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Final Exam I S. Y. 2018-2019

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I. Multiple Choice. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.
1. Which cooking equipment is used to create grill marks on breads?
a. Broilers b. Deep Fryers c. Griddle d. Grille
2. An equipment that is used to store ingredients that need cold.
a. Chiller b. Crisper c. Freezer d. Refrigerator
3. This comes in different sizes and used when mixing the ingredients.
a. Mixer b. Mixing Bowl c. Spatula d. Wooden spoon
4. Identify the list of ingredients needed in preparing Elvis Sandwich.
a. Banana, bacon, peanut butter c. bacon, peanut butter, strawberry
b. Banana, bacon, butter d. banana, jam, peanut butter
5. This use more than two slices of breads or rolls split into more than two pieces with several ingredients in the
a. Multi-decker b. Pinwheel Sandwiches c. Ribbon Sandwiches d. Tea Sandwiches
6. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about spread?
a. Spread adds flavor, moisture and richness c. Spread should be rich and moist
b. It holds or bind the sandwiches d. It must be hard enough to spread evenly on bread
7. In preparing sandwiches, this may enhance the appearance of the sandwich that you are preparing.
a. Bread b. Filling c. Garnish d. Spread
8. The addition of shredded vegetables to the fillings increases on what aspect on presentation of food?
a. Balance b. Color c. Flavor d. Height
9. Ingredients of sandwiches such as fillings and sauces must be stored at safe temperature of _____?
a. 4 C b. 14 C c. 44 C d. 24 C
10. The right temperature for storing sandwiches is _____
a. 10 C below b. 18 C below c. 8 C below d. 15 C below
11. Which of the following is TRUE in storing breads?
a. Breads may be stored inside the refrigerator.
b. Place the breads near in oven or hot equipment.
c. French bread should be not be wrapped for this will cause the crust to soften.
d. Keeping the bread for more than a day maintain its freshness.
12. It is made of smooth, non-porous finish wood used to flatten dough.
a. Custard cup b. Molder c. Rolling pin d. Pounder
13. An equipment that has whirling blade intended for chopping, mixing liquefying foods.
a. Blender b. Juicer c. Electric Mixer d. Chopper
14. This may use to spread glazes and grease pans. It must have soft or synthetic bristles that would not tear or break
a. Pastry Blender b. Pastry Brush c. Pastry Bristle d. Pastry Comb
15. In preparing desserts this method is done by pulping the fruits, sauce or mixture to produce smooth texture by
using food processor, liquidizer or handheld triangle puree tool.
a. Aeration b. Creaming c. Mixing d. Pureeing
16. A process of bringing together a number of different mixtures to produce a clear mix.
a. Creaming b. Combining c. Mixing d. Piping
17. A cooking method of dessert that is applicable to fruits that are not cooked and then cooled for the services as a
single fruit based dessert.
a. Baking b. Poaching c. Steaming d. Stewing
18. If cooking dessert dish used convection equipment is called baking, then cooking in hot moist atmosphere under
pressure is _____.
a. Boiling b. Poaching c. Steaming d. Stewing
19. Dessert is not complete without this ingredient. This is the most common elements of dessert.
a. Cream b. Fruits c. Milk d. Sugar
20. If cotton cloth is a good packaging material for flour and coffee beans then glass bottle can be used for?
a. Fruits b. Rice and Cereals c. Jam and Jellies d. Grains and Legumes

21. Among these packaging materials this describe as environment friendly because it is made of recycled materials
and can be recycled again.
a. Aluminum b. Cotton Cloth c. Paper d. Plastic
22. An innovation in commercial packaging which make the packaging thinner and biodegradable.
a. Freezing Food b. Foil Packaging c. Home Canning d. Nano Technology
23. Freezing the ice cream mixture in a normal freezer produces ice crystals wherein the texture is not smooth.
Generally ice is made using high risk product so it should be stored _____ temperature
a. 22 C b. Below 22 C c. Below -22 C d. 0 C
24. Which statement is NOT TRUE about storing dessert?
a. Handle the food properly to prevent spoilage and contamination.
b. Wash utensils and equipment thoroughly.
c. Ill person can participate in dessert preparation.
d. Store foods and ingredients properly.
25. Chilling is the process of storing dessert should maintain the temperature of _____?
a. Below 40 F b. 23 C c. 8 C Below d. 45 F
26. To keep the refrigerator cold it must have this temperature
a. Below 40 F b. 23 C c. 8 C Below d. 45 F
27. Desserts containing uncooked eggs should be handled with extreme care, as raw egg is a medium in which
dangerous bacteria such as _______ can thrive.
a. Clostridium Perfringes b. E Coli c. Listeria d. Salmonella
28. This factor in plating dessert use of ingredients that compliments one another
a. Balance b. Color c. Height d. Texture
29. Another factor to consider in plating dessert that excites the senses of the taste pleasures to come.
a. Balance b. Color c. Height d. Texture
30. Adding fresh mint leaves, chocolate piping, fruits, and powdered sugar adds the complexity of dessert. This
describes what aspect of presentation of dessert.
a. Balance b. Flavor c. Garnish d. Sauce
31. Cold cut meat, sliced cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion with mustard or ketchup are the ingredients in preparing
this kind of sandwich.
a. Deli b. Dynamite c. Kebab d. Hamdog
32. They are simple sandwiches with butter spread on the outside and brown on the griddle.
a. Open Faced Hot Sandwich c. Grilled Sandwich
b. Deep Fried Sandwich d. Hot Sandwich
33. These are bite size portions filled with different fillings such as cream cheese, salmon, pinch of paprika and
topped with thinly sliced cucumber.
a. Pinwheel Sandwich c. Tea Sandwich
b. Ribbon Sandwich d. Wrap Sandwich
34. Batter is mixture of flour and water. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE about batter?
a. Batter can be used for crepes and pancakes c. Batter can be flavored with vanilla and other spices
b. Batter can be chilled to reduce elasticity d. Batter should be made from fresh ingredients
35. In preparing sandwiches these components provides dominant flavor, moisture as the main bod and the nutrients
substance and complexity in the combination of flavor.
a. Bread b. Filling c. Garnish d. Spread
36. Dzean is requesting for a Kebab. If you are going to prepare Kebab which of the following ingredients you will
a. Spicy Hamburger Patty, Onion and Chutney c. Spicy Hamburger Patty, Onion and Tomato
b. Spicy Hamburger Patty, Onion and Cucumber d. Spicy Hamburger Patty, Cucumber and Tomato
37. If white bread is one of the most versatile sandwich bread then wheat bread is ____?
a. Most common type of breads c. Strong taste bread
b. Cousin of Pizza bread d. Nutritionally superior and exciting textures
38. The following are various types of breads EXCEPT
a. Cracked wheat b. Focaccia c. Rills d. Tahini
39. If Multi-decker sandwich is also known as Club Sandwich then Finger sandwich is also similar to ___?
a. Pinwheel b. Tea Sandwich c. Ribbon Sandwich d. Curl Sandwich
40. Which basic guidelines for fillings are CORRECT?
a. Fillings should hang around the sides of the sandwich
b. ¼ to ½ of the total weight of the sandwich should be the filling
c. Filling should be deboned
d. Fillings must not be easy to eat

41. If you want to decorate cakes or dessert with icing or chocolate whip cream using pastry bag which methods of
preparing dessert will you apply?
a. Aeration b. Creaming c. Mixing d. Piping
42. Johan’s favorite dessert is Mousse, which you think the ingredients she may needed in preparing Mousse.
a. Milk, Sugar and Egg Yolk c. Milk, Gelatin and Sugar
b. Cream, Sugar and Egg Yolk d. Cream, Sugar and Gelatin
43. Which is NOT TRUE about desserts
a. Dessert provide essential nutrients c. Dessert helps in digestive process
b. Dessert helps in losing weight d. Dessert helps you to gain weight
44. They are available in whole or ground, roasted or caramelized and used as tops in dessert dish
a. Chocolates b. Fruits c. Nuts d. Sugar
45. Aeration is an action of trapping oxygen bubbles in a mixture. Which action does not apply aeration?
a. Combining altogether a number of mixture to produce a clear mixture
b. Use yeast with carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol
c. Use baking powder
d. Use egg whites and egg to trap air bubbles in the whisk mixture
46. With pork, beef, chicken meat, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise you can create this kind of sandwich
a. Hamdog b. Jibanto c. Shawarma d. Croque-Madame
47. Food items such as meat, fish, vegetable or fruits tucked between two slices of bread is called _____________?
a. Garnish b. Spread c. Fillings d. Ingredients
48. The following statement are good characteristics of dessert EXCEPT
a. Hot and Cold c. Soft and Smooth Texture
b. Even and Uniform in Size d. Bland Flavor
49. Addition of this ingredients makes the dessert promote strong immune system
a. Fruits and Vegetable c. Milk and Sugar
b. Milk and Cream d. Sugar and Vegetable
50. A very light pastry made with egg and typically used for eclairs is known as ______?
a. Choux Pastry b. Delicacies c. Cakes d. Brownies

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