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Extra Heavy Duty Package Dump Body

Warren 551 dump bodies are designed for heavy duty use having 3/16" ASTM A1011-A45
hi-tensile steel construction with 6" wide side braces, 10" wrap around front corner post, six-panel
tailgate and strong “stacked type” understructure for extended life. These units are engineered
for contractors and governmental agencies that require a unit that will stand up under hard everyday
materlail hauling and give long economical service.

U-551 Features & Benefits of Warren U-551 Series Dump Bodies

With optional • ASTM-A1011-A45 High Tensile steel.
1/2 cab shield • Body, cylinder and NTEA rated hoist manufactured by Warren.
installed. • Continuous welding throughout body for additional strength.
• Full depth rear corner post with full depth rear crossmember.
• 4 x 4 x 1/8" boxed tubing top rails and 10" wrap around front corner post.

Warren, Inc. • P.O. Box 1719 • Collins, Mississippi 39428 • (601) 765-8221 • Fax (601) 765-4554
U-551 Specifications
Construction: ASTM A1011-A-45 hi-tensile steel
Understructure: 4"- 5.4#/ft. channel crossmembers for U10-551
(all on 12" centers) 6"- 12.5#/ft. "I" beam longitudinals for U10-551
Floor: 3/16" High Tensile steel - 7'3" inside width w/radius edges
Sides: 3/16" High Tensile steel w/10" high front & rear gussets w/sideboard pockets
6" box side braces - boxed top rail—4" sq. tubing
10" Wrap around front corner post
10" full depth rear corner posts & skirt (on 10' body)
Dirt shedding rub rails
Tailgate: 3/16" vertical type—10" higher than sides
Boxed perimeter w/horizontal & vertical bracing—6-panel
H.D. hardware w/11⁄4" dia. hinge and latch pins
Offset flame cut steel plate upper hinge
Double lower sockets w/overhooks
Air Operated Latch
Bodyhead: 3/16" High Tensile steel
Horizontal formed-in bracing
10" higher than sides
Dimensions: Width—inside - 7'3"
Length - 10'
Capacity: Struck/sides & ends— U10-551 - 5.5/7.5 cu. yds.

Body Model: U10-551
Type: Underbody Lift Arm
Model: U60-823
Pivot Pin: 115⁄16" dia.
Mounting Height: 14"
Pivot: 12"

Barrel O.D.: 81⁄2"
Type: 1 stage
Stroke: 23"
Disp. (cu. in.): 1175

Hydraulic Pump: Direct PTO Mount

Model: F-22RDL
Type: Gear, 2"
Housing: Cast iron
Capacity: 22 GPM @ 1400 RPM

Control Valve: Integral, balanced spool

Controls: Console type

Lights/Reflectors: Fed Std. 108 - flush mount w/ rubber grommets
Body Prop: Hoist mounted
Back Up Alarm: Electric
Body Up Light: Cab mounted

Cab Shield - half or full Spreader Apron - 8" Double Acting Hoist
Coal Door - uninstalled

Warren, Inc. • P.O. Box 1719 • Collins, Mississippi 39428 • (601) 765-8221 • Fax (601) 765-4554