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19512 A Security policy rule displayed in italic font indicates which

condition? Correct

19520 An Antivirus Security Profile specifies Actions and WildFire Actions.

Wildfire Actions enable you to configure the firewall to perform which operation?

21357 An Interface Management Profile can be attached to which two interface

types? (Choose two.) Correct

19515 App-ID running on a firewall identifies applications using which three

methods? (Choose three.) Correct

19517 Because a firewall examines every packet in a session, a firewall can

detect application ________? Incorrect

19526 Finding URLs matched to the not-resolved URL category in the URL
Filtering log file might indicate that you should take which action? Correct

19547 If there is an HA configuration mismatch between firewalls during peer

negotiation, which state will the passive firewall enter? Correct

19513 In a destination NAT configuration, which option accurately completes

the following sentence? A Security policy rule should be written to match the
_______. Correct

19521 In a Security Profile, which action does a firewall take when the
profile�s action is configured as Reset Server? (Choose two.) Incorrect

19544 In an HA configuration, which three components are synchronized between

the pair of firewalls? (Choose three.) Correct

19546 In an HA configuration, which three functions are associated with the

HA1 Control Link? (Choose three.) Incorrect

19548 In an HA configuration, which two failure detection methods rely on

ICMP ping? (Choose two.) Incorrect

19514 On a firewall that has 32 Ethernet ports and is configured with a

dynamic IP and port (DIPP) NAT oversubscription rate of 2x, what is the maximum
number of concurrent sessions supported by each available IP address? Incorrect

19540 Which two user mapping methods are supported by the User-ID integrated
agent? (Choose two.) Incorrect

21363 SSL Inbound Inspection requires that the firewall be configured with
which two components? (Choose two.) Incorrect

19541 The User-ID feature is enabled per __________? Correct

19498 What are the two separate planes that make up the PAN-OS architecture?
(Choose two.) Correct

19543 What are three connection methods for the GlobalProtect agent? (Choose
three.) Correct

19503 What is a characteristic of Dynamic Admin Roles? Correct

19499 What is a use case for deploying Palo Alto Networks NGFW in the public
cloud? Incorrect

19501 What is the result of performing a firewall Commit operation?


19506 Which condition must exist before a firewall's in-band interface can
process traffic? Incorrect

19516 Which feature is a dynamic grouping of applications used in Security

policy rules? Incorrect

19524 Which four actions can be applied to traffic matching a URL Filtering
Security Profile? (Choose four.) Correct

19508 Which interface type does NOT require any configuration changes to
adjacent network devices? Correct

19505 Which interface type is NOT assigned to a security zone? Correct

19510 Which statement describes a function provided by an Interface

Management Profile? Correct

19502 Which statement describes the Export named configuration snapshot

operation? Correct

19536 Which three are valid configuration options in a WildFire Analysis

Profile? (Choose three.) Incorrect

19532 Which three components can be sent to WildFire for analysis? (Choose
three.) Correct

19507 Which three interface types can control or shape network traffic?
(Choose three.) Correct

19500 Which three MGT port configuration settings are required in order to
access the WebUI from a remote subnet? (Choose three.) Correct

19545 Which three network modes are supported by active/passive HA? (Choose
three.) Incorrect

19511 Which three statements are true regarding sessions on the firewall?
(Choose three.) Correct

19534 Which two file types can be sent to WildFire for analysis if a firewall
has only a standard subscription service? (Choose two.) Incorrect

19537 Which two User-ID methods are used to verify known IP address-to-user
mappings? (Choose two.) Incorrect

19533 Which type of content update does NOT have to be scheduled for download
on the firewall? Incorrect

19538 Which user mapping method is recommended for a highly mobile user base?

19539 Which User-ID user mapping method is recommended for environments where
users frequently change IP addresses? Incorrect

25582 Which file must be downloaded from the firewall to create a Heatmap and
Best Practices Assessment report? Incorrect

25563 What is the maximum number of WildFire� appliances that can be grouped
in to a WildFire� appliance cluster? Correct

25556 The decryption broker feature is supported by which three Palo Alto
Networks firewall series? (Choose three.) Correct

25544 Which VM-Series model was introduced with the release of PAN-OS� 8.1?

25539 Which cloud computing platform provides shared resources, servers, and
storage in a pay-as-you-go model? Correct

25524 Which essential cloud characteristic is designed for applications that

will be required to run on all platforms including smartphones, tablets, and
laptops? Incorrect