deffined (eget Utrancell=UT….X.*.3 cnt)

Coverage relation should be deffined between inter carriers (Lpr Utrancell=…X.*., cov)

hsloadsharing should be ON (hget utrancell=UT....X.*.,covera relationca , lset

Utrancell=UT…X .*.,Coveragerelation relationcapability hsloadsharing=1)
loadsharingcandidate should be True (set UtranCell=UT....X.*.,utranRelation=UT1005
loadsharingcandidate 1)
hsPathlossThreshold should be same (120) for all of carriers (lget
rncfunction=1,utrancell=UT.....X hspath , lset utrancell=UT....X.*.3 hsPathlossThreshold
CPICH Power should be same for all of carriers ( get UT….X primarycpich)
tcell should be for XA =1, XB=2, XC=3, … (set UT...XA tcell 1;set UT….XB tcell 2; …)
cellreserved for 3rd carrier = 0 (set UT…X.*.3 cellreserved 0)
Hotype for 3rd carrier=0 (IFHO_PREFERRED) , for others=1 (GSM_PREFERRED) (set UT…
X.*.3 hotype 0)
hsIflsThreshUsers for 1,2,3rd carrier cells =15,15, 40 (set UT...X.*.1,2,3 hsIflsThreshUsers

hsIflsMarginUsers for 3rd carrier cells = 15 (set UT...X.*.3 hsIflsMarginUsers 40 40 15)

threshHigh should be 10 for 3rd carrier (lset UT...X.*.3 threshHigh 10)

LTE Node threshServingLow should be 6 (set . threshServingLow 6)
LTE Node qRxLevMin For utranrelations = -115 (lset EUtranCellFDD=LT1111.*.,Utran
qRxLevMin -115)
get radio no / state should be enable (st UT…..X.*.3 , lst UT….X.*.3)
Check from facts