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Name: ________________________________________________________________

Section: ______________________________ ENGLISH 4

1. A book that offers various meaning of words. __________________________

2. A part of speech that names a person, place, animal, thing, event or idea. _________________________
3. I am wearing a satin blue dress. What do you call the underlined word? _____________________
4. What kind of noun is the underlined word above? Common or proper? ___________________
5. Which is not a noun : meager, design, jaguar, staple wire? ______________________
6. Manila Bulletin is a well newspaper in the Philippines. What kind of noun is the underlined word?____________
7. “The excitement is always there whenever our family plans for a new trip.” What kind of noun is the underlined
word? a. common noun c. abstract noun
b. count noun d. proper noun

For nos. 8-9. “She has always admired her teacher in their English class”.
8. What part of speech are the underlined words?
a. pronoun c. demonstrative pronoun
b. proper nouns d. noun

9. What kind of nouns are they?

a. common nouns c. proper nouns
b. abstract nouns d. plural nouns

For nos. 10-11. “You really shouldn’t drink so much Mountain Dew. All that soda is bad for your health.”

10. What kind of noun is the highlighted words?

a. Count nouns c. Mass nouns
b. Singular nouns d. Proper nouns

11. Which of the following is the common noun used for the highlighted word above?
a. bad c. soda
b. health d. drink
12. Which of the following is an example of a mass noun?
a. basket c. soup
b. tomatoes d. window
13. What collective can best fit the sentence, “Be careful! A ______ of bees might attack you.
a. flock c. school
b. army d. swarm
14. Words printed on the top of the page of a dictionary. What are they? ___________________________

Directions: Tell whether the following nouns are masculine, feminine, common or neuter.

15. Godparents ______________________ 20. Dancer ______________________

16. Artist ______________________ 21. Niece ______________________
17. Duchess _____________________ 22. Aunt ______________________
18. Gander ______________________ 23.newscaster ______________________
19. Sow ______________________ 24. Stewardess ______________________

25. Syllables that are added to the root word to make a new word. ______________________
26. An affix added at the beginning of a word. ______________________
27. An affix added at the end of the word. ______________________
28. A prefix that means to do again ______________________
29. A suffix that refers to one with a specialized skill. ______________________
30. Which is the affix added to the word dangerous? ______________________
31. Nouns that are formed by combining two or more words. Example : output, armchair. What are they?
32. “Mother brought a new wallpaper.” Which is the compound word used in the sentence? ______________________
Complete the table below by writing the missing word.


Bush radios
Foxes echo
Watch potato
Waltz leafs
Mouthful chefs
Berry Tuesday
Policy ox
Donkeys playground
Trolley Sister-in-law
Stereo moose
Mother – in-law basketful
Mathematics civics